Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Aaron Lane Thomas 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1801395579
Holly Fundenburg 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1427684737
Kelly Payne 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1518050962
Julianne Johnson 32250, FLPhysical Therapy1932424074
Herbert Tenedero Santos 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1093229940
Kenton A Kennedy 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1548590383
Leslie A Shaw 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1699958074
Jeffrey Fox 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1356746812
Jessica Langley 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1275885543
Lauren Tomlinson 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1649628363
Michael T Horan 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1285615872
Yasoda Rodriguez 34480, FLPhysical Therapy1447928262
Integumentary Physiotherapy Institute, Llc 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1598307993
Axiom Rehabilitation 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1396297669
Axiom Rehabilitation Llc 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1912456799
Natasha Pollard 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1093344483
Diane Macha 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1689027476
Shannon Casey 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1023561438
Susan Shopiro 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1164722377
Adam Vaniska 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1649792490
Gabriela Ceja 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1174283188
Alfred Georgi 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1669591830
Maricel Rivera Ronquillo 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1932342342
Nicole Burkett 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1770116212
Roland Mclaughlin 34761, FLPhysical Therapy1679213318
Dustin Moura 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1952951857
Frank Thompson 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1124532080
Amber Peters 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1447755517
Arron Todd Ocheltree 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1376061622
Marcos L Alvares Pujol 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1164924064
Jennifer Lynn Cortes 32701, FLPhysical Therapy1497033773
Alexander Ruiz 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1619406030
Lauren Kelly Taub 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1831618958
Charles Robert Hufham 32771, FLPhysical Therapy1710285325
Brian Espinola 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1396090700
Stephanie Nicole Nemeth 32779, FLPhysical Therapy1366119703
Corey Kalish 32763, FLPhysical Therapy1033740246
Charles Mahlon Tucker 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1043853278
Malia Tidwell 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1639643463
Jennifer Maxey 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1033553136
Ampai Burbach 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1548857337
Taylor Lynn Price 32808, FLPhysical Therapy1174171730
Brandon Hagerott 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1326533001
Denalaine Abrahan 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1114524782
Jacqueline M Neff 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1447773197
Michael Allen Goins 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1588075337
Monica Nathalia Sanchez 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1730527060
Nicole Kalagassy 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1831561695
Ramona Louise Janzegers 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1053650432
Royal Palm Beach Rehab Corp 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1255082301
Sharon Warhurst 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1023354958
Abe Dehbi 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1831493071
Carmen Marengo 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1548402217
Juan Maldonado Cruz 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1366568768
Mauricio Longton 33308, FLPhysical Therapy1396347753
Jennifer Matthews 32702, FLPhysical Therapy1730551177
Coastal Physical Therapy Llc 33920, FLPhysical Therapy1275768194
Jennifer Renee Carlisle 32034, FLPhysical Therapy1376786335
Rehab Associates Llc 34216, FLPhysical Therapy1518067651
Robert Lyles 32320, FLPhysical Therapy1972965044
Luxehealth Florida Llc 33572, FLPhysical Therapy1487263166
Jacob Collier 33572, FLPhysical Therapy1134482201
Joshua Smith Martin 33572, FLPhysical Therapy1467656934
Rhonda Ann Ludwig 33573, FLPhysical Therapy1316954548
Jaiden Langston 33573, FLPhysical Therapy1871014951
Journey To Harmony Physical Therapy 33572, FLPhysical Therapy1790138899
Kimberly Powell 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1952829558
Tammy Lee Adams 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1306335559
Jennifer J Henderson 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1043729031
Andres Correa-vega 32827, FLPhysical Therapy1851901169
Cody Vankerschaever 32771, FLPhysical Therapy1477192425
Albert Curtis Hall 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1932618964
Cheryl Anne Ferney 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1255840120
Fabrizzio Miranda 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1871243758
Jason Mimms 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1013435833
Savannah Rose Lalande 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1710510805
Britten Harden 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1568025385
Neyshel M. Mangual-garcia 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1205489663
Heather Rachelle Hardy 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1669938791
Arliss Karim Perez 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1427577170
Daniela Ostrowski 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1235796343
Solani Santos 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1447760665
Kaceyan Sharpe 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1093453987
Jennifer Swartz 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1396409819
Sandra Dunlap 32792, FLPhysical Therapy1003993023
Ana Maria Moreno 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1124628441
Wellness Health Acupuncture & Physical Therapy 34761, FLPhysical Therapy1578010112
Yves Michel Surin 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1356525380
Balancing Act Rehabilitation Pllc 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1407491756
Meredith Martin 32703, FLPhysical Therapy1700428273
Dana Bonaduce Dalrymple 32750, FLPhysical Therapy1568683720
Patrick John Lambeth 32746, FLPhysical Therapy1356484885
Jean Ellis Buchanan 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1043436199
