Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert A Rolston 06471, CTPhysical Therapy1497227763
National Athletic Alliance, Inc. 06612, CTPhysical Therapy1386635647
Madison Rehabilitation Center Inc 06443, CTPhysical Therapy1750350245
Ptsma Inc 06320, CTPhysical Therapy1083683577
Ptsma Inc 06611, CTPhysical Therapy1770552275
Ptsma Inc 06824, CTPhysical Therapy1366411860
Ptsma Inc 06810, CTPhysical Therapy1518936012
Excel Physical Therapy Llc 06518, CTPhysical Therapy1639129935
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 06437, CTPhysical Therapy1871548768
Central Physical Therapy Inc 06042, CTPhysical Therapy1578518072
Northeast Spine & Rehab., Llc 06611, CTPhysical Therapy1891733457
Karen A. Swenson 02914, CTPhysical Therapy1235179250
Connecticut Physical Therapy 06606, CTPhysical Therapy1669413845
Connecticut Physical Therapy 06811, CTPhysical Therapy1003858341
Connecticut Physical Therapy 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1033154943
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 06704, CTPhysical Therapy1639204688
Michael Montefusco 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1184191397
Kathleen Lorraine Alfano 06804, CTPhysical Therapy1780155069
Physical Therapy Plus Llc 06082, CTPhysical Therapy1730113051
Rpt Inc 06790, CTPhysical Therapy1295743037
Eastern Connecticut Rehabili 06335, CTPhysical Therapy1700895729
Lourdes Couras-mendler 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1669481644
Crossroads Orthopedic Subspecialists, Llc Dba Crossroads Physical Ther 06385, CTPhysical Therapy1023028834
Shoreline Orthopedic Rehabilitation 06426, CTPhysical Therapy1437169687
Shauna Savoy 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1063423259
Jonathan Taylor 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1639283419
Kevin Verre 06450, CTPhysical Therapy1851401384
Jennifer Jerome 06320, CTPhysical Therapy1841300555
Debra Margison 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1699885426
Cathe Close 06042, CTPhysical Therapy1912017872
Maureen Connors 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1154431013
Connecticut Family Orthopedics, P.c 06810, CTPhysical Therapy1578674297
Gretchen Bates 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1770685695
Nancy Galpin 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1588768923
Cherone Levy 06002, CTPhysical Therapy1316038193
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 06795, CTPhysical Therapy1346335569
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 06705, CTPhysical Therapy1881789048
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 06762, CTPhysical Therapy1215022488
Joseph P Laird 06516, CTPhysical Therapy1659466415
Spectrum Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 06355, CTPhysical Therapy1134205610
Spectrum Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 06385, CTPhysical Therapy1881770360
Anb ptsma Holdings, Inc. 06107, CTPhysical Therapy1659453371
Kimberly I Meyer pelletier 06250, CTPhysical Therapy1609979400
Dillon Ivan 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1053898510
University Physical Therapy Llc 06117, CTPhysical Therapy1235202821
Maureen Shannon 06103, CTPhysical Therapy1720150329
Jodie Leconche 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1578636262
William James Coon 06511, CTPhysical Therapy1811061401
Linda L Fischer 06516, CTPhysical Therapy1750443784
Kirsten J Perillo 06825, CTPhysical Therapy1114089083
Marie Arnold 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1437212685
Paul R & Stephanie K Berry Dba Physical Therapy Consultants 06470, CTPhysical Therapy1851449052
Kim M. Becker 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1164572996
Lisa L Burns 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1912057753
Candida Lionetti 06405, CTPhysical Therapy1558411173
Katherine Elizabeth Tsocanos 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1104976877
Suzanne Marie Baillargeon 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1760536619
Shelby Sarracco 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1669525606
Lucy Catherine Marchigiano 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1578617353
Deirdre Elizabeth Coyne 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1851446769
Dorothy D. Daponte 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1003961913
