Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Roxanne Bryson Pope 28805, NCPhysical Therapy1679083711
Careworks, Inc 27858, NCPhysical Therapy1801891148
Proactive Therapy Of North Carolina Inc 28752, NCPhysical Therapy1013912732
Proactive Therapy Of North Carolina Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1689679433
Proactive Therapy Of North Carolina Inc 27804, NCPhysical Therapy1477559771
Proactive Therapy Of North Carolina Inc 28262, NCPhysical Therapy1568468502
Briddell Physical Therapy 27858, NCPhysical Therapy1225035736
Gaston Rehab Associates, Inc 28054, NCPhysical Therapy1124028758
Physicians Total Rehab Inc 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1619979226
Iris Yvonne Leggett 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1184626558
Amanda Jean Call 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1093717407
Carolyn Mcmillian 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1407858863
Michelle Chuchacz 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1851393227
Teresa Jayne Morgan 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1730171976
Teleathea Horne 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1447252879
Yancey Center For Physical Therapy Inc 28714, NCPhysical Therapy1497749352
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Avl, Inc 28803, NCPhysical Therapy1699758060
Motionworks Manual Physical Therapy, Incorporated 27534, NCPhysical Therapy1861471922
Blowing Rock Hospital 28605, NCPhysical Therapy1326018649
Katherine Janis Scruggs 28547, NCPhysical Therapy1710958442
Stephen Frank Barnes 28262, NCPhysical Therapy1518928951
Gloria Grace Hansen 27705, NCPhysical Therapy1164485330
Janet Conley 27511, NCPhysical Therapy1184688558
Jacqueline Alexander 28144, NCPhysical Therapy1417911579
Crystal Curlett 27615, NCPhysical Therapy1679538359
Hands On Physical Therapy, Inc 27520, NCPhysical Therapy1912955279
Leslie Mcpeters 27587, NCPhysical Therapy1700835543
George Walter Barnwell 28805, NCPhysical Therapy1275582785
Jennifer B Wicks 27587, NCPhysical Therapy1538113212
Jamie Blank 27514, NCPhysical Therapy1902317076
Concrete Roses Life Center 28210, NCPhysical Therapy1508360892
Sports And Spine Physical Therapy Nc Inc 28216, NCPhysical Therapy1982651618
Arc Therapy Services Llc 28212, NCPhysical Therapy1407894934
Gerald Stephen Dula 28805, NCPhysical Therapy1114960838
Asheboro Rehabilitation Center Inc. 27203, NCPhysical Therapy1447282041
Galloway Ridge, Inc. 27312, NCPhysical Therapy1972534352
David Bathke 27105, NCPhysical Therapy1164887147
Eden Sports, Inc. 27288, NCPhysical Therapy1467486308
Eden Sports, Inc. 27358, NCPhysical Therapy1902830284
Beaufort Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 28516, NCPhysical Therapy1598780744
Amy Renee Sebastian 27615, NCPhysical Therapy1063430759
Your Home Physical Therapy, Inc 27540, NCPhysical Therapy1568482156
Michelle Robertson 28031, NCPhysical Therapy1316969231
Diane Winner Miller 27549, NCPhysical Therapy1609898949
Wanda Keefe Terrell 28412, NCPhysical Therapy1457366163
Leanna P Wiggins 28719, NCPhysical Therapy1184737785
Tiffany Frizzell Eagleman 28719, NCPhysical Therapy1154434769
Kannapolis Spine & Rehab, Inc. 28083, NCPhysical Therapy1457467771
Orthowilmington, Pa 28461, NCPhysical Therapy1336168400
Southeastern Physical Therapy, Llc 28803, NCPhysical Therapy1699791129
Kristi Michelle Nelson 27409, NCPhysical Therapy1356844641
Calso Physical Therapy, Llc 27410, NCPhysical Therapy1790289387
Julia Robinette 28405, NCPhysical Therapy1871066605
Jeremy Sudderth 28734, NCPhysical Therapy1144786526
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc. 28054, NCPhysical Therapy1881701688
Robert Williams 28411, NCPhysical Therapy1477663938
Dawn Doria 28210, NCPhysical Therapy1598875494
Cheryl Telk 28211, NCPhysical Therapy1104936608
Alberta Maloof 28334, NCPhysical Therapy1972615813
Phyllis Brewington Powell 27705, NCPhysical Therapy1639271265
Progressive Rehab, Inc. 27856, NCPhysical Therapy1538263173
Scott Jason Glickauf 28412, NCPhysical Therapy1265536882
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc 28012, NCPhysical Therapy1689773624
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc 28117, NCPhysical Therapy1306945357
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc 28546, NCPhysical Therapy1023117074
