Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ross Manor Associates 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1962499053
Dexter Manor Associates 04930, MEPhysical Therapy1487640520
Falmouth Convalescent Center Inc 04105, MEPhysical Therapy1932198850
Colonial Acres Associates 04457, MEPhysical Therapy1710977236
Seaport Village Skilled Nursing Center Llc 04605, MEPhysical Therapy1558351841
Woodlawn Nursing Home Inc 04976, MEPhysical Therapy1518948348
Seal Rock Associates Llc 04072, MEPhysical Therapy1417939612
Freeport Convalescent Center Inc 04032, MEPhysical Therapy1427026657
Guy Robert Audet 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1205805967
Lisa Marie Burdick 04032, MEPhysical Therapy1063481653
Jennifer Stihilaire 04953, MEPhysical Therapy1356300610
Diana Lynn Michaud 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1073573069
Janet M Grivois 03580, MEPhysical Therapy1598207516
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 04062, MEPhysical Therapy1114987922
Amanda Hall 04073, MEPhysical Therapy1528006400
Susan Gagner 04073, MEPhysical Therapy1649207192
Holistic Physical Therapy Services Inc. 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1619907888
Koru Physical Therapy And Wellness, Pllc 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1275033078
Lori Bourget Sweeney 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1336174119
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04953, MEPhysical Therapy1508881582
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04915, MEPhysical Therapy1740205731
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04654, MEPhysical Therapy1285659268
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04605, MEPhysical Therapy1811912876
Janet Condle 38120, MEPhysical Therapy1649284605
Sharon Dunseath 38120, MEPhysical Therapy1215941521
Cheryl Willis 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1609885052
Nicholas Andrew Black 04849, MEPhysical Therapy1568827657
Leslie Jacobs 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1043320757
Brian Morin 04084, MEPhysical Therapy1689784282
Katherine Pepper 04210, MEPhysical Therapy1306944178
Port City Physical Therapy Limited 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1841381290
Port City Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04105, MEPhysical Therapy1811088263
Alma Aranda 04210, MEPhysical Therapy1912099698
Karen Fagan 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1659465318
Sunbury Primary Care, P.a. 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1124113345
Riverview Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04092, MEPhysical Therapy1881784429
Riverview Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04530, MEPhysical Therapy1619059250
Georgia Goodrich 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1861575847
Mark Nawfel 04937, MEPhysical Therapy1770666406
Robert W Gayer 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1124103833
Sigrun Thompson 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1891870101
Port City Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1962587899
Jill M Sadler 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1588749931
Beth E Froman 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1891870259
Sandra Nadeau 04210, MEPhysical Therapy1972672962
Quick Solutions Network Llc 04666, MEPhysical Therapy1093813651
Movement Matters 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1265516777
Riverview Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04096, MEPhysical Therapy1720160369
Joyia Elizabeth Cyr 04739, MEPhysical Therapy1386716298
Brenda Belarger Eugley 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1972678209
Scarborough Physical Therapy Associates, P.a. 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1316006737
Timothy P Beagan 04268, MEPhysical Therapy1508922469
Orthopaedic Associates Of Portland Performance Therapy 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1700931276
Jill Louise Newell 04105, MEPhysical Therapy1326184433
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 04268, MEPhysical Therapy1891823324
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1396873048
Angela M. Moore 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1053444729
Michelle Lee Stankevitz 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1942334529
Lisa Anne Jacunski 04976, MEPhysical Therapy1497870182
Michelle Lynn Welch 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1720103724
Christopher Edward Piper 04105, MEPhysical Therapy1043336332
