Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of New Hampshire

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of New Hampshire:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 03064, NHPhysical Therapy1730203571
Proex Physical Therapy, Llc 01801, NHPhysical Therapy1831190453
Universal Physical Therapy, Llc 03773, NHPhysical Therapy1992779391
Janet M Grivois 03580, NHPhysical Therapy1598207516
Jody Lee Krajcik 03304, NHPhysical Therapy1598722910
Kim L Keeler 03304, NHPhysical Therapy1861459299
Linda Sue Zoller-mckibbin 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1639137037
Cindy Robbs Femenella 03304, NHPhysical Therapy1053361873
Meghan Katherine Coughlin 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1639549918
Nicole K Feinauer 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1144262619
Sandra Bolduc 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1235175969
Bow Physical Therapy & Spine Center Limited Partnership 03304, NHPhysical Therapy1740205764
Maria M Thoin 03458, NHPhysical Therapy1891702452
Robert P Worden 03865, NHPhysical Therapy1558373837
Tammy Martin 03824, NHPhysical Therapy1295845840
Alison C Kirby 03103, NHPhysical Therapy1811099260
Annmarie Nancy Proksa 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1578655569
Joyce Okun 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1447620125
Theresa Lynn Fleming 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1447622816
Mountain Center Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab Inc 03818, NHPhysical Therapy1649354663
Richard Madden 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1154485084
Maureen Mccarthy 03063, NHPhysical Therapy1780739508
Pamela Sue Turner 03055, NHPhysical Therapy1760538615
Betty Lee Mayben 03054, NHPhysical Therapy1679619951
Doreen A Colburn 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1538209911
Pamela A Duplease 03458, NHPhysical Therapy1972638526
Tamara M Robichaud 03057, NHPhysical Therapy1336276443
Lauri M Klahr 03458, NHPhysical Therapy1750410056
Timothy Gary White 03580, NHPhysical Therapy1659404689
Jennifer Marie Fournier 01960, NHPhysical Therapy1609909894
Paula Wells Morin 03051, NHPhysical Therapy1124152053
Ross J Walden 01810, NHPhysical Therapy1548384720
Eric James Marnell 01960, NHPhysical Therapy1790819902
Charlene Margaret Shaver 03452, NHPhysical Therapy1740304831
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 03053, NHPhysical Therapy1831213933
Nancy Ann Bilodeau 03045, NHPhysical Therapy1053435768
Janet Luby Bonnell 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1912022146
Melissa Dee Phipps 03870, NHPhysical Therapy1912022849
Lori Kathryn Gemmell 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1508981028
Jamie Boisvert 01824, NHPhysical Therapy1861518540
Laura Sabre 03580, NHPhysical Therapy1275659195
Barbara Ann Moon 01845, NHPhysical Therapy1629195896
Margaret J Lancaster 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1316065790
Melanie Lynne Kapetan 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1215055496
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1801910906
Community Bridges 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1962564328
Family Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1952455016
Waypoint 03101, NHPhysical Therapy1780736504
Christopher Moore 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1306965967
Sarah Juelle Legasse 03609, NHPhysical Therapy1356460562
Julie Ann Guay 03054, NHPhysical Therapy1275652174
Carol Miner Hemphill 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1144340621
Tamra Lee Bates 03743, NHPhysical Therapy1275655243
Cynthia J Largess 03743, NHPhysical Therapy1225150451
Susan P Radcliffe 19348, NHPhysical Therapy1184747941
Laura Komisar 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1245353994
Jennifer Lee Berard 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1992828214
Sara Tupick 03584, NHPhysical Therapy1548383797
Michelle Reeder 03064, NHPhysical Therapy1609099795
Joanne K Allyn-steller 01854, NHPhysical Therapy1497979314
Wendy M Matson 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1336366640
Susan Lynn Perron 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1275750762
Danielle Flood 03038, NHPhysical Therapy1467670133
Kathleen Erin Paquette 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1215157888
Kristin Gardner 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1457571036
Delesca Newman 03060, NHPhysical Therapy1740400480
Janet Claire Lehoullier 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1457572810
