Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gp Therapy Llc 30068, GAPhysical Therapy1538164553
Athens Sports Medicine Clinic Inc 30642, GAPhysical Therapy1174528103
Advance Rehabilitation And Consulting 30161, GAPhysical Therapy1174518682
Turningpoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Inc. 30350, GAPhysical Therapy1053309237
Physical & Athletic Rehabilitation Center 31061, GAPhysical Therapy1760472807
Dale Berland 31419, GAPhysical Therapy1598756538
Keith Marcus Murphy 31602, GAPhysical Therapy1790292589
Orthosport Physical Therapy Llc 30144, GAPhysical Therapy1174501100
Catherine Jill Smith 31061, GAPhysical Therapy1790751063
Jacqueline M. Suggs 30106, GAPhysical Therapy1366419905
Margaret Fallin Hobbs 31792, GAPhysical Therapy1326017948
Charles Edward Evans 31730, GAPhysical Therapy1912976440
Teresa R Morgan 30721, GAPhysical Therapy1417917402
Billie Jo R Beverly 31792, GAPhysical Therapy1790747301
Lillian Ann Crews 39819, GAPhysical Therapy1962464578
Mary Jane Wells 39819, GAPhysical Therapy1740242346
Geraldine Bridges 31768, GAPhysical Therapy1023071420
Robin C Roberson 31792, GAPhysical Therapy1396708699
Alice A. Hull 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1386609212
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc 31816, GAPhysical Therapy1326006222
Roswell Therapy Services Llc 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1073563763
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30120, GAPhysical Therapy1770535130
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30701, GAPhysical Therapy1215989413
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30024, GAPhysical Therapy1093767014
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30327, GAPhysical Therapy1134172786
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1912950569
Erin Shea Antolinez 30161, GAPhysical Therapy1275990384
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30096, GAPhysical Therapy1083666903
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30236, GAPhysical Therapy1518910215
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia , Llc 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1003868225
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30141, GAPhysical Therapy1881646925
Advanced Physical Therapy East Ltd 30078, GAPhysical Therapy1578519468
Immanuels Word Inc 30004, GAPhysical Therapy1912949322
Matrix Rehabilitation georgia, Inc. 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1679519219
Joseph Steven Beach 30752, GAPhysical Therapy1306873310
Bjt And Associates 30338, GAPhysical Therapy1114958816
Matrix Rehabilitation Georgia, Inc. 30052, GAPhysical Therapy1942231378
Matrix Rehabilitation georgia Inc 30328, GAPhysical Therapy1487685772
Rehab Associates, Llc 31904, GAPhysical Therapy1336170588
East Athens Physical Therapy Inc 30605, GAPhysical Therapy1326082611
Canton Institute For Physical Therapy, Llc 30114, GAPhysical Therapy1801841374
Diana Giraldo 30076, GAPhysical Therapy1568978260
Pt Solutions, Llc 37934, GAPhysical Therapy1528004991
Coastal Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 31558, GAPhysical Therapy1184641979
Marie Sharnel Brantley 31021, GAPhysical Therapy1326060591
Paige Newton-jones 30094, GAPhysical Therapy1962417816
Hope Almon 39828, GAPhysical Therapy1609882406
Robert Snipes 39828, GAPhysical Therapy1316954704
Cheryl Hopkins 39828, GAPhysical Therapy1821005067
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30260, GAPhysical Therapy1699784249
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30012, GAPhysical Therapy1033128608
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1801805338
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 30043, GAPhysical Therapy1073522538
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia, P.c. 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1326058561
Physiotherapy Associates, Inc. 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1699786012
Stacy L Hamlin 31210, GAPhysical Therapy1518978824
Amy M Tyler 31210, GAPhysical Therapy1619988995
Georgia Orthopedic Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 30096, GAPhysical Therapy1659384287
Georgia Rehab Services, Inc. 30014, GAPhysical Therapy1326153479
Eric H. Johnson 30904, GAPhysical Therapy1982719712
Rehab Associates, Llc 35487, GAPhysical Therapy1942219472
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30354, GAPhysical Therapy1407865108
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30288, GAPhysical Therapy1871502807
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 30071, GAPhysical Therapy1316956956
