Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Greg P Colombo 34293, FLPhysical Therapy1932596111
Lucas Cadiz 33067, FLPhysical Therapy1962878421
Mark Bella 32779, FLPhysical Therapy1912411943
Kurt Allen Jaeger 32817, FLPhysical Therapy1477907152
Kimberly Ellen Thomas 34448, FLPhysical Therapy1871083873
Stanley Pyfrom 33606, FLPhysical Therapy1073508859
Christian Angelino 34741, FLPhysical Therapy1063934750
Brenda Perez 32080, FLPhysical Therapy1942281340
Alysa Cantave 33411, FLPhysical Therapy1609234616
Matthew Corey Matlock 33328, FLPhysical Therapy1013994417
Alex Wilburn 34986, FLPhysical Therapy1649649724
Mark Marranzini 33304, FLPhysical Therapy1750733713
Hermes Romero 33030, FLPhysical Therapy1407365877
David Louis Genest 32953, FLPhysical Therapy1558841882
Scott W Weil 32257, FLPhysical Therapy1790757060
Maria Salmeron 33166, FLPhysical Therapy1245203504
Victor Apostolico 33703, FLPhysical Therapy1609840651
Linda Schweitzer 33703, FLPhysical Therapy1770557647
Junko Stewart 33629, FLPhysical Therapy1114382041
Sally Saberton 33919, FLPhysical Therapy1205899770
Janet K Stuart 32351, FLPhysical Therapy1841253242
Jennifer A Dowdy 32308, FLPhysical Therapy1295798593
Jodi Ann Brooks 33431, FLPhysical Therapy1851355911
Alan Edward Butler 33617, FLPhysical Therapy1093770067
Sheila Durrance 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1194781310
Rebecca Riley 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1518924430
Elizabeth Brock 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1437116332
Melissa Mcgill 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1316904196
Linda Neel 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1104883982
Susan Baker 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1033176839
Lance Schwecke 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1114984838
Rebecca Crundwell 33709, FLPhysical Therapy1871550475
Jill Hoffart 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1831156991
Lisa Slay Jarriel 34974, FLPhysical Therapy1104884196
Stacey H Williams 33952, FLPhysical Therapy1811955768
William Loheide 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1780633792
Aliyah Finstad 33030, FLPhysical Therapy1659321008
Diane Sampson 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1003866450
Vivian Jimenez 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1790735249
Elizabeth Hall 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1730131798
Claudia Fritz 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1932152576
Jared Piazza 33715, FLPhysical Therapy1053788059
Lourdes Gonzalez 33183, FLPhysical Therapy1740645746
Kristen Leigh Henderson 32351, FLPhysical Therapy1336102631
Celise Nichole Drawdy 32308, FLPhysical Therapy1609380252
Heidi Astacio 32804, FLPhysical Therapy1396240198
Scott Frost 34110, FLPhysical Therapy1972558740
Lee Lamey 34102, FLPhysical Therapy1427003193
Janet Kielce 34102, FLPhysical Therapy1043265499
Elizabeth Demena Pascual 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1720033749
Lynn Elizabeth Flores 33186, FLPhysical Therapy1821037029
Noah Woodberry Mcdade 33612, FLPhysical Therapy1760422570
Ruth A Zito 33426, FLPhysical Therapy1376584169
Randall Lee Huntzberry 32608, FLPhysical Therapy1275575516
Celia M. Santini 32825, FLPhysical Therapy1639112196
Mary Bernadette Kloth 32803, FLPhysical Therapy1063455434
Tracy L Jackson 33426, FLPhysical Therapy1891739868
Michael Anthony Mcneil 32578, FLPhysical Therapy1891722955
Pedro Enrique Navarro 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1538196613
Elizabeth Anne Sanders 32626, FLPhysical Therapy1992733117
Kayla Roberts 33563, FLPhysical Therapy1841229374
Dawn Alisa Haynes 33434, FLPhysical Therapy1023049319
Janet Newman 32550, FLPhysical Therapy1083645337
