Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Indianapolis Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine Inc 46254, INPhysical Therapy1316942394
Hts Outpatient Therapy Services, Llc 46032, INPhysical Therapy1801891890
Ashen Kixmiller 47933, INPhysical Therapy1205833100
Linn Marie Surd 46312, INPhysical Therapy1902386600
Kentucky Orthopedic Rehabilitation Llc 47130, INPhysical Therapy1679573612
Brian Matthew Pilarski 46996, INPhysical Therapy1952395527
Valerie L Rayce 46135, INPhysical Therapy1275528424
Shirley Jean Johnson 47403, INPhysical Therapy1750376661
Georgia Areti Nahas 46227, INPhysical Therapy1073596359
Robin Young West 46227, INPhysical Therapy1851374136
Paul Richard Groseclose 46227, INPhysical Therapy1154304426
Donna Jo Roberson 46227, INPhysical Therapy1598748733
Diane A Brock 46227, INPhysical Therapy1023091279
Rachel Marie Burbrink 46227, INPhysical Therapy1639152887
Sylvia Anita Sullivan 46227, INPhysical Therapy1033193685
Brenda Marlene Pelz 46227, INPhysical Therapy1144205998
Paula Lynn Drewerly 46227, INPhysical Therapy1932184793
Tonya Lynn Luckhardt 46227, INPhysical Therapy1346225109
Michael Lowell Lawson 46227, INPhysical Therapy1184600579
Emily Ann Winter 46227, INPhysical Therapy1609855469
Elizabeth Anne Rutledge 46227, INPhysical Therapy1902885304
Amanda Duckworth 47630, INPhysical Therapy1487124400
Debra L Scanlon 46375, INPhysical Therapy1508830928
Kelly Ray Sears 46227, INPhysical Therapy1891762423
Kerrie Ann Harth 46227, INPhysical Therapy1811964455
Richard Joseph Miotke 47904, INPhysical Therapy1851350631
Corina Dian Riggins 47905, INPhysical Therapy1427018654
Amanda Lynne Huss 46241, INPhysical Therapy1194789602
Elizabeth Marie Obrien 46241, INPhysical Therapy1184688699
Anthony James Carden 46241, INPhysical Therapy1326002460
Missi Frazier Smith 46241, INPhysical Therapy1144284282
Misty Norris 46241, INPhysical Therapy1952365090
Teri Kay Page 46241, INPhysical Therapy1659335792
Cynthia Anne Phillips 46241, INPhysical Therapy1477517514
Julie Ann Parent 46241, INPhysical Therapy1871558411
Michelle Renee Cunningham 46241, INPhysical Therapy1619932423
Mary Starnes 46241, INPhysical Therapy1205891017
Erin G Craig 46241, INPhysical Therapy1902861214
Amalia Mccoy 46241, INPhysical Therapy1801851118
Cheryl Ann Trueblood 46227, INPhysical Therapy1790740256
Toddlers Choice Inc. 46250, INPhysical Therapy1629033543
Sherry Anne Irelan 46254, INPhysical Therapy1942266622
Samantha Ann Steele 47203, INPhysical Therapy1285691600
Flexeon Rehabilitation Of Munster, Llc 46321, INPhysical Therapy1700838331
Jon Anthony Ramos 46280, INPhysical Therapy1912961053
Laura Mae Rozhon 47978, INPhysical Therapy1093769440
Patti A Steinke 47978, INPhysical Therapy1336193770
Flexeon Rehabilitation Of Hobart, Llc 46342, INPhysical Therapy1740237486
Children's Therapy Plus, Inc. 46307, INPhysical Therapy1295772689
Qhg Of Fort Wayne Company Llc 46750, INPhysical Therapy1952349896
Cutting Edge Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 47374, INPhysical Therapy1497794846
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 46825, INPhysical Therapy1285679662
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 46804, INPhysical Therapy1891730248
Aisha Rashida Johnson 46236, INPhysical Therapy1396772307
Eric Dixon Hall 46241, INPhysical Therapy1942231329
Lisa Golly 46383, INPhysical Therapy1811355290
Laura Grossman 46312, INPhysical Therapy1710346028
Candice Marie Greathouse 46545, INPhysical Therapy1093272114
William Robert Christman 46227, INPhysical Therapy1083648968
Progressive Physical Therapy Pc 47274, INPhysical Therapy1649204231
Physical Therapy, Inc 46123, INPhysical Therapy1578597654
Integrated Therapy Practice, Pc 46342, INPhysical Therapy1922033083
Linda Woods 47670, INPhysical Therapy1275553356
Grant William Foley 46143, INPhysical Therapy1770504540
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 46131, INPhysical Therapy1558382564
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 46260, INPhysical Therapy1114948130
Pam Bishop 47670, INPhysical Therapy1083636591