Therapy Solutions Center Inc. 06812, CTPhysical Therapy1013063155
University Of Connecticut 06269, CTPhysical Therapy1639225410
Bruce Wassung 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1609912260
Virginia M. Ciochetti, Pt, Atc, Pc 06488, CTPhysical Therapy1205973625
Steve Gwara 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1346388584
Richard Lewis 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1619015740
Farmington Valley Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Pc 06085, CTPhysical Therapy1629116249
Brian Albert Magna 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1194851444
David Spak 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1437284965
Martha Ramirez 06810, CTPhysical Therapy1134259625
Andrea Susann Devlin 06360, CTPhysical Therapy1588788178
Ronald Weatherbee 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1356466874
Monique Kealani Madden 06033, CTPhysical Therapy1306963459
Debra Pearson 06415, CTPhysical Therapy1700904901
Trepsicore Llc 06033, CTPhysical Therapy1376661660
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 06902, CTPhysical Therapy1639204654
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 06790, CTPhysical Therapy1073648010
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1396870358
Center Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy Llc 06460, CTPhysical Therapy1407903545
Janette Petrovich 06810, CTPhysical Therapy1134633639
Victoria F Tuttle 06249, CTPhysical Therapy1871063800
St. Vincent's Special Needs Center, Inc. 06611, CTPhysical Therapy1295854776
Elizabeth Anne Omar 06897, CTPhysical Therapy1649399619
Philip Physical Therapy Llc 06840, CTPhysical Therapy1730209271
Frederick William Berggren 06340, CTPhysical Therapy1245350537
Christa Jeanne Hammarstrom 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1568582708
Michael Dennis Knapp 06457, CTPhysical Therapy1295856797
Margaret Mary Roberts 06066, CTPhysical Therapy1679694939
Holly Ann Robinson 06415, CTPhysical Therapy1942321492
Kelli Lavoie 06260, CTPhysical Therapy1659492825
Dawn Sullivan 06082, CTPhysical Therapy1306069125
Wilbert & Associates Physical Therapy 06052, CTPhysical Therapy1265655013
Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates, L.l.c. 06790, CTPhysical Therapy1982827333
Olufemi Afuape 06897, CTPhysical Therapy1164649760
Brenda Cote Webster 06415, CTPhysical Therapy1871719559
Cheryl D Szarkowicz 06374, CTPhysical Therapy1326265596
Stephanie Wertz 02115, CTPhysical Therapy1114144607
Bonnie Lynn Niles 06260, CTPhysical Therapy1669699617
Sarah Phillips Anderson 06450, CTPhysical Therapy1184842502
Bolton Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Llc 06043, CTPhysical Therapy1265650188
Mariusz Wdowiak 06033, CTPhysical Therapy1346461480
Diversified Physical Therapy, Llc 06450, CTPhysical Therapy1801018882
Sue Magyar 06117, CTPhysical Therapy1346462835
Michelle M. Iassogna 06610, CTPhysical Therapy1508078437
Michael Anthony Morin 78232, CTPhysical Therapy1164634671
Anna Marrs 06105, CTPhysical Therapy1144434093
Shelly Lynn Ceceri 06415, CTPhysical Therapy1417166232
Kelly Roach 02828, CTPhysical Therapy1255540167
Darlene Larned 06351, CTPhysical Therapy1225247190
Alissa Krolewicz 06067, CTPhysical Therapy1639388176
Lisa Fernez 06516, CTPhysical Therapy1235348624
Laurie Lynn Ritchie 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1134338528
Rose M Spada 06074, CTPhysical Therapy1790995496
Michael Dalena 06067, CTPhysical Therapy1821208539
Joel Lee Reinholtz 06226, CTPhysical Therapy1023211190
Elizabeth L. Upton, Mspt Llc 06824, CTPhysical Therapy1750585386
Mark William Hornyak 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1598960411
Pathways Physical Therapy,llc 06450, CTPhysical Therapy1417156399
Jennifer Ann O'brien 01001, CTPhysical Therapy1306045661
Mclaughlin Pt 06489, CTPhysical Therapy1700076932
Susan Mondor 06105, CTPhysical Therapy1992997712
Todd Provost 06002, CTPhysical Therapy1134311962
Kathryn Kelley 06824, CTPhysical Therapy1588856074
Darlene Cioppa 06824, CTPhysical Therapy1689866188
Carrie Leigh Gatlin 06850, CTPhysical Therapy1588859128
Debra Gauvin 06374, CTPhysical Therapy1689860652
Precision Health Studios 06437, CTPhysical Therapy1003004615
Post Road Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinic, Llc 06413, CTPhysical Therapy1174704159
Arc Therapy Services Llc 06032, CTPhysical Therapy1538343827
