Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Michael Anderson 01886, MAPhysical Therapy1992278279
Angela Norton 40299, MAPhysical Therapy1881085280
Revert Llc 02556, MAPhysical Therapy1568857118
Ashley Clarke 01810, MAPhysical Therapy1689146698
Justin Marshall Pezick 01730, MAPhysical Therapy1144656166
Jeffrey Carvalho 85021, MAPhysical Therapy1831605732
Adriana Cristina Soro Isaac 02145, MAPhysical Therapy1922510122
Andrew Vahakangas 78230, MAPhysical Therapy1265843858
Christine Delahunt 55305, MAPhysical Therapy1326447921
Kelly Ann Pickering 02019, MAPhysical Therapy1760955504
Christina Marie Seaver 02379, MAPhysical Therapy1831662295
Ryan Bruce Myers 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1366726846
Danielle Ann Sousa 02025, MAPhysical Therapy1982256319
National Physical Therapy, Inc. 02723, MAPhysical Therapy1043316763
Good Physio Clinic Inc 06002, MAPhysical Therapy1588214381
Pt4u 02421, MAPhysical Therapy1679863922
Joint Ventures Physical Therapy, Inc. 02215, MAPhysical Therapy1083667901
Maureen Ryan Varjian 40299, MAPhysical Therapy1508001884
Athletic Edge Physical Therapy 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1578052650
Live Good, Feel Good Llc 02135, MAPhysical Therapy1972159226
Hero Therapy Llc 01752, MAPhysical Therapy1962964130
Cheryl Shaw 01007, MAPhysical Therapy1891300620
Vineyard Complementary Medicine, Inc 02539, MAPhysical Therapy1053490896
Cailin Christine Oster 02171, MAPhysical Therapy1700038395
Brien Wolter 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1154654929
Jenessa C Murphy 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1255452967
Heather Mistry 01775, MAPhysical Therapy1508189648
Gibsauna Llc 02301, MAPhysical Therapy1669911251
Tracy Elizabeth Rafferty 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1225611999
Moonhill Home Care,llc 01915, MAPhysical Therapy1306514526
Start Inc 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1346245255
Start Inc 02653, MAPhysical Therapy1518962430
John C Breen Pc 02364, MAPhysical Therapy1215935572
Proex Physical Therapy, Llc 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1831190453
North Andover Physicl Therapy Pc 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1467445858
Metropolitan West Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine Services Inc 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1821081217
Mcgovern Physical Therapy Associates Llc 02148, MAPhysical Therapy1043200330
Essex County Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1457339871
Marie Lucey, Pc 01984, MAPhysical Therapy1588643092
Generations Consultants, Inc. 01863, MAPhysical Therapy1144289786
Nancy Bullett Physical Therapy Of North Adams 01247, MAPhysical Therapy1598727737
Comeau Health Care Associates Pc 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1720025018
Dempsey Physical Therapy, Llc 01230, MAPhysical Therapy1003855164
Health & Sports Rehab, Inc. 02121, MAPhysical Therapy1861434250
Federal Injury Center Of Woburn 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1013472596
Cape Cod Hand Therapy Limited Partnership 02540, MAPhysical Therapy1831115708
Jump Start Physical Therapy, Inc 01760, MAPhysical Therapy1497769483
We Care Physical Therapy 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1043683279
Championship Physical Therapy Llc 02152, MAPhysical Therapy1184731259
Holistic Physical Therapy Specialist,llc 01002, MAPhysical Therapy1700977303
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Specialists, Inc. 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1689766339
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 02632, MAPhysical Therapy1720176191
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 02673, MAPhysical Therapy1427146885
Patient First Chiropractic And Physical Therapy Pc 02452, MAPhysical Therapy1275602104
Lexington Physical Therapy Associates Inc 02420, MAPhysical Therapy1275626160
Emerson Hospital 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1922103357
Mount Hope Physical Therapy 02777, MAPhysical Therapy1871657163
North Shore Rehabilitation Associates Inc. 01901, MAPhysical Therapy1053476531
Cummings Physical Therapy,inc 02152, MAPhysical Therapy1497882880
Rowe Physical Therapy, Inc. 02459, MAPhysical Therapy1063540664
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 01301, MAPhysical Therapy1407985542
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 02128, MAPhysical Therapy1134258312
Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 01970, MAPhysical Therapy1134259252
Elite Orthopedic And Sports Rehab, Llc 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1639201379
Advanced Treatment Center Inc. 02445, MAPhysical Therapy1992837686
Elite Physical Therapy, Inc 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1952426132
