Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
South Jefferson Physical Therapy Pc 13605, NYPhysical Therapy1407930829
Total Wellness Physical Therapy Pllc 14801, NYPhysical Therapy1508301425
Amber Leigh Lynn 13730, NYPhysical Therapy1174837264
Eric Thomas Ashmore 12202, NYPhysical Therapy1265089528
Occupational Health Centers Of New York, P.a., P.c. 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1437275542