Tracey Elizabeth Flewelling 04473, MEPhysical Therapy1326165317
Tina Lynn Fox 04043, MEPhysical Therapy1770600975
Cherrie A Lehoullier 04043, MEPhysical Therapy1033236955
Lynette Rose Godbout 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1134247307
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1215064720
Lindy Ost 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1366582355
Katherine Panciera 04426, MEPhysical Therapy1851852503
Elizabeth Iannuccillo 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1659833408
Jessica Tucker 04763, MEPhysical Therapy1083176853
Brent Patrick Dellarma 04938, MEPhysical Therapy1710007505
Angela Martin 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1912027541
Susan C Gluck 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1831210681
Daniel Mcpherson Perry 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1093936197
Stephanie Joan Hamel 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1568674422
Jessie A Daily 32817, MEPhysical Therapy1417166042
Debra Anne Leavitt 32817, MEPhysical Therapy1225247091
Jennifer Ann Gooley 04730, MEPhysical Therapy1386847804
Carl Malcolm Tingley 04730, MEPhysical Therapy1821296708
Mary Lee Potter 04730, MEPhysical Therapy1780882217
Alison Allen Richards 04627, MEPhysical Therapy1881892800
Peter Kiplin Humphrey 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1801088430
Wellness Management Services Llc 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1487848826
Brian Edward Naborowsky 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1588851810
Daniel Kardulas 04090, MEPhysical Therapy1588852123
Amy Marie Melvin 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1992984835
Karen Christina Wright 04073, MEPhysical Therapy1639350549
Gayle Wendy Workman 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1447431002
Louise Roy Collins 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1487837175
Paula Susan King 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1770767998
Pequawket Physical Therapy, Llc 04049, MEPhysical Therapy1134303001
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 04062, MEPhysical Therapy1710163068
Susan M. Vinall 04605, MEPhysical Therapy1982873642
Robyn L Pride 04473, MEPhysical Therapy1417126079
Carley Anne Boivin Packard 04268, MEPhysical Therapy1891962098
Linda J Morse 04428, MEPhysical Therapy1427225671
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1275790305
Amy Lynn Gurney 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1598922213
Frances Newman 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1619135654
Mark Joseph Wheaton 04062, MEPhysical Therapy1578721577
Paula Maturo 04096, MEPhysical Therapy1427216233
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1649434168
Riverview Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04062, MEPhysical Therapy1861688996
Karen Ross 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1225413289
Emily Smith 04619, MEPhysical Therapy1073078184
Jennifer Young 04730, MEPhysical Therapy1801353842
Molly Amirault 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1326203688
Steven Andrew Kiesman 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1497911549
Denise Mary Cobleigh 04102, MEPhysical Therapy1699931626
Amy J Mulherin 15090, MEPhysical Therapy1124274634
Eloise Edith Jasper 04005, MEPhysical Therapy1750530713
Jon David Leclair 04654, MEPhysical Therapy1033363130
Gregory Richard Onnen 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1194963413
Mainely Kidz Pt 03903, MEPhysical Therapy1730327792
Albertine Henderson 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1033357850
James Arthur Smith 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1689813230
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1225278757
Denise Louise Achorn 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1811130396
Child Development Services Search 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1023244266
Select Physical Therapy Holdings, Inc. 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1437389269
Molly Dearborn 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1336370436
Sherry A Corey 04101, MEPhysical Therapy1891927331
Jennifer Waltz 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1972736635
Michel E Deveau 04345, MEPhysical Therapy1194058305
Barbara H Hatch 04930, MEPhysical Therapy1871828343
Karen Bickford 04092, MEPhysical Therapy1881920601
Eric Bouchard 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1770814618
Patricia Bright 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1861724726
Tiffany Marie Ransom 04105, MEPhysical Therapy1851623300
