Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rci Wrs Inc 62812, ILPhysical Therapy1245235225
Rci Wrs Inc 60126, ILPhysical Therapy1154326130
Tj Corporation I Llc 60647, ILPhysical Therapy1063417046
Julie Mitchell 60481, ILPhysical Therapy1770959421
Deana Herrman & Patrice Lassa, Pc 60605, ILPhysical Therapy1730186248
Innovative Outpatient Medical Systems Inc. 60477, ILPhysical Therapy1699773911
Patrice Lassa 60622, ILPhysical Therapy1023015526
Heritage Manor Bloomington, Llc 61701, ILPhysical Therapy1457343170
Julie Fischer 60137, ILPhysical Therapy1285095455
Prestige Medical Partners 60623, ILPhysical Therapy1821505090
Fitness Designs Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab 62034, ILPhysical Therapy1669468427
Paul Bryant 60193, ILPhysical Therapy1225493570
Heritage Manor Streator, Llc 61364, ILPhysical Therapy1346230471
Heritage Manor Minonk, Llc 61760, ILPhysical Therapy1750372801
Heritage Manor Mt. Sterling, Llc 62353, ILPhysical Therapy1891786927
Nw Rehab, L.l.c. 62002, ILPhysical Therapy1548251747
Lutheran Care Center 62411, ILPhysical Therapy1497736268
Heritage Manor Danville, Llc 61832, ILPhysical Therapy1093706830
Allison Schmitt 60010, ILPhysical Therapy1508380239
Debbra Nielsen 60005, ILPhysical Therapy1497730089
Karen Sue Ziegler 60195, ILPhysical Therapy1871571935
Sheri Ann Kulling 60521, ILPhysical Therapy1174501167
Ati Holdings Of Arizona, Llc 85022, ILPhysical Therapy1871570309
Laura Carpenter 60915, ILPhysical Therapy1619482593
Amber Harvey 50014, ILPhysical Therapy1972573467
West Physical Therapy P C 60554, ILPhysical Therapy1659345262
Donald L Howard 62901, ILPhysical Therapy1588630594
Diane White 61265, ILPhysical Therapy1316915804
Brian Keith Pahlmann 77041, ILPhysical Therapy1659349108
Bree Ann Rentfro 60411, ILPhysical Therapy1659340784
Select Physical Therapy Orthopedic Services Inc 60517, ILPhysical Therapy1417916420
Select Physical Therapy Limited Partnership For Better Living 60646, ILPhysical Therapy1003875030
Select Physical Therapy Orthopedic Services Inc 60016, ILPhysical Therapy1003875006
Select Physical Therapy Of Illinois Limited Partnership 60014, ILPhysical Therapy1104885136
Womens Health Rehabilitation Centers Pc 60477, ILPhysical Therapy1104886373
Fls Physical Therapy Associates Pc 62236, ILPhysical Therapy1669432522
Memorial Industrial Rehabilitation Of Jacksonville 62650, ILPhysical Therapy1093775561
Jennifer E Hart 62650, ILPhysical Therapy1326008889
Kelley Lee Halliburton 62056, ILPhysical Therapy1417919226
Deanna Sue Hampsch 62024, ILPhysical Therapy1619933223
Anna Marie Seymour 62024, ILPhysical Therapy1528024130
Mary Lou Savino 60515, ILPhysical Therapy1962468157
Tamara R Gress 60559, ILPhysical Therapy1790741858
Sunrise Lifestyle Centers Llc 21204, ILPhysical Therapy1023075561
Jennifer Nave 62401, ILPhysical Therapy1063479574
Midwest Rehabilitation Services, Ltd. 60517, ILPhysical Therapy1760449896
Courtney Taylor 62401, ILPhysical Therapy1265490304
Leah R Brown 60160, ILPhysical Therapy1851359970
Victory Ambulatory Services 60046, ILPhysical Therapy1245280213
Joyner Therapy Services 62629, ILPhysical Therapy1811948201
Continental Therapeutic Services, Inc. 60622, ILPhysical Therapy1023069390
Flexeon Rehabilitation Of Munster, Llc 46321, ILPhysical Therapy1700838331
Rehabilitation Services Network, Inc 60606, ILPhysical Therapy1083666994
Theresa Watkins 60426, ILPhysical Therapy1891748513
Advanced Rehabilitation Clinics, Inc 60126, ILPhysical Therapy1356394852
Liberty Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Pc 60629, ILPhysical Therapy1679526636
Sean James Monteyne 62301, ILPhysical Therapy1275595936
Prorehab, Pc 63080, ILPhysical Therapy1134172323
Prorehab, Pc 63010, ILPhysical Therapy1407809841
Prorehab, Pc 63640, ILPhysical Therapy1922051192
Prorehab, Pc 63144, ILPhysical Therapy1922050657
Prorehab, Pc 63028, ILPhysical Therapy1821041211
Prorehab, Pc 63376, ILPhysical Therapy1851344030
Prorehab, Pc 63005, ILPhysical Therapy1245283381
Prorehab, Pc 63044, ILPhysical Therapy1730132176
Prorehab, Pc 63026, ILPhysical Therapy1437102894
Prorehab, Pc 63031, ILPhysical Therapy1821041922
Prorehab, Pc 63128, ILPhysical Therapy1124071238
Rebecca Lynn Anderson 60429, ILPhysical Therapy1134186869
Darell Velasco 60712, ILPhysical Therapy1609232925
Prorehab, Pc 63109, ILPhysical Therapy1194778183
Clark O Vandegraft 61604, ILPhysical Therapy1215493358
