Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Megan Stuhr 51601, IAPhysical Therapy1174988133
Susan Marie Stevens 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1053307116
Shelli Renae Lytle 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1881680924
Rick L. Wood 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1265428247
Paula J Jirak 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1164419503
Whitney E Criswell 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1083602536
Christopher Patrick Hecker 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1114915659
Emily Miller 55416, IAPhysical Therapy1235502337
Bethany Daly 50701, IAPhysical Therapy1255301487
Amber Harvey 50014, IAPhysical Therapy1972573467
Lucian Anghel 52807, IAPhysical Therapy1891763850
Calvin Dean Runner 50021, IAPhysical Therapy1184684532
Tasha Alice Vorm 50201, IAPhysical Therapy1588621569
Teresa Lynn White 50220, IAPhysical Therapy1053379727
Kimberly K Jones 50595, IAPhysical Therapy1639122450
Bonnie Sue Black 52404, IAPhysical Therapy1487608220
Tierany Dawn Jones 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1144260316
Jenifer Jo Mathers 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1962442137
Jill Janine Mcdermott 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1790725976
Linda Lou Randall 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1891735072
Patricia Gayle Wohlgemuth 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1235179847
Paul Robert Mchone 50674, IAPhysical Therapy1598700148
Sean Patrick Schneider 50125, IAPhysical Therapy1104853076
Robin Hennick 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1346605300
Michael Powell 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1316302391
Janelle Lynn Snyder 50158, IAPhysical Therapy1538189758
Debra Lewison 51023, IAPhysical Therapy1316329683
Douglas Siemen 52776, IAPhysical Therapy1871968024
Michelle Nicole Williams 52802, IAPhysical Therapy1336294701
Jessica M Lange 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1659419414
Kayla M Baker 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1447398110
Kelly M Wiig 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1477691160
Karmen M Hodgdon 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1114065927
Chandra L Bender 51006, IAPhysical Therapy1770621450
Heather Renee Pilcher 50219, IAPhysical Therapy1669513057
Margaret Rose Cavanagh 50314, IAPhysical Therapy1851433288
Kristy Jo Demry 52544, IAPhysical Therapy1063555290
Tami June Culver 50536, IAPhysical Therapy1881739308
Angela Nelson 68502, IAPhysical Therapy1528195922
Sheila Miller 52240, IAPhysical Therapy1285764746
Leron Danielle Bierman 50158, IAPhysical Therapy1043341894
Jessica Lynn Waters 52172, IAPhysical Therapy1801920590
Tamara Lorentzen 52577, IAPhysical Therapy1922132224
Amee M Norris 51301, IAPhysical Therapy1114051372
Beverly Lee Morris 68112, IAPhysical Therapy1629192554
Sara White 52172, IAPhysical Therapy1275657967
Darla Diane Hansen 51537, IAPhysical Therapy1134244049
Maureen Helen Doherty 51334, IAPhysical Therapy1962527028
Sara J. Boecker 52556, IAPhysical Therapy1134245301
Margie Padget 52556, IAPhysical Therapy1255457537
Amy Michele Young 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1063537405
Rita Ilene Swainey 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1346365798
Renee Elizabeth Rifffle 52577, IAPhysical Therapy1437275831
Marcia Ellen Holsinger 52556, IAPhysical Therapy1003932179
Angela Renee Westendorf 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1649396490
Jill Dawn Shuler 50841, IAPhysical Therapy1407972078
Kimberly Anne Mullineaux 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1720105687
Lynn Ann Groth 52402, IAPhysical Therapy1699982280
Allen Jensen 51445, IAPhysical Therapy1568985307
Ryan Lee Decamp 52349, IAPhysical Therapy1720101264
Wendi M Robertson 52349, IAPhysical Therapy1992928063
Ryan Michael Allen 51579, IAPhysical Therapy1801019393
