Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melissa Victoria Bateman 21403, MDPhysical Therapy1518473248
Tammy L Baldauf 20602, MDPhysical Therapy1235266099
Brenda Miller 24060, MDPhysical Therapy1932247111
Emily Raffaele 76903, MDPhysical Therapy1154706786
Zachariah Scott Clemsen 44119, MDPhysical Therapy1023419710
Phuong Kim Tang 20902, MDPhysical Therapy1710445903
Joe Clayton 33306, MDPhysical Therapy1356685853
Joanna Brown 21401, MDPhysical Therapy1285169326
Timothy Ames 21234, MDPhysical Therapy1679998769
Kaygee40, Incorporation 20715, MDPhysical Therapy1508370891
Oakstride Physical Therapy, Llc 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1871090118
Stephen E Boretzky 21093, MDPhysical Therapy1386136216
Caleb Mitzel 21133, MDPhysical Therapy1902309883
Michael Padgett 20613, MDPhysical Therapy1841793767
Stacy Solte Antonio 21244, MDPhysical Therapy1235618406
Evidence Physical Therapy, Llc 20769, MDPhysical Therapy1831493030
Rebecca Bond 20850, MDPhysical Therapy1205234994
Aaron Malecki 21629, MDPhysical Therapy1093289159
Preston Fenimore Gover 21228, MDPhysical Therapy1063935179
School Therapy Services, Inc 21532, MDPhysical Therapy1144774506
Brandy Rae Bartley 21060, MDPhysical Therapy1871141861
Jason Lee 20036, MDPhysical Therapy1194293548
Norman Shawn Stack 21804, MDPhysical Therapy1881704567
Lenzie Weicht 25404, MDPhysical Therapy1548801798
Andrew Hatch 06451, MDPhysical Therapy1730527995
Caitlin Jean Bagot 17340, MDPhysical Therapy1194237362
Garrett Gibson 14063, MDPhysical Therapy1306364880
Nikkia Thrush 21801, MDPhysical Therapy1528692696
Somerset Pt 21853, MDPhysical Therapy1679103741
Anne Arundel Physician Group, Llc 20782, MDPhysical Therapy1053944728
Sara Dinnell Parmiter 21401, MDPhysical Therapy1962052985
Mindful Performance Center Limited Liability Company 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1972074839
Achieve Signature Rehabilitation, Llc 18017, MDPhysical Therapy1174147797
Kreis Physical Therapy Llc 21228, MDPhysical Therapy1053935106
Grand Therapeutic Services Llc 30043, MDPhysical Therapy1912409046
Theresa Logan 20832, MDPhysical Therapy1023447026
Fatmata Maseray Bangura 20774, MDPhysical Therapy1861029258
Southern Maryland Medical Group Llc 20770, MDPhysical Therapy1942448113
Starrla Donavanik 21222, MDPhysical Therapy1235632530
Wholehealthpt Llc 22314, MDPhysical Therapy1790399400
Victoria Mallow 33431, MDPhysical Therapy1225405996
Go Physical Therapy, Llc 20646, MDPhysical Therapy1255884953
Limitless Physiotherapy, Llc 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1063938108
Felice Physical Therapy 21031, MDPhysical Therapy1851774475
Hanul Jung 20906, MDPhysical Therapy1023399755
Physica Medica Llc 21231, MDPhysical Therapy1902396005
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 21236, MDPhysical Therapy1770588600
Douglas Avery & Associates Ltd 20650, MDPhysical Therapy1619972544
Fine Bryant & Wah Inc 21401, MDPhysical Therapy1891790721
Douglas Avery & Associates Ltd 20602, MDPhysical Therapy1942206412
Fine Bryant & Wah Inc 21113, MDPhysical Therapy1295731768
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation 21204, MDPhysical Therapy1619973609
Trc Mid Atlantic,llc 17403, MDPhysical Therapy1427055912
Stamper Health & Wellness Llc 20878, MDPhysical Therapy1255323242
Select Medical Of Maryland Inc 21562, MDPhysical Therapy1275535940
Montgomery Therapy, Llc 20850, MDPhysical Therapy1821081233
Gateau Physical Therapy 20657, MDPhysical Therapy1679551568
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 20850, MDPhysical Therapy1316915598
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 21401, MDPhysical Therapy1245208479
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 21146, MDPhysical Therapy1780652917
Eagle Rehab Corporation 20744, MDPhysical Therapy1679541809
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 21236, MDPhysical Therapy1992773048
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 20814, MDPhysical Therapy1861460917
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 21043, MDPhysical Therapy1629047733
Arso Neuro Rehab And Orthopedic Center 20910, MDPhysical Therapy1518349026
Resurgent Performance Pt 20877, MDPhysical Therapy1174079545
Sunrise Lifestyle Centers Llc 21204, MDPhysical Therapy1023075561
Kinetic Physical Therapy, Inc 21401, MDPhysical Therapy1114978376
Martin Physical Therapy, Inc 21863, MDPhysical Therapy1821045345
Matrix Rehabilitation Maryland, Inc. 20815, MDPhysical Therapy1861417479
Matrix Rehabilitation Maryland, Inc. 21117, MDPhysical Therapy1871518472
Rachel E. Miller, Inc 20895, MDPhysical Therapy1093735995
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 21202, MDPhysical Therapy1649289042