Shannon Elizabeth Rosenberg 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1134340391
Nancy Jean Rose 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1033321872
Cassandra P White 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1104038702
Valerie J. Brunell 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1942412705
Ursula Sabina Milde 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1417160516
Moore Center Services, Inc. 03102, NHPhysical Therapy1124231782
Tessa J. Walker 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1093928848
Sandra Susan Langlais 03038, NHPhysical Therapy1023221454
April Elizabeth Paquette 01803, NHPhysical Therapy1801001243
Nadine R Hickey 03814, NHPhysical Therapy1245449073
Carl Wade Phelps 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1922219179
Cheryn Breeling 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1407067689
Pamela Joy Allen 01854, NHPhysical Therapy1851593081
Doreen Adams Plimpton 85021, NHPhysical Therapy1679775035
Cynthia Ramsay Krill 03047, NHPhysical Therapy1497958391
Jeffery Scott Evanson 03773, NHPhysical Therapy1184829988
Kelly Binienda 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1942406855
Denise L. Best 05156, NHPhysical Therapy1710184502
Pamela Leigh Towne 03244, NHPhysical Therapy1770780298
Jonathan C Whitcomb 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1306044029
Susan M Maupin 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1326246166
Michelle Lee Gouveia 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1043418411
Sally Byrum Casto 01854, NHPhysical Therapy1841480860
Lacey Ann Grace 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1104016682
Jacey Cobb 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1275724536
Karen A Arsenault 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1174714216
Robert Janusz Proksa 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1144411521
Gerdomy, Llc 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1417149642
Barbara Louise Lecair-fiedler 05156, NHPhysical Therapy1134312598
Kendra Viviers 03102, NHPhysical Therapy1265627772
Inertia Physical Therapy Llc 03256, NHPhysical Therapy1932397874
Donna Schmidt 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1255529400
Suzanne Baker 03458, NHPhysical Therapy1043499874
Superior Physical Therapy,llc 03103, NHPhysical Therapy1346421559
Barbara Carolyn Buck 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1184806267
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1225214539
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1770769085
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 03824, NHPhysical Therapy1801072152
Terriellen Wood 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1003093899
Sue A Long 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1477731347
Kelly Marie Cleveland 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1881862100
Scaccia Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning, Llc 03087, NHPhysical Therapy1174796056
Lakeview Community Services 03886, NHPhysical Therapy1003081829
Judith Curry 01801, NHPhysical Therapy1962661397
Jaime Elaine Schmidt 03584, NHPhysical Therapy1689834756
Theresa A Sykes 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1972764686
Carol A Baldwin 03038, NHPhysical Therapy1245492883
Brenda L Martel 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1992969836
Concentra Health Services 03842, NHPhysical Therapy1871757351
Courtney D Dupont 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1538338017
New Boston Physical Therapy, Llc 03070, NHPhysical Therapy1013134048
Optima Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Llc 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1831379973
Lyndsay Mcintyre 03109, NHPhysical Therapy1457723801
Amy Lynne Hamilton 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1447450648
Harry Lichtman 03801, NHPhysical Therapy1093936890
John A Rufo 01841, NHPhysical Therapy1154587350
Jpt, Llc 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1023265048
Helen Marie Steeves 03062, NHPhysical Therapy1568619385
Michelle Laurie Vachon 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1467609081
Steven J Desaulniers 03062, NHPhysical Therapy1275781627
Mike Dionne 03062, NHPhysical Therapy1497903645
Joan Fallon 03062, NHPhysical Therapy1316195563
Marissa Dawn Royce 03743, NHPhysical Therapy1669621959
Healthy Horizons Chiropractic Care 03060, NHPhysical Therapy1285883249
Robert C Lopez 03077, NHPhysical Therapy1902050487
Jody Lee Simpson 03235, NHPhysical Therapy1881849859
Denise Marie Monahan 03222, NHPhysical Therapy1912152653