Tonya Lynn Willroth 33544, FLPhysical Therapy1487040531
Bradley Potash 33334, FLPhysical Therapy1396292124
Sai Shanthi Narra 33323, FLPhysical Therapy1598165961
Cayla Clinkscale 32810, FLPhysical Therapy1992201008
Aniceto Reynel Cabrera Delgado 33156, FLPhysical Therapy1609360627
Hyle N Smith 33408, FLPhysical Therapy1902383672
Mary Knowlton 33897, FLPhysical Therapy1144796772
Malia Tidwell 32714, FLPhysical Therapy1639643463
Bethzaida Diaz 34285, FLPhysical Therapy1184656308
Sandra Fay Rola 34285, FLPhysical Therapy1376575548
Meagan Jane Barnette 32626, FLPhysical Therapy1265467427
Tammy Kay Steen 33612, FLPhysical Therapy1629093976
Donna Falana 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1710906912
Peggy L De Lara 33713, FLPhysical Therapy1598784332
Douglas M Deyoung 34293, FLPhysical Therapy1093735664
Susan L Avren 34102, FLPhysical Therapy1164436630
Rhonda Ann Ludwig 33573, FLPhysical Therapy1316954548
Evelyn S. Palmeiro 33125, FLPhysical Therapy1639186356
Suzanne Barney Moriarty 34112, FLPhysical Therapy1144237850
Andrea Louise Mixer 32082, FLPhysical Therapy1235148511
Hope A. Bell 32086, FLPhysical Therapy1508875410
Michael Kevin Carroll 34135, FLPhysical Therapy1992715999
Rhona W Sullivan 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1730190208
Donn W. Crothers 33332, FLPhysical Therapy1871606319
Heidi G Smith 34103, FLPhysical Therapy1720191075
Lori Childers 32904, FLPhysical Therapy1558475327
Gail Ruth Garland Padrino 33432, FLPhysical Therapy1104931484
Todd C Newman 33904, FLPhysical Therapy1740395839
Mitzi M Cobb 34103, FLPhysical Therapy1972618965
Kristen Johanna Ebersberger 33076, FLPhysical Therapy1740290576
Cassis Snipper 32819, FLPhysical Therapy1982062493
Casey El Sesy 32713, FLPhysical Therapy1174077010
John Raymond Yandek 33708, FLPhysical Therapy1134572084
Alexis Kathryn Taylor 32404, FLPhysical Therapy1467901637
Natalie Sue Miller 32216, FLPhysical Therapy1124132980
Ryan Seyersdahl 33637, FLPhysical Therapy1871096263
Nicholas Ray Twitty 32935, FLPhysical Therapy1134637630
Kathleen Valentine 32656, FLPhysical Therapy1427542810
Kay Yancey Ellis 77340, FLPhysical Therapy1184190670
Hannah Goodman 33764, FLPhysical Therapy1336570282
Jessica Ann Crouch 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1417414111
Jessica Odette Curbelo 33125, FLPhysical Therapy1871602458
Brenda Bosman 33316, FLPhysical Therapy1457460685
Lucia Margarita Del Rio 33125, FLPhysical Therapy1619086600
Kathy Steege 34761, FLPhysical Therapy1962512616
Marcia Hollander 33065, FLPhysical Therapy1811007529
Tim Smith 34668, FLPhysical Therapy1760592497
Kimberly Ohara 32541, FLPhysical Therapy1699885368
Kieran Clark 33180, FLPhysical Therapy1326158288
Linda Valenti 33326, FLPhysical Therapy1245340751
Kenneth Gilmore 34952, FLPhysical Therapy1770693673
Steven T. Dolisi 32725, FLPhysical Therapy1366552259
Michael Leeper 32940, FLPhysical Therapy1023128766
Edward Joseph Hope 33909, FLPhysical Therapy1891805651
Todd Gosk 34652, FLPhysical Therapy1821108739
Kimberly Cook 32218, FLPhysical Therapy1912017641
Lori Storey 32724, FLPhysical Therapy1861502544
Douglas Schafer 32806, FLPhysical Therapy1174633887
Jill Lynch 33710, FLPhysical Therapy1770693475
Heidi Machado 33498, FLPhysical Therapy1083724629
Tammy Weaver 32837, FLPhysical Therapy1093825515
Christopher Antioco 34652, FLPhysical Therapy1316057987
Kevin Barney 32935, FLPhysical Therapy1154431641
Lisa Mazzatto 32953, FLPhysical Therapy1710097308
Shane Miller 32746, FLPhysical Therapy1144330663
Adriana Caridad Rodriguez 33014, FLPhysical Therapy1154431633
Kyle Sykes 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1124138714
Jacqueline Dawn Shepard 33510, FLPhysical Therapy1649380817
Kara Emily Allen 32257, FLPhysical Therapy1679685846
Luis Alberto Rojas 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1033221619
