Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ashley Clarke 01810, MAPhysical Therapy1689146698
Athletic Edge Physical Therapy 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1578052650
Christine Delahunt 55305, MAPhysical Therapy1326447921
Joint Ventures Physical Therapy, Inc. 02215, MAPhysical Therapy1083667901
Live Good, Feel Good Llc 02135, MAPhysical Therapy1972159226
Gibsauna Llc 02301, MAPhysical Therapy1669911251
Justin Marshall Pezick 01730, MAPhysical Therapy1144656166
Brien Wolter 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1154654929
Andrew Vahakangas 78230, MAPhysical Therapy1265843858
Tracy Elizabeth Rafferty 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1225611999
Cheryl Shaw 01007, MAPhysical Therapy1891300620
Danielle Ann Sousa 02025, MAPhysical Therapy1982256319
Heather Mistry 01775, MAPhysical Therapy1508189648
National Physical Therapy, Inc. 02723, MAPhysical Therapy1043316763
Revert Llc 02556, MAPhysical Therapy1568857118
Jenessa C Murphy 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1255452967
Ryan Bruce Myers 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1366726846
Pt4u 02421, MAPhysical Therapy1679863922
Maureen Ryan Varjian 40299, MAPhysical Therapy1508001884
Christina Marie Seaver 02379, MAPhysical Therapy1831662295
Angela Norton 40299, MAPhysical Therapy1881085280
Adriana Cristina Soro Isaac 02145, MAPhysical Therapy1922510122
Hero Therapy Llc 01752, MAPhysical Therapy1962964130
Kelly Ann Pickering 02019, MAPhysical Therapy1760955504
Jeffrey Carvalho 85021, MAPhysical Therapy1831605732
Cailin Christine Oster 02171, MAPhysical Therapy1700038395
Vineyard Complementary Medicine, Inc 02539, MAPhysical Therapy1053490896
David Michael Anderson 01886, MAPhysical Therapy1992278279
Good Physio Clinic Inc 06002, MAPhysical Therapy1588214381
Start Inc 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1346245255
Start Inc 02653, MAPhysical Therapy1518962430
John C Breen Pc 02364, MAPhysical Therapy1215935572
Thomas Carver 02635, MAPhysical Therapy1669470696
Robert John Wondolowski 01760, MAPhysical Therapy1861493371
Proex Physical Therapy, Llc 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1831190453
Gina Vitale 01915, MAPhysical Therapy1982169041
North Andover Physicl Therapy Pc 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1467445858
Metropolitan West Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine Services Inc 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1821081217
Mcgovern Physical Therapy Associates Llc 02148, MAPhysical Therapy1043200330
Katrina Julianna Obarski 01608, MAPhysical Therapy1548789555
Essex County Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1457339871
Marie Lucey, Pc 01984, MAPhysical Therapy1588643092
Therese M. Dupree 02632, MAPhysical Therapy1497735021
Robert D Jean 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1699749325
Michael B Fritz 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1902871247
James Edward Bucciarelli 02472, MAPhysical Therapy1154398600
Paul Michael Garagliano 01749, MAPhysical Therapy1679540777
Generations Consultants, Inc. 01863, MAPhysical Therapy1144289786
Elizabeth Bishop 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1376917328
Michael James Sommers 02538, MAPhysical Therapy1972563344
Nancy Bullett Physical Therapy Of North Adams 01247, MAPhysical Therapy1598727737
Lawrence J Fitzpatrick 02186, MAPhysical Therapy1215999883
Mary Ellen Campbell 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1235193244
Anthony Lem 02467, MAPhysical Therapy1528022548
Sheila Idelisse Ocasio 02125, MAPhysical Therapy1548213283
Margaret M Silva 02767, MAPhysical Therapy1164963799
Comeau Health Care Associates Pc 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1720025018
Dempsey Physical Therapy, Llc 01230, MAPhysical Therapy1003855164
Health & Sports Rehab, Inc. 02121, MAPhysical Therapy1861434250
Andrew James Rizza 02481, MAPhysical Therapy1205865706
Stephanie Van Iderstine 01028, MAPhysical Therapy1710420104
Joan Elizabeth Padrenoss 02302, MAPhysical Therapy1962909911
Julia M. Strout 01886, MAPhysical Therapy1194200378
Breanna Audrey Robinson 01867, MAPhysical Therapy1609341791
Federal Injury Center Of Woburn 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1013472596
Stephanie Costa 02451, MAPhysical Therapy1629535729
Anthony Joseph Meneades 01840, MAPhysical Therapy1255366233
