Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Define Physical Therapy And Personal Care Inc 07747, NJPhysical Therapy1366744609
Aberdeen Physical Therapy, P.a. 07747, NJPhysical Therapy1629028402
Christine Deviney 08201, NJPhysical Therapy1548650351
Pro Motion Physical Therapy Llc 07840, NJPhysical Therapy1295889467
Charmi Y Patel 07401, NJPhysical Therapy1992317267
Paradigm Physical Therapy, P.c. 10128, NJPhysical Therapy1689904807
Politis Chiropractic Llc 07401, NJPhysical Therapy1447860051
Dcd Therapy Services 07401, NJPhysical Therapy1851325443
Caruso Physical Therapy And Nutrition, Llc 08501, NJPhysical Therapy1578830576
Gwen Switzer 07821, NJPhysical Therapy1265657795
Lorraine H Kimmelman 07860, NJPhysical Therapy1104942523
Andover Mohawk Physical Therapy 07821, NJPhysical Therapy1700041795
Flannery Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 08801, NJPhysical Therapy1588767487
Advanced Chiropractic Associates Pa 08004, NJPhysical Therapy1578615357
Hammonton Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy 08004, NJPhysical Therapy1407068687
Balance Rehabilitation Llc 08004, NJPhysical Therapy1891240933
Compassionate Care In Christ Home Healthcare Agency 08053, NJPhysical Therapy1013687367
Comprehensive Medical Associates Of New Jersey P C 08401, NJPhysical Therapy1033611983
Movement Therapy Dpt Llc 08003, NJPhysical Therapy1740951938
Avenel Physical Therapy 07001, NJPhysical Therapy1194914416
Precious Life Medical Services Llc 07001, NJPhysical Therapy1760058853
Yasmin Rosacia Sares 08050, NJPhysical Therapy1144550658
Jersey Shore Pelvic Health 08005, NJPhysical Therapy1790458628
Eric King 08005, NJPhysical Therapy1215267521
Barnegat Sports Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Llc 08005, NJPhysical Therapy1477617405
Karen Geiger 08755, NJPhysical Therapy1144796657
Ralph Anthony Diiorio 07747, NJPhysical Therapy1447714498
Stacey Lee Lilligore-green 08007, NJPhysical Therapy1285907709
Sharon Rene Richards 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1962522805
Rehab Connection Pc 08007, NJPhysical Therapy1750781241
Kline Agostini Llc 08007, NJPhysical Therapy1740875228
Go For Bodywork 07920, NJPhysical Therapy1932589157
Robert Karpinski 07960, NJPhysical Therapy1801345764
Riverwalk Physical Therapy, Llc 07920, NJPhysical Therapy1750681201
Mettle Physical Therapy 07920, NJPhysical Therapy1164012506
Peggy L Derosa 07920, NJPhysical Therapy1619237252
Patrice Wilson 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1023390986
St Matthew Physical Therapy And Wellness Center Llc 07304, NJPhysical Therapy1427638006
Caremax For Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Services Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1730758988
Aaz Physical Therapy, Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1841626538
Mamdouh Sayed Ibrahim 07626, NJPhysical Therapy1437368669
New Jersey Institute Of Balance, Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1528301868
Njib Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1265900146
Cecilia Kamai 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1306223334
Chiromed Group Bayonne Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1366715963
Ignite Physical Therapy & Wellness Center Llc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1588008817
Kessler Institute For Rehabilitation Inc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1679891295
Avel Pt Services 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1306448071
Dynamic Care Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Inc 07087, NJPhysical Therapy1083003560
Hva Physical Therapy Pc 07002, NJPhysical Therapy1982215893
Matthew Kelly 08721, NJPhysical Therapy1891025003
Dominique Leblanc 08721, NJPhysical Therapy1851981377
Steven Alshon 08759, NJPhysical Therapy1104316900
Elise Lee 08050, NJPhysical Therapy1356986129
Excellent Physical Therapy, Inc 07921, NJPhysical Therapy1598925620
Physical Therapy Center Of Excellence, Llc 07921, NJPhysical Therapy1942692561
Vanessa Joel 07701, NJPhysical Therapy1487712626
Silver Lake Physical Therapy Llc 07109, NJPhysical Therapy1790231611
Eileen Enrico 07109, NJPhysical Therapy1013121466
Regain Physical Therapy, Llc 07093, NJPhysical Therapy1679971931
Gait Physical Therapy, Llc 07601, NJPhysical Therapy1326436585
Pro Health Physical Therapy, Pc 07109, NJPhysical Therapy1952681827
Karla M Cayamcela 07018, NJPhysical Therapy1194235010
Nelson Avbadevboro 07109, NJPhysical Therapy1427454966
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08031, NJPhysical Therapy1770607087
At Your Home Outpatient Services, Llc 07719, NJPhysical Therapy1871775684
Shoreside In Home Therapy 07719, NJPhysical Therapy1013514306
