Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Crowley Physical Therapy Clinic Inc 70526, LAPhysical Therapy1609871524
Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Center,llc 70360, LAPhysical Therapy1720085962
Red River Rehab, Llc 71360, LAPhysical Therapy1427055193
Boulet Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 70508, LAPhysical Therapy1437159852
Ricky James Landry 70503, LAPhysical Therapy1144214321
Affiliated Therapy Services Inc 70403, LAPhysical Therapy1598751000
Jerry W Paige 70346, LAPhysical Therapy1831186691
Alvin C Moreau Jr Licensed 70791, LAPhysical Therapy1770568669
Shea V Reese 75972, LAPhysical Therapy1417425414
Miller Physical Therapy Inc 71303, LAPhysical Therapy1700850401
Mcleod trahan sheffield Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 70506, LAPhysical Therapy1245209436
Physical Therapy Services Of West Louisiana Inc 71446, LAPhysical Therapy1417916685
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 70461, LAPhysical Therapy1033179825
Mary Angela Cox 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1366400780
Ouachita Physical Therapy,inc. 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1144270125
O2 Physical Therap, Llc 70403, LAPhysical Therapy1518911312
Joshua Fredieu 71351, LAPhysical Therapy1578017075
Physical Therapy Incorporated 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1942267018
Tri state Physical Therapy Number 1 Inc 71105, LAPhysical Therapy1326099540
Dorothy P Phelps 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1487609970
Physiofit Llc 70394, LAPhysical Therapy1598710121
Vanette B Lipscomb 70818, LAPhysical Therapy1184662892
Superior Rehabilitation, Llc 70003, LAPhysical Therapy1154361749
Pelican State Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 70458, LAPhysical Therapy1457386682
Elishas Medical Healthcare Service 70119, LAPhysical Therapy1265467799
Baton Rouge Physical Medicine 70806, LAPhysical Therapy1235145780
Kelly T Hudson 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1588675318
Therapy Center Of Jefferson Davis Parish, Inc 70546, LAPhysical Therapy1508971045
Kathy D. Granger 70546, LAPhysical Therapy1255447488
Suzanne Morrison 71103, LAPhysical Therapy1144744111
Southshore Physical Therapy, Llc 70002, LAPhysical Therapy1962424853
Revive Physical Therapy, Llc 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1982102620
Machelle Lee Crooks 71115, LAPhysical Therapy1043791767
Amy Basco Sanders 75501, LAPhysical Therapy1942764378
Green Clinic Llc 71270, LAPhysical Therapy1891801601
Jane Elizabeth Trahan 70458, LAPhysical Therapy1508976879
Carlos E Salcedo 70809, LAPhysical Therapy1871692855
Dana Badeaux Durkes 70360, LAPhysical Therapy1700987450
Arlene A. Millet 70563, LAPhysical Therapy1326139437
River City Physical Therapy, Inc. 71111, LAPhysical Therapy1306931282
Alliance Therapy Services, Inc 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1396831699
Lifespan Physical Therapy, Llc 70344, LAPhysical Therapy1700973054
Nelda F Perry 70403, LAPhysical Therapy1194805341
Riverwest Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 71291, LAPhysical Therapy1679655120
Rehab Resources Unlimited, Inc 71282, LAPhysical Therapy1609952159
Cenla Associated Therapies, Llc 71360, LAPhysical Therapy1376628131
Hope Therapy & Consulting Services, Inc 70806, LAPhysical Therapy1093805541
Austin Good 71334, LAPhysical Therapy1659833127
Parish Physical Therapy Llc 70427, LAPhysical Therapy1457427627
Elizabeth Ann Fisher 70070, LAPhysical Therapy1912074154
Orthopedic & Sports Therapy Of Westbank Inc 70058, LAPhysical Therapy1962560656
Promoting Livelihood And Ability In Youth Physical Therapy Llc 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1386705036
Thibodaux Physical Therapy, Inc. 70301, LAPhysical Therapy1366505299
The Gr Group, Llc 70115, LAPhysical Therapy1265595078
Rickey Don Killian 71055, LAPhysical Therapy1760547939
Action Potential Physical Therapy, Inc. 70605, LAPhysical Therapy1396800587
Industrial Strength, Llc 70605, LAPhysical Therapy1205992294
Covington Physical Therapy Center 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1740347368
Betty Lynette Crain 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1114076353
Victory Physical Therapy & Rehab Clinic 70806, LAPhysical Therapy1760533483
Gary Bordes 70065, LAPhysical Therapy1659424083