Nancy Young 47670, INPhysical Therapy1477577161
Brent Schluessler 47670, INPhysical Therapy1386668077
New Horizons Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 47150, INPhysical Therapy1003824772
Amy Kay Hedgecraft 46227, INPhysical Therapy1538178488
Erin M Jones 46227, INPhysical Therapy1790794618
Jennifer Rae Gray 46227, INPhysical Therapy1407865397
Crossroads Orthopedic Subspecialists, Llc Dba Crossroads Physical Ther 06385, INPhysical Therapy1023028834
Incremedical Llc 46360, INPhysical Therapy1225048945
Shoreline Orthopedic Rehabilitation 06426, INPhysical Therapy1437169687
Vicki Lynn Schaefer 47712, INPhysical Therapy1043222094
Jamie A Mitchell 46268, INPhysical Therapy1790891059
Prorehab At Vincennes, Llc 47591, INPhysical Therapy1750494787
Deidre Hatchett 47630, INPhysical Therapy1497135701
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30097, INPhysical Therapy1831108695
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, INPhysical Therapy1922018423
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30329, INPhysical Therapy1720097561
Jessica Ann Kibler 46304, INPhysical Therapy1053898502
Stephanie Eberhart 46825, INPhysical Therapy1073623948
Michelle L Selby 46227, INPhysical Therapy1316058282
Robert Walter Clark 46227, INPhysical Therapy1992816870
Anne E Dennis 46845, INPhysical Therapy1639275159
Whitewater Valley Health Care Management And Marketing Inc 47374, INPhysical Therapy1386744530
April A Rosenogle 46804, INPhysical Therapy1972604601
Amanda S Melcher 46804, INPhysical Therapy1902907637
Jennifer M Howell 46804, INPhysical Therapy1770684417
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 47591, INPhysical Therapy1841382868
Pam Walkowski 46615, INPhysical Therapy1447343058
Sara Clark 46615, INPhysical Therapy1033202619
Andrea S Davis 46241, INPhysical Therapy1538253232
Bradley Scott Gunter 46290, INPhysical Therapy1437245917
Kelli Becker 46514, INPhysical Therapy1043307937
Judy A Abel 47591, INPhysical Therapy1225128366
Jonathan O Sales 47904, INPhysical Therapy1962591255
Midwest Healthstrategies, Inc 47303, INPhysical Therapy1528149705
Brandilyn Rose Craighead 46227, INPhysical Therapy1629150016
Indianapolis Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Inc 47876, INPhysical Therapy1730263831
Kidworks, Llc 46304, INPhysical Therapy1033295472
Rehab Provider Network Michigan Inc 46250, INPhysical Therapy1194802066
Jacob's Ladder Pediatric Rehab Center 46368, INPhysical Therapy1265519151
U S Pt Therapy Services Inc 47274, INPhysical Therapy1104903756
Melinda Marie Steinke 47978, INPhysical Therapy1467530451
Danielle Ekovich 46304, INPhysical Therapy1700963543
Sycamore Hand Center Limited Partnership 47203, INPhysical Therapy1801973441
Robert C Ditto 46383, INPhysical Therapy1346327939
Danielle Johnson 46131, INPhysical Therapy1902985732
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46290, INPhysical Therapy1881773547
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46725, INPhysical Therapy1013096668
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46845, INPhysical Therapy1831268499
Stephanie Rynae Foust 46250, INPhysical Therapy1215007232
Earthworks Center Inc. 46410, INPhysical Therapy1790854040
Acme Physical Therapy Llc 46038, INPhysical Therapy1255712022
Tracie Lynn King 46204, INPhysical Therapy1457853962
James Webb 46032, INPhysical Therapy1619496692
Daniel Scott Wiseman 46321, INPhysical Therapy1801380274
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46038, INPhysical Therapy1710079744
Brooke Thompson 47501, INPhysical Therapy1669544698
Jenelle Ann Decker 47591, INPhysical Therapy1982776803
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46062, INPhysical Therapy1326112004
Tessa Lynn Defore 47591, INPhysical Therapy1821161563
Mark E. Goodman 47348, INPhysical Therapy1578638391
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46112, INPhysical Therapy1861567828
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46809, INPhysical Therapy1083789051
Sandee Jo Schultheis 46241, INPhysical Therapy1184790347
Ernest Lee Elkins 46219, INPhysical Therapy1801962063