Dawn Renee Christianson 28791, NCPhysical Therapy1902999204
Mildred M Hyman 28792, NCPhysical Therapy1093808636
Bray maness Physical Therapy Inc. 27203, NCPhysical Therapy1821183492
Sandra Gibson Mccall 28712, NCPhysical Therapy1184718736
Lynne B Emory 28712, NCPhysical Therapy1093800831
Back In Action Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Llc 28801, NCPhysical Therapy1184704579
Jennifer Moore Mcmullen 28056, NCPhysical Therapy1245314418
Thomas Hand And Rehabilitation Specialists Limited Partnership 28117, NCPhysical Therapy1326122037
Thomas Hand And Rehabilitation Specialists Limited Partnership 28078, NCPhysical Therapy1659455350
Orthos Physical Therapy Inc. 27520, NCPhysical Therapy1932284205
Rehab Provider Network East I, Inc. 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1245317106
Rehab Provider Network Ohio Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1457438327
Rehab Provider Network Indiana Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1437236304
Rpn Of Sc Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1598842478
Rpn Of Va Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1215014196
Rpn Of Nc Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1184701047
Rehab Provider Network East Ii Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1962589838
Rehab Provider Network Of North Carolina Inc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1790862670
Stepping Stone Rehab, Inc. 28739, NCPhysical Therapy1407934367
William Bernard Love 27603, NCPhysical Therapy1356428312
Heather Surrett-vestal 27103, NCPhysical Therapy1144399809
Sarah Jane Congdon 27215, NCPhysical Therapy1730629619
Breakthrough Sc Llc 29707, NCPhysical Therapy1295219616
Coastal Carolina Chiropractic 28470, NCPhysical Therapy1922178722
Tammy Williams Smith 27603, NCPhysical Therapy1831262963
Early Bird Developmental Services, Llc 28105, NCPhysical Therapy1891869236
Michele Rodriguez 27529, NCPhysical Therapy1346314671
William Greg Tyner 27858, NCPhysical Therapy1841364122
Suzanne S Hill 28301, NCPhysical Therapy1073688347
Peggy B Mora 28387, NCPhysical Therapy1063589497
Frances Tyndall Wenrich 28301, NCPhysical Therapy1891858064
Pisgah Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Inc 28791, NCPhysical Therapy1356405005
Kelly Michelle Helms 28079, NCPhysical Therapy1396801445
Coastal Rehabilitation Inc 27909, NCPhysical Therapy1457418311
Arc Therapy Services Llc 27609, NCPhysical Therapy1164571246
Bryan Adams 28792, NCPhysical Therapy1841344041
Terri M. Simmons 28722, NCPhysical Therapy1073668976
Accelerated Care Inc 27573, NCPhysical Therapy1033255492
Nancy Woodruff Minter 27401, NCPhysical Therapy1457499683
Onslow County Schools 28540, NCPhysical Therapy1306988753
Quality Therapy Services Inc 27577, NCPhysical Therapy1285778779
Suzan Bowers 28226, NCPhysical Therapy1750426565
Sandra Farrell Sharpe 27401, NCPhysical Therapy1487799854
Maxine A Derreberry 28792, NCPhysical Therapy1790810406
Total Body Rehab, Llc 27511, NCPhysical Therapy1831224989
Vicky Lynne Mcinnis 28428, NCPhysical Therapy1790811958
James L Hout 27455, NCPhysical Therapy1295864635
Susan D Snodgrass 27455, NCPhysical Therapy1548399439
Jason Stephens 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1851420558
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 28206, NCPhysical Therapy1043342751
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 27703, NCPhysical Therapy1295867893
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 28273, NCPhysical Therapy1639201387
Donna Marie Dillon 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1144352204
Annette Sassano 27288, NCPhysical Therapy1548393242
Tonya Theresa Mack 28134, NCPhysical Therapy1003949116
Denise Colette Futrell 27104, NCPhysical Therapy1649303819
Geraldine G Mcgrady 27030, NCPhysical Therapy1508999731
Deborah Wheeler 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1245364900
Billy W Campbell 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1780718437
Darla L Jefferson 27030, NCPhysical Therapy1417071549
Susan Jones 27106, NCPhysical Therapy1366566515
Howard Spencer Coletrain 27105, NCPhysical Therapy1558495820
Josephine King Good 28147, NCPhysical Therapy1336263441
Catherine Tucker Shaffer 27278, NCPhysical Therapy1366566325