Sue A. Mayes 70648, LAPhysical Therapy1487707477
Image Physical Therapy Center Llc 70508, LAPhysical Therapy1184760498
Patrick V Arcement 70346, LAPhysical Therapy1609916022
Ascension Physical Therapy Inc 70346, LAPhysical Therapy1033259486
Occupational Health Centers Of Louisiana, A Professional Corporation 70808, LAPhysical Therapy1760519318
Jones Haber Llc 70447, LAPhysical Therapy1316077191
Physiofit Llc 70354, LAPhysical Therapy1689707564
Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy 70043, LAPhysical Therapy1457478588
Diane Scotti Vermaelen 70817, LAPhysical Therapy1144352089
Melissa S Pettavino 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1548391121
Occupational Health Centers Of Louisiana, A Professional Corporation 70062, LAPhysical Therapy1700913266
Occupational Health Centers Of Louisiana, A Professional Corporation 70112, LAPhysical Therapy1205963774
Rosewood Rehabilitation, Llc 70508, LAPhysical Therapy1528104882
Advanced Rehabilitation Of Metairie 70001, LAPhysical Therapy1750442844
Acadian Comprehensive Therapy 70508, LAPhysical Therapy1255494050
Kevin Mcbride 70570, LAPhysical Therapy1629291976
Amanda Minyard Vidrine 70570, LAPhysical Therapy1336362664
Catheren Jones 70056, LAPhysical Therapy1063632206
Scott Steven Sculthorp 70726, LAPhysical Therapy1104046119
Jeffrey Neil Jordan 70538, LAPhysical Therapy1578784195
Advance Physcial Therapy And Rehabilitation 70301, LAPhysical Therapy1750502688
Marietta Arlene Sepulvado 70808, LAPhysical Therapy1730301771
Yanet Rodriguez 70806, LAPhysical Therapy1487876058
Lynne Sherar Barnes 70005, LAPhysical Therapy1134331036
St. John Physical Therapy, Llc 70068, LAPhysical Therapy1225242324
Margaret Ann Castle 75904, LAPhysical Therapy1144435264
Lajuana Wallace 75227, LAPhysical Therapy1902014079
Franklinton Physical Therapy, Llc 70438, LAPhysical Therapy1730381500
Pierre Part Physical Therapy, Inc 70339, LAPhysical Therapy1447452974
Yolanda Javn Bertrand 70058, LAPhysical Therapy1174725592
Sheila Mann Brannon 70005, LAPhysical Therapy1972701878
Dutchtown Physical Therapy 70769, LAPhysical Therapy1336347350
Mark Siegel 70301, LAPhysical Therapy1588863799
Cherry Siegel 70301, LAPhysical Therapy1801095021
Trey Duhon Physical Therapy 70506, LAPhysical Therapy1770775140
Nettie L Desselle 71351, LAPhysical Therapy1861684284
Timothy Terrell Harris 70114, LAPhysical Therapy1578756995
Joseph Loiacano 71104, LAPhysical Therapy1295929206
The North Institute, Apmc 70445, LAPhysical Therapy1427243989
Sherri Lynn Bardwell 71105, LAPhysical Therapy1407041932
Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic 70810, LAPhysical Therapy1952596264
J And S Therapy, Llc 71457, LAPhysical Therapy1376739755
Brandi Thiels 71301, LAPhysical Therapy1821285040
Elson Burgess 70560, LAPhysical Therapy1740479468
Excel Physical Therapy Llc 70785, LAPhysical Therapy1346422888
Leslie Miller 70818, LAPhysical Therapy1518140052
Nautilus Rehabilitation 70072, LAPhysical Therapy1881877066
The Next Level Performance And Rehabilitation Center Llc 70447, LAPhysical Therapy1649455312
Alvin C Moreau Jr Licensed 70577, LAPhysical Therapy1487839338
Reba Thigpen 39648, LAPhysical Therapy1184801912
Sharon Denise Strange 71108, LAPhysical Therapy1275710568
Reginald Willie 39648, LAPhysical Therapy1447438262
Custom Care Therapy And Wellness, Inc. 71037, LAPhysical Therapy1518138023
Carla Jett-expose 70070, LAPhysical Therapy1659542710
Bone And Joint Therapy Services 70056, LAPhysical Therapy1619141157
Therapy 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1427223189
Natalie Mclemore 71103, LAPhysical Therapy1376719658
Mike Dempsey 39648, LAPhysical Therapy1205002508
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1275790396
Hisham Nazir Mohamed 70734, LAPhysical Therapy1427216092
Todd J. Jabusch 70526, LAPhysical Therapy1386802148
The Gr Group Hso, Llc 70115, LAPhysical Therapy1831350396
Stacy Bearden 39648, LAPhysical Therapy1710141106
Studio P3 Eunice, Llc 70535, LAPhysical Therapy1043499346
Arrealle Lauren Windham 70809, LAPhysical Therapy1891253944
Life Fitness Therapy Llc 70808, LAPhysical Therapy1821254079
Brewer Physical Therapy & Associates Llc 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1477709681
Covington Physical Therapy 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1033368261