Anthony Lo 07719, NJPhysical Therapy1700406758
Elizabeth Anne Dowd 07724, NJPhysical Therapy1205056256
Rosemary Eppell 07863, NJPhysical Therapy1073892691
Susan Marie Mcvey 18013, NJPhysical Therapy1558569905
Joseph Allan Trinidad 07044, NJPhysical Therapy1295111052
Prospect Rehabilatation Services, Inc. 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1376757351
Aaccurate Physical Therapy, Inc. 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1780898759
Nick Arceo 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1033527007
Way Rehab Services 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1396341871
Way Rehab Services 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1649861592
Terence Jacob 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1235474297
Mary Rachel Portillo Lozada 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1144778606
Pro Function Physical Therapy P.c. 07446, NJPhysical Therapy1669782025
Touch One Physical Therapy Corp 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1346508934
Raymond Anthony Sylvester 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1881763191
Mendores Pc 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1619390861
Bergenfield Physical Therapy & Rehab Center Llc 07621, NJPhysical Therapy1366093973
Peak Medical, Llc 07922, NJPhysical Therapy1053632893
Jose R. Romero 07922, NJPhysical Therapy1336266758
My Virtual Pt 08009, NJPhysical Therapy1922622661
Hammonton Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy 08009, NJPhysical Therapy1942412127
Colleen Wright 08009, NJPhysical Therapy1457746273
Jennifer Lauren Lawyer 08332, NJPhysical Therapy1720104920
Healing Physical Therapy 07924, NJPhysical Therapy1174060891
Kathryn Paragano 07924, NJPhysical Therapy1417190232
Delia Marie Pierson 08012, NJPhysical Therapy1285855924
Mary A. Allison 08012, NJPhysical Therapy1821210493
Linda P Absil 08012, NJPhysical Therapy1962837336
Recover Physical Therapy 19067, NJPhysical Therapy1407427370
Envision Rehabilitation 08012, NJPhysical Therapy1326291105
Gerald Bsales 07825, NJPhysical Therapy1770728644
Omar Garib 07825, NJPhysical Therapy1801262894
Tanya Choudhry 07860, NJPhysical Therapy1447613294
De La Cerna Pt,pc 07011, NJPhysical Therapy1770805541
Janice M. Steel 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1578091872
Rosa Abreu-gallardo 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1104256247
Tina Rivera 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1235798505
Don A Jannicelli, Pt 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1316013378
Arthur Charles Carlotti 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1679629877
Rena Ambrose 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1154723476
Omnitherapy Center, Llc 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1932316023
Elena M Smith 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1750657367
Ryan Guevara Villorente 07052, NJPhysical Therapy1043337215
Nj Physical Therapy & Rehab Center Inc 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1497053334
Roxie J Jackson 07734, NJPhysical Therapy1306045711
Ruth Castro 07087, NJPhysical Therapy1184239998
Anthony Peter Izurieta 08619, NJPhysical Therapy1861649006
A team Physical Therapy Llc 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1366743387
Dennis Gutierrez Llc 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1558968917
Jossie Padilla 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1790269504
Alloy Abasali 07018, NJPhysical Therapy1790259380
Bergenfield Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc 07003, NJPhysical Therapy1629136288
Snys Physical Therapy Llc 10033, NJPhysical Therapy1659621910
Sicolo Fitness Institute Llc 07603, NJPhysical Therapy1629570627
Premier Rehab llc 07047, NJPhysical Therapy1548586019
Four 3 Performance Laboratory Corp 07005, NJPhysical Therapy1679936272
Francis A Jadeszko 07005, NJPhysical Therapy1205445624
Lisa Coscia 07005, NJPhysical Therapy1336410604
Tammy Marie Krupnick 08505, NJPhysical Therapy1558687574
Vincent C. Anderson 08837, NJPhysical Therapy1184903080
Current Rehabilitation Co Llc 07720, NJPhysical Therapy1003101262
Lu Homecare Rehabilitation Service Llc 07105, NJPhysical Therapy1265086664
Arielle Liotine 08876, NJPhysical Therapy1437793908
Brick Hand & Rehabilitative Services Limited Partnership 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1558386599
Better Balance Pt Llc 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1346714763
Allshore Orthopedic Rehabilitation 07728, NJPhysical Therapy1730207697
Coast Physio Llc 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1356949317
