Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Nebraska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Nebraska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Megan Stuhr 51601, NEPhysical Therapy1174988133
Husker Rehabilitation And Wellness Centers, P.c. 68521, NEPhysical Therapy1427042688
Afoua Badjaglana 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1174984140
Mary Pelster 69101, NEPhysical Therapy1376054346
Crossroads Physical Therapy Pc 68516, NEPhysical Therapy1144287897
Joseph Mccain 68405, NEPhysical Therapy1811445695
Timothy Peter Loberiza 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1477017937
Moving Well Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1639117682
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 68106, NEPhysical Therapy1275563645
Hruska Clinic Inc. 68504, NEPhysical Therapy1760415764
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc 68124, NEPhysical Therapy1821001264
Helping Hands Physical Therapy Pc 68504, NEPhysical Therapy1598871782
Team Physical Therapy, P.c. 68822, NEPhysical Therapy1578595625
Joseph Dean Dahlkoetter 68803, NEPhysical Therapy1184729774
Heather L. Dumas 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1841398195
Marla Jo Kosse 68104, NEPhysical Therapy1366538597
East & West Physical Therapy Llc 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1508944638
Premier Therapy Associates, Pc 68106, NEPhysical Therapy1437225000
Physical Therapy Solutions, Pc 68502, NEPhysical Therapy1730236118
Lisa Miserez 68788, NEPhysical Therapy1801940846
Shelley Sasha Nielsen 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1093869059
Cheryl Ann Steffen 68788, NEPhysical Therapy1710032776
Jilinda Kay Mortensen 68788, NEPhysical Therapy1245378504
Jessica M Niemann 68131, NEPhysical Therapy1184764490
Crystal M Duryea 68506, NEPhysical Therapy1477697787
Dawn D. Morar 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1467597120
Angela Nelson 68502, NEPhysical Therapy1528195922
Christy Chatman 68502, NEPhysical Therapy1316074669
Jennifer Jones 68502, NEPhysical Therapy1679602023
Travis James Pflaster 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1013046325
Peterson Physical Therapy Llc 68124, NEPhysical Therapy1194854372
Michele Spady 69138, NEPhysical Therapy1700910593
Beverly Lee Morris 68112, NEPhysical Therapy1629192554
Christina Miller 68901, NEPhysical Therapy1861516593
Beth A Holdridge 68008, NEPhysical Therapy1104942226
Robin Renee Brace 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1871619874
Shayla M Frakes 68901, NEPhysical Therapy1063887479
James J Herrera 68112, NEPhysical Therapy1366800021
Occupational Health Centers Of Nebraska, P.c. 68521, NEPhysical Therapy1942331152
Occupational Health Centers Of Nebraska, P.c. 68107, NEPhysical Therapy1174654388
Daniel Joseph Pfeifler 68410, NEPhysical Therapy1396864054
Kimberly Ann Reich 68701, NEPhysical Therapy1326167446
Debra Stockman 68701, NEPhysical Therapy1467572388
Dana Stoner 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1437372562
Jennifer Meyer 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1275758880
Kara Lea Goodrich 68114, NEPhysical Therapy1881810406
Tom Gunsolley 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1710108071
Amy Fink 69101, NEPhysical Therapy1740492982
Erika Marshall 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1477767366
Jodie Harms 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1538375787
Jon Urwiler 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1609082841
Stephanie Kay Hofmann 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1043429673
Jonathan L Erb 68124, NEPhysical Therapy1851500680
Optimum Physical Therapy 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1679782601
Loretta Lyn Zechmann 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1952511958
Tricia Anne Eggers 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1760692461
Lisa Rae Ratliff 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1447460019
Kate Diane Ostrander 68506, NEPhysical Therapy1780894402
Praeuner Physical Therapy, L.l.c. 68715, NEPhysical Therapy1396948758
Crystal Fitchner 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1356544456
Justin M. Giambelluca 68031, NEPhysical Therapy1255535548
Sharon Aquila Thomason 68134, NEPhysical Therapy1902001993
Kelly Bridger 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1154527414
Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, Pc 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1811194624
Kathleen Way 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1174720262
Vicki Lynn Brunner 69361, NEPhysical Therapy1700084571
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 68106, NEPhysical Therapy1669670410
Bridget G Bevers 68502, NEPhysical Therapy1326246331
Sue Jeffrey Physical Therapy, Pc 68505, NEPhysical Therapy1710186044
Erica Bliss Anderson 68521, NEPhysical Therapy1134319072
Wendy Sue Kyser 68506, NEPhysical Therapy1578753307
Shawn Michael Berry 69336, NEPhysical Therapy1790977148
Michelle Dawn Sachtjen 68313, NEPhysical Therapy1245422039
Amy Nichols 78572, NEPhysical Therapy1295928422
Kami Lynell Grant 68135, NEPhysical Therapy1073706115
Collette Renee Chapel 68901, NEPhysical Therapy1962695148
Mary Lou Hoffman 68818, NEPhysical Therapy1386837169
Courtney Sheffield 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1821282336
Shasta Nicole Littlefield 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1164616843
Buck Williams 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1831385558
Kori Lynn Collins 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1942498084
Jessica Geiser 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1457530313
Tamara Rae Sanchez 68845, NEPhysical Therapy1548440548
Scott J Rolls 68930, NEPhysical Therapy1043494610
Mallory Loretta Elting 68961, NEPhysical Therapy1962686246
Rhonda Ranae Steckelberg 68504, NEPhysical Therapy1821273145
Clay County Physical Therapy Pc 68979, NEPhysical Therapy1295910248
Victoria Lynn Kramer 68504, NEPhysical Therapy1245416858
Michelle Ann Jones 68116, NEPhysical Therapy1306022827
Crystal Ann Stueckrath 85021, NEPhysical Therapy1497931430
Beth Snyder 68434, NEPhysical Therapy1235317900
Angie J Gill 68108, NEPhysical Therapy1447420062
Courtney A Wright 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1487825642
Sheila F Palu 68803, NEPhysical Therapy1033380027
Rebecca Marie Fuhr 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1780855650
Stephanie Ann Boldt 68522, NEPhysical Therapy1871765784
Janelle M Malousek 68018, NEPhysical Therapy1578736260
Taylor Creek Physical Therapy Llc 68748, NEPhysical Therapy1871767913
Jennifer Marie Robbins 68434, NEPhysical Therapy1487828315
Jonie Davis Furlong 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1679748081
Stacey Lynn Buckley 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1740455906
Sheila Glathar 99352, NEPhysical Therapy1205001294
Traci Zelenka 68370, NEPhysical Therapy1972778991
Nathan William Fellers 68516, NEPhysical Therapy1730348939
Lorinda Sue Chipperfield 68516, NEPhysical Therapy1659531762
Kevin Dean Leago 68505, NEPhysical Therapy1932361359
Kristal Jean Gade 69361, NEPhysical Therapy1881859866
Kent Luebbe 68701, NEPhysical Therapy1215192059
Jessica Mcmahon 68633, NEPhysical Therapy1275999138
Broken Bow Care And Rehabilitation Center, Llc 68822, NEPhysical Therapy1467909143
Overland Rehab Services L.l.c 68783, NEPhysical Therapy1174719074
Jenica Pauletto 68037, NEPhysical Therapy1306320650
Kristin Trenhaile 68925, NEPhysical Therapy1144705708
Joseph Heider 68405, NEPhysical Therapy1083183818
Jamie Thorson 68420, NEPhysical Therapy1972077402
Julie Anne Becker 68660, NEPhysical Therapy1043777162
Brandi Kaup 68722, NEPhysical Therapy1518424316
Christina Lynne Schaffer 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1992961452
Kelly Nicole Jackson 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1033365002
Jeffrey Paul Craven 68701, NEPhysical Therapy1528214095
Athletes Training Center Pc 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1124278221
Adam Dru Pardoen 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1659521300
Anna M Laska 68632, NEPhysical Therapy1659522704
Kim M Lemmons 66214, NEPhysical Therapy1184877896
Peterson Physical Therapy, Pc 68124, NEPhysical Therapy1568617249
Jessica Radenslaben 68333, NEPhysical Therapy1114162286
Elizabeth A Johns 68621, NEPhysical Therapy1477798403
The Rehab Guru, P.c. 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1083859680
Debbie Marlene Mcelroy 52577, NEPhysical Therapy1548405921
Terri Jo Yanke 69334, NEPhysical Therapy1386880029
Gillian Rachel Coolidge 68124, NEPhysical Therapy1134366164
Shelley Lynn Vanackeren 68022, NEPhysical Therapy1699915165
