Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Chadwick Whitefield 30165, GAPhysical Therapy1891874020
Athletic Spine Rehabilitation, Llc 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1740355304
Ernest Randy Bloom 30904, GAPhysical Therapy1366561011
Sharon T Johnson 29201, GAPhysical Therapy1104068840
Lisa C Dubnik 30528, GAPhysical Therapy1447583729
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30013, GAPhysical Therapy1184924854
Maricel Rivera Ronquillo 32701, GAPhysical Therapy1932342342
Apt Holdings, Inc. 30534, GAPhysical Therapy1649400698
Stephanie Lynn Lunsford 29615, GAPhysical Therapy1962672832
Jessica Nicole Mcghee 31707, GAPhysical Therapy1275000655
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30331, GAPhysical Therapy1770837445
Independent Physical Therapy, Llc 30014, GAPhysical Therapy1962743674
Cory Edwin Griffin 30224, GAPhysical Therapy1124562111
Sara Lind Bryan 30274, GAPhysical Therapy1336653526
Lanier Therapy South, Inc. 30542, GAPhysical Therapy1467980912
Nicholas Avery Child 31545, GAPhysical Therapy1558885814
Jordan David Galentine 30542, GAPhysical Therapy1255828554
Christopher E. Doerr, D.o., P.c. 30601, GAPhysical Therapy1982737821
Well Equipt 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1891281218
Kelly Mackenzie Sams 30113, GAPhysical Therapy1023593217
Rawdrinicka Lashae Thomas 30311, GAPhysical Therapy1518430610
Body G O A L S Physical Therapy & Wellness 30076, GAPhysical Therapy1033623673
Kelsey Jo Maxwell 65473, GAPhysical Therapy1154677276
Somatic Physical Therapy Llc 30117, GAPhysical Therapy1528524352
Andrea Lynn Beitler 30906, GAPhysical Therapy1932669009
Foster4love Inc. 30144, GAPhysical Therapy1114428695
Matthew Ryan Murray 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1346800414
Kristin Chaffee Doxey 31406, GAPhysical Therapy1487215471
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30655, GAPhysical Therapy1225462740
Joseph Ogden 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1164076337
Therapy Trails, Llc 30813, GAPhysical Therapy1760993497
Business Management Consultants, Llc 30236, GAPhysical Therapy1881245942
Brandon Alkire 32303, GAPhysical Therapy1902359805
Dustin Hunter White 31768, GAPhysical Therapy1356960082
Phillip Garza 30117, GAPhysical Therapy1912528209
Derryl S. Dickerson 30062, GAPhysical Therapy1316253107
Mary Elizabeth Beirne 29407, GAPhysical Therapy1851769855
Grand Therapeutic Services Llc 30043, GAPhysical Therapy1912409046
R Jason Kent Physical Therapy Llc 31088, GAPhysical Therapy1992731764
Kenneshia M Martin 33578, GAPhysical Therapy1154963759
Brainz Therapy Inc. 30092, GAPhysical Therapy1447858758
3333 Pt Practice, Llc 30005, GAPhysical Therapy1790325223
Courtney L Hipps 31730, GAPhysical Therapy1427647007
Emily O'bryant 30528, GAPhysical Therapy1568047199
Alicia Mcgee 30025, GAPhysical Therapy1093393464
Tatiana Smith Forester 30134, GAPhysical Therapy1174102776
Rachel Garabedian 30157, GAPhysical Therapy1831778208
Margaret Alex Harris 28734, GAPhysical Therapy1821664970
Kristy Marie Talbot 31210, GAPhysical Therapy1982991535
Lindsey Klein 30013, GAPhysical Therapy1184292013
Lance Austin Wheeler 30135, GAPhysical Therapy1144735671
Jaya Reeves 30083, GAPhysical Therapy1932665353
Jessica Lee Birchfield 29910, GAPhysical Therapy1093385791
Birds Of Paradise Physical Therapy Services,llc 30083, GAPhysical Therapy1588124879
Southern Rehab And Sports Medicine, Inc. 30240, GAPhysical Therapy1215167515
Rebeca J Kelly 32502, GAPhysical Therapy1922306927
Human Performance And Rehabilitation Centers Llc 30265, GAPhysical Therapy1144893660
Toni Francis 32779, GAPhysical Therapy1912465832
Bethany Toney Moore 30601, GAPhysical Therapy1801560412
Mackenson Lafortune 30019, GAPhysical Therapy1780228171
Trident Physical Therapy, Llc 30046, GAPhysical Therapy1275204943
Mary Guenther 30605, GAPhysical Therapy1629740105
Johnson Therapy Services 28216, GAPhysical Therapy1083125892
Obie Learning Systems 30339, GAPhysical Therapy1487310710
Sara Marie Nixon 26554, GAPhysical Therapy1972726065
Progressivehealth Rehabilitation Solutions, Inc 30269, GAPhysical Therapy1891854022
Horizon Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc. 30677, GAPhysical Therapy1376635672
Jaclyn Crystal Sheehan 30328, GAPhysical Therapy1477203818
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, GAPhysical Therapy1720097561
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, GAPhysical Therapy1922018423
Align Physical Therapy Llc 30329, GAPhysical Therapy1679199459
Kentaria Shantell Roberts 31406, GAPhysical Therapy1215666946
William Mccain 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1184000648
Patricia Meadows 30052, GAPhysical Therapy1194497859
Steven Broadway 30052, GAPhysical Therapy1245905710
John Degenaro 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1104900869
Clayton Green 30642, GAPhysical Therapy1841818556
Jessica Leanne Reed 30642, GAPhysical Therapy1255985511