Tina Marie Demers 03060, NHPhysical Therapy1205071404
Marcea Collins 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1467698050
Arthur Colston 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1902043888
Gary Tilton 03581, NHPhysical Therapy1235378647
Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center 03886, NHPhysical Therapy1396984670
Sandra Daskey 03087, NHPhysical Therapy1457590176
Jennifer Dawsey 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1184864837
Carol White 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1720228943
Coppola Physical Therapy And Fitness Gym Llc 03034, NHPhysical Therapy1346481561
Pure Balance Holistic Healing Llc 03869, NHPhysical Therapy1780826529
Natalie G Bedard 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1083856223
Ashley Brooke Woods 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1942443866
Mark A Voto 03106, NHPhysical Therapy1215170881
Donovan Mcdonald 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1629202973
Home Advantage Physical Therapy 03281, NHPhysical Therapy1154558492
Susan Marie Blackwood 03743, NHPhysical Therapy1881826816
Brett Andrew Coffey 03842, NHPhysical Therapy1962634824
Sean Todd Foisy 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1285866749
Bruce Bourbeau 03104, NHPhysical Therapy1013149418
Kary Hulsebus 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1902130388
Whitney Ryan Bashaw 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1891020756
Melinda J Berrouard 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1942538236
Rachel Holzhauer 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1760711824
Christopher L Hardin 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1750613311
Sandra Davis 03467, NHPhysical Therapy1619209269
Kristin Keenan, P.t. 03856, NHPhysical Therapy1730411265
Michelle R Higgins 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1124344536
Lorraine A Movsesian 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1225354160
Lindsey Mcgregor 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1093032724
Angela Platner 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1053630376
Kimberly A Koroleski 03087, NHPhysical Therapy1154641041
Karen Boardley 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1023329653
Kelly Jean Thompson 03570, NHPhysical Therapy1326352485
Robert Wilson 03766, NHPhysical Therapy1548574478
Donna Marie Jandl 03458, NHPhysical Therapy1669787362
Integrated Rehabilitation Services, Llc 03864, NHPhysical Therapy1871809061
Frank Gamble 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1487960548
Nadine Lynn Gilcris 03598, NHPhysical Therapy1992011746
Christine Lynn Desimone 03820, NHPhysical Therapy1447566237
Fonda Sharkey-wyatt 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1003123522
Maryann Lachapelle 05089, NHPhysical Therapy1558670539
Denise Depino 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1275843658
Living Well Physical Therapy Llc 03036, NHPhysical Therapy1285934380
Cheryl Helen Lord 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1750683231
Ashley Marcelle Bouchard 03110, NHPhysical Therapy1871898148
Kevin D Trombley 03102, NHPhysical Therapy1093013609
John F Callahan 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1750689303
Heidi Lynn Petrin 03284, NHPhysical Therapy1366740862
Laurie Drury 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1386943462
Timm Gamgee 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1003115742
Caroline Marie Jewett Kelley 03870, NHPhysical Therapy1932408671
Progressive Therapy Services Llc 03304, NHPhysical Therapy1386933430
Smart Physical Therapy Llc 03257, NHPhysical Therapy1679864524
Vicky Davis 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1215229737
Scott Macnevins 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1306138763
Genesis Rehab Services 03584, NHPhysical Therapy1629361175
Mark Giovagnoli 03748, NHPhysical Therapy1053605360
Mark D Deschenes 01608, NHPhysical Therapy1588959597
Tracy Monterisi 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1750679155
Catherine Elizabeth Wilson 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1326336595
Sensesational Solutions 03053, NHPhysical Therapy1457639932
Jason Dykstra 03079, NHPhysical Therapy1215219282
Lea Marie Klug 03301, NHPhysical Therapy1356624944
Jeanne Marie Chapman 03246, NHPhysical Therapy1356626733
Jolene M Hertzler 03431, NHPhysical Therapy1659657575
Allison Brook Butters 03833, NHPhysical Therapy1235407768


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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