Kristi Lynn Vander Veen 51250, IAPhysical Therapy1194940064
Diane Louise Hatterman 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1487868691
Sarah Barcz 52403, IAPhysical Therapy1699982264
Holly Miller 52403, IAPhysical Therapy1609083286
Maryann Elizabeth Heying 52403, IAPhysical Therapy1588871172
Timothy Michael Block 52807, IAPhysical Therapy1265640353
Rose Hendrickson 50112, IAPhysical Therapy1356542674
Rose Monson 50501, IAPhysical Therapy1598966814
Ann Redinius 51050, IAPhysical Therapy1336341486
Vicky Carlson 51040, IAPhysical Therapy1396948741
Robin Beery 51503, IAPhysical Therapy1689877474
Terra Madison 51503, IAPhysical Therapy1932302593
Charles Johnson 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1235333147
Teresa Irene Morgan 50020, IAPhysical Therapy1265636153
Shari Sue Smith 50659, IAPhysical Therapy1386848927
William Odes Welcher 51103, IAPhysical Therapy1841495322
Amanda Susan Clingan 52245, IAPhysical Therapy1801091186
Trisha Ann Boos 50638, IAPhysical Therapy1487859872
Sharon Aquila Thomason 68134, IAPhysical Therapy1902001993
Scott Glenn Cremer 52245, IAPhysical Therapy1285839308
Diana Franklin 52402, IAPhysical Therapy1689870321
Heather Rae Padgett 52245, IAPhysical Therapy1740486695
Linda Roof 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1689871055
Beverly Pippin 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1720286198
Landon Keim 50022, IAPhysical Therapy1598964744
Jody Lee Lang 51640, IAPhysical Therapy1558553438
Kerri Amber Davidson 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1326231317
Christine Mary Aulwes 52052, IAPhysical Therapy1104014547
Shelley Kay Gaul 52804, IAPhysical Therapy1881873933
Christine Adrienne Fish 52722, IAPhysical Therapy1639358419
Holiday Judy Kuhse 52175, IAPhysical Therapy1114109881
Michael Justin Hartman 51632, IAPhysical Therapy1265615645
William L Bowman 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1336325794
Bridgit Elise Neider 51334, IAPhysical Therapy1932377066
Susan Annette Simpson 52644, IAPhysical Therapy1831368232
Kathryn L Mosier 51040, IAPhysical Therapy1275705865
Brenda Sue Oehlerich 52245, IAPhysical Therapy1568635035
Rosemary Marie Sieren 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1003080987
Sarah Will 52002, IAPhysical Therapy1023275484
Krystin Renea Adams 98520, IAPhysical Therapy1932367026
Traci Ann Hepker 50315, IAPhysical Therapy1013175405
Rebecca Knox Aquino 50548, IAPhysical Therapy1780843888
Nichole Langel 51041, IAPhysical Therapy1508026253
Heather Rieken 50563, IAPhysical Therapy1417110743
Patricia Deboer-orozco 50428, IAPhysical Therapy1730558230
Melissa Jean Holverson 51106, IAPhysical Therapy1770958332
Kevin Karnstedt 52803, IAPhysical Therapy1053771444
Jason Day 51579, IAPhysical Therapy1134695216
Sherri Rider 51104, IAPhysical Therapy1447721667
Linda Pearl Kendall 50138, IAPhysical Therapy1134329089
Kevin C Johns 51503, IAPhysical Therapy1588820682
Laura Lea Morrow 33619, IAPhysical Therapy1700035417
Aaryn Marie Bennett 50023, IAPhysical Therapy1982854147
Matthew Dean Markel 66204, IAPhysical Therapy1275784845
Kristin Michelle Williams 51041, IAPhysical Therapy1811148349
Ruth Alice Powell 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1669623112
Robert Schults 66061, IAPhysical Therapy1457502767
Ashley Ann Murray 50111, IAPhysical Therapy1558512343
Nicole Christine Weidman 50023, IAPhysical Therapy1992957492
Emily Nicole Hoppe 50201, IAPhysical Therapy1083866347
David Wayne Schroder 51503, IAPhysical Therapy1245483403
Randi L Hunter 50158, IAPhysical Therapy1891949012
Debbie Marlene Mcelroy 52577, IAPhysical Therapy1548405921
Erin Hale 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1437395126
Gary Scott 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1457598559
Alisha Ann Houchin 51601, IAPhysical Therapy1023255775
Trisha Michelle Holt 51652, IAPhysical Therapy1639318900
Matthew Tyler Hazen 51632, IAPhysical Therapy1689814212
Megan Ann Irving 52531, IAPhysical Therapy1821238015