Jonathan F Reed 32112, FLPhysical Therapy1275644205
Janene Ann Hartley 32608, FLPhysical Therapy1487766887
Christopher Lee Everett 34232, FLPhysical Therapy1851497929
William Lee Confer 34108, FLPhysical Therapy1558468793
Jeffrey Overstreet 33484, FLPhysical Therapy1417056003
Madelyn Lima 33176, FLPhysical Therapy1215028477
Amy E Turner 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1912098856
Emily Lynn Rahemi 32960, FLPhysical Therapy1881785269
Shawn Wilson 32907, FLPhysical Therapy1447341821
Sandra Laxton 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1427141878
Lisa Garrett 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1003908401
Meredith Lindsey Wells 32218, FLPhysical Therapy1467544866
Christine Patenaude 33073, FLPhysical Therapy1437242161
Rosa Corredera 33467, FLPhysical Therapy1649364654
Rosa Murga Fernandez 33125, FLPhysical Therapy1518054170
Agnes Valencia Dean 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1851489314
Evelyn J Black 33801, FLPhysical Therapy1649368762
Mario A Estrada 33634, FLPhysical Therapy1699856690
Collene L. Rowland 32746, FLPhysical Therapy1912081696
Candido Gerena 33179, FLPhysical Therapy1922185784
Aimee Cohen 33029, FLPhysical Therapy1821175902
Laura Beth Hutter 34994, FLPhysical Therapy1144307158
Sandra Dunlap 32792, FLPhysical Therapy1003993023
Thomas Cole Elu 34986, FLPhysical Therapy1487732897
Debbie Anne Chokran 34986, FLPhysical Therapy1295814846
Nidia S Denis 33135, FLPhysical Therapy1912076498
Alexander Lam 33772, FLPhysical Therapy1710352166
Nicole Frazee-stewart 32034, FLPhysical Therapy1295192284
Tara Woodward 33850, FLPhysical Therapy1760857759
Jose Joaquin Stable 33435, FLPhysical Therapy1770683583
Danny Garcia 32128, FLPhysical Therapy1083142814
Herbert Tenedero Santos 32615, FLPhysical Therapy1093229940
Stanley Peltz 32803, FLPhysical Therapy1770958050
Michael Lavoy 33155, FLPhysical Therapy1831697994
Jose Armando Cisneros 32771, FLPhysical Therapy1114411741
Brian Patrick Walsh 33021, FLPhysical Therapy1043772015
Leslie Mobley 32060, FLPhysical Therapy1700958691
Debra B Mann 32901, FLPhysical Therapy1013080910
Kerri Beams 32958, FLPhysical Therapy1801960448
Doreen Palmer-perez 32940, FLPhysical Therapy1215002092
Michael David Dennison 33136, FLPhysical Therapy1538235007
Ann Marie Hitchell 33060, FLPhysical Therapy1386711919
Yolanda D. Sherman 32257, FLPhysical Therapy1396813606
Tanesha Michelle Upton 34982, FLPhysical Therapy1023176955
Robelio Lopez 33181, FLPhysical Therapy1124186796
Sandra Medeiros 33071, FLPhysical Therapy1003975756
Sally A. Struss 32696, FLPhysical Therapy1023179686
Clayton Scott Davis 34748, FLPhysical Therapy1801950274
Vanessa Walker 34684, FLPhysical Therapy1922162965
Moriah Paige Bowers 32223, FLPhysical Therapy1841347051
James R Jones 32789, FLPhysical Therapy1013064484
Jose Armando Gonzalez 33157, FLPhysical Therapy1144379447
Jennifer S Edwards 32626, FLPhysical Therapy1598815847
Valquiria Gonzalez 33467, FLPhysical Therapy1194876342
Marc Lalonde 33305, FLPhysical Therapy1790837631
Teresa J Sackmaster 32092, FLPhysical Therapy1710031364
Michael Sloan 33020, FLPhysical Therapy1891849212
Robert Daniel Lim 32210, FLPhysical Therapy1225182207
Kevin Mccavera 34429, FLPhysical Therapy1013063692
Amy Leight Ursry 32073, FLPhysical Therapy1629124284
Peter Joseph Pineva 32687, FLPhysical Therapy1538215009
Edwin Yap David 33461, FLPhysical Therapy1720124449
Anna Virginia Fernandez 33021, FLPhysical Therapy1033255930
Bradley Wade Ellis 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1639215031
Christine A Ford Greenberg 32607, FLPhysical Therapy1891831293
Audrey H Cannistraci 33135, FLPhysical Therapy1710024609
Carole Churan 33458, FLPhysical Therapy1124165584


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