Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Montana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Montana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Physical Therapy Down Under Inc 59501, MTPhysical Therapy1144226986
Bigfork Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Inc 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1649277799
Evergreen At Livingston, L.l.c. 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1497703896
Harrington Physical Therapy, Pc 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1144288044
Hamilton Physical Therapy Pc 59840, MTPhysical Therapy1023057064
Timothy Kenneth Lorang 59636, MTPhysical Therapy1508809278
In Balance Physical Therapy, P.c. 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1316438641
Physical Therapy In Motion Llc 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1952490971
Center For Physical Therapy & Wellness Inc 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1790866259
The Center Of Physical Therapy & Wellness 59801, MTPhysical Therapy1104908805
Gail Nevin Physical Therapy P C 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1932283926
Edge Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 59401, MTPhysical Therapy1225114903
Florence Physical Therapy Inc 59833, MTPhysical Therapy1932258001
Yellowstone Physical Therapy Inc. 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1841322310
George Stewart Webber 59417, MTPhysical Therapy1871610568
Amy Erdall Tooke 59301, MTPhysical Therapy1538299136
Allison Tubbs 59802, MTPhysical Therapy1982169132
Phillip Leavell 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1306064993
Loree Michelle Baasch 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1285855569
Rene Azpeitia 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1982825246
Barbara Joanne Huvinen 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1487875720
Amy Ayers Moore 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1518170497
Charlene M Marshall 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1174734743
Big Sky Spinal Care Center, Inc. 59714, MTPhysical Therapy1285826826
Rebecca Lynn Mcdaniel 59457, MTPhysical Therapy1467645432
Meneely Townsend 59330, MTPhysical Therapy1720274848
Tim Cordial Pt Pc 59802, MTPhysical Therapy1437331063
Angela Deloris Mart 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1437335403
Deer Lodge Valley Therapy Clinic, Inc. 59722, MTPhysical Therapy1780854927
Flathead Physical Therapy, Inc. P.c. 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1548431372
Michael Hansell 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1265605448
Carly R. Conatser 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1558537480
Amanda Lorene Bender 59860, MTPhysical Therapy1992971881
David Smith 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1114193794
Mona A. Allen 59845, MTPhysical Therapy1932375342
Karen J Miszler 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1346407996
Tera Weigand 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1063670834
Pamela Jean Marcella 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1023277514
Amanda Smrdel 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1780054999
Sarah Garner 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1710350574
Lawrence J. Ingvalson 59840, MTPhysical Therapy1801261409
Advanced Rehabilitation Services Llc 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1508084641
Mountain View Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Clinic, Inc 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1356522833
Leslie Riser 59912, MTPhysical Therapy1881161230
Amanda Mcdonough 32128, MTPhysical Therapy1770053951
Lindsay Pabst 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1609349679
Joshua Ashton 59804, MTPhysical Therapy1447718416
Eryn Aston 59804, MTPhysical Therapy1376002030
Cristal Warneke 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1316194202
Karen Jean Brunner 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1548418783
Plains Physical Therapy Pc 59859, MTPhysical Therapy1235389909
Canyon Ferry Physical Therapy, Llc 59644, MTPhysical Therapy1427209246
Mindful Motion Physical Therapy And Wellness, Inc. 59920, MTPhysical Therapy1639323645
Michelle C. Arnold-mcmahon 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1053565119
Kerry Lynn Mikkelson 59101, MTPhysical Therapy1225273345
Jason J Jamieson 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1275779043
Ortho Pt Llc 59801, MTPhysical Therapy1477782258
Danae Marie Pena 85021, MTPhysical Therapy1366673253
Lori Jo Neubauer 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1053543355
Carmen Anne Ehlert 59501, MTPhysical Therapy1275866162
Lori A. Rosales 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1346574357
Clearwater Therapeutics 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1659600203