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 21093, MDPhysical Therapy1760491187
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 21224, MDPhysical Therapy1174532584
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 20706, MDPhysical Therapy1336158989
Feehley Physical Therapy, Llc 21234, MDPhysical Therapy1033125604
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc. 21043, MDPhysical Therapy1578576906
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 19335, MDPhysical Therapy1205947223
Maryland Healthcare Clinics 21215, MDPhysical Therapy1043312036
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21228, MDPhysical Therapy1477659621
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21208, MDPhysical Therapy1750487849
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21030, MDPhysical Therapy1699871798
Associated Professional Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 20708, MDPhysical Therapy1275639155
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21901, MDPhysical Therapy1417055153
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 20852, MDPhysical Therapy1578661336
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21040, MDPhysical Therapy1881792687
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21014, MDPhysical Therapy1730287533
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21911, MDPhysical Therapy1104926971
Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 20708, MDPhysical Therapy1386744035
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21921, MDPhysical Therapy1558452904
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21204, MDPhysical Therapy1659464279
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21702, MDPhysical Therapy1902990682
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21224, MDPhysical Therapy1447345210
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 06762, MDPhysical Therapy1215022488
Physiotherapy Associates Union Rehab Llc 21921, MDPhysical Therapy1699861138
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21012, MDPhysical Therapy1801981915
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21093, MDPhysical Therapy1174619175
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43220, MDPhysical Therapy1740378066
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43026, MDPhysical Therapy1366522955
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 22315, MDPhysical Therapy1821178138
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43017, MDPhysical Therapy1396825907
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21244, MDPhysical Therapy1578640025
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 17112, MDPhysical Therapy1619054343
Friendship Heights Rehabilitation Center, Llc 20815, MDPhysical Therapy1508935883
Rehab At Work, Corp. 20850, MDPhysical Therapy1972676179
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Mid Atlantic States,inc 20176, MDPhysical Therapy1861552721
Bounce Back Physical Therapy Llc 21044, MDPhysical Therapy1801945878
Atlantic Physical Therapy And Rehab Center Ltd 20906, MDPhysical Therapy1194879858
Calvert Physical Therapy And Sports Fitness Ctr. 20678, MDPhysical Therapy1780724617
Poolesville Physical Therapy 20837, MDPhysical Therapy1396880100
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21784, MDPhysical Therapy1629101084
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 19518, MDPhysical Therapy1083747182
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1831227255
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 20785, MDPhysical Therapy1417075557
Optimal Physical Therapy And Industrial Rehab Inc 20754, MDPhysical Therapy1467677070
Comptroller Of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau 21802, MDPhysical Therapy1063634467
University Physical Therapy Associates Inc 20774, MDPhysical Therapy1053527762
K Conway Physical Therapy, Inc. 20678, MDPhysical Therapy1780889154
Anitha N Rangarajan 21157, MDPhysical Therapy1134325590
County Therapy Associates, Llc 21160, MDPhysical Therapy1700078151
Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center, Pc 21221, MDPhysical Therapy1972795169
Sunrise Health Center 21204, MDPhysical Therapy1235321225
Hollyfield Physical Therapy, Llc. 20607, MDPhysical Therapy1639361207
Foundation Rehab, Inc. 21539, MDPhysical Therapy1952590416
Tahir Mahmood Pc 20782, MDPhysical Therapy1699956094
Whittles Physical Therapy Llc 20902, MDPhysical Therapy1184806648
Durmano Rehabilitation & Management, Llc 20707, MDPhysical Therapy1013190073
Alliance Enterprises Inc. 20018, MDPhysical Therapy1942484035
Manual & Sports Physical Therapy Llc 20852, MDPhysical Therapy1447438809
Complete Physical Therapy, Llc 20737, MDPhysical Therapy1508036526
Step By Step, Llc 20852, MDPhysical Therapy1588835086