Adam Schreiber 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1245858448
Revelle Physical Therapy 30341, GAPhysical Therapy1730795980
Gp Therapy Llc 30068, GAPhysical Therapy1538164553
Athens Sports Medicine Clinic Inc 30642, GAPhysical Therapy1174528103
Advance Rehabilitation And Consulting 30161, GAPhysical Therapy1174518682
Physical & Athletic Rehabilitation Center 31061, GAPhysical Therapy1760472807
Orthosport Physical Therapy Llc 30144, GAPhysical Therapy1174501100
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc 31816, GAPhysical Therapy1326006222
Roswell Therapy Services Llc 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1073563763
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30120, GAPhysical Therapy1770535130
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30701, GAPhysical Therapy1215989413
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30024, GAPhysical Therapy1093767014
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30327, GAPhysical Therapy1134172786
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1912950569
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30096, GAPhysical Therapy1083666903
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30236, GAPhysical Therapy1518910215
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30141, GAPhysical Therapy1881646925
Advanced Physical Therapy East Ltd 30078, GAPhysical Therapy1578519468
Immanuels Word Inc 30004, GAPhysical Therapy1912949322
Matrix Rehabilitation georgia, Inc. 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1679519219
Bjt And Associates 30338, GAPhysical Therapy1114958816
Matrix Rehabilitation Georgia, Inc. 30052, GAPhysical Therapy1942231378
Matrix Rehabilitation georgia Inc 30328, GAPhysical Therapy1487685772
Rehab Associates, Llc 31904, GAPhysical Therapy1336170588
East Athens Physical Therapy Inc 30605, GAPhysical Therapy1326082611
Canton Institute For Physical Therapy, Llc 30114, GAPhysical Therapy1801841374
Pt Solutions, Llc 37934, GAPhysical Therapy1528004991
Coastal Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 31558, GAPhysical Therapy1184641979
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30260, GAPhysical Therapy1699784249
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30012, GAPhysical Therapy1033128608
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1801805338
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30043, GAPhysical Therapy1073522538
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia, P.c. 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1326058561
Physiotherapy Associates, Inc. 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1699786012
Georgia Orthopedic Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 30096, GAPhysical Therapy1659384287
Georgia Rehab Services, Inc. 30014, GAPhysical Therapy1326153479
Rehab Associates, Llc 35487, GAPhysical Therapy1942219472
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30354, GAPhysical Therapy1407865108
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30288, GAPhysical Therapy1871502807
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1316956956
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30316, GAPhysical Therapy1801815816
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1831108695
Center For Physical Rehabilitation, Inc. 31602, GAPhysical Therapy1497858781
Professional Therapy Services, Llc 30504, GAPhysical Therapy1093819450
Spine & Sport Physical Therapy L P 30188, GAPhysical Therapy1093811101
Dr And Associates Rehabilitation, Llc 39837, GAPhysical Therapy1033216601
Board Of Regents Of The University System Of Georgia 30602, GAPhysical Therapy1811098817
Physical Therapy Of West Georgia 31909, GAPhysical Therapy1619068087
Rhodes Physical Therapy Inc 30512, GAPhysical Therapy1437242245
Oconee Rehabilitation Services Inc 31087, GAPhysical Therapy1053401190
Rice Rehabilitation Associates Limited Partnership 30705, GAPhysical Therapy1801986435
Rice Rehabilitation Associates Limited Partnership 30721, GAPhysical Therapy1780774364
Southern Therapy Services, Inc. 30240, GAPhysical Therapy1174605307
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30248, GAPhysical Therapy1114002037
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30114, GAPhysical Therapy1306921226
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30281, GAPhysical Therapy1750466652
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 31210, GAPhysical Therapy1285710673
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30084, GAPhysical Therapy1306922950
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30909, GAPhysical Therapy1902982390
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1275611584
The Sports Rehabilitation Center 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1154409381
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30501, GAPhysical Therapy1184793978