Dynamic Gains Physical Therapy 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1639789910
Laura Chmielewski 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1194969667
Nds Physical Therapy P.c. 11220, NJPhysical Therapy1285220871
Trinity Rehab Somerset Pa 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1578085965
Amanda Mangulabnan 07728, NJPhysical Therapy1851863047
Sarah Steward 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1710422431
Kessler Institute For Rehabilitation Inc 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1942381900
Deborah Berger 07764, NJPhysical Therapy1619254216
Horizon Physical Therapy Services, Llc 08723, NJPhysical Therapy1679732770
Mary E Cummings 08759, NJPhysical Therapy1588731558
Mitchell Gordon Nielsen 07095, NJPhysical Therapy1265055420
Dynamic Movement Physical Therapy And Wellness 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1295327740
Richard Scott Lenkiewicz 19462, NJPhysical Therapy1215343611
Stephanie Julia May 07724, NJPhysical Therapy1457910960
Kathy Schachel 07701, NJPhysical Therapy1922428663
Christopher Vallone 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1295920494
Robert A Mustich 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1013015502
Laurie A Hallock 08742, NJPhysical Therapy1932224318
Hands On Home Care Inc. 08724, NJPhysical Therapy1275027799
George Carrieri 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1730238676
Jason Carll 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1811921778
Pamela Brunini 08302, NJPhysical Therapy1356533186
Karl F. Hurban 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1558692913
South Jersey Hospital, Inc. 08062, NJPhysical Therapy1609158732
Inspira Medical Centers, Inc. 08096, NJPhysical Therapy1972141091
Anna E Wentzell 08302, NJPhysical Therapy1750560876
Lisa D Baird 08302, NJPhysical Therapy1770719072
Ellen J Mather 08360, NJPhysical Therapy1861632358
Your Movement Specialist 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1659962827
Sylvia Slodziak 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1326395872
Colin Pierce 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1710380837
Wilcia Aristilde 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1255772265
Milko Martine 07945, NJPhysical Therapy1538441787
Amira M Kishk 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1508160656
Danielle O'malley 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1750750816
Procare Pt & Wellness, Llc 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1851716724
Taryn Blake Tomassacci 08854, NJPhysical Therapy1871000729
Convergent Movement And Performance Llc 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1104358787
Occupational Health Centers Of New Jersey, P.a. 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1972081461
Asma Baker 07601, NJPhysical Therapy1679249551
Jessica L Lenger 08857, NJPhysical Therapy1821766650
Luke Valerio 07095, NJPhysical Therapy1205502721
Michelle Lola Ford 08210, NJPhysical Therapy1306511548
Christopher Howard 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1194266924
Diana I Diaz 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1679012959
Kathleen Ostrowski 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1861931487
Ryan Anthony Tirella 08807, NJPhysical Therapy1386298164
Joseph Dias 07040, NJPhysical Therapy1538565114
Back To Function Home Physical Therapy Llc 08203, NJPhysical Therapy1750534814
Donna Pharo Dykes 08205, NJPhysical Therapy1285842245
Ashlei Porter 08015, NJPhysical Therapy1245637503
Norma Jean Coles 08015, NJPhysical Therapy1619552262
Annmarie Fewkes 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1699196998
April Richardson 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1831514090
Chadd Coles 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1336595636
Jason Padilla 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1881094043
Kevin Mosley 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1548685506
Kruti Vyas 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1861891434
Preeti Singal 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1528469194
Amy Mount 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1902214380
Courtney Dixon 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1518311281
Debra D. Muhammad 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1730302423
Gizelle Davis 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1215228002
Jeanneri Cheng 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1992078885
Laura Fuschini 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1598168239
Susan French 08016, NJPhysical Therapy1124436696


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