Tamara Buck 21221, LAPhysical Therapy1386893212
John Williams 70084, LAPhysical Therapy1972752731
Angela Savat 32746, LAPhysical Therapy1649420530
Bayou State Therapy 71106, LAPhysical Therapy1811133093
Maxx Medical Corporation 71457, LAPhysical Therapy1679710420
Brittany M Jellum 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1972741197
Babin Physical Therapy Services, Inc 70065, LAPhysical Therapy1578702262
Louisiana Rehabilitation And Therapy, Llc 70570, LAPhysical Therapy1720228513
Anne Marie Biro 70592, LAPhysical Therapy1376778464
Mc2 Enterprises, Llc 70806, LAPhysical Therapy1982830337
Melissa Fruge Wilson 70769, LAPhysical Therapy1437385812
Lyndsey Dale Cochran 70816, LAPhysical Therapy1508092982
Grady Patrick Guidry 70380, LAPhysical Therapy1568698637
Joseph John Disandro 70816, LAPhysical Therapy1114153251
Kristi Lee Kellogg 71105, LAPhysical Therapy1083840060
Paula Ann Trahan 70560, LAPhysical Therapy1255567822
Jason Delatte 70363, LAPhysical Therapy1508092057
Jamie Danos 70345, LAPhysical Therapy1164659538
Eclipse Wellness And Performance Center, Llc 70802, LAPhysical Therapy1558599118
Christopher N Fussell 70810, LAPhysical Therapy1508094129
Michael A Dicarlo 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1750519955
Steven Antunez 70084, LAPhysical Therapy1538397286
Ky Viet Phan 70817, LAPhysical Therapy1013146661
Christopher D Laflair 71459, LAPhysical Therapy1629200886
Devin Blanchard 70810, LAPhysical Therapy1366777484
Nicole Deshea Boyle 70809, LAPhysical Therapy1083940548
Therapy For Her, Llc 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1245567460
Heather Brooks Harkness 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1215265459
Linda Marie Portier 70754, LAPhysical Therapy1033447040
Joseph H Clampit 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1245569540
Ramona D Downs 71291, LAPhysical Therapy1306177175
Functional Capacity Experts, L.l.c. 71112, LAPhysical Therapy1073844486
Derek C Harper 71112, LAPhysical Therapy1477885358
Kacie Marie Luckett 70818, LAPhysical Therapy1912239450
Mc2 Enterprises, Llc 70810, LAPhysical Therapy1326360074
Barrie Elizabeth Braem 70131, LAPhysical Therapy1326360835
Rochelle Auger 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1619291853
Frances Rae Emily 70605, LAPhysical Therapy1114243748
Physical Therapy Clinic Of Vinton Llc 70668, LAPhysical Therapy1316264153
Tiffany N Peek 75063, LAPhysical Therapy1043538804
Jeffrey Brennan Mcgee 70570, LAPhysical Therapy1649583840
Shelley Rose Barry 70776, LAPhysical Therapy1669786489
Gaitway Therapeutic Horsemanship 70776, LAPhysical Therapy1700190527
Candi Hatch 71203, LAPhysical Therapy1407162738
Aimee Knight 70438, LAPhysical Therapy1861708083
Dawn Blackwell 71418, LAPhysical Therapy1255647483
K And S Therapy 70501, LAPhysical Therapy1609184191
Stephanie Usey 70380, LAPhysical Therapy1275841751
Kelsey Enterprises Llc 70422, LAPhysical Therapy1720396724
Joy Rehab Corp 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1154631836
David Johnson 70810, LAPhysical Therapy1194035576
Brian Jones 71291, LAPhysical Therapy1033411350
Lafleur Therapy, Inc. 70570, LAPhysical Therapy1750684395
Physicians Choice Physical Therapy Llc 70785, LAPhysical Therapy1720382609
Amy Farris 71201, LAPhysical Therapy1689973166
Kayla Howard 70775, LAPhysical Therapy1770872301
Ponchatoula Therapy 70454, LAPhysical Therapy1922398544
Specialists Hospital Of Louisiana 71101, LAPhysical Therapy1538451851
Cora Manuel Therapy Services, Llc 70554, LAPhysical Therapy1235422361
Amy Pollard Marshall 70433, LAPhysical Therapy1821382334
Courtney Craig 71418, LAPhysical Therapy1477848448
Shirley Bryan 71263, LAPhysical Therapy1174811707
Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic, Llc 70816, LAPhysical Therapy1760760102
Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic, Llc 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1497033831
Randy Patrick Laiche 70737, LAPhysical Therapy1699051425
Nechelle L Carter 75701, LAPhysical Therapy1477820272
Kristi Boudreaux 70808, LAPhysical Therapy1255600276
Integrated Physical Therapy, Llc 70508, LAPhysical Therapy1447529490
Nelson Tiamzon Cunanan 71112, LAPhysical Therapy1407127541
Lugene Davis 71111, LAPhysical Therapy1285905356
Alexa Lazarus 71334, LAPhysical Therapy1760754360


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