Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chris Spalding 96782, HIPhysical Therapy1801858980
Alan D. Nitake 96768, HIPhysical Therapy1790729606
Deborah Vanairsdale 96719, HIPhysical Therapy1225139447
Jan Nobu Yamamoto 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1841393154
Douglas Stuart Spier 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1457486516
Patti J. Torchio 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1336266394
Edmund H K L Ho 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1619190683
Lily M Sakata 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1124241187
Alfredo Baron 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1538383476
Ruby Diane Smith 96789, HIPhysical Therapy1720200397
Genevieve Obrien Dominguez 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1952575334
Angela Dianne Pepper 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1508337437
Wendy Weiss Moore 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1396980660
Launa A Makaike 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1669701769
Carmen Kaiulani Garcia 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1215231535
Phuong Thanh Nguyen 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1790081016
Maria Charisse Bisquera 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1619479995
Tracey Lynne Ross 96857, HIPhysical Therapy1154842847
Jeffrey Albritton 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1063920676
Jason Mendes 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1598264087
Namphuong Ngoc Tran 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1437654621
Brittany M West 96761, HIPhysical Therapy1144710393
Aaron Paul Sekulich 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1538657366
Kasey Batterton 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1013281658
Andrea R Savage 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1982948519
Mary Pat Raher 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1114261765
Alex J Pula 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1205170743
Stephanie T Souza 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1891039251
Rachel Erin Hilpert 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1508100967
Michiyo Kato 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1003151762
Mary S Holzman 96741, HIPhysical Therapy1790026664
Philip Smars 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1235574302
Laura Filter 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1124451497
Talitha Stoffer 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1275936643
Cindy Chang 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1568859767
Jodi Hamblin 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1093185746
Marc Esposito 96741, HIPhysical Therapy1316311194
Joshua Peter Waddell 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1689048365
Leatrice E Maiava 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1013130087
Ann S Watanabe 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1790908754
Debra S Mcmillan 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1558584516
Darwin M I Fajardo 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1518181460
Tina M Samorano 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1730303686
Patrick M Tom 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1720202682
Iris A Castro 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1174748016
Gavin C Lohmeier 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1356568075
Ruth L. Ayala 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1417124157
Ross T. Yamanaka 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1619117900
Hollee Curl 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1649726019
Catalina Duque 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1700334315
Ryan Chong 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1669920153
Rie Takakura 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1023551058
Rya Joy Baligad 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1235473745
Richmon Dela Cruz 96789, HIPhysical Therapy1760918106
Janice Nicolas 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1912422510
Joseph-salvador Portugal Labrador 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1629573225
Debbie Koki 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1225372881
Michael Mizuno 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1154665537
Nina Alferio 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1780079590
William Pacana 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1497091250
Jiro Jerry Ishida 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1588015374
Blayse Chun 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1063864742
Liberty Ann Crane 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1083158026
Sierra Terlaje 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1194260026
Diana Jhamae Labrador Simon 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1922548668
David Hodosh 96712, HIPhysical Therapy1336680479
Robin Brayant Pugal Agngarayngay 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1194245571
