Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Metamora Physical Therapy Llc 48455, MIPhysical Therapy1396257135
Metro Rehabilitation Services Inc 48346, MIPhysical Therapy1568467405
Rci Michigan Inc 49509, MIPhysical Therapy1730184672
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation East Inc 48326, MIPhysical Therapy1184629024
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation East Inc 48093, MIPhysical Therapy1245235191
Kevin Swartzentruber 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1043686793
Tririga Rehab Llc 48302, MIPhysical Therapy1952766826
Cer West Inc 48034, MIPhysical Therapy1184620577
Novacare Outpatient Rehabilitation East Inc 48327, MIPhysical Therapy1821094202
Jennifer Pankey 49423, MIPhysical Therapy1528535234
Central Rehabilitation, Inc. 48076, MIPhysical Therapy1265439483
Tri rehab, Inc. 48124, MIPhysical Therapy1427056696
National Rehab Service, Inc 48180, MIPhysical Therapy1245238070
Guardian Angel Outpatient Rehab Inc 48310, MIPhysical Therapy1821097684
Ron Brickey Assoc Pc 48060, MIPhysical Therapy1578561395
Metro Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc 48075, MIPhysical Therapy1912906744
Hamtramck Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc. 48423, MIPhysical Therapy1124027966
Healing Touch Physical Therapy, Inc. 48150, MIPhysical Therapy1104827195
Michigan Spine & Orthopedic Rehab Inc 48197, MIPhysical Therapy1003817909
Roseann Doney 49546, MIPhysical Therapy1134120959
Sandra Rose Zmijski 48085, MIPhysical Therapy1306346077
Roth And Baum Associates, P.c. 48154, MIPhysical Therapy1366434292
Ann L Berry 48187, MIPhysical Therapy1770575532
Sandi Karafa 49423, MIPhysical Therapy1790218352
P.t. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. 48161, MIPhysical Therapy1477555142
Complete Rehab Services, Inc 48042, MIPhysical Therapy1811980162
Rehabilitation Health Center Inc 48105, MIPhysical Therapy1982690806
Physical Therapy One, P.c. 49024, MIPhysical Therapy1962499855
Alexis Ann Hegstrom 49920, MIPhysical Therapy1780148270
Trishard P.c. 48092, MIPhysical Therapy1992793442
Arm Assessment Rehabilitation Management Inc. 48910, MIPhysical Therapy1184614810
Progress Physical Therapy Inc 48739, MIPhysical Therapy1053301341
Ivyrehab Northern Pt, Llc 49345, MIPhysical Therapy1972592525
Physical Therapy Center 48307, MIPhysical Therapy1487631966
Progressive Rehab Network Ltd 48089, MIPhysical Therapy1770561839
C Weaver Physical Therapy Inc 48823, MIPhysical Therapy1578542551
Dawn Marie Kregel 49512, MIPhysical Therapy1881195774
Deepti Rose Chorath 48026, MIPhysical Therapy1275038143
Michigan Rehabilitation Care Inc 48146, MIPhysical Therapy1306818364
Douglas Gerard Schaefer 48837, MIPhysical Therapy1679540728
Thomas Michael Dubay 48640, MIPhysical Therapy1558320986
Shannon Mae Mertes 48315, MIPhysical Therapy1114986528
Angela Marie Scheidler 48640, MIPhysical Therapy1912966334
Select Physical Therapy Of Michigan, Inc. 48103, MIPhysical Therapy1356301196
Cooper & Associates Physical Therapy Inc. 48334, MIPhysical Therapy1093775306
Eagle Rehab Corporation 48038, MIPhysical Therapy1245290063
Eagle Rehab Corporation 49091, MIPhysical Therapy1851351670
Eagle Rehab Corporation 48180, MIPhysical Therapy1508826058
Eagle Rehab Corporation 48185, MIPhysical Therapy1255391702
Janet Celeste Lauer 48187, MIPhysical Therapy1467415935
Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center 49770, MIPhysical Therapy1538123906
Erika Lombardo 48080, MIPhysical Therapy1730143132
Katherine Elizabeth Romkema 49444, MIPhysical Therapy1164487807
James Paul Simeone 48124, MIPhysical Therapy1093770588
Pro Active Physical Therapy Inc. 48334, MIPhysical Therapy1437117934
In Home Rehab Of Dickinson County 49892, MIPhysical Therapy1487604203
Max Well Therapy L.l.c. 48532, MIPhysical Therapy1871544577
Us Rehabilitatiln,inc 48180, MIPhysical Therapy1255383295
Rebecca Ann Malcolm 48304, MIPhysical Therapy1497717490
Kasim Ltd 49544, MIPhysical Therapy1811948953
Melanie Sue Ruddy 48604, MIPhysical Therapy1013418771
Monroerehabconnection Llc 48162, MIPhysical Therapy1346294287
Active Therapy Services Inc 48195, MIPhysical Therapy1801841093
Kingsley Physical Therapy, P.l.l.c. 49649, MIPhysical Therapy1871549857
General Rehab Management Corporation 48150, MIPhysical Therapy1518914142
Bauer Rehabilitation Services, Llc 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1962459354
Evergreen Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 49307, MIPhysical Therapy1730126285
Paramount Physical Therapy & Hand 48116, MIPhysical Therapy1972540342
Paramount Physical Therapy & Hand Institute Limited Partnership 48843, MIPhysical Therapy1235177692
Arc Therapy Services Llc 49423, MIPhysical Therapy1396783858
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48033, MIPhysical Therapy1730120650
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48183, MIPhysical Therapy1215979943
