Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dale Lauren Mcpeak 08043, NJPhysical Therapy1376548347
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1427053156
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 08107, NJPhysical Therapy1396741856
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 08057, NJPhysical Therapy1346246824
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 08003, NJPhysical Therapy1942206065
Rehabclinics(spt) Inc 08035, NJPhysical Therapy1285630228
Rehabclinics Spt, Inc. 08406, NJPhysical Therapy1699771170
Saint Barnabas Outpatient Centers 07039, NJPhysical Therapy1316945561
Linda Fabrizio Mazzoli 08103, NJPhysical Therapy1396747341
Kessler Institute For Rehabilitation Inc 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1013919620
Alan Edward Diamond 08691, NJPhysical Therapy1083604912
Joan Ava Totaro 08755, NJPhysical Therapy1346705241
Lawrence V Boscaino 07009, NJPhysical Therapy1902876873
Advanced Physical Therapy And Wellness Center, Llc 07035, NJPhysical Therapy1437126091
Gary David Abraham 07083, NJPhysical Therapy1407824543
Robert L Grello 08610, NJPhysical Therapy1487623864
J Scott Doolittle 08638, NJPhysical Therapy1376512749
Christina A Drum 08610, NJPhysical Therapy1134198690
Allison R Davis 08610, NJPhysical Therapy1699734749
Annette M Mcbride 08610, NJPhysical Therapy1508825654
Prime Health Physical Therapy 07036, NJPhysical Therapy1104891720
A Plus Therapy Llc 07039, NJPhysical Therapy1700342441
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 07039, NJPhysical Therapy1538120654
Professional Sports Care Management Inc 07432, NJPhysical Therapy1659332773
Rehabclinics Spt, Inc. 08046, NJPhysical Therapy1215998356
Kim P Glassey 08221, NJPhysical Therapy1760447007
Connie L Kelly 08221, NJPhysical Therapy1578528741
Elizabeth J Connelly-platanella 08221, NJPhysical Therapy1295790467
Amber Leah Brady 10598, NJPhysical Therapy1689630337
Bergen County Pt And Associates, Llc 07662, NJPhysical Therapy1528429867
Angelo Annuzzi 07652, NJPhysical Therapy1659895654
Elizabeth E. Mazuk 08037, NJPhysical Therapy1548216591
Atlantic Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Pc 08037, NJPhysical Therapy1497701452
Aspen Physical Therapy, P.a. 08060, NJPhysical Therapy1104871128
Metropolitan Spine Institute Inc 07928, NJPhysical Therapy1538106083
Jason A Dougherty 19805, NJPhysical Therapy1750320594
Comprehensive Orthopedic Physical Therapy 08873, NJPhysical Therapy1598707234
Andover Orthopaedic Surgery 07827, NJPhysical Therapy1538102157
Health Plus Physical Therapy Center, Pa 08820, NJPhysical Therapy1225073265
Crystal Joyce 07927, NJPhysical Therapy1770528937
Morris Area Rehabilitation Association, Inc 07059, NJPhysical Therapy1982640850
Premier Physical Therapy Pc 08520, NJPhysical Therapy1578599106
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 07029, NJPhysical Therapy1790711208
Melanie S Schmidt 08054, NJPhysical Therapy1942232590
Adriana Dominguez 07512, NJPhysical Therapy1649635608
Cooper Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Associates, Pc 08103, NJPhysical Therapy1508808221
Jason Carll 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1811921778
Timothy Eugene Vandyke 08520, NJPhysical Therapy1316972243
R & R Rehabilitation And Physical Therapy, Llc 07652, NJPhysical Therapy1396779559
Frank J Scarnaty 07512, NJPhysical Therapy1063447282
Northern Valley Physical Therapy Pa 07647, NJPhysical Therapy1629096292
Sunrise Health Care, Llc 08816, NJPhysical Therapy1033138425
Alexandre Banhon 07869, NJPhysical Therapy1093738452
Hamilton Physical Therapy Services 08610, NJPhysical Therapy1639182272
Hamilton Physical Therapy Services 08638, NJPhysical Therapy1144233792
Hamilton Physical Therapy Services 08691, NJPhysical Therapy1982718029
Christopher Howard 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1194266924
Active Nj Physical Therapy Inc 07871, NJPhysical Therapy1598272783
Luminita Sanducu 08873, NJPhysical Therapy1346739190
Sueann Krentzman 07712, NJPhysical Therapy1801387105
Brick Hand & Rehabilitative Services Limited Partnership 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1558386599
Restore To Wellness Physical Therapy, P.c. 07070, NJPhysical Therapy1508340290
Bergen Pain Clinic Llc 07632, NJPhysical Therapy1497226971
Morine Julia Picone 07039, NJPhysical Therapy1679680854
Thomas J Grable 07869, NJPhysical Therapy1538277371
Eduardo Luciano-franqui 08837, NJPhysical Therapy1740390491
Dana Sabato 08755, NJPhysical Therapy1922118504
Virginia Sadowski 08837, NJPhysical Therapy1154431740