Erin L Wagner 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1245769538
Glenda Shy 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1780113993
Milagros Cortel 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1689190696
Aaron Lee Crafton 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1952820003
Kaycee Lynn Erzfeld 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1881103851
Shelley Marie Dailey 96818, HIPhysical Therapy1265944185
Jeralyn Gates 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1457855157
June Higa 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1831682426
Roshelle Venegas Balisi 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1942796529
Lynnore Frances Pantaleon Burnham 96706, HIPhysical Therapy1629564273
Stephanie Yamamoto 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1720574171
James Thibodeau 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1932566254
Zachary Elliot Moore 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1619444197
Fay M Hibino 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1407313000
Wendy F Tsukuda 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1760977680
Tiffany Patricio-huddy 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1568026938
Elisabeth Thatcher 97702, HIPhysical Therapy1003473182
Carl Ko 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1801455308
Bryan Park 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1184284994
Jessica Hope Ellison 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1487216800
Lisa Miyamoto 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1669028023
Rui Reidpath 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1952944464
Derek Ketelsen 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1215598586
Jennifer Ann Hopta-difilippo 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1073925178
Albert Francis Marabillo Manibo 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1245831718
Kristen Maureen Hunt 96746, HIPhysical Therapy1558735324
Kilnani Ishii 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1417544537
808 Physical Therapy Llc 96826, HIPhysical Therapy1184131393
Aloha Sports Medicine And Physical Therapy Of Kauai 96754, HIPhysical Therapy1104269083
Aloha Wellness Center Inc. 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1679643464
Amc Corporation 96779, HIPhysical Therapy1225366545
Aquatherapy, Inc. 96815, HIPhysical Therapy1952381022
Ask Health Services Llc 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1396983508
Avery Physical Therapy Llc 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1881213767
Back In Action, Inc, 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1548378979
Body Nature Physical Therapy , Llc 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1275156069
Brighton Rehabilitation, Llc 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1578829479
Bristol Rehab Llc 96826, HIPhysical Therapy1205377868
Carol Kikuchi, Mpt, Lmt, Llc 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1336303312
Central Honolulu Therapy Clinic, Llc 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1811064181
Central Oahu Physical Therapy Specialists 96786, HIPhysical Therapy1437357985
Chikara Physical Therapy, Llc 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1356791552
Christine Lynders Physical Therapy 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1497305833
Club Rehab, Inc. 96740, HIPhysical Therapy1811092406
Core Sports Analysis, Llc 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1043600232
Core Sports Honolulu Llc 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1538792742
Core Wellness Hawaii Llc 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1003348400
David J Mols Rpt Inc 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1154760643
Ewa Beach Physical Therapy Llc 96706, HIPhysical Therapy1467580712
Farrington Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1346301843
Fit Therapy Llc 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1962656553
Flow Pt Llc 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1851935639
Focus Physical Therapy Llc 96746, HIPhysical Therapy1215395629
Gesik Physical Therapy Llc 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1285977850
Groundswell Physical Therapy 96708, HIPhysical Therapy1619556552
Haleiwa Physical Therapy Llc 96712, HIPhysical Therapy1902264955
Hana Lima Physical Therapy Llc 96790, HIPhysical Therapy1447699848
Hana Pono Wellness Center Llc 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1225659857
Hawai'i Sports Performance And Rehabilitation Llc 96740, HIPhysical Therapy1205302452
Hawaii Home Therapy Llc 96706, HIPhysical Therapy1770072720
Hawaii Pelvic Therapy, Llc 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1053768127
Hawaii Physical Therapy, Inc. 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1679606313
Health In Harmony 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1982858734
Healthcare Therapy Clinic 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1467529743
Herbert K M Yee Pt Llc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1306988845