Kraig Moultrie 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1255574059
Meghan Marie Fiala 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1285877761
Jacqueline Jo Mitchell 68601, NEPhysical Therapy1164665535
Sarah Leigh Tennant 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1437388808
The Physical Therapy Institute 68506, NEPhysical Therapy1669602389
Karen Marie Smith 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1073744462
Amy Jo Hinman 66204, NEPhysical Therapy1487887238
Colby Thomas Delatour 69138, NEPhysical Therapy1538392139
Nicole Marie Kassing 51101, NEPhysical Therapy1033442215
Suzanne Kay Gubbels 68787, NEPhysical Therapy1225364094
Bradley Michael Hruza 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1326374034
Havelock Physical Therapy Llc 68507, NEPhysical Therapy1952638355
Nan Ferris 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1629307574
Chad Schmidt 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1457681157
Siegmund Physical Therapy, Pc 68106, NEPhysical Therapy1306178447
Hannah Elizabeth Diediker 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1043542137
Ashley Nicole Weber 68127, NEPhysical Therapy1245562479
Carissa Anne Higley 61244, NEPhysical Therapy1609195874
Lisa A Sanders 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1346560596
Peak Physical Therapy And Sports Performance, Llc 68526, NEPhysical Therapy1780996033
Breanne Watson 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1063725075
Regina Ruth Sealy 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1518270156
Barbara D Braun 68776, NEPhysical Therapy1811201973
Lisa Nastase 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1629382692
Angela Marie Scott 68164, NEPhysical Therapy1245544972
Community Rehab Inc. 68007, NEPhysical Therapy1932414604
Christy Relph 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1750697199
Vince Nigro 68116, NEPhysical Therapy1992012819
Tammy L Dvorak 68649, NEPhysical Therapy1558679985
Laura Bruggeman 68776, NEPhysical Therapy1285942342
Julie Roth 68649, NEPhysical Therapy1790094845
Jeremy Hilkemeier 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1558670661
Kendrea Lu Butterfield 68048, NEPhysical Therapy1619287935
Nicole Mccutchan 68130, NEPhysical Therapy1326348145
Andrea Lynn Harney 68701, NEPhysical Therapy1871895698
Pearson Physical Therapy, Pc 68822, NEPhysical Therapy1952605222
Physiotherapy Associates, Inc 68131, NEPhysical Therapy1659675635
Jacquelyn Mae Sedlacek 69138, NEPhysical Therapy1336443340
Leah L Minne 68822, NEPhysical Therapy1265738199
Jamee Lynn Meysenburg 68144, NEPhysical Therapy1710284294
John Warfield Whitworth 98926, NEPhysical Therapy1831496298
Physiotherapy Associates, Inc. 68510, NEPhysical Therapy1477850741
Jillian Michelle Ford 68138, NEPhysical Therapy1760781868
Carolyn Marie Schaefer 68107, NEPhysical Therapy1922307719
Kristin Lambert 68154, NEPhysical Therapy1225337959
Emilie Charlene Murray 68130, NEPhysical Therapy1780973222
Julie Ann Stutzman 68901, NEPhysical Therapy1881985158
Sheila C Copley 68516, NEPhysical Therapy1063704187
Mendi L Kelly 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1750673646
Mcmeen Physical Therapy, Pc 68842, NEPhysical Therapy1982997573
Joann M Tesarek 68005, NEPhysical Therapy1104119007
Joshua A Hill 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1295028199
Kelly Jean Simeon 68873, NEPhysical Therapy1902190630
Beth Murray 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1255625695
Ashley Dworak 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1699060087
Rachel E Bush 66204, NEPhysical Therapy1407141377
Kristie Jolene Pfeiff 69165, NEPhysical Therapy1548556202
Aimee Ruth Mackrill 68105, NEPhysical Therapy1134416142
Dannielle Wimer 68025, NEPhysical Therapy1114215894
Beverly Patterson 51503, NEPhysical Therapy1316235922
Pedro Peralta 69162, NEPhysical Therapy1083992150
Kathryn E. Sanchez 68803, NEPhysical Therapy1154609188
Derrick Antonia Crawford 68137, NEPhysical Therapy1659659688
Kelli Suzanne Green 69361, NEPhysical Therapy1386922110
Daniel Jerome Seier 68112, NEPhysical Therapy1942588777
Marci Danae Woehler 68739, NEPhysical Therapy1508144205
Tamara M Thiesen 68057, NEPhysical Therapy1023396751
Carol Ann Ness 68025, NEPhysical Therapy1306124078


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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