John Joseph Lyons 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1477588770
Candice Marie Morgan 02136, MAPhysical Therapy1194750497
Cape Cod Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 02540, MAPhysical Therapy1831115708
Maria Rosaria Coviello 02148, MAPhysical Therapy1093731564
Jump Start Physical Therapy, Inc 01760, MAPhysical Therapy1497769483
Patricia Ann Furlong 01440, MAPhysical Therapy1497767446
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc 68124, MAPhysical Therapy1821001264
Robert P Worden 03865, MAPhysical Therapy1558373837
We Care Physical Therapy 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1043683279
Catherine Pisani 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1861934333
Sueann Sharon Glabach 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1568965986
Gina Maria Harrison 01901, MAPhysical Therapy1780149914
Championship Physical Therapy Llc 02152, MAPhysical Therapy1184731259
Tina Marie Dawson 01053, MAPhysical Therapy1326150483
Diane Marie Smith 01778, MAPhysical Therapy1699886598
Michael A. Terwilliger 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1023115284
Tracy A. Ragan 01330, MAPhysical Therapy1164529335
Holistic Physical Therapy Specialist,llc 01002, MAPhysical Therapy1700977303
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Specialists, Inc. 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1689766339
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 02632, MAPhysical Therapy1720176191
Sandra M Folsom 02338, MAPhysical Therapy1548358773
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 02673, MAPhysical Therapy1427146885
Kenneth L Johnson 02180, MAPhysical Therapy1154410371
Tracy Jeanne Durand 02896, MAPhysical Therapy1285715193
Matthew Dennis Bourbeau 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1780762773
Agnes Formejster 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1760560627
Donna Beth Vachon 02673, MAPhysical Therapy1801974043
Michael Joseph Mccormick 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1285712513
Kenneth John Jones 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1295814549
Patient First Chiropractic And Physical Therapy Pc 02452, MAPhysical Therapy1275602104
Lexington Physical Therapy Associates Inc 02420, MAPhysical Therapy1275626160
Emerson Hospital 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1922103357
Sean Mcginn 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1528435633
Lynn D. Bandzul 02467, MAPhysical Therapy1497826150
Pamela Jean Bureau Morris 02115, MAPhysical Therapy1932271160
Ellen K Matuza 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1467528141
Roberta Duarte 01105, MAPhysical Therapy1336217173
Mark Christopher Drouin 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1518026723
Edward Anthony Grabowski 02451, MAPhysical Therapy1760543086
Debra Ann Gould 01453, MAPhysical Therapy1336201649
John G St Jean 01420, MAPhysical Therapy1316009715
Sheryl Ann Quartochi 02906, MAPhysical Therapy1801959762
Mount Hope Physical Therapy 02777, MAPhysical Therapy1871657163
North Shore Rehabilitation Associates Inc. 01901, MAPhysical Therapy1053476531
Joseph Paul Magdis 01420, MAPhysical Therapy1235281825
William Joseph Chapman 01420, MAPhysical Therapy1912051459
Danielle Helms 01201, MAPhysical Therapy1780730473
John-robert Manuel Lopes 02114, MAPhysical Therapy1851433395
Michael W. Nideur 02649, MAPhysical Therapy1962546317
Jane P Rantala 01606, MAPhysical Therapy1992840359
David Earle Warwick 01835, MAPhysical Therapy1285769943
Christine Menz Toler 02169, MAPhysical Therapy1275669525
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc 02601, MAPhysical Therapy1144356759
Cummings Physical Therapy,inc 02152, MAPhysical Therapy1497882880
Lauren Spada Hromada 02148, MAPhysical Therapy1306973771
Rowe Physical Therapy, Inc. 02459, MAPhysical Therapy1063540664
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1407985542
Christina Pulselli 02451, MAPhysical Therapy1356470280
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 02128, MAPhysical Therapy1134258312
Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1134259252
Elite Orthopedic And Sports Rehab, Llc 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1639201379
Advanced Treatment Center Inc. 02445, MAPhysical Therapy1992837686
Mark William Doane 01267, MAPhysical Therapy1548393556
Rachel Kaback Ryder 02601, MAPhysical Therapy1447383146