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48326, MIPhysical Therapy1427090182
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48322, MIPhysical Therapy1285676692
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd 48236, MIPhysical Therapy1619919024
Botsford General Hospital 48240, MIPhysical Therapy1568404853
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48072, MIPhysical Therapy1942244702
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48162, MIPhysical Therapy1639113947
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48307, MIPhysical Therapy1083658397
Rehabpointe Llc 48188, MIPhysical Therapy1023053915
Rehabone center For Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Llc 48310, MIPhysical Therapy1053356907
Ortho Care Physical Therapy, Inc. 48066, MIPhysical Therapy1962438440
Michelle Mcclellan 49419, MIPhysical Therapy1346637774
Nadine Somakpo 48033, MIPhysical Therapy1407301146
Capitol Area Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. 48823, MIPhysical Therapy1659327021
Orthopedic Spine & Sports Inc 48307, MIPhysical Therapy1639694383
Wimal Jayakody 48188, MIPhysical Therapy1053882399
Heavenly Hands Physical Therapy Llc 48334, MIPhysical Therapy1235696063
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48201, MIPhysical Therapy1528090941
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48174, MIPhysical Therapy1497788384
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48088, MIPhysical Therapy1902838394
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48375, MIPhysical Therapy1538191937
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48207, MIPhysical Therapy1255364097
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48150, MIPhysical Therapy1134151541
United Rehab Services, P.c. 48348, MIPhysical Therapy1568495083
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48180, MIPhysical Therapy1679506307
Family Care Plus Physical Therapy & Wellness, Llc 48519, MIPhysical Therapy1376576744
Dean M. Clendenin 49419, MIPhysical Therapy1326072240
U.s. Rehab Services, Pc 48035, MIPhysical Therapy1205861317
Lakeside Comprehensive Rehabilitation Inc. 49420, MIPhysical Therapy1396779542
Katie Jo Homkes 49419, MIPhysical Therapy1366477663
Christine Ann-root Gomez 49348, MIPhysical Therapy1831114693
Tracy Lynn Hausman 49348, MIPhysical Therapy1457376220
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Limited Partnership 48170, MIPhysical Therapy1356368047
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Lp 48154, MIPhysical Therapy1982621678
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Limited Partnership 48393, MIPhysical Therapy1972520666
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Limited Partnership 48386, MIPhysical Therapy1881611580
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Limited Partnership 48375, MIPhysical Therapy1780601484
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists Limited Partnership 48152, MIPhysical Therapy1689691388
Heather Crapo 49009, MIPhysical Therapy1144249434
Janice Shanlian 49009, MIPhysical Therapy1255350179
Kristi M Clark 49684, MIPhysical Therapy1235153032
Physical Therapy And Fitness Llc 48076, MIPhysical Therapy1184648578
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48150, MIPhysical Therapy1316961873
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48116, MIPhysical Therapy1598779449
Lindsey Joy Kerber 49419, MIPhysical Therapy1457368417
Alexis Rehab Services Pc 48195, MIPhysical Therapy1639187305
Mission Physical Therapy, Inc 48858, MIPhysical Therapy1578572608
Accurate Physical Therapy Inc 48342, MIPhysical Therapy1023028149
Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Center, Inc 49022, MIPhysical Therapy1811908650
Functional Innovative Therapy, Llc 49525, MIPhysical Therapy1093727802
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49024, MIPhysical Therapy1245242379
Evergreen Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 48624, MIPhysical Therapy1558374280
Hh Rehab Associates Inc. 48473, MIPhysical Therapy1154334787
Professional Rehab Services Inc. 49677, MIPhysical Therapy1588777429
Evergreen Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 48625, MIPhysical Therapy1962515809
Midland Physical Therapy Inc. 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1629181920
Sheila A Isles-truax 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1033223383
Anne M Sieggreen 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1669586939
Amy J Campbell 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1114031408
Georgia Rehab Services, Inc. 30014, MIPhysical Therapy1326153479
Barry Allen Buchanan 49015, MIPhysical Therapy1437265220
Metropolitan Physical Therapy Agency, Inc. 48195, MIPhysical Therapy1649205121
Kristy L Vanwort 49424, MIPhysical Therapy1033506696
