Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Christian Angelino 34741, FLPhysical Therapy1063934750
Hermes Romero 33030, FLPhysical Therapy1407365877
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 34761, FLPhysical Therapy1417926700
Kristen Leigh Henderson 32351, FLPhysical Therapy1336102631
Pinecrest Physical Therapy L.l.c. 33156, FLPhysical Therapy1174607006
Nicholas Stephen Xynidis 34207, FLPhysical Therapy1841728045
Rehab 4 You, Inc 33021, FLPhysical Therapy1891958369
Gustavo J. Medosky 33324, FLPhysical Therapy1578752549
Corinna Lynn Stitt 24401, FLPhysical Therapy1427170992
Helen Champagne 32177, FLPhysical Therapy1235322314
Chomsky Therapy Services Inc. 33437, FLPhysical Therapy1568699247
Melvin Mallari 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1619294725
Victoria Christine Morrow 32256, FLPhysical Therapy1053825372
Tamara Johnson 28025, FLPhysical Therapy1558631499
Overcomers Rehab & Physical Therapy 32901, FLPhysical Therapy1073891123
Tiffany James 19707, FLPhysical Therapy1972945640
Denise Carolina Arroba 33407, FLPhysical Therapy1790296044
Kari Rawlins 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1376938217
Sarah Tomes 32216, FLPhysical Therapy1699178038
Loundy Pierre Jean Mary 33064, FLPhysical Therapy1699230268
Nicholas Pahl 34243, FLPhysical Therapy1134350879
Javier Perdomo 33125, FLPhysical Therapy1225325863
Anthony Deamara 32771, FLPhysical Therapy1215200415
Db Moura Inc. 32779, FLPhysical Therapy1831514959
Leanne Richardson 32034, FLPhysical Therapy1568974517
Mariana Zamfir 33069, FLPhysical Therapy1629578265
Yanet Torres Gutierrez 33155, FLPhysical Therapy1093243032
Victoria Zern 32720, FLPhysical Therapy1497208821
Axiom Rehabilitation Llc 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1912456799
Madelin Saa Sanchez 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1831625250
Sarah Rose Glick 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1720501141
Laurie Lucinda Borah 32796, FLPhysical Therapy1891204848
Exos Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Llc 38654, FLPhysical Therapy1053825943
Christine Mclaughlin 32608, FLPhysical Therapy1235645854
James Riley 33852, FLPhysical Therapy1548776701
Matthew Harold Altman 32034, FLPhysical Therapy1043712904
Christian Rakovec 33461, FLPhysical Therapy1851816151
Drew Patton 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1023524105
Thompson Physical Therapy, Pllc 32605, FLPhysical Therapy1366968174
Dr Deis Physical Therapy Centre Inc 32835, FLPhysical Therapy1952836462
Yosuee Barrios Curbelo 33155, FLPhysical Therapy1376031435
Unlimited Potential Achievement Centers Corporation 33037, FLPhysical Therapy1831688191
Rick Olibrice 33317, FLPhysical Therapy1336657857
Amber Cline 33578, FLPhysical Therapy1174013460
Alyssa Laurel Istler 33458, FLPhysical Therapy1649600248
Juan P Mateus 33063, FLPhysical Therapy1639656804
Premier Rehab Inc 32720, FLPhysical Therapy1467490136
Walter Remington Kimes 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1689152027
Laura Christine Tallent 76273, FLPhysical Therapy1285908418
Leonardo J Goncalves Thome 34239, FLPhysical Therapy1962981159
Robert Riffle 34113, FLPhysical Therapy1669957064
Maristella Bona 33458, FLPhysical Therapy1588130793
Woaldor St Vil 33870, FLPhysical Therapy1437626785
Morgan Ferris 32174, FLPhysical Therapy1053844357
Cheryl Dehart 34698, FLPhysical Therapy1366906547
Total Vitality Medical Of Central Florida Llc 32818, FLPhysical Therapy1053876979
Total Vitality Medical Of South Florida Llc 33060, FLPhysical Therapy1487119301
Michael Turner 32164, FLPhysical Therapy1508323577
Total Vitality Medical Of Florida, Llc 34769, FLPhysical Therapy1992263164
Anas Ouaffai 34746, FLPhysical Therapy1013476977
Joseph Michael Truncale 34608, FLPhysical Therapy1306305172
Emerlita Edda Dulce 32792, FLPhysical Therapy1770045858
Grace Faith Baiza Taoatao 38016, FLPhysical Therapy1720375280
Leticia Hernandez 33150, FLPhysical Therapy1689237224
Kristen Cohen 32807, FLPhysical Therapy1609385228
Competitive Edge Performance Inc 33635, FLPhysical Therapy1215124409
Hannah Caroline Monday 32693, FLPhysical Therapy1265099311
Mitchell Allan Dressler 32256, FLPhysical Therapy1124685920