Chicago Rehabilitation Specialists, 60649, ILPhysical Therapy1720032279
Champion Fitness Inc 61764, ILPhysical Therapy1407801012
Stacey Scott 60616, ILPhysical Therapy1578519898
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62249, ILPhysical Therapy1033166061
Lisa Heswall 60015, ILPhysical Therapy1972550705
Apex Physical Therapy Llc 62401, ILPhysical Therapy1750338570
Performance Physical Therapy Of South Holland Llc 60473, ILPhysical Therapy1679520233
Flexeon Rehabilitation Of Frankfort Llc 60423, ILPhysical Therapy1679510721
Kirk Center For Healthy Living, Pc 60491, ILPhysical Therapy1124065743
Diversified Rehab Services, Llc 62964, ILPhysical Therapy1760420327
Action For Kids, P.c. 60431, ILPhysical Therapy1003855933
Jesse Brown Va Medical Center 60612, ILPhysical Therapy1649219189
Stephanie La Camera 60527, ILPhysical Therapy1174563415
Celeste Andrews 60646, ILPhysical Therapy1801836168
Jesse Brown Va Medical Center 60612, ILPhysical Therapy1750321303
Angela S David 60141, ILPhysical Therapy1174563852
Jesse Brown Va Medical Center 60612, ILPhysical Therapy1083655336
Rehab Solutions Inc. 60534, ILPhysical Therapy1629019559
Myrna I Laureano 60641, ILPhysical Therapy1891736542
Circle Rehabilitation Services Limited Partnership 62702, ILPhysical Therapy1629010061
Active Motion Physical Therapy, P.c. 60540, ILPhysical Therapy1548202336
Poremba Ltd Dba Rehab Connections Pc 60491, ILPhysical Therapy1215970082
Performance Physical Therapy Of Palos Park 60462, ILPhysical Therapy1801839576
Carol Ann Everett 60126, ILPhysical Therapy1518900265
Kimberly Gilboe 60030, ILPhysical Therapy1023052693
Beata Nakielna 60453, ILPhysical Therapy1295770089
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60089, ILPhysical Therapy1437194701
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60123, ILPhysical Therapy1447295530
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60192, ILPhysical Therapy1174568265
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60641, ILPhysical Therapy1063458982
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60603, ILPhysical Therapy1245276146
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60048, ILPhysical Therapy1386680882
Columbia Rehab Specialists, Llc 62236, ILPhysical Therapy1003842261
Physical Therapy & Spine Institute Lp 60491, ILPhysical Therapy1174559595
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60093, ILPhysical Therapy1386670685
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60657, ILPhysical Therapy1558397851
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 60068, ILPhysical Therapy1487681433
Douglas Blakey 62521, ILPhysical Therapy1316974611
Lesa Stearns 62521, ILPhysical Therapy1427088384
Scott Abner 62521, ILPhysical Therapy1609806587
Jojo Saysons Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Llc 60914, ILPhysical Therapy1396775078
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62062, ILPhysical Therapy1376590307
Carrie Clark 29464, ILPhysical Therapy1013368133
Prorehab, Pc 62208, ILPhysical Therapy1740236512
Prorehab, Pc 63090, ILPhysical Therapy1376598839
Prorehab, Pc 63132, ILPhysical Therapy1194771923
Camilla M Heit 53066, ILPhysical Therapy1457859274
Melissa Jacob 60164, ILPhysical Therapy1205330628
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 60603, ILPhysical Therapy1477598753
Pro rehab Services, P.c. 60463, ILPhysical Therapy1720010168
Apt Services Llc 61109, ILPhysical Therapy1881626299
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62839, ILPhysical Therapy1144253287
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62510, ILPhysical Therapy1114950169
Moffett Physical Therapy, Inc. 60142, ILPhysical Therapy1467486787
Moffett Physical Therapy, Inc. 60140, ILPhysical Therapy1932133261
Quest Physical Therapy, Ltd. 60634, ILPhysical Therapy1972528149
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62618, ILPhysical Therapy1487679247
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 62881, ILPhysical Therapy1063437747
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc. 62230, ILPhysical Therapy1316963762
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc. 65708, ILPhysical Therapy1073531018
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc. 61944, ILPhysical Therapy1851319511
Integrity Therapy 60050, ILPhysical Therapy1467473280
Core Pt Limited Partnership 60137, ILPhysical Therapy1043231970
Janet L Williams 60141, ILPhysical Therapy1073529210