Ho'ohele Physical Therapy Inc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1093088148
Hoku Physical Therapy Llc 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1114244308
Holcomb Physical Therapy Plus 96816, HIPhysical Therapy1073938155
Holisticare Rehab Llc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1811486848
Holo Holo Pt 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1942714589
Holo Mua Llc 96768, HIPhysical Therapy1942396379
Holomua Physical Therapy Llc 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1578842787
Injury Care Center 96813, HIPhysical Therapy1780067132
Island Neuro rehabilitation Associates 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1700320421
Kathleen Ogino Pt Llc 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1538114541
Kauai In home Therapy Llc 96746, HIPhysical Therapy1740526938
Kauai In home Therapy Plus 96746, HIPhysical Therapy1235418922
Kauai Physical Therapy 96766, HIPhysical Therapy1124689070
Keaau Physical Therapy Inc. 96749, HIPhysical Therapy1992991715
Kihei wailea Physical Therapy Inc. 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1164647418
Kilauea Rehab, Inc. 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1558467159
Kimura Physical Therapy 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1891937231
Kinesis Hawaii Inc. 96778, HIPhysical Therapy1831371830
Komd Hawaii Llc 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1922582865
Lahaina Physical Therapy Llc 96761, HIPhysical Therapy1922260264
Laulima Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Llc 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1992150825
Laulima Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Llc 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1215395223
Laulima Physical Therapy Llc 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1245629781
Life Care Center Of Kona 96740, HIPhysical Therapy1194156604
Live Pain Free Pt 96817, HIPhysical Therapy1548819790
Livewell Physical Therapy 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1063965382
Makai Mobile Rehab, Llc 96825, HIPhysical Therapy1649408683
Makakilo Physical Therapy And Wellness, Llc 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1134662786
Malama Pono Physical Therapy Llc 96768, HIPhysical Therapy1801419924
Mana Mobility Physical Therapy 96001, HIPhysical Therapy1285232561
Marshall H Orr Jr Ms Mpt Llc 96720, HIPhysical Therapy1861721011
Mauka Movement Llc 96750, HIPhysical Therapy1609332972
Mauka Physical Therapy, Inc. 96790, HIPhysical Therapy1568650612
Mccarthy Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Inc. 96734, HIPhysical Therapy1023376563
Milton Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 96719, HIPhysical Therapy1144320615
Molokai Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Llc 96748, HIPhysical Therapy1265056154
Oahu Therapy Clinic Llc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1063604353
Ohana Physical Therapy, Inc. 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1689879462
Ohana Sports Medicine Kapaa Llc 96746, HIPhysical Therapy1386117927
Ohc Of Hawaii, Inc. 96819, HIPhysical Therapy1467587832
On Point Physical Therapy, Llc 96708, HIPhysical Therapy1154863942
On The Move Therapy Llc 96818, HIPhysical Therapy1497031165
On screen Physical Therapy, Llc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1508468588
Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists Inc 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1598837577
Pakolea Rehab, Inc. 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1093009888
Paola Wellness Llc 96786, HIPhysical Therapy1689047748
Park Physical Therapy, Llc 96821, HIPhysical Therapy1154962660
Performance Physical Therapy, Llc 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1891724175
Physical Therapy At Pukalani, Llc 96768, HIPhysical Therapy1073198115
Prime Pt Wellness Clinic 96744, HIPhysical Therapy1427681204
Rebound Hawaii Llc 96707, HIPhysical Therapy1215361936
Recharge Therapy Llc 96712, HIPhysical Therapy1497161772
Rehabilitation And Orthopedic Center Of Kauai 96741, HIPhysical Therapy1538523311
Reymund Guiwa 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1811589286
Rider Physical Therapy & Sports Clinic, Inc. 96714, HIPhysical Therapy1326369364
Ronald Y Hanagami P T Llc 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1093278830
Royel Physical Therapy Inc. 96797, HIPhysical Therapy1053440818
Sebastian Llc 96825, HIPhysical Therapy1396337549
South Shore Physical Therapy & Sportsmedicine, Inc 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1760435218
Star Pt Llc 96750, HIPhysical Therapy1245718311
Stayfit Physical Therapy Llc 96701, HIPhysical Therapy1740488006
The Rehab Zone Llc 96732, HIPhysical Therapy1558982520
Therapeutic Concepts, Llc 96822, HIPhysical Therapy1508205402
Therapeutic Fusion: Physical Therapy And Wellness,llc 96753, HIPhysical Therapy1982939807
Therapist Central, Inc. 96793, HIPhysical Therapy1700074382
Therapydia, Inc. 96740, HIPhysical Therapy1972927119
True Core Physical Therapy 96708, HIPhysical Therapy1316498504
Upper Room Physical Therapy, Inc. 96814, HIPhysical Therapy1609048214


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