Millenium Management Inc 02119, MAPhysical Therapy1477679785
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 01887, MAPhysical Therapy1013046176
Competitive Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Training, Llc 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1366502023
Activecare Physical Therapy Associates, Llc 02660, MAPhysical Therapy1083833966
Performance Physical Therapy, Inc. 02150, MAPhysical Therapy1548482755
Ramsey Rehabilitation Inc 01420, MAPhysical Therapy1912119900
Coordinated Primrary Care Inc 01453, MAPhysical Therapy1093920357
Gemini Physical Therapy Llc 01835, MAPhysical Therapy1134328040
Spine & Sports Injury Center, P.c. 02111, MAPhysical Therapy1649479395
Rachel Pressey 01608, MAPhysical Therapy1154511566
Marcia F Hood Rpt Inc 02339, MAPhysical Therapy1245425743
Dennis R. Pronowicz,p.t.,inc. 01075, MAPhysical Therapy1043405269
Sirotaphysicaltherapypc 02760, MAPhysical Therapy1952598161
Personalized Physical Therapy, Llc 02093, MAPhysical Therapy1770771446
Family Care Physicial Therapy 01118, MAPhysical Therapy1639367295
Achieve Physical Therapy Llc 01730, MAPhysical Therapy1922297886
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Inc 02301, MAPhysical Therapy1689863912
America's Physical Therapy 02451, MAPhysical Therapy1043499957
Pain And Wellness Center 01960, MAPhysical Therapy1548449192
Dennis R. Pronowicz,p.t. physical Therapy 01075, MAPhysical Therapy1528248051
Spine And Sports Physical Therapy Llc 02048, MAPhysical Therapy1841471976
Bodyfx, Inc. 01801, MAPhysical Therapy1487837977
Arc Therapy Services Llc 02169, MAPhysical Therapy1639353923
Theraspring Physical Therapy, Llc 02481, MAPhysical Therapy1912181785
Newton wellesley Orthopedics Physical Therapy Pc 02481, MAPhysical Therapy1770751646
Saugus Physical Therapy Corp 01906, MAPhysical Therapy1619146172
Pro Physical Therapy,inc. 02128, MAPhysical Therapy1336312552
Revere Physical Therapy 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1699949396
Bone And Joint Therapy Services 70056, MAPhysical Therapy1619141157
Cambridge Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine 02141, MAPhysical Therapy1043479579
Peter Breen 02134, MAPhysical Therapy1700040128
Peak Physical Therapy Inc 02061, MAPhysical Therapy1184898769
Soleil Physical Therapy & Wellness, Inc 02169, MAPhysical Therapy1336325224
Emerson Practice Associates, Inc. 01742, MAPhysical Therapy1508020199
Umass Health Services Amherst 01003, MAPhysical Therapy1780864009
Achates Physical Therapy,ltd 02360, MAPhysical Therapy1548417892
Ramsey Rehabilitation, Inc. 01434, MAPhysical Therapy1578711735
Exercise Rx Physical Therapy Llc 02368, MAPhysical Therapy1528218633
Sospt, Inc. 02482, MAPhysical Therapy1427202712
Ultimate Rehab Specialists 01460, MAPhysical Therapy1932353174
C&s Rehabilitation 02019, MAPhysical Therapy1912152323
A. B. Physical Therapy, Llc 02121, MAPhysical Therapy1497900815
Advanced Rehabilitation Services, Llc 02130, MAPhysical Therapy1881849206
Cliftondale Physical Therapy 01906, MAPhysical Therapy1154568210
Live Free Physical Therapy, Inc. 01450, MAPhysical Therapy1255572822
Momentum Physical Therapy, Inc. 01757, MAPhysical Therapy1265674105
Mullis And Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. 02118, MAPhysical Therapy1366685257
Andover Physical Therapy, Inc. 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1588808810
Train Boston Physical Therapy, Inc. 02481, MAPhysical Therapy1437385523
Praxis Health Llc 02122, MAPhysical Therapy1831325315
Mgh Revere Healthcare Centre 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1528298296
Physical Therapy Solutions 02632, MAPhysical Therapy1073744637
Jk Therapy Associates, Llc 02356, MAPhysical Therapy1619200979
Ss Peds 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1033445549
Boston Pain & Rehab Center,inc 02446, MAPhysical Therapy1477889483
Elite Health And Fitness 02072, MAPhysical Therapy1184953390
Vantage Sports And Rehab, Llc 01069, MAPhysical Therapy1770814089
Peter Sibner Physical Therapy 01201, MAPhysical Therapy1851613202
Back To Basics Physical Therapy 02301, MAPhysical Therapy1528383932
Partners In Rehabilitation L.l.c. 01906, MAPhysical Therapy1407171689
Mass. Department Of Developmental Services 01923, MAPhysical Therapy1629389010
Rehabilitation Hospital Of Cape & Islands 02644, MAPhysical Therapy1538472691
Physical Therapy Of Greater Mattapan Pc 02126, MAPhysical Therapy1730496696
Feel Well Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 02124, MAPhysical Therapy1588967517
Optimum Care Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc. 02122, MAPhysical Therapy1225332877
Step Ahead Physical Therapy 02145, MAPhysical Therapy1528363116
Lisa Knox And Associates, Inc. 01583, MAPhysical Therapy1437455888