Jenny Bazelais 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1932555471
Kaylee Ramsey 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1396091898
Johane Joseph 34741, FLPhysical Therapy1922403732
Lauren Rollins 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1386182491
Physio Sports Med, Inc. 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1871853929
Cintia Rivasseau 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1023536844
Jennifer Everland 32726, FLPhysical Therapy1417269499
Jamie Stanley 32835, FLPhysical Therapy1033621248
Carolyn Pallotta 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1104109933
Lymphedema And Physical Therapy Specialists, Llc 34711, FLPhysical Therapy1639474547
Rebecca Dornbush 98595, FLPhysical Therapy1053771626
Ellis Troy Lim Quee 32712, FLPhysical Therapy1902279946
Elizabeth Ann Gomez 34266, FLPhysical Therapy1063625705
Mayra Ramirez Thomas 34266, FLPhysical Therapy1831756048
Shayla Michelle Routh 34266, FLPhysical Therapy1992388094
Shannon Lynch 32025, FLPhysical Therapy1780168096
Jeffery Kreck 32233, FLPhysical Therapy1730465451
Therapia, Inc. 32266, FLPhysical Therapy1912316134
Aquamed Centers 33462, FLPhysical Therapy1073811865
Rachael Steffen 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1740928753
Tiffany Leanne Cox 33853, FLPhysical Therapy1396336087
Cheryl Gonzalez 33880, FLPhysical Therapy1851896955
Barbara Webb 33844, FLPhysical Therapy1447473855
Vivian Faith Gillis 33635, FLPhysical Therapy1225708761
Results Care, Llc 34142, FLPhysical Therapy1447653928
Alicia Couture 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1396047189
Rocha Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1790393346
Fernanda Delia Fartek 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1881955482
Daniel E Guzman 33325, FLPhysical Therapy1659673234
Dlisa Richards 33027, FLPhysical Therapy1780964452
Megan Phillips 33029, FLPhysical Therapy1912318924
Tania Touzan 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1649416389
Vanessa Stark 33160, FLPhysical Therapy1124334164
Yenny P Hernandez Martinez 33018, FLPhysical Therapy1437554227
Isabel Marie Valentin 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1699110387
Aards Ii Inc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1730259151
Expert Rehab, Llc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1285798769
Vasilios Constantis 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1184800609
Kieran Clark 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1326158288
Prestigious Therapy & Wellness Llc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1780358556
Tatsiana Osko Inc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1578802476
Guy Anthony Barbary 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1275748444
Cora 33179, FLPhysical Therapy1336455435
Rehabclinics Pta, Inc. 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1003274168
Sos Physio Llc 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1285091942
Onsite Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1235380908
Arianne Polatnick Dpt, P.a. 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1225775356
Cristina Marie Rivera 33825, FLPhysical Therapy1528537610
Brigitte Floyd 33825, FLPhysical Therapy1134688559
Laurie Ann Baker 33870, FLPhysical Therapy1922312305
Kysi Bailey 33825, FLPhysical Therapy1326796467
Justin M Burgos 33880, FLPhysical Therapy1649864257
Victoria Frances Kennedy 33825, FLPhysical Therapy1598229304
Mae Lynn Ziglar 32539, FLPhysical Therapy1649689019
Johnathan T North 32256, FLPhysical Therapy1396215372
Tonette Grillo-hill 32935, FLPhysical Therapy1962920629
Space Coast Medical, Llc 32976, FLPhysical Therapy1376807511
Occuaptional Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1558848465
Matthew Billups 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1306207634
Paul Canady 32128, FLPhysical Therapy1790335040
Natalia Brown 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1952854390
Bertha Alvarez 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1740483809
Corina Perez 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1265199970
David Pagan 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1417171604
Jody Lynne Duda 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1194480871
Lisa Jane Birge 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1235723339
Nora Kirkman 33830, FLPhysical Therapy1558896019
Dr. Lisa Pt Llc 33154, FLPhysical Therapy1073243762
Pediatric Therapy Center 33154, FLPhysical Therapy1629321138
Backman Health And Wellness Llc 33154, FLPhysical Therapy1326715053
Kaylan Mia Mccomas 33744, FLPhysical Therapy1679226526
Sports And Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Inc 34667, FLPhysical Therapy1851444756
Elizabeth Anne Sanders 32626, FLPhysical Therapy1992733117
New Life Physical & Massage Therapy 33430, FLPhysical Therapy1225465818
Michael Scott Gershberg 33430, FLPhysical Therapy1821732751
Calren S Wang 32809, FLPhysical Therapy1497042774
Ryan Scott Currin 32725, FLPhysical Therapy1528333960
Time To Talk Therapy Services Llc 32812, FLPhysical Therapy1437629227
Teresa Palenzuela 33770, FLPhysical Therapy1073784542
Renee Pariseau 33756, FLPhysical Therapy1376905984
Achieve Physical Therapy Services Inc 33786, FLPhysical Therapy1568767135
Christina Trauthwein 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1619115102
Christopher Nicolosi 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1093848822
Edward Barry 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1104947423
Elizabeth Dorothy Martin 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1578876066
Tri County Rehab Services, Llc 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1265757504
Shirley Julianna James 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1194938043
Heather Cirino 34711, FLPhysical Therapy1144986118
Robert Curtis Truett 34420, FLPhysical Therapy1972760858
Lori Ann Roames 34785, FLPhysical Therapy1518502863
Laura L Benoit 32162, FLPhysical Therapy1073004487
Christian Eduardo Lara 34429, FLPhysical Therapy1679027130
Margaret A Shaffer 34465, FLPhysical Therapy1124239165
Sports And Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Inc 34465, FLPhysical Therapy1205989118
Ronda Lynn Driskell 34465, FLPhysical Therapy1477214344
Danette Herrera 34465, FLPhysical Therapy1902057367
Chris Pilon 34461, FLPhysical Therapy1992463178
Glen Herbert Goldsmith 34465, FLPhysical Therapy1518302876
Big Pine Physical Therapy, Inc. 33043, FLPhysical Therapy1639590078
Jamie Babbs Ziegler 33043, FLPhysical Therapy1205025376
Glinda Whittaker 32446, FLPhysical Therapy1922498799
Tiffany Hatcher 32424, FLPhysical Therapy1982001251
Dana Clark 32308, FLPhysical Therapy1013438258
Fitness Quest boca Grande Llc 33921, FLPhysical Therapy1063600583
Caroline Padilla Saez 33428, FLPhysical Therapy1295346450
Christina Renee Jackson 33428, FLPhysical Therapy1912519638
Ruben Javier Garcia 33428, FLPhysical Therapy1942892906


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