Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Idaho

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Idaho:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lacey Rose Lavoie 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1083102735
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1457414948
Direct Physical Therapy Boise, Pllc 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1285142323
River City Physical Therapy 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1134149941
Orthopedic Surgery And Sports 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1992208631
Vibrant Physical Therapy & Wellness 83705, IDPhysical Therapy1356964449
Hands On Diagnostics Of Idaho, Pllc 83202, IDPhysical Therapy1013423482
Jordan Ramage 44504, IDPhysical Therapy1447639083
Beau Dobson 83651, IDPhysical Therapy1245611276
Specialized Physical Therapy Pllc 83202, IDPhysical Therapy1215381181
Sharon E O'neill 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1063933752
Lacey Delilah Slade 83338, IDPhysical Therapy1932766052
Betty Joy Knoespel 83333, IDPhysical Therapy1992794697
Jamie Lynn Benedict 83338, IDPhysical Therapy1134101223
Heather Roan Porter 83843, IDPhysical Therapy1336116615
Dm Management Pc 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1336102318
Karen Joann Snyder 99202, IDPhysical Therapy1306801709
Sharon Anne Cunningham 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1679530513
Deborah Baldridge 99202, IDPhysical Therapy1720037815
Deanna Lynn Young 99216, IDPhysical Therapy1487695912
Keith Feusier 99202, IDPhysical Therapy1659316719
Frank Todd Dimick 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1366470031
Amber Marie Tempin 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1497110456
Brittany Roberts 83318, IDPhysical Therapy1457896508
Emily Morgan Marriott 83440, IDPhysical Therapy1487199295
Lori ann Bluemer Mpt Pa 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1205857323
Walter Wolf 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1023032513
Sara K. Jones 10005, IDPhysical Therapy1518979590
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 83544, IDPhysical Therapy1548294168
Elite Sports And Orthopedic Physical Therapy Llc 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1215461793
Hailey Physcial Therapy, Pa 83333, IDPhysical Therapy1578671988
Randi B Albrechtsen 83638, IDPhysical Therapy1518079854
S.p.o.r.t. Physical Therapy Clinic 83501, IDPhysical Therapy1215011754
Tri state S.p.o.r.t. Physical Therapy Clinic 99403, IDPhysical Therapy1073697512
Linda Ann Chatburn 83709, IDPhysical Therapy1437219185
Myofascial Release Treatment Center Of Idaho Llc 83709, IDPhysical Therapy1295897213
Bk Inc. 83843, IDPhysical Therapy1659429405
Susan Elane Cahoon 83651, IDPhysical Therapy1215085675
Focus Physical Therapy 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1003962036
Rob Blest 83703, IDPhysical Therapy1164552527
Mountain Home Physical Therapy, Pc 83647, IDPhysical Therapy1134251507
Amanda Marie Miller 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1821151044
Burley Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation 83318, IDPhysical Therapy1669530051
Foothills Rehabilitation & Performance Services 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1831211093
Terri Dale Whitmore 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1285840058
Chad Gordon Bainbridge 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1023225737
Elaine J Spang 83422, IDPhysical Therapy1487862876
Tracey L Alcorn 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1396941134
Stephanie Mcclelland 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1194921122
Kelli Karlgaard 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1508062464
David Hylton 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1619174323
Mayes Physical Therapy, Inc 83338, IDPhysical Therapy1225235039
Joy A Martin 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1841499787
Lindsey Kaye Pratt 83221, IDPhysical Therapy1346449832
Beth A Macgregor 83530, IDPhysical Therapy1508066655
Rebekah Louise Ledwig 83536, IDPhysical Therapy1386836740
Rapid Creek Rehab, Pc 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1902098841
Sterling Management And Consulting, Llc 83406, IDPhysical Therapy1609068295
Kim Alison Oliver 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1548442759
Hawker Inc. 83221, IDPhysical Therapy1295919439
Mobley Physical Therapy Pc 83442, IDPhysical Therapy1710163951
Allen Bennett Martin 83204, IDPhysical Therapy1710163803
Eagle Rock Physical Therapy 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1649449430
Rulin J. Hawks, Pt, Pllc 83605, IDPhysical Therapy1265602809
Jump Start Pediatric Therapy, Llc 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1144494105
Steven Allen Brown 83661, IDPhysical Therapy1043477979
Heather Elizabeth Johnston 83422, IDPhysical Therapy1124285952
Kevin Dwayne Moore 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1124286109
Hailey Olsen 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1215195714
Mary A Kodak 83815, IDPhysical Therapy1427216928
Jennifer Lynne Ford 83501, IDPhysical Therapy1679731020
Erin Lydon Mottonen 83837, IDPhysical Therapy1972761393
Scott Forwood 83605, IDPhysical Therapy1346400728
Melissa Cobb 83647, IDPhysical Therapy1811361231
Michelle Renee Anderson 83843, IDPhysical Therapy1700046984
Justus Flin Lambson 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1922262542
Laura Joanne Bainbridge 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1144434556
Shelby Ann Mason 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1538676234
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1104045392
Ryan Mccrery 83851, IDPhysical Therapy1750846978
Active Hand And Physical Rehabilitation Lp 83301, IDPhysical Therapy1851537070
Bryttnie Meagan Adams 83204, IDPhysical Therapy1770721052
Stephanie Ann Purcell 67870, IDPhysical Therapy1376783803
Elite Physical Therapy And Health, Llc 83318, IDPhysical Therapy1255567236
Tye Michael Castle 79415, IDPhysical Therapy1235367376
Ladean I Pace 83318, IDPhysical Therapy1093031957
Idaho Sports Medicine Institute 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1700180445
Tiffany Marie Korrer 83851, IDPhysical Therapy1861797060
Kim C Marley 83852, IDPhysical Therapy1487945770
Marcus Stephen Sowder 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1467743609
Carol Francom 59860, IDPhysical Therapy1225317324
Kellie R Armstrong 83202, IDPhysical Therapy1184900961
Michael S Hugues 83202, IDPhysical Therapy1669758439
Functional Physical Therapy Center 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1902182298
Kristin Ryther 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1982973533
Robert A Shropshire 83544, IDPhysical Therapy1316219934
Pt Solutions Inc 83252, IDPhysical Therapy1174895148
Jacob L Lame 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1588937130
Small Steps Pediatric Therapy, Pllc 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1023381472
Brooke Coles 83442, IDPhysical Therapy1053773069
Stephanie Lynn Mcvey 83619, IDPhysical Therapy1023254901
April Person 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1639323025
Chess Carbol 83204, IDPhysical Therapy1760927834
Heather Michele Smith 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1588173959
Kacey Rindlisbacher 83330, IDPhysical Therapy1811407174
Caleb Smith 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1003322512
Sara Jesse Harding 83352, IDPhysical Therapy1972003291
Gridiron Rehab And Athletic Fitness, Llc 83646, IDPhysical Therapy1033359450
Lauren Keller Siler 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1053890566
Jamie Lyn Seeley 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1144784349
Steven D Romriell 83202, IDPhysical Therapy1205194628
Erin L Olsen 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1861750606
Lisa Miller 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1508124199
Gina Marie Femino 83605, IDPhysical Therapy1881940757
Thayn Physical Therapy, Pllc 83226, IDPhysical Therapy1053668970
Danica Ludwig 48331, IDPhysical Therapy1285986687
North Star Physical Therapy And Wellness 83835, IDPhysical Therapy1881938777
Jeremy Hansen 83713, IDPhysical Therapy1154665719
James Michael Pease 83616, IDPhysical Therapy1346584810
Tomasz Zywicki 83709, IDPhysical Therapy1356685713
Shawna Denise Botos 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1437493772
John Albert Williams 83301, IDPhysical Therapy1891039293
Judith Marie Walburn 83330, IDPhysical Therapy1609110048
Martin Okelberry 83301, IDPhysical Therapy1689919706
Gwen Scott 83709, IDPhysical Therapy1245575216
Kathryn Lynette Wallentine 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1407191471
Freedom Health Care Medical Company, Pllc 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1801133046
Hyde Physical Therapy 83221, IDPhysical Therapy1700128337
Aimee Smith 59901, IDPhysical Therapy1790129864
Bodybalance Pt Twin Falls Llc 83301, IDPhysical Therapy1043657828
Nerissa Marie Scott 83672, IDPhysical Therapy1609209782
Barbara Aparicio 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1992133110
Frances Geckle 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1942638903
Lester Barroso 83647, IDPhysical Therapy1568893667
Mona Post 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1629409206
Erin Thiefault 99016, IDPhysical Therapy1760803076
Amanda Draper 83687, IDPhysical Therapy1205258316
Heath Hicks 83440, IDPhysical Therapy1164845533
Alicia Johnson 83318, IDPhysical Therapy1861815185
Rebecca Stout 83530, IDPhysical Therapy1821412388
Dustin Gold 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1568887578
Christopher Stainberg 83647, IDPhysical Therapy1528483211
Julie Hawkins 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1699195222
Carma Carson 83330, IDPhysical Therapy1710399209
Kelli Duren 83713, IDPhysical Therapy1952716946
Kenneth Hildenbrand 83440, IDPhysical Therapy1801203930
Shawn Calhoun 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1184033110
Jason Marketti 83501, IDPhysical Therapy1417356445
Dyan Schilling 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1821497975
Complete Therapy Solutions, Pllc 83713, IDPhysical Therapy1104226828
Jody Bramell 83501, IDPhysical Therapy1265833537
Mary Vanorden 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1356742613
Terry Lee Christensen 83276, IDPhysical Therapy1811390248
Angela Hale 83647, IDPhysical Therapy1396148029
Brande Tremblay 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1750785507
Pediatric Development Clinic 83401, IDPhysical Therapy1326443607
Travis Pool 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1609272012
Scott Alexander Mclellan 83716, IDPhysical Therapy1144627605
Tundra Mcdougal 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1740678234
Kayla Nadarevic 83705, IDPhysical Therapy1508256025
Shawna Bluemer 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1528450145
Dennis Ramsey 83704, IDPhysical Therapy1982096657
Tony Lane Grant 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1558754481
Phil Weeks 83651, IDPhysical Therapy1972982411
Advanced Physical Therapy & Wound Center, Pllc 83440, IDPhysical Therapy1356754147
Peaks To Plains Therapy Services, Pa 83422, IDPhysical Therapy1982085262
Mac Physical Therapy, Pllc 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1528441300
Kristi Thomas 83702, IDPhysical Therapy1326424292
Victor Hugo Martinez 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1588031710
Jace Eyre 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1427425453
Jennifer Smart 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1962870956
Trina Hall 97070, IDPhysical Therapy1760850275
Justin Huntsman 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1376914077
Trudy Marie Potter 83406, IDPhysical Therapy1659473106
Nathan Warren Smith 83442, IDPhysical Therapy1275607640
Krista Hartley 83814, IDPhysical Therapy1124226204
Joshua Robert Peregoy 83501, IDPhysical Therapy1215197868
Lisa Dawn Upson 83705, IDPhysical Therapy1689835290
Asa Gentry 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1689035040
Laura Moore 83350, IDPhysical Therapy1760837199
Mandy Smith 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1528414513
Rebecca Mace 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1497202832
Del Trejo 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1982152690
Ma. Dulce Corazon Lipana 83646, IDPhysical Therapy1700334703
Paul Cowart 83712, IDPhysical Therapy1457800252
Jennifer Lindsay 83651, IDPhysical Therapy1336699057
Physical Therapy Clinic,inc. 83467, IDPhysical Therapy1366799827
Leeann Kristin Shaw 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1326580663
Victoria Price 83687, IDPhysical Therapy1417491739
Brandon Johnson 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1881139806
Vanessa Mcnabb 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1528503554
Sarah Phelps 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1134664956
Jason Turpin 83201, IDPhysical Therapy1487199105
Josie Suzanne Hagan 04457, IDPhysical Therapy1235678418
Douglas Brown 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1598131245
Natalie Parker 83440, IDPhysical Therapy1770004574
St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 83706, IDPhysical Therapy1518346980
St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83642, IDPhysical Therapy1417335860
Cherie J Larsen 83854, IDPhysical Therapy1922585173
Breanna L Kump 83404, IDPhysical Therapy1982976767


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