Atlanta Rehabilitation And Performance Center, Inc. 30078, GAPhysical Therapy1982797494
Rebound Physical Therapy, Llc 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1487739173
Core Physical Therapy, Pc 31088, GAPhysical Therapy1982763744
Therasport Physical Therapy Inc. 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1194887315
Cimarron Physical Therapy Inc 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1942362256
Georgia Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1437212933
Body Pros Physical Therapy 30066, GAPhysical Therapy1578610606
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, Llc 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1194875500
Advanced Rehab Center Inc 31707, GAPhysical Therapy1508917667
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 30260, GAPhysical Therapy1083760136
Advanced Therapy Group Inc. 30309, GAPhysical Therapy1164561288
The Cantrell Center For Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, P.c. 31088, GAPhysical Therapy1417091372
Synergy Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 30290, GAPhysical Therapy1154454122
Coastal Therapy Inc 31405, GAPhysical Therapy1992821367
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 31904, GAPhysical Therapy1487789970
Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center 20191, GAPhysical Therapy1093887390
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30322, GAPhysical Therapy1790801520
Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Plc 37076, GAPhysical Therapy1083789176
Gaudio Inc 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1841414968
Meadows Regional Medical Center 30445, GAPhysical Therapy1972729580
Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Assoc. Inc 30078, GAPhysical Therapy1679780092
Genesis Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Llc 30331, GAPhysical Therapy1861600520
Joseph Powell 30253, GAPhysical Therapy1861600579
Onsite Rehab Inc. 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1609077833
Matrix Rehabilitation Georgia, Inc. 30014, GAPhysical Therapy1518164102
Concentra Medical Center Port Of Miami 33132, GAPhysical Therapy1982895215
Atlanta Sport & Spine Physical Therapy 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1922294073
Centers For Orhtopedic Rehabilitation 30342, GAPhysical Therapy1245427236
Centers For Orthopedic Rehabilitation 30342, GAPhysical Therapy1588852263
Physical Therapy Specialties, Llc 30004, GAPhysical Therapy1437348067
Spine Center Atlanta Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, Llc 30327, GAPhysical Therapy1487838900
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30519, GAPhysical Therapy1992983993
Physioedge, Llc 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1982874863
Cor Ii 30342, GAPhysical Therapy1689845729
Sovereign Rehabilitation Of Georgia, Llc 30030, GAPhysical Therapy1326210840
Sovereign Rehabilitation Of Georiga, Llc 30005, GAPhysical Therapy1497927925
Cor Ii 30040, GAPhysical Therapy1033381561
Sovereign Rehabilitation Of Georgia, Llc 30012, GAPhysical Therapy1588836019
Sovereign Rehabilitation Of Georgia, Llc 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1144492661
Sovereign Rehabilitation Of Georgia, Llc 30052, GAPhysical Therapy1215109749
Business Intelligence Technology 30012, GAPhysical Therapy1619140753
Georgia Rehabilitation Center Inc 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1306010152
Martin Physical Therapy And Wellness, Inc. 31030, GAPhysical Therapy1376717868
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30742, GAPhysical Therapy1912174517
Professional Therapy Services, Llc 30501, GAPhysical Therapy1174790778
Women's Physical Therapy Of Evans,inc. 30809, GAPhysical Therapy1548437007
Back In The Game Physical Therapy, Inc 30542, GAPhysical Therapy1962669275
Pineview Physical Therapy 31501, GAPhysical Therapy1215196258
Agape Sports Performance Wellness And Rehab 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1427218106
Bodywellness Physical Therapy, L.l.c. 30324, GAPhysical Therapy1083875272
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1518129774
Meridian Health & Physical Therapy 30328, GAPhysical Therapy1952564155
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30288, GAPhysical Therapy1770748618
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30336, GAPhysical Therapy1689839508
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30349, GAPhysical Therapy1326203241
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30012, GAPhysical Therapy1023273935
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30062, GAPhysical Therapy1528223336
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30354, GAPhysical Therapy1699930545
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30043, GAPhysical Therapy1487819330
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30308, GAPhysical Therapy1942465877


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