Lara Danielle Bresee 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1699918524
Janelle Diane Wensler 50131, IAPhysical Therapy1649414178
Renee Marie Ramsay 61254, IAPhysical Therapy1861636235
Jennifer Lynn Ptacek 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1639304397
Eric Stephen Cox 50423, IAPhysical Therapy1891920484
Laura Lynn Henderson 50131, IAPhysical Therapy1811122518
Daniel Alan Johnston 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1891922712
Jaimie Joy Hampton 52175, IAPhysical Therapy1508094806
Ric Rasmussen 51638, IAPhysical Therapy1285862078
Carla Sue Hoskey 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1336379163
Courtney Goldman 50131, IAPhysical Therapy1851521983
Melissa Ann Tieck-o'connor 51106, IAPhysical Therapy1790917334
Nicole Marie Kassing 51101, IAPhysical Therapy1033442215
Tabetha J Ernster 50563, IAPhysical Therapy1750614012
Ashley Tingle 51566, IAPhysical Therapy1194059626
Makayla Ann Tremel 51537, IAPhysical Therapy1619202611
Nancy Kay Smith 51024, IAPhysical Therapy1720313265
Jaccalyn Jo Schultz-sloan 52157, IAPhysical Therapy1407182595
Sarah Jean Keane 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1386970465
Kelly Christine Martin 51061, IAPhysical Therapy1851629547
John Richard Miller 51450, IAPhysical Therapy1063742609
Linda Kay Nelson 51054, IAPhysical Therapy1588987507
Brenda Lynn Rumelhart 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1396068086
Ashley Marie Jaacks 51106, IAPhysical Therapy1952614984
Breanne Watson 68144, IAPhysical Therapy1063725075
Sara Boyce 50613, IAPhysical Therapy1891000436
Teresa Duit 50009, IAPhysical Therapy1033424007
Lisa Nerem 50156, IAPhysical Therapy1134434103
Lamphoun Lata 50320, IAPhysical Therapy1497061170
Dena Isabel Sullivan 50314, IAPhysical Therapy1841506037
Laura Ann Williamson 50314, IAPhysical Therapy1215244074
Michele Pierce 57049, IAPhysical Therapy1801103361
Elizabeth Diane Thielen 51560, IAPhysical Therapy1083924211
Daniel Caleb Ihrke 50023, IAPhysical Therapy1992005185
Andrew Francis Torres 98198, IAPhysical Therapy1023318615
Hope Essary 52726, IAPhysical Therapy1275836314
Michael Lloyd Coulter 52726, IAPhysical Therapy1720381866
Sara Long 61201, IAPhysical Therapy1730482878
Chris Michael Gass 52755, IAPhysical Therapy1457650830
Kathleen Wefel 50636, IAPhysical Therapy1245522101
Ashley Renee Mckay 52761, IAPhysical Therapy1942592878
James David Laughlin 50320, IAPhysical Therapy1588957518
David Kent Mcadon 50266, IAPhysical Therapy1225322100
Kip A Hytrek 50009, IAPhysical Therapy1902191661
Angela Agnes Thode 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1043505217
Dawn Mccormick 52403, IAPhysical Therapy1285921940
Brooke Michelle Bresee 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1346538089
Beverly Patterson 51503, IAPhysical Therapy1316235922
Kelsay Marie Johnson 50009, IAPhysical Therapy1164710398
Wendy R Hansen 68061, IAPhysical Therapy1710265186
Michelle C Neal 68106, IAPhysical Therapy1861771685
Brittany Rose O'brien 52175, IAPhysical Therapy1578842308
Melissa Rohrssen 52501, IAPhysical Therapy1477832921
Kristina Mae Weis 68776, IAPhysical Therapy1871873620
Keri Kay Sersland 50111, IAPhysical Therapy1700167343
Nancy Marie Nelson 51016, IAPhysical Therapy1710269188
Karrie Cole 52172, IAPhysical Therapy1700169612
Bonnie Sue Knutson 51054, IAPhysical Therapy1679857395
Krista Lynn Flewelling 51106, IAPhysical Therapy1194009688
Dana Beth Scholten 57022, IAPhysical Therapy1376814475
Nathan Peter Kepros 52241, IAPhysical Therapy1932472586
Mandy Sue Hoekstra 51201, IAPhysical Therapy1518231448
Abby N Pingel 68649, IAPhysical Therapy1215202007
Krista K Bakke 50588, IAPhysical Therapy1427323062
Sarah Theresa Ridinger 52655, IAPhysical Therapy1821363359
Melissa Kay Spores 52241, IAPhysical Therapy1245506781
Brandon Rosa 50320, IAPhysical Therapy1053782607
Amber Joy Groendyke 51201, IAPhysical Therapy1205109246
Jami Melton 51106, IAPhysical Therapy1861857203


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