Sara L Powers 46254, INPhysical Therapy1326114596
David William Holmes 46268, INPhysical Therapy1851467054
Kristen Nicole Kiser 30606, INPhysical Therapy1073673315
Mark Andrew Maxwell 30606, INPhysical Therapy1518027853
Suzanne M Golec 60430, INPhysical Therapy1215099049
Bridget L Sniadecki 46615, INPhysical Therapy1124183579
Christopher Robinson 47304, INPhysical Therapy1598820045
William D Bauer 47712, INPhysical Therapy1154486256
Kayla Brasher 42038, INPhysical Therapy1023173119
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 47712, INPhysical Therapy1366508079
Jennifer Pate 30269, INPhysical Therapy1518023043
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46204, INPhysical Therapy1558428482
Kimberly Sharon Loftis 60438, INPhysical Therapy1104973320
Toddlers Choice Inc. 46250, INPhysical Therapy1376693739
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46216, INPhysical Therapy1841341872
Dena Willis 47591, INPhysical Therapy1912050881
Ellen Reed 46280, INPhysical Therapy1023163961
Cynthia Lyn Vanhooser 47725, INPhysical Therapy1750436739
Tina Renee Howton 47712, INPhysical Therapy1568517233
Sally Marlene Street 46307, INPhysical Therapy1255487294
Laura K Sanders 47714, INPhysical Therapy1174679161
Rebecca P Savage 47714, INPhysical Therapy1699821488
Rehab For Life, Llc 47715, INPhysical Therapy1932246063
Tricia Dawn Deffendoll 47712, INPhysical Therapy1518004381
Michael V. Mcguirk 47111, INPhysical Therapy1093857831
Indiana Physical Therapy, Inc 46714, INPhysical Therapy1629110192
Indiana Physical Therapy, Inc. 46307, INPhysical Therapy1780726257
Karen Patrice Ridgway 47803, INPhysical Therapy1679615801
Lori Beidl Choquette 47670, INPhysical Therapy1114060563
Margaret Paine 47670, INPhysical Therapy1376686428
Arc Therapy Services Llc 46268, INPhysical Therapy1760526354
Shari Leslie Gilbert 46802, INPhysical Therapy1174668859
Angela Dawn Marrow 46163, INPhysical Therapy1811022106
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 46241, INPhysical Therapy1811022114
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46220, INPhysical Therapy1780711374
Emily Mills 47714, INPhysical Therapy1447387949
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 46825, INPhysical Therapy1043347735
Brian Lee Stoll 47546, INPhysical Therapy1023148327
Jeffery Alan Darnell 47712, INPhysical Therapy1215068119
Angela Jeffries 47712, INPhysical Therapy1356472245
Kelly Jo Evert 46142, INPhysical Therapy1295867505
Melinda Gail Lawyer 46122, INPhysical Therapy1215069281
Sue Ann Higgins 46060, INPhysical Therapy1780717603
Lisa A Campbell 47220, INPhysical Therapy1023142080
Heidi R Miller 46250, INPhysical Therapy1699808741
Jessica King 47720, INPhysical Therapy1528192234
Julie Ann Boggs 47374, INPhysical Therapy1639293756
Paul Neal Hanley 46241, INPhysical Therapy1770608184
Gene Rees 47304, INPhysical Therapy1326164450
Hazen Physical Therapy, Llc 47304, INPhysical Therapy1598880981
Robert Chamberlain 46241, INPhysical Therapy1760508063
April Michelle Gray 47304, INPhysical Therapy1801912910
William Breuninger 46142, INPhysical Therapy1508983933
John Kelly 46205, INPhysical Therapy1982721395
Michelle Angela Hoffman 47546, INPhysical Therapy1750409157
Brian Ison 47371, INPhysical Therapy1811015134
Mary Spiehler 47403, INPhysical Therapy1265550453
Steven Lee Davis 46143, INPhysical Therapy1447378252
Ronald Joseph Harper 46241, INPhysical Therapy1952427221
Progressivehealth Rehabilitation Solutions, Inc 30269, INPhysical Therapy1891854022
Holly Zent 47304, INPhysical Therapy1881712255
Emory Physical Therapy, Llc 30322, INPhysical Therapy1790801520
Lon Mills 46062, INPhysical Therapy1346701257
Kyle Richwalski 40222, INPhysical Therapy1619430766
Meghan Anne Wheat 47804, INPhysical Therapy1477016707
Tasha Dashiell 47804, INPhysical Therapy1972066215
Jill Gill 46032, INPhysical Therapy1164541884
Earl Braden Gard 47394, INPhysical Therapy1295854156
Leslie L Loesch 47371, INPhysical Therapy1215056163


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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