Young Enterprises Inc 20852, MDPhysical Therapy1679744130
Step By Step Pediatric Physical Therapy 20852, MDPhysical Therapy1578734075
Appliedortho Physical Therapy Llc 20878, MDPhysical Therapy1659544302
Elite Physical Therapy Pc 20782, MDPhysical Therapy1184890741
Freedom Therapy Solutions, Inc. 20659, MDPhysical Therapy1093982738
Select Medical Of Maryland Inc 21502, MDPhysical Therapy1659538783
Optimum Care Center 21217, MDPhysical Therapy1184887374
Rehabcare Services Llc 21043, MDPhysical Therapy1265629083
Strickland Physical Therapy, Llc 20650, MDPhysical Therapy1962698498
J & Js Physical Therapy Inc 20754, MDPhysical Therapy1639351307
Max Bloom Rpt Pa 21228, MDPhysical Therapy1316197361
Premier Action Therapy Inc. 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1548410228
Maryland Healthcare Clinics 21213, MDPhysical Therapy1518119205
Maryland Healthcare Clinics 21234, MDPhysical Therapy1003068784
Maryland Healthcare Clinics 20770, MDPhysical Therapy1689826372
Evolution Sports Physiotherapy, Inc. 21030, MDPhysical Therapy1366694705
Physical Therapy In Action Pllc 20902, MDPhysical Therapy1225280332
Roy Film Pt, Pa 21043, MDPhysical Therapy1225281488
Mostafa Pc 20602, MDPhysical Therapy1225274541
Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab. Inc 20832, MDPhysical Therapy1093954158
Abiy Physical Therapy & Rehab Llc 20910, MDPhysical Therapy1952540023
Kesler Physicalmassage Llc 20815, MDPhysical Therapy1124267083
In Motion Physical Therapy, Llc 21157, MDPhysical Therapy1306088273
Accurate Rehabilitation Corporation 21227, MDPhysical Therapy1447492434
Bodywise Physical Therapy & Acupuncture, Llc 21046, MDPhysical Therapy1588807580
Prestige Physical Therapy, Llc 21702, MDPhysical Therapy1912140112
Renew Physical Therapy And Wellness Center, Llc 20744, MDPhysical Therapy1942438379
Masa Healthcare, Llc 21117, MDPhysical Therapy1811126485
Springs Physical Therapy 20910, MDPhysical Therapy1407085202
Peace & Glory Manor, Inc 21133, MDPhysical Therapy1104159839
Novacare 21113, MDPhysical Therapy1972837078
Motwc Corp. 20910, MDPhysical Therapy1477887339
Chesapeake Bay Aquatic & Physical Therapy, Inc 20707, MDPhysical Therapy1831411271
Proactive Hand And Physical Therapy 20850, MDPhysical Therapy1134442783
Capitol Rehab Of Crofton Inc 21114, MDPhysical Therapy1881911584
Jung Orthopedic & Sports Physiotherapy Institute 20724, MDPhysical Therapy1992026835
Touchstone Therapy & Wellness 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1598076820
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedic Institute 22306, MDPhysical Therapy1942514450
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedic Institute 22192, MDPhysical Therapy1194039511
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedic Institute 22079, MDPhysical Therapy1205140639
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedics 20735, MDPhysical Therapy1184930885
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedic Institute 20603, MDPhysical Therapy1801102504
Greater Metropolitan Orthopaedic Institute 22310, MDPhysical Therapy1548576242
Vertical Rehabilitation, Llc 20706, MDPhysical Therapy1326354747
Cjb Therapy Center 21227, MDPhysical Therapy1003126368
Charles M. Dilla, P.t., P.a. 20901, MDPhysical Therapy1912208240
Physical And Sports Rehab Consultants, Llc 20774, MDPhysical Therapy1639472095
Holistic Solutions Physical Therapy, Llc 21230, MDPhysical Therapy1376849141
Karen Foy 21042, MDPhysical Therapy1780981449
Affinity Rehabilitation 20874, MDPhysical Therapy1417256520
Back To Balance Llc 20853, MDPhysical Therapy1053610303
Affinity Rehabilitation Llp 13214, MDPhysical Therapy1346530169
Total Health Family Clinic, Inc. 20784, MDPhysical Therapy1619261872
Maryland Injury Center, Llc 20782, MDPhysical Therapy1154618023
Teresa Heitzmann, Mspt, Llc 21045, MDPhysical Therapy1780962407
Team Sports Injury Consulting, Llc 20742, MDPhysical Therapy1740569383
The Cane Group Llc 20735, MDPhysical Therapy1023399912
Revive Physical Therapy Llc 21042, MDPhysical Therapy1215204110
Montclaire Physical Therapy, Llc 21701, MDPhysical Therapy1952671075
Karen N. Bonsack Pt Llc 21001, MDPhysical Therapy1285904854
Klaff Sports Physical Therapy, Inc 21209, MDPhysical Therapy1710250303
Eaman Physical Therapy, Llc 20877, MDPhysical Therapy1811261654
Canyon Kids 20814, MDPhysical Therapy1205101938
Alvord & Associates 20817, MDPhysical Therapy1124393269
Amn 20906, MDPhysical Therapy1629344353
Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness, Llc 20866, MDPhysical Therapy1538489802
In Balance Physical Therapy And Wellness Center Llc 21117, MDPhysical Therapy1588890065
Early Steps Therapy Llc 21208, MDPhysical Therapy1053613745


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