Parveen Sayani 07080, NJPhysical Therapy1902916497
Karen Kremp 08822, NJPhysical Therapy1215047931
Alyssa Heimerling 08048, NJPhysical Therapy1124138938
Theresa Mchugh 07663, NJPhysical Therapy1487764072
Atlantic Cape Rehab Associates Inc 08242, NJPhysical Therapy1285745018
Flannery Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 07840, NJPhysical Therapy1598877938
Smita Vijay Parikh 08859, NJPhysical Therapy1194827527
Flannery Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 08801, NJPhysical Therapy1588767487
Flannery Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 08865, NJPhysical Therapy1841393741
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 08098, NJPhysical Therapy1932203965
Jeanne A Della Vecchia 08060, NJPhysical Therapy1699872770
Robert A Mustich 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1013015502
Barry F Wachtler 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1114026176
Sean M Gadino 07304, NJPhysical Therapy1992804942
Essex Physical Therapy,llc 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1508958687
Performance Rehabilitation, Pc 07512, NJPhysical Therapy1639261399
First Class Physical Therapy, P.c. 11224, NJPhysical Therapy1376630905
Darlene Stinchcomb 08540, NJPhysical Therapy1659460285
Training Room Llc 08003, NJPhysical Therapy1023108883
Ridgewood Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Center Inc. 07450, NJPhysical Therapy1548340052
Kessler Institute For Rehabilitation Inc 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1942381900
Wayne Physical Therapy & Spine Center 07442, NJPhysical Therapy1255413498
A.m.p. Advanced Therapeutic Centres Llc 07442, NJPhysical Therapy1689757023
Michael F. Atzert 08824, NJPhysical Therapy1689758146
Monmouth Pain And Rehabilitation Pc 07701, NJPhysical Therapy1073699385
Kerrie Gallagher 07432, NJPhysical Therapy1891873873
Matthew Seth Gavzy 07666, NJPhysical Therapy1578632576
Michael Salvador 07728, NJPhysical Therapy1609945484
Raymond Anthony Sylvester 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1881763191
Trinity Rehab Somerset Pa 07701, NJPhysical Therapy1528580925
Jancy A Davis 07036, NJPhysical Therapy1457876682
Flannery Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 07882, NJPhysical Therapy1295838191
Forest Hill Rehabilitation Center 07104, NJPhysical Therapy1679650790
Lisa M Ames 08527, NJPhysical Therapy1003987603
Josef Tuazon 07306, NJPhysical Therapy1467524033
Johanns Mauricio Gammel 07452, NJPhysical Therapy1003988932
Two River Physical Therapy Of Ocean, Llc 07712, NJPhysical Therapy1366516494
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 08080, NJPhysical Therapy1811062078
Margaret Mary Mckeon-fish 08210, NJPhysical Therapy1336215961
Don A Jannicelli, Pt 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1316013378
Mary E Cummings 08759, NJPhysical Therapy1588731558
Sangeeta Sachinkumar Desai 07202, NJPhysical Therapy1316015001
Christopher J Bogues 07701, NJPhysical Therapy1255499489
True Physical Therapy Llc 07740, NJPhysical Therapy1386702959
Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Llc 07932, NJPhysical Therapy1679633671
Life Care Medical Center 08028, NJPhysical Therapy1699836635
April Doe 08108, NJPhysical Therapy1104988344
Karen Wyatt 08244, NJPhysical Therapy1669534525
Sicklerville Chiropractic 08081, NJPhysical Therapy1093877904
Francia Cecilia Macalalad 10461, NJPhysical Therapy1932262821
Barnegat Sports Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Llc 08005, NJPhysical Therapy1477617405
Personal Best Rehab Pt Pc 07423, NJPhysical Therapy1477610822
Profunction Physical Therapy Llc 07016, NJPhysical Therapy1033267323
Physical Therapy House Calls Limited Liability Company 07039, NJPhysical Therapy1831248814
George Carrieri 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1730238676
Jersey Shore Physical Therapy And Rehab 08225, NJPhysical Therapy1306996293
Monmouth Rehab Professionals, Inc. 07726, NJPhysical Therapy1164572194
Advanced Chiropractic Associates Pa 08004, NJPhysical Therapy1578615357
Optima Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Pc 10470, NJPhysical Therapy1649324450
Pro Motion Physical Therapy Llc 07840, NJPhysical Therapy1295889467
Ellen H D'auria 08103, NJPhysical Therapy1659425734
Helene B. Mitchell 07730, NJPhysical Therapy1912052770
Arthur Charles Carlotti 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1679629877
Professional Rehab Kare, P.c. 08084, NJPhysical Therapy1275679326
Egg Harbor Township Physical Therapy & Pain Relief Llc 08234, NJPhysical Therapy1679619258