Benjamin James Wingerter 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1770813172
Gayle Hertz 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1467774125
Synapse Physical Therapy Pllc 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1326362161
Debbie Lynne English 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1538486949
Deer Lodge Valley Therapy 59722, MTPhysical Therapy1750600375
Teresa Lynn Webber 59262, MTPhysical Therapy1073832275
Lolo Physical Therapy Pc 59847, MTPhysical Therapy1295047371
Josh Jay Brown 59865, MTPhysical Therapy1235441775
Janice Garcia 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1699088799
Zachary Porter Lasalle 59912, MTPhysical Therapy1629384367
Bailey Cooke 59804, MTPhysical Therapy1912214735
Loretta Anne Merriman 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1821391897
Janice Skinner Brzoticky 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1255639894
Mary B Williamson 59718, MTPhysical Therapy1700185675
Wilhelmina Lisa Prugh 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1598055345
Stephanie R Neubauer 59718, MTPhysical Therapy1801187638
Corvallis Physical Therapy, Pc 59828, MTPhysical Therapy1891080529
Christina Noel Russell 59457, MTPhysical Therapy1073892287
Carol Francom 59860, MTPhysical Therapy1225317324
Daniel Depinto 59427, MTPhysical Therapy1902187081
Mary Dolores Mancillas-loveless 59401, MTPhysical Therapy1952683542
Rodney N Michel 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1811270705
Priscilla R Binco 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1518242494
Ruby Valley Hospital 59749, MTPhysical Therapy1780961946
Emily M Pfeifer 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1043587215
Jenna Rae Dalla Mura 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1962773069
Marilee Woyth 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1992076939
Stacia Wynne 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1235401167
Jodi Henderson 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1215209143
Kylie Jacqueline Irish 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1932472438
Kaycee L Beall 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1003189119
Robert Picard 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1730452798
Belinda Tadej 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1538432570
Granite Sports Medicine 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1093089740
Mellisa Marie Frank 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1558635151
Kaci Lee Monroe 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1912290206
Lisa Dee Buffington 59711, MTPhysical Therapy1043591845
Stenson Physical Therapy 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1558514950
Andrea Liana Schoesler 59101, MTPhysical Therapy1790203792
Hannah Inabnit 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1679092480
Charles Rush 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1073032512
Katie Schermele 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1538659545
Nora Buffham 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1851870497
Rita Ann Gagnon 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1760749758
Leslie Anne Patterson 59860, MTPhysical Therapy1376805119
Nora Jean Brown-dingley 59725, MTPhysical Therapy1427312651
Ridgeline Rehab Pc 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1962752782
Terra N Opheim 75034, MTPhysical Therapy1801140694
Kelsey Lee Kinzer 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1902150501
Jennifer Dawn Robison 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1063756625
Kerry Kaye Mattson 59522, MTPhysical Therapy1972847473
Kari Lee 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1093050221
Amanda Hennessey 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1457698136
Kristin Lotton 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1902249220
Aimee Smith 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1790129864
Tracy Lynn Lundgren 59718, MTPhysical Therapy1912341546
Amber Dawn Crossman 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1801232830
Erin Holm Physical Therapy, Llc 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1003253204
Ashley Noel Rowe 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1992146583
Thomas Cichock 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1194166579
Lisa T Brayton 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1669805339
Angela Rogers 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1831522572
Marci Breitbach 59047, MTPhysical Therapy1326471053
Tricia M Wilkerson 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1821424383
Sherry Berg 59479, MTPhysical Therapy1093143778
Amy Harris 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1164850152
Dillon Michael Hennessey 59404, MTPhysical Therapy1942638986
Endurance Cycling Studio & Physical Therapy 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1114358801