Kathleen Harney 02114, MAPhysical Therapy1215060280
Mary Elizabeth Ginn 01028, MAPhysical Therapy1871626655
Izabella Wolanski 01028, MAPhysical Therapy1043343809
Jennifer Marie Fournier 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1609909894
Amy Rebecca Mawn 02601, MAPhysical Therapy1467585893
Debbie A C Irving 01915, MAPhysical Therapy1972637163
Ross J Walden 01810, MAPhysical Therapy1548384720
Eric James Marnell 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1790819902
Cheryl Greco 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1235263674
Gayle Correia 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1952435398
Linda-marie Fiola 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1023142460
Shelby Lynn Zawistowski 01267, MAPhysical Therapy1033233101
Kristyn J Jones 02540, MAPhysical Therapy1245354802
Jamie Dedecko 02664, MAPhysical Therapy1669596169
Susan Marie Goyette 01810, MAPhysical Therapy1457475907
Della A. M. Kozlowski 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1477677847
Susan Elizabeth Gavin 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1245354646
Catherine Mary Pires 02740, MAPhysical Therapy1851416002
Maria Hurley 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1194840330
Laurence Rick Pescione 02093, MAPhysical Therapy1356466676
Elizabeth Ann Szenher-brown 01886, MAPhysical Therapy1285759936
Gail E Hill 02188, MAPhysical Therapy1689799785
Wendy Elaine Warner 01225, MAPhysical Therapy1760507735
Joyce Stephanie Loporto 02632, MAPhysical Therapy1902921133
Jason James Kauranen 02556, MAPhysical Therapy1063537611
Elite Physical Therapy, Inc 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1952426132
Michele M. Beynon 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1043335169
Kathleen Jean Oleary 01201, MAPhysical Therapy1699890244
Donna M O'sullivan 02188, MAPhysical Therapy1407971443
Maria Karis 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1578688792
Marcella Mccarthy 02601, MAPhysical Therapy1467577122
Josephine Hapgood 01001, MAPhysical Therapy1144345851
Debra Ann Goodreau 01001, MAPhysical Therapy1942325659
Christopher A Chrisanthopoulos 01001, MAPhysical Therapy1972628691
Bridget Ellen Mccarthy 01001, MAPhysical Therapy1679698302
Toni M Oliveira 02740, MAPhysical Therapy1629193297
Debra Ann Martin 02842, MAPhysical Therapy1023134343
Paula Cruz-ferreira 02744, MAPhysical Therapy1982720355
Kristin Ann Fraser 02556, MAPhysical Therapy1184740599
Eric Medeiros 02740, MAPhysical Therapy1346366515
Suzanne L Mccolgan 01053, MAPhysical Therapy1659497063
Millenium Management Inc 02119, MAPhysical Therapy1477679785
Michael Dalton 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1649396144
Sarah Mae Melanson 01420, MAPhysical Therapy1932225851
Jamie Boisvert 01824, MAPhysical Therapy1861518540
Claritza C Beato 02135, MAPhysical Therapy1386760262
Marta Josephine Shakshober 01201, MAPhysical Therapy1558487256
Michelle Bourgeois 02186, MAPhysical Therapy1215053285
Mary Scienzo Waters 02532, MAPhysical Therapy1396861803
Susan M. Eroh 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1568588119
Tina Marie Rossino 02420, MAPhysical Therapy1740307115
Daniel John Couture 01247, MAPhysical Therapy1114044583
Barbara Ann Moon 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1629195896
Tammy Lee Berio 02532, MAPhysical Therapy1043337983
Therese Marie Macleod 02673, MAPhysical Therapy1952428757
Karen Bartow 01267, MAPhysical Therapy1871611681
Pamela Soucy 02532, MAPhysical Therapy1770601932
Eduardo Alexander Villacorta 02465, MAPhysical Therapy1609994854
Kathleen Doyle 02673, MAPhysical Therapy1003934092
Erin Robicheau 02642, MAPhysical Therapy1033597588
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 01887, MAPhysical Therapy1013046176
Alissa Muller 02155, MAPhysical Therapy1619341351
Maureen Clare Reynolds 01001, MAPhysical Therapy1497870935
Megan Boucher 02108, MAPhysical Therapy1285093666
Competitive Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Training, Llc 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1366502023
Megan Delancey 02364, MAPhysical Therapy1669943999
Devyn Mcrae 01605, MAPhysical Therapy1124589726
Steven Chung 01867, MAPhysical Therapy1669933636
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc. 01890, MAPhysical Therapy1073649679


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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