Omar Sanchez 33037, FLPhysical Therapy1649839226
Marsha Capinpin 33702, FLPhysical Therapy1891357489
Good Samaritan Physio therapy, Llc 33406, FLPhysical Therapy1942793807
Ian Montane 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1588218234
Healthquest Medical Partners, P.a. 32114, FLPhysical Therapy1346710837
Phoenix Therapy And Rehabilitation 33446, FLPhysical Therapy1972611598
Brittany Wojtkiewicz 34110, FLPhysical Therapy1023665627
Srs Rehab Inc 33428, FLPhysical Therapy1528285301
Hop, Skip And A Jump Pediatric Physical Therapy 33030, FLPhysical Therapy1851867204
Dan Burger 33433, FLPhysical Therapy1891900130
United Cerebral Palsy Of Broward County 33461, FLPhysical Therapy1871076752
Savanna Holley Mcdowell 32765, FLPhysical Therapy1316594369
Megan Bleem 62237, FLPhysical Therapy1750652046
Vianelly Guzman 33009, FLPhysical Therapy1538641469
Jamie Moore 32003, FLPhysical Therapy1992161871
Joshua Timmons 32025, FLPhysical Therapy1013559731
Sportsedge Physical Therapy, Llc 33063, FLPhysical Therapy1811456262
Wellness Health Acupuncture & Physical Therapy 34761, FLPhysical Therapy1578010112
Manuel Socorro 33186, FLPhysical Therapy1629328174
Pro Motion Therapy Of Lake City 32025, FLPhysical Therapy1073801262
Wrane Xavier White 32025, FLPhysical Therapy1821635210
Masters & Raines Advanced Healing Therapy Center Llc 07013, FLPhysical Therapy1114959673
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 33413, FLPhysical Therapy1568971901
Chelsea Spanevello 33904, FLPhysical Therapy1245438571
Roxany Fernandez 33172, FLPhysical Therapy1346873973
Jason Michael Vollweiler 33407, FLPhysical Therapy1548808116
Benjamin F Fogel 78234, FLPhysical Therapy1114488392
Carlos Lorenzo Acutin 34239, FLPhysical Therapy1306096011
Integumentary Physiotherapy Institute, Llc 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1598307993
Mary Mattis P T Inc 29803, FLPhysical Therapy1518430339
Functional Therapy And Wellness Llc 32780, FLPhysical Therapy1144840414
Nathan Owen Glenn 32754, FLPhysical Therapy1710233465
Yanny Mursuli 33166, FLPhysical Therapy1689217853
Stephanie Stencel 34711, FLPhysical Therapy1619597473
Aisha Jacasta Jones 94121, FLPhysical Therapy1285034322
Bay Area Physical Therapy Llc 34210, FLPhysical Therapy1871582742
Moros Massage Medical Center Llc 33144, FLPhysical Therapy1790303667
Joshua Gauger 32216, FLPhysical Therapy1649898123
Katelin A King 33579, FLPhysical Therapy1457601999
Jessica K Brown 32256, FLPhysical Therapy1790394948
In home Therapy Of Central Florida Inc 34711, FLPhysical Therapy1407164841
Cathy J Yi 32789, FLPhysical Therapy1033140041
Physicians For Quality Healthcare,inc 33990, FLPhysical Therapy1932503851
Samantha Riggs Ebanks 32940, FLPhysical Therapy1982230793
Neuroscience Centers Of Florida Foundation, Inc. 33133, FLPhysical Therapy1760792345
Karen Elaine Mayes 32224, FLPhysical Therapy1437154887
Integra Therapeutic Massage, Llc 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1376159178
Nicole R Tessier 29229, FLPhysical Therapy1295145936
Bobby A Reno 34474, FLPhysical Therapy1043817133
Maria Carbonaro 32746, FLPhysical Therapy1134726912
Anita Mohney 34110, FLPhysical Therapy1407453103
My Favorite Therapists, Llc 33442, FLPhysical Therapy1992153217
Brianna Amos 33351, FLPhysical Therapy1750989513
Her Essence Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 32218, FLPhysical Therapy1124676002
Katie Sharkey 34474, FLPhysical Therapy1699376541
Holistic Well being International Llc 33317, FLPhysical Therapy1215539390
Ocala Family Medical Center, Inc. 34471, FLPhysical Therapy1871589192
Compass Dpt, Llc 34785, FLPhysical Therapy1184227241
Empowerme Rehabilitation Florida, Llc 34994, FLPhysical Therapy1184257602
Indiheartandmind Inc 33351, FLPhysical Therapy1083043830
Andrew Henderson 32725, FLPhysical Therapy1033776869
Sos Physio Llc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1285091942
Olivia Fechas 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1487248530
Lisa Jane Birge 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1235723339
River Speech And Educational Services, Inc 15116, FLPhysical Therapy1548313315
Jommielle Quiambao 34744, FLPhysical Therapy1649857376
Wellness Companies Of Florida Corp 33026, FLPhysical Therapy1083168991