Wesley B. Lippert 27262, NCPhysical Therapy1609990340
Peter Andrew Smart 27105, NCPhysical Therapy1770607590
Andrea Silva 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1750405486
Tanya B Chase 27704, NCPhysical Therapy1780709600
Susan Swift Wheeler 28208, NCPhysical Therapy1851416093
Linda K Hodges 28208, NCPhysical Therapy1902921125
Michael P Dube 27704, NCPhysical Therapy1538284617
Christi P Hinkle 27704, NCPhysical Therapy1902921851
Kristen Toy Hayes 28208, NCPhysical Therapy1548385503
Starr Benson Watson 28412, NCPhysical Therapy1083739569
Jennifer Lyn Shean 28301, NCPhysical Therapy1962528364
Kenneth Blake Debord 27320, NCPhysical Therapy1235255738
Karla Kettler 28210, NCPhysical Therapy1518084078
Melissa Bell Keech 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1497871123
Heather Dawn Martin 27511, NCPhysical Therapy1396861282
Shannon Leigh Ely 29732, NCPhysical Therapy1013033745
Rhonda Boseman Sillitoe 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1447377817
Joyce Elaine Dunn 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1790802023
Siva Sankar Krishnan 27055, NCPhysical Therapy1033236260
Brenda Marie Barber 29732, NCPhysical Therapy1538286497
Susan Jordan 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1073630703
Rebecca Cauble Smith 28105, NCPhysical Therapy1649397290
Angela Renee Staley 28722, NCPhysical Therapy1437277605
Susan Cook Walker 28387, NCPhysical Therapy1881712065
Jennifer English Girard 28411, NCPhysical Therapy1073631057
Jennifer Lynn Mcnally 28105, NCPhysical Therapy1063530095
Laura Cheney Sharpe 28212, NCPhysical Therapy1093833014
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 27616, NCPhysical Therapy1124150735
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 27106, NCPhysical Therapy1467584078
Cindy Hagan Stewart 28054, NCPhysical Therapy1154446474
Cindy Lu Forbes 27893, NCPhysical Therapy1225102437
Move With Me Physical Therapy 28311, NCPhysical Therapy1396871869
Sandra Lorraine Scalese 28677, NCPhysical Therapy1235663162
Joy Rogers Evans 27886, NCPhysical Therapy1396273934
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, Pc 28269, NCPhysical Therapy1740777689
Jennifer L Funk 27401, NCPhysical Therapy1083739940
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 28208, NCPhysical Therapy1013049824
Occupational Health Centers Of North Carolina, P.c. 28207, NCPhysical Therapy1093847709
Hilary Ryan Rose 27514, NCPhysical Therapy1811012511
David Rattie 27520, NCPhysical Therapy1497214902
Allison Giggers 27856, NCPhysical Therapy1306306816
Karen Shoemake 27534, NCPhysical Therapy1740741636
Rachel Seagroves 27549, NCPhysical Therapy1548721731
Mary Smith 28146, NCPhysical Therapy1477014686
Kaylee Jackson 27886, NCPhysical Therapy1912468919
Tracie Smoot 27103, NCPhysical Therapy1194843003
Travis Steven Tinsley 29407, NCPhysical Therapy1194844852
David Bower 27253, NCPhysical Therapy1538288063
Janet P Ringer 28557, NCPhysical Therapy1538288923
Jeanea Pippin Boyd 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1659490654
Amanda C. Boyd 27889, NCPhysical Therapy1841310901
Mark A Keisel 28387, NCPhysical Therapy1154442952
Anne Carden 27262, NCPhysical Therapy1932221660
Kristin L Wyman 28557, NCPhysical Therapy1245352798
Mark Montague 28806, NCPhysical Therapy1598887127
Heather Varel 27615, NCPhysical Therapy1699897892
Karen Tatum Calcutt 27104, NCPhysical Therapy1275656142
Patrick Joseph Shead 28150, NCPhysical Therapy1619090586
Kevin Tillery 27893, NCPhysical Therapy1356464127
Martha Ellen Hearne 27893, NCPhysical Therapy1134242902
Rhonda Arleen Bullabough 34109, NCPhysical Therapy1598989865
Harmon Physical Therapy, Inc 27205, NCPhysical Therapy1306060280
Michelle Ann Brown 28115, NCPhysical Therapy1306060892
Lisa A. O'quinn 27704, NCPhysical Therapy1881819936
Donna Dyer Staples 28304, NCPhysical Therapy1437374972
Samuel J Buscaglio 28117, NCPhysical Therapy1134345812
Madeline Lee Averett 28712, NCPhysical Therapy1871712760
Wendy Anne Walton 28803, NCPhysical Therapy1821210634
Jill Ann Nymeyer 27615, NCPhysical Therapy1235341215
Clemson Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc. 27577, NCPhysical Therapy1285846808
Robin D Little 28358, NCPhysical Therapy1740492065


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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