Breakthru Physical Therapy Llc 08055, NJPhysical Therapy1083750624
Ridgefield Physical Therapy 07657, NJPhysical Therapy1548308703
Lisa Mcarthur 08859, NJPhysical Therapy1942343850
Breast Cancer Physical Therapy Center, Ltd. 08002, NJPhysical Therapy1497899330
Patricia A Clark 08226, NJPhysical Therapy1932234028
Kris Ann Hearn 08520, NJPhysical Therapy1841323664
Dawn Marino-smith 07728, NJPhysical Therapy1205960275
Mireille Agenor 07090, NJPhysical Therapy1306970967
Lugo Comprehensive Pt Services 10304, NJPhysical Therapy1710011465
Ruth Sarango 07090, NJPhysical Therapy1174657662
Lorraine Wharton 07090, NJPhysical Therapy1184758690
Susan Moldt 07009, NJPhysical Therapy1164546354
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07105, NJPhysical Therapy1730204488
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08109, NJPhysical Therapy1902921562
Carol Norris 07060, NJPhysical Therapy1821113051
Cindy Haynes 08619, NJPhysical Therapy1255456240
Mindy Sears 08831, NJPhysical Therapy1013032044
Sara Renee Ryan 07945, NJPhysical Therapy1609991330
Jennifer Lauren Lawyer 08332, NJPhysical Therapy1720104920
Carol Temke 08050, NJPhysical Therapy1700902152
Diana C Kezlaw 08204, NJPhysical Therapy1770608218
Karen L Mcpheeters 08204, NJPhysical Therapy1215053434
Laurie A Hallock 08742, NJPhysical Therapy1932224318
Maureen C Duane-pfeiffer 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1477670974
Jose R. Romero 07922, NJPhysical Therapy1336266758
Michelle Rose Fox 19462, NJPhysical Therapy1043336563
Prestige Physical Therapy, L.l.c. 07648, NJPhysical Therapy1003932880
Joann Johnson 07631, NJPhysical Therapy1023135423
Christine A Panichelli 08043, NJPhysical Therapy1932226214
Ryan Guevara Villorente 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1043337215
Laurie Marie Sentman 08054, NJPhysical Therapy1386761401
Alysia R Thomas 08003, NJPhysical Therapy1538286539
Kathryn Anne Guild 07960, NJPhysical Therapy1285751933
Julie L. Arnold 07054, NJPhysical Therapy1386762748
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08031, NJPhysical Therapy1770607087
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07011, NJPhysical Therapy1295859502
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08837, NJPhysical Therapy1659496826
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07201, NJPhysical Therapy1811012008
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07306, NJPhysical Therapy1114042306
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08054, NJPhysical Therapy1811012024
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07094, NJPhysical Therapy1265558589
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07080, NJPhysical Therapy1073638474
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 07608, NJPhysical Therapy1780709196
Shannon Strauch 07045, NJPhysical Therapy1881142693
Kimberly G Maziarz carlucci Dc Llc 07042, NJPhysical Therapy1124156005
Mindy Greig 07928, NJPhysical Therapy1437552619
Integrated Management Professional Inc. 07006, NJPhysical Therapy1184796153
Garden State Physical Therapy And Wellness Center Llc 07208, NJPhysical Therapy1093855322
Denise M Circonciso 07201, NJPhysical Therapy1598883456
Lucille Renee Derose 19041, NJPhysical Therapy1912025826
Gina M Trani-rohrbach 07503, NJPhysical Therapy1659490316
Leland Christopher Emery 19002, NJPhysical Therapy1780703454
Janet Feliciano-stazzone 18017, NJPhysical Therapy1194844431
Patricia A Martin 08742, NJPhysical Therapy1508985847
Michelle Ramos 07047, NJPhysical Therapy1386763647
Carol Ann Avellino 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1811018617
Tracy Lynne Cioffi 08080, NJPhysical Therapy1912028416
Kathleen Ann Forte 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1962523688
Devorah Monet Peterkin 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1700907821
James A Totani 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1144342650
Masumi O'brien 19462, NJPhysical Therapy1295857548
Lynda Lee Borzak 19023, NJPhysical Therapy1831212323
Scott Dickerson 08837, NJPhysical Therapy1255454591
Eileen Militano 08848, NJPhysical Therapy1336362342
Debra D. Muhammad 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1730302423
Stephen Testori 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1912120601
Haiyan Xing 08512, NJPhysical Therapy1619192929


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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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