Advanced Orthopedic And Sports Therapy, P.c. 01876, MAPhysical Therapy1699072132
Adams Physical Therapy, Llc 01220, MAPhysical Therapy1265721294
Mobility Plus Physical Therapy 02339, MAPhysical Therapy1962792564
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 01118, MAPhysical Therapy1801189121
Ptc Physical Therapy Llc 02703, MAPhysical Therapy1194004630
Legacy Physical Therapy Llc 01913, MAPhysical Therapy1033499314
Cambridge Health Alliance 02145, MAPhysical Therapy1831479997
Joint Effort Physical Therapy, Llc 02780, MAPhysical Therapy1255613428
New Vision Rehabilitation Center Lowell 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1093097743
In Sync Physical Therapy, Llc 02140, MAPhysical Therapy1740557743
Hd Physical Therapy Llc 01880, MAPhysical Therapy1629342977
Ardi Physical Therapy 02121, MAPhysical Therapy1881960086
Victory Physical Therapy, Inc. 02135, MAPhysical Therapy1588890453
Cray Physical Therapy & Associates 02184, MAPhysical Therapy1043546948
Balanze Physical Therapy & Wellness, Llc 02356, MAPhysical Therapy1740429604
Soma Physical Therapy And Rehab, Llc 02494, MAPhysical Therapy1730477456
Off season Sports & Physical Therapy Inc 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1902127913
Prendergast And Rummer, Inc 94109, MAPhysical Therapy1205112174
Backstage Pt Llc 02134, MAPhysical Therapy1982966032
Probody Physical Therapy, Llc 02143, MAPhysical Therapy1710241088
Outback Physical Therapy, Inc. 02143, MAPhysical Therapy1114272515
Inspired Physical Rehab, Llc 01803, MAPhysical Therapy1194078576
Paramount Performance And Rehab Inc 02464, MAPhysical Therapy1104162205
Revere Rehab, Inc. 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1720324726
East Main Physical Therapy, Inc. 02720, MAPhysical Therapy1558608976
Doctor Physical Therapy,inc 02445, MAPhysical Therapy1285971986
Clinical Rehab Specialists Llc 01824, MAPhysical Therapy1902144017
Maribeth Crupi Physical Therpay Llc 01887, MAPhysical Therapy1831430842
Physio One Ltd 02554, MAPhysical Therapy1427390558
Physical Therapy Network Llc 02026, MAPhysical Therapy1700129616
Pgreilly Inc 01581, MAPhysical Therapy1710325774
Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy 02645, MAPhysical Therapy1992146849
Active Physical Therapy And Wellness, Llc 01095, MAPhysical Therapy1689016529
Brigham And Women's Hospital 02035, MAPhysical Therapy1972935013
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy 01840, MAPhysical Therapy1396177267
Village Physical Therapy Pc 02740, MAPhysical Therapy1962837799
Jvl International, Inc 02151, MAPhysical Therapy1871929281
Moving Forward Physical Therapy Boston, Inc 02121, MAPhysical Therapy1740618560
Occupational Health Care Professionals 01845, MAPhysical Therapy1568890093
Accelerated Physical Therapy 01945, MAPhysical Therapy1881022846
Game 7 Physical Therapy, Llc 02472, MAPhysical Therapy1477982072
Nantucket Therapy, Llc 02554, MAPhysical Therapy1801218797
Life Care Physical Therapy 01532, MAPhysical Therapy1407279763
Criterion 01522, MAPhysical Therapy1669898714
Dunsky Rehab And Spine Center, Pc 01702, MAPhysical Therapy1063839157
New Dimensions In Health, Inc. 02210, MAPhysical Therapy1588075527
Central Massachusetts Physical Therapy And Wellness, L 01583, MAPhysical Therapy1174935589
Innovative Physical Therapy 01760, MAPhysical Therapy1871907618
Doctors Medical Physio 02453, MAPhysical Therapy1033527130
A game Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Corp. 02134, MAPhysical Therapy1255740056
Cpte Senior Therapy Services Inc 01867, MAPhysical Therapy1336558964
Soul Physical Therapy Llc 01915, MAPhysical Therapy1093118002
Neighborhood Physical Therapy 1 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1699179606
Fairlawn Physical Therapy Llc 01776, MAPhysical Therapy1528464351
Hubbard Physical Therapy, Llc 01566, MAPhysical Therapy1922405703
Heather Ward 02360, MAPhysical Therapy1326445628
Proactfit, Llc 02050, MAPhysical Therapy1164820973
Healing Smile Pediatric Physical Therapy, Llc 02421, MAPhysical Therapy1255720900
Healthy Soles 02116, MAPhysical Therapy1235520453
Middlesex Physical Therapy Llc 01851, MAPhysical Therapy1215320668
Healthy Edge Physical Therapy, Inc. 01867, MAPhysical Therapy1104211770
Personal Best Physical Therapy, Llc 02769, MAPhysical Therapy1215324108
Center For Pelvic Physical Therapy, Llc 01089, MAPhysical Therapy1043607351
Smiles Home Health Care Agency Inc. 01608, MAPhysical Therapy1942689666
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., Co. 01104, MAPhysical Therapy1871622928
Doctors Medical Physio Group,inc 02453, MAPhysical Therapy1598140717
Core Movement And Performance Llc 02453, MAPhysical Therapy1386074854


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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