Mountain Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1447435052
Steven James Abbott 06254, CTPhysical Therapy1750566089
Carla Fleck 06117, CTPhysical Therapy1952587941
Ronald E. Ponchak, Pt, Pc 06897, CTPhysical Therapy1891965257
Aeon Physical Therapy, P.c. 06468, CTPhysical Therapy1871764001
Martha F Laffan 06067, CTPhysical Therapy1942472360
Cynthia M Lauria 06385, CTPhysical Therapy1558535468
Kellie Ann Kulick 06355, CTPhysical Therapy1568637007
Eldon Richard Kilpatrick 06355, CTPhysical Therapy1346415627
Raquel Turner 06460, CTPhysical Therapy1912173790
Scott Fortunato 06606, CTPhysical Therapy1235306432
Karen Knapp Marocchini 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1801053038
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 06032, CTPhysical Therapy1003073222
Beth Quinn Canny 06750, CTPhysical Therapy1912164138
Linda M Brustolon 06355, CTPhysical Therapy1174790307
Lisa Marie Mccormick 01810, CTPhysical Therapy1447417308
Timothy Edwin Graboski 06109, CTPhysical Therapy1538326889
Maritza Lassalle 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1952569311
Preneta Physical Therapy, Pc 06824, CTPhysical Therapy1255590675
Joanne Eichner 06106, CTPhysical Therapy1811156896
Lynette Roy 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1306005384
Heather E. Healy 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1780845693
Danelle Elizabeth Magnifico 06851, CTPhysical Therapy1528221264
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 06360, CTPhysical Therapy1033373667
Andrea Schaffino 06111, CTPhysical Therapy1205091998
Christopher Michael Johannes 06488, CTPhysical Therapy1841498961
Jeremy Fields 06107, CTPhysical Therapy1447419916
Sokolski Physical Therapy, Llc 06042, CTPhysical Therapy1184082257
Dynamic Physical Therapy Llc 06379, CTPhysical Therapy1861682296
Chelsea Clow 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1235616723
Candace Lynn Fazio 06471, CTPhysical Therapy1871062059
Martina Schroeder 06010, CTPhysical Therapy1962974816
Ptsma Inc 06457, CTPhysical Therapy1043475460
Ptsma Inc 06002, CTPhysical Therapy1952566374
Ptsma Inc 06156, CTPhysical Therapy1669637088
Summit Fitness & Rehabilitation, Llc 06804, CTPhysical Therapy1649436700
Emily Rousseau 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1952567919
Rebecca Jean Cyr 06070, CTPhysical Therapy1871749697
Cherisse A Kozloski 06489, CTPhysical Therapy1083860621
Meghan Garrett 06035, CTPhysical Therapy1851549109
Natural Body Alignment, Llc 06518, CTPhysical Therapy1265680425
Peggy A Dyer 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1558519447
Vickie Babineau Unfricht 06492, CTPhysical Therapy1447408190
Trisha Cappelletti 85021, CTPhysical Therapy1407005564
Magna Physical Therapy & Golf Medicine Center, Llc 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1548411234
Amy Provencal 06516, CTPhysical Therapy1255584561
Patricia Diana Kaliszewski 06374, CTPhysical Therapy1982859369
Victoria Clare 06518, CTPhysical Therapy1225279599
Sue Malone Physical Therapy Llc 06776, CTPhysical Therapy1144462169
Optimal Performance Therapy 06066, CTPhysical Therapy1407090475
Zimri G Tupas 06770, CTPhysical Therapy1215164751
Sally Petruzzello 06475, CTPhysical Therapy1437386638
Colleen Moosman 06117, CTPhysical Therapy1720217185
Colleen Murray 06810, CTPhysical Therapy1588894901
Diane Tricarico 06451, CTPhysical Therapy1326278474
Alana Dunigan 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1700017126
Michael Kruglov 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1831320191
Beverly Nelson 06095, CTPhysical Therapy1679705917
United Methodist Home Of Sharon 06069, CTPhysical Therapy1700019932
Kristin Ann Zsembik 06450, CTPhysical Therapy1649507419
Allstar Therapy, Llc 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1174852479
Christina B. Morgan 06371, CTPhysical Therapy1407186224
Allison Pitt 06320, CTPhysical Therapy1316278997
Thomas Horan 06708, CTPhysical Therapy1144544263
Amy Barbara Szymanski 06001, CTPhysical Therapy1225353782
Sarah Mansfield 02864, CTPhysical Therapy1770808487
Fall Busters, Llc 06070, CTPhysical Therapy1336466549
Jason Patrick Reichel 42701, CTPhysical Therapy1013236470
Pamela A. Gale 06825, CTPhysical Therapy1497068779
Susan M Nagy 06825, CTPhysical Therapy1063725000


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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