Griffin Therapy Services Llc 04769, MEPhysical Therapy1811210461
Melanie L. Sweeney 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1770804601
Seablue Physical Therapy Llc 04849, MEPhysical Therapy1528389319
Coastal Physical Therapy Services, Llc 04643, MEPhysical Therapy1659687267
Janis L. Peterson 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1225344690
Danielle Soucy 04787, MEPhysical Therapy1215246913
Abel Center For Rehabilitation Therapies, Inc. 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1932400116
Stephen William Perry 76801, MEPhysical Therapy1912209933
Deneiges V Labbe 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1982906954
Roberto Rodriguez 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1497054142
Elisabeth Geralyn Holdsworth 04072, MEPhysical Therapy1073812665
Cory Ellis 04412, MEPhysical Therapy1538452255
Carlisle Academy Integrative Equine Therapy And Sports, Llc 04002, MEPhysical Therapy1326333857
Emily Ann Estes 04342, MEPhysical Therapy1114214699
Cheryl Harmon 04062, MEPhysical Therapy1164700175
Carrie L Mitchell 04530, MEPhysical Therapy1104104116
Brandy L French 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1194003954
Katrina Larkin Smith 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1881977569
Travis Lowell 32128, MEPhysical Therapy1912283607
Tricia-fae Cossar 04412, MEPhysical Therapy1841567161
Lauren Elizabeth Veilleux 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1558634717
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1801923305
Christine Fortin 03901, MEPhysical Therapy1043691777
Brittany Rich 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1912373689
Ellen Noble Heckerd Pt Ms Pc 04843, MEPhysical Therapy1376841775
Matthew Lee Stevens 04072, MEPhysical Therapy1982106530
Thomas Ordelt 04843, MEPhysical Therapy1952826869
Jill Daicey Hutchison 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1750808788
Corinna L. Melino 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1427292564
Satu Donahoe 04040, MEPhysical Therapy1326555319
Denise Dudzinski 04072, MEPhysical Therapy1356847487
William Bingaman 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1598254831
Kaitlyn Petrone 34787, MEPhysical Therapy1780941708
Leslie Parker Physical Therapy 03903, MEPhysical Therapy1568720431
Rachel A Bisson 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1912253709
Christine Laplante 03906, MEPhysical Therapy1760736391
Sara Rivera 04937, MEPhysical Therapy1073851077
Linda Joy Elliott 04476, MEPhysical Therapy1720328677
Edward Victor Small 04401, MEPhysical Therapy1508107665
Jaime Lyn Gilbert 04443, MEPhysical Therapy1457794281
Able Healthcare, Inc. 04072, MEPhysical Therapy1164861845
Royce Physical Therapy 04970, MEPhysical Therapy1720429780
Meagan Nicole Richardson 04238, MEPhysical Therapy1750722492
Shelley K Joyce 04938, MEPhysical Therapy1477986057
Muriel Bary 04843, MEPhysical Therapy1992130785
Meryia Leigh Michaud 04843, MEPhysical Therapy1558797456
Kenneth R Ritchie 04462, MEPhysical Therapy1326475765
Shelli Rae Bowman 04976, MEPhysical Therapy1699103119
Northeast Evaluation Specialists 04103, MEPhysical Therapy1073941464
Dover foxcroft Healthcare, Llc 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1184052243
Rehab Without Walls, Inc. 04412, MEPhysical Therapy1679904536
Rebecca Edith Dube 04989, MEPhysical Therapy1518381540
Holly Ann Littlefield 04496, MEPhysical Therapy1639593536
Jean Smail 04106, MEPhysical Therapy1598189565
Karen Prescott 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1649694381
Todd Thauer 04074, MEPhysical Therapy1104241355
Haley Levasseur 04943, MEPhysical Therapy1952729766
Devon Pooler 04963, MEPhysical Therapy1881005791
Sarah Kemp 04258, MEPhysical Therapy1669871125
Mark Pollock 04843, MEPhysical Therapy1295138113
Suzanne Grover 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1538557400
Jenna Dubord 04412, MEPhysical Therapy1720478720
Equilibrium Balancing Health Llc 04005, MEPhysical Therapy1326442245
Mackenzie Wheeler 04011, MEPhysical Therapy1912393331
Kelly Mackenzie 04268, MEPhysical Therapy1396122347
Christine Zimmermann 03909, MEPhysical Therapy1649658584
Dawn Lee Keller 02723, MEPhysical Therapy1598144990
Jeremy Paules 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1346620796
Sharon Grignon 04330, MEPhysical Therapy1821478181
Alex Poulin 04901, MEPhysical Therapy1518347376
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 04240, MEPhysical Therapy1568599082


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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