Barwis Methods Physical Therapy 33441, FLPhysical Therapy1841742509
Dayeni Espinosa Reyes 33176, FLPhysical Therapy1336727932
Therapies 4 Kids, Inc. 33026, FLPhysical Therapy1366689408
Alternative Approach Holistic Medicine 33548, FLPhysical Therapy1801472956
Blue Diamon Rehabilitation Center Llc 33314, FLPhysical Therapy1922617323
Marco Alvarez Perez 33134, FLPhysical Therapy1124609300
Wellness Companies Of Florida Corp 33009, FLPhysical Therapy1275987075
Krystal Kalesha Hosein 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1669751756
Xrhealth Usa Inc 02446, FLPhysical Therapy1902449176
Vida Therapy Inc 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1962876557
Clifton Simeus 32905, FLPhysical Therapy1912572736
Tideline Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Llc 34211, FLPhysical Therapy1255930855
Diana Marcela Roldan Mora 33064, FLPhysical Therapy1578862207
Dr. Physio Therapy & Wellness 33308, FLPhysical Therapy1154802148
Freedom Physio Llc 32092, FLPhysical Therapy1508433715
Jazzlyn Marie Petry 60026, FLPhysical Therapy1982274783
Nadege Jacinth 33445, FLPhysical Therapy1215507892
Marlon Kirkpatrick Farquharson 60026, FLPhysical Therapy1801467428
Tressa Rieser 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1609448265
Madison Therapy & Wellness Pllc 32340, FLPhysical Therapy1871062646
Systems & Structure Rehab Center Inc. 33014, FLPhysical Therapy1629099734
Pro Vita Physical Therapy Llc 32536, FLPhysical Therapy1790332351
Aundraya Wilson 32771, FLPhysical Therapy1164196424
Lisbet Rodriguez Gomez 33142, FLPhysical Therapy1508378183
Transitions Rehabilitation, Llc 34210, FLPhysical Therapy1033679311
Kevin Mccaskill 32308, FLPhysical Therapy1063186385
Autumn Orville 33614, FLPhysical Therapy1588330625
Fuerza Physical Therapy, Llc 33602, FLPhysical Therapy1396412045
Yoana Gonzalez 33135, FLPhysical Therapy1689257883
American Group Rehabilitation Inc. 33178, FLPhysical Therapy1437489481
Absolute Therapy, Llc 32578, FLPhysical Therapy1609545029
David Crespo 33328, FLPhysical Therapy1497428684
Jesse Martir 33328, FLPhysical Therapy1942979927
Calren S Wang 32809, FLPhysical Therapy1497042774
Revolution Physical Therapy, Llc 33431, FLPhysical Therapy1558937227
Jojo Rehab Therapy. Llc. 33778, FLPhysical Therapy1306082276
Lisa Sands 17543, FLPhysical Therapy1609114529
Greene Rehab Services Pa 34285, FLPhysical Therapy1831192970
Therapy One Rehabilitation Center 32405, FLPhysical Therapy1386647683
Activa, Lc 33024, FLPhysical Therapy1245234848
Gulf Breeze Physical Therapy Inc. 32504, FLPhysical Therapy1730183153
Rehabclinics Pta Inc 33040, FLPhysical Therapy1891790234
Amputee Clinic, Inc. 33907, FLPhysical Therapy1295730216
Rehabclinics Pta Inc 33406, FLPhysical Therapy1538164611
Ocala Rehabilitation Associates Pa 34470, FLPhysical Therapy1043216476
Rehab Rx Corp 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1265430003
Rehabilitation Of South Florida Inc 33165, FLPhysical Therapy1437158037
Gemini Medical Group Corp 33166, FLPhysical Therapy1326047366
Select Medical Rehabilitation Services Inc 33756, FLPhysical Therapy1336149376
Sports And Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Inc 34685, FLPhysical Therapy1932109071
Liquidays 34691, FLPhysical Therapy1568836435
Cpt Of Jacksonville Inc 32216, FLPhysical Therapy1326035924
Raj Physical Rehabilitation Center,p.a. 33484, FLPhysical Therapy1871580191
Alachua Health Services Llc 32605, FLPhysical Therapy1598747818
The House Of Movement Llc 33129, FLPhysical Therapy1649652132
Ability Health Services Inc 32801, FLPhysical Therapy1952392854
Pro active Physical Therapy, Inc. 33613, FLPhysical Therapy1881682078
Gospa Rehabilitation Inc 33012, FLPhysical Therapy1619955002
General Rehabilitation Facility Co 33010, FLPhysical Therapy1043298128
De Leon Rehab 33014, FLPhysical Therapy1609855527
Gaitway Rehabilitation And Fitness 33186, FLPhysical Therapy1255310181
Elite Rehabilitation Inc 33012, FLPhysical Therapy1730168675
Hope Physical Rehabilitation Inc 33145, FLPhysical Therapy1306825971
Dynamic Rehab Service 33012, FLPhysical Therapy1457330524
Zotheka Inc. 33972, FLPhysical Therapy1407398324


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