Zachary Wade Rathbun 85282, MTPhysical Therapy1790116986
Danielle Elizabeth Peters 59472, MTPhysical Therapy1487077780
Mary Jo Elizabeth Nelson 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1417372715
Tonia Howe 59912, MTPhysical Therapy1134545049
Eric Shelkey Dba Active Physical Therapy 59718, MTPhysical Therapy1396165304
Andrea Divers 59840, MTPhysical Therapy1184036550
Larissa Mcpheeters 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1609277573
In Balance Physical Therapy And Wellness, Pllc 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1023413234
Anne P Kolar 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1265839641
Danielle Renee Betts 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1275928665
Impact Sports Physical Therapy Pc 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1710372123
Catherine Bartholomew 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1184010787
Brilyn Steadman 59301, MTPhysical Therapy1700273497
Endurance Physio 59802, MTPhysical Therapy1053798736
Laramie Peak Therapies, Llc 82633, MTPhysical Therapy1528441029
Alicia Nazzarini 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1114301025
Milestone Functional Restoration 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1538546965
Heidi Ruggiero 59912, MTPhysical Therapy1780052597
Protherapy Staffing 85022, MTPhysical Therapy1386012870
Cristee Testa 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1891164315
Sarah Kaul 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1316316110
Nathan Clark Guza 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1861861684
Jamie Lynn 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1366811051
Kelsey Aafedt 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1649649369
Zandi Chamberlain 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1811367063
Jaime Jacoby 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1861862880
Heather Kirschenmann 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1912377714
Molly Hutchinson 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1639503576
Shannon Leukuma 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1194197608
Ripples Physical Therapy, Llc 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1386018869
Jason Rico Perigen 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1093992315
Tara D Ash 59301, MTPhysical Therapy1578716320
Jennifer Kay Mohart 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1093952558
Betty Kujawa 59701, MTPhysical Therapy1427423938
Jason Dalzell 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1659737971
Joel Chevalier 59923, MTPhysical Therapy1972954683
Jodi Finochio 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1235683913
Nathan Harada 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1669915237
Stephanie Vogelman 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1912444704
Adrian D Strange 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1760916084
Gabriela Fernandez 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1841728284
River Bend Physical Therapy And Preventative Care, Llc 59911, MTPhysical Therapy1821497462
Dr. Kate Baker, Dpt Llc 59802, MTPhysical Therapy1497211585
Elizabeth Blue Deats 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1790094209
Lisa A Machuga 59404, MTPhysical Therapy1588932917
Jacqueline Ivy Gysler 59201, MTPhysical Therapy1770853897
Laurie Roberts 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1053687483
Jessica Laurann Brenden 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1154679579
Caitlin M Moriarty 59101, MTPhysical Therapy1255778908
Shannon Rose Zuelke 59752, MTPhysical Therapy1689008856
Kayla Flesch 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1053734749
Brooklynn Berg 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1366852071
Katherine L Vargas 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1508255340
Charity Martin 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1972999837
Jeffrey Peters 59803, MTPhysical Therapy1639548423
Beth Osswald 59105, MTPhysical Therapy1922472117
Kori Hjorth 59715, MTPhysical Therapy1265889125
Healing Hands Reflexology 59301, MTPhysical Therapy1922458207
St. Luke Community Hospital 59860, MTPhysical Therapy1225585532
Sapphire Physical Therapy 59801, MTPhysical Therapy1861942518
Community Hospital Of Anaconda 59711, MTPhysical Therapy1093265035
Katherine Lansing 59860, MTPhysical Therapy1902358419
Justin Winston 59601, MTPhysical Therapy1497297378
Empres At Lewistown, Llc 59457, MTPhysical Therapy1336546811
Empres At Billings, Llc 59102, MTPhysical Therapy1619402765
Cappis Physical Therapy Associates Inc. 59401, MTPhysical Therapy1023511557
Doree Anne Bebee 59405, MTPhysical Therapy1649785692
Karina E Ek 59901, MTPhysical Therapy1558874735
Jenny Nelson 59917, MTPhysical Therapy1942756853
Malena Vincent 59912, MTPhysical Therapy1639603848


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