Cynthia Luanne Anderson 49017, MIPhysical Therapy1598122129
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48340, MIPhysical Therapy1528091246
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48076, MIPhysical Therapy1427081389
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48083, MIPhysical Therapy1912930637
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48101, MIPhysical Therapy1932132792
Active Life Physical Therapy & Rehab Inc 48174, MIPhysical Therapy1073016614
Michigan State University 48823, MIPhysical Therapy1992712053
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49127, MIPhysical Therapy1932120037
Ptx Physical Therapy, Llc 49456, MIPhysical Therapy1609365550
Kathleen E Legrande 77598, MIPhysical Therapy1881173680
Lori Lynn Marquardt 48060, MIPhysical Therapy1558828798
Laura Staffing Wandell 48170, MIPhysical Therapy1770040321
Gregg Tharge 49009, MIPhysical Therapy1144338716
Vonda Biondo 49009, MIPhysical Therapy1396853222
Jennifer Wheeler 48101, MIPhysical Therapy1376653915
Vivek Thakore 49431, MIPhysical Therapy1609986405
Christie Gray 49091, MIPhysical Therapy1497865042
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49337, MIPhysical Therapy1992816607
Health Motion Physical Therapy Services Inc 49512, MIPhysical Therapy1992817316
Sheryl Ann Pylman 49512, MIPhysical Therapy1164533956
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49456, MIPhysical Therapy1821100108
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49417, MIPhysical Therapy1205938248
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49441, MIPhysical Therapy1528161742
A one Physical Therapy And Sports Injury, Inc. 48446, MIPhysical Therapy1396848180
Macomb Oakland Regional Center Inc. 48038, MIPhysical Therapy1871696047
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49464, MIPhysical Therapy1699879973
U.s. Rehabilitation Services Inc 49431, MIPhysical Therapy1730283920
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48375, MIPhysical Therapy1225133630
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48316, MIPhysical Therapy1679679047
Paul Frederick 49090, MIPhysical Therapy1790881290
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49412, MIPhysical Therapy1366549800
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48309, MIPhysical Therapy1174620397
Richard Errett Ruth 48162, MIPhysical Therapy1649377888
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48075, MIPhysical Therapy1255438487
Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services Ltd. 48357, MIPhysical Therapy1467559740
Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center Llc 49015, MIPhysical Therapy1023117876
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48092, MIPhysical Therapy1144329541
Carl Albert Sigmund 48430, MIPhysical Therapy1467543645
Elzbieta Lodej 48038, MIPhysical Therapy1295826840
Physical Therapy Center Of Midland, Llc 48640, MIPhysical Therapy1083706584
Physical Therapy Group Inc. 48146, MIPhysical Therapy1457443855
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48176, MIPhysical Therapy1639262397
Roberta K Clements 49503, MIPhysical Therapy1467545012
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 49503, MIPhysical Therapy1386739738
Annette Marie Jones 49036, MIPhysical Therapy1124112826
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48801, MIPhysical Therapy1902991185
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48135, MIPhysical Therapy1629163738
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 48609, MIPhysical Therapy1598850737
Stephanie Jo Grinstead 49445, MIPhysical Therapy1467548974
Julie Albin 49283, MIPhysical Therapy1154416238
Donna M Carncross 48824, MIPhysical Therapy1497842918
United Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc. 48180, MIPhysical Therapy1841387081
Ann Arbor Physical Therapy Services, P.c. 48203, MIPhysical Therapy1467532838
Tri county Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Inc. 48235, MIPhysical Therapy1518047893
Tri city Physical Therapy, Inc 48187, MIPhysical Therapy1134209430
Progressive Therapy & Rehab Center, Inc. 48235, MIPhysical Therapy1518047802
Therapy Management Enterprises Inc. 48220, MIPhysical Therapy1467537001
Saginaw Valley Sport & Spine Lp 48722, MIPhysical Therapy1396820346
Saginaw Valley Sport & Spine Lp 48642, MIPhysical Therapy1801971858
Saginaw Valley Sport & Spine Lp 48706, MIPhysical Therapy1427133479
Narayan Rehabilitation Inc 48413, MIPhysical Therapy1033294806
Visiting Therapists Association Of Kent, Inc. 49546, MIPhysical Therapy1922184951
Sportsmedic 48183, MIPhysical Therapy1417034752
Health One Rehab, Inc. 48204, MIPhysical Therapy1114004389
Christy Marie Haas 49068, MIPhysical Therapy1265519078
Hh Rehab Associates Inc. 48051, MIPhysical Therapy1144307794


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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