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30316, GAPhysical Therapy1801815816
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1831108695
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, GAPhysical Therapy1922018423
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, GAPhysical Therapy1720097561
Ydrecious Labaron Milner 30331, GAPhysical Therapy1770078164
Corey Scott Arnold 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1528546694
Elizabeth Adams Riley 30223, GAPhysical Therapy1265907125
Kristina Lauren Sullivan 30134, GAPhysical Therapy1841300480
Lisa Atkinson 30253, GAPhysical Therapy1366552945
Maria Sullivan 30040, GAPhysical Therapy1376653964
Carlas Dewayne Wooden 31021, GAPhysical Therapy1538270962
Center For Physical Rehabilitation, Inc. 31602, GAPhysical Therapy1497858781
Professional Therapy Services, Llc 30504, GAPhysical Therapy1093819450
Spine & Sport Physical Therapy L P 30188, GAPhysical Therapy1093811101
Dr And Associates Rehabilitation, Llc 39837, GAPhysical Therapy1033216601
Debbie Sue Johnson 37404, GAPhysical Therapy1083712863
Board Of Regents Of The University System Of Georgia 30602, GAPhysical Therapy1811098817
Angela Dawn Moyers 37405, GAPhysical Therapy1629169248
Physical Therapy Of West Georgia 31909, GAPhysical Therapy1619068087
Rhodes Physical Therapy Inc 30512, GAPhysical Therapy1437242245
Leslie Cheryl Glover 29860, GAPhysical Therapy1740373653
Kimberly Dawn Ledbetter 37343, GAPhysical Therapy1356438030
Kelli Becker 46514, GAPhysical Therapy1043307937
Oconee Rehabilitation Services Inc 31087, GAPhysical Therapy1053401190
Rice Rehabilitation Associates Limited Partnership 30705, GAPhysical Therapy1801986435
Shannon Dawn O'quinn 31522, GAPhysical Therapy1871683623
Robin Leigh Marshal 31522, GAPhysical Therapy1528158367
Rice Rehabilitation Associates Limited Partnership 30721, GAPhysical Therapy1780774364
Southern Therapy Services, Inc. 30240, GAPhysical Therapy1174605307
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30248, GAPhysical Therapy1114002037
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30114, GAPhysical Therapy1306921226
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30281, GAPhysical Therapy1750466652
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 31210, GAPhysical Therapy1285710673
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30084, GAPhysical Therapy1306922950
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30909, GAPhysical Therapy1902982390
Patricia Glance 31904, GAPhysical Therapy1073691903
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1275611584
Camille English 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1679651889
The Sports Rehabilitation Center 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1154409381
Sheri Dawn Fosse 30741, GAPhysical Therapy1124107057
Christine Orts 30236, GAPhysical Therapy1285713057
Juan Waller 30349, GAPhysical Therapy1780763425
Tracy Lopes 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1669551800
Toni Lawrence 30045, GAPhysical Therapy1790864031
Donald Eric Nichols 30165, GAPhysical Therapy1982783171
Andrew Macfarlane 30338, GAPhysical Therapy1104995950
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 30501, GAPhysical Therapy1184793978
Robbilyn Connor 30655, GAPhysical Therapy1881764991
Elizabeth G Wessling 29801, GAPhysical Therapy1306916127
Atlanta Rehabilitation And Performance Center, Inc. 30078, GAPhysical Therapy1982797494
Candice Gibson 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1932288602
James Chadwick Whitefield 30165, GAPhysical Therapy1891874020
Rebound Physical Therapy, Llc 30189, GAPhysical Therapy1487739173
Jane Herr 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1184113086
Jennifer Vanharte 30518, GAPhysical Therapy1285700880
Helen Barlow Reinking 31909, GAPhysical Therapy1629144100
Kay L Standley 31909, GAPhysical Therapy1497813489
Jacqueline Dawn Bishop 31792, GAPhysical Therapy1982762340
Core Physical Therapy, Pc 31088, GAPhysical Therapy1982763744
Kristen Nicole Kiser 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1073673315
Mark Andrew Maxwell 30606, GAPhysical Therapy1518027853
Therasport Physical Therapy Inc. 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1194887315
Cimarron Physical Therapy Inc 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1942362256
Georgia Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1437212933
Jennifer Pate 30269, GAPhysical Therapy1518023043
Betty Lee Courson 31539, GAPhysical Therapy1962568030
Body Pros Physical Therapy 30066, GAPhysical Therapy1578610606
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy, Llc 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1194875500
Tanya Marie Boykin 31093, GAPhysical Therapy1093865347
Wesley Alton Covington 31093, GAPhysical Therapy1194875971
Advanced Rehab Center Inc 31707, GAPhysical Therapy1508917667
Kristi Renee Crabb 31055, GAPhysical Therapy1245381193
Amanda Keese 30233, GAPhysical Therapy1992857320
Janene Grey 30233, GAPhysical Therapy1205988722
Susan Tyson 30233, GAPhysical Therapy1396897690
Carolyn Ledet 30224, GAPhysical Therapy1063564359
Celia Mcdermott 30075, GAPhysical Therapy1821142712
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 30260, GAPhysical Therapy1083760136
Jessica Rosser 30233, GAPhysical Therapy1053466151
Harold Hugh Herring 30525, GAPhysical Therapy1003962846
Advanced Therapy Group Inc. 30309, GAPhysical Therapy1164561288
Freda Marie Mcclinton 30331, GAPhysical Therapy1659412732
Vera Sue Delorenzo 30339, GAPhysical Therapy1578605622
Robert Michael Hopcroft 30318, GAPhysical Therapy1619011277
The Cantrell Center For Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, P.c. 31088, GAPhysical Therapy1417091372
Valerie Lynne Galloway 30253, GAPhysical Therapy1356485528
Taquana Bernetta Hogan 29169, GAPhysical Therapy1689700106
Elizabeth Morris Middleton 31768, GAPhysical Therapy1922135664
Marilyn Bethune Barnett 30084, GAPhysical Therapy1033249347
William Benjamin Hayes 30144, GAPhysical Therapy1215067384
Cheryl Boyett Botkin 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1659401768
Laura D Gosa 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1801926910
Eric Eugene Lane 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1245360379
Radford Bernard Parker 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1215067343
Kelly H Thompson 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1831229970
Abigale Short Franklin 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1376673483
Jessica Barber Spence 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1295865327
Laurie Beth Bishop 31701, GAPhysical Therapy1316077431
Synergy Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 30290, GAPhysical Therapy1154454122
Lee Christopher Boyd 31825, GAPhysical Therapy1144354150
Tracy Lynn Hecht 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1164546248
Jessica Maxine Francis 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1073637161
Christine Andrews Shenk 30106, GAPhysical Therapy1609900968
Debbie Kay Smith 30506, GAPhysical Therapy1639203961
Coastal Therapy Inc 31405, GAPhysical Therapy1992821367
Pamela J Kirchner 30062, GAPhysical Therapy1518084912
John Vincent Hammett 30901, GAPhysical Therapy1326165242
William Brown 29801, GAPhysical Therapy1134246911
Earl Bruce Chapman 30909, GAPhysical Therapy1285752626
Sherri J. Ebetino 30909, GAPhysical Therapy1972621332
Amy Hollis Brown 30909, GAPhysical Therapy1891813267
Heather Esser 30066, GAPhysical Therapy1558749259
Lauren Dekalb 31419, GAPhysical Therapy1497133821
Michelle R Martin 30906, GAPhysical Therapy1891165106
Progressivehealth Rehabilitation Solutions, Inc 30269, GAPhysical Therapy1891854022
Julie Steele 30622, GAPhysical Therapy1922473487
Catherine Mary Russell 30434, GAPhysical Therapy1699140079
Occupational Health Centers Of Georgia Pc 31904, GAPhysical Therapy1487789970
Dana Elkins 31406, GAPhysical Therapy1972995066
Sybil D Crain 29303, GAPhysical Therapy1093840829
Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center 20191, GAPhysical Therapy1093887390
Athletic Spine Rehabilitation, Llc 30060, GAPhysical Therapy1740355304
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30322, GAPhysical Therapy1790801520
Curtis Finley Ayers 30013, GAPhysical Therapy1962901884
Joshua Mason 30044, GAPhysical Therapy1700375714
Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Plc 37076, GAPhysical Therapy1083789176
Kayla Danielle Brock 31763, GAPhysical Therapy1356804611
Karen Michele Varisco-russell 30214, GAPhysical Therapy1366562712
Debra Lea Goodan 30097, GAPhysical Therapy1639299654
Nadia Bynoe-peters 31313, GAPhysical Therapy1770604605
Kimberly Fitton 31324, GAPhysical Therapy1720109119
Michael Fereday 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1013030113
Patrick Joseph Shead 28150, GAPhysical Therapy1619090586
Daryl Fagan 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1225151970
Deborah S Pennington 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1518180637
Lauren Hurst 30720, GAPhysical Therapy1063635076


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