Dennis J Kaus 60141, ILPhysical Therapy1346256500
Dynamic Hand Therapy & Rehabilitation Limited Partnership 60031, ILPhysical Therapy1033124557
Steven W Collins 60141, ILPhysical Therapy1053327163
Ann Kolar 60517, ILPhysical Therapy1538175104
Delia Lewis 60517, ILPhysical Therapy1437165115
Wiebusch Physical Therapy, Inc 60622, ILPhysical Therapy1689681520
Synergy Physical Therapy, Ltd 60048, ILPhysical Therapy1942217047
Maximum Rehabilitation Services, Ltd. 60463, ILPhysical Therapy1134138936
Morsay Physical Medicine Center Ltd. 61107, ILPhysical Therapy1952311706
Us Pt Therapy Services, Inc. 60010, ILPhysical Therapy1821008673
Us Pt Therapy Services, Inc. 60502, ILPhysical Therapy1962412726
Midwest Physical Therapy Center, Ltd 60173, ILPhysical Therapy1699786558
Jenna E Villafuerte 61107, ILPhysical Therapy1396756193
Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Ltd 60429, ILPhysical Therapy1093727018
Pres Physical Therapy 60103, ILPhysical Therapy1427060706
Forest City Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 61114, ILPhysical Therapy1669485280
Dupage Physical Therapy Pc 60187, ILPhysical Therapy1407869738
Diana Lee Sherman 62801, ILPhysical Therapy1720191414
Leigh Ann Hertter 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1134232861
Kapable Kids, Inc. 60410, ILPhysical Therapy1881709004
Tammy Abendroth 62450, ILPhysical Therapy1467567651
Progressive Therapeutics, Pc 60467, ILPhysical Therapy1356456057
Jean Chenoweth 60406, ILPhysical Therapy1992810725
Jennifer Droke 61109, ILPhysical Therapy1861508798
Daniel M. Gruber 61109, ILPhysical Therapy1174639009
Us Pt Therapy Services, Inc. 60115, ILPhysical Therapy1568578219
Champion Fitness, Inc 61953, ILPhysical Therapy1760936991
Jordan Kumasaka 98002, ILPhysical Therapy1740776046
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60632, ILPhysical Therapy1760492508
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60628, ILPhysical Therapy1083624837
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60455, ILPhysical Therapy1013926856
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois, P.c. 60053, ILPhysical Therapy1124038971
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60090, ILPhysical Therapy1629087424
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60504, ILPhysical Therapy1023029923
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60131, ILPhysical Therapy1073522918
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60608, ILPhysical Therapy1760491518
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60007, ILPhysical Therapy1780693614
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60642, ILPhysical Therapy1861401648
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60108, ILPhysical Therapy1790794584
Occupational Health Centers Of Illinois Pc 60607, ILPhysical Therapy1972513760
Jay E Peters 60004, ILPhysical Therapy1538634506
Amy Lynn Heitzig 62092, ILPhysical Therapy1619386430
Hometown Care, Llc 87571, ILPhysical Therapy1629442710
Athletico, Ltd. 60659, ILPhysical Therapy1245797075
Danville Ccsd 118 61832, ILPhysical Therapy1154438539
Julie Hurst 63128, ILPhysical Therapy1154431864
Orthocare Physical Therapy, Pc 60559, ILPhysical Therapy1659481828
Cynthia Streeter 60631, ILPhysical Therapy1700996493
Zibute Pranckevicius 60477, ILPhysical Therapy1558471847
Tlc Of Southern & Central Illinois Inc. 62918, ILPhysical Therapy1245332568
Excel Occupational Health Clinic S.c. 60638, ILPhysical Therapy1902909906
Commitment Physical Therapy P.c 60463, ILPhysical Therapy1144324419
Traci Ann Rann 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1578667580
Adam Webster Johnson 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1740384759
Rebecca Sue Edgington 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1043314032
Valerie Ann Smith 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1770687766
Wendy Lynn Freeman 62959, ILPhysical Therapy1861596876
Belvidere Physical Therapy Inc 61008, ILPhysical Therapy1083719033
James Vincent Morse 61103, ILPhysical Therapy1780780155
Elaine Gottlinger 60429, ILPhysical Therapy1669578258
Midwest Medical Systems Inc 60506, ILPhysical Therapy1518064484
Vicki Grabski 61820, ILPhysical Therapy1487752259
Med Plus Neck And Back Pain Center 61108, ILPhysical Therapy1427156819
Gateway Rehabilitation Taylorville Llc 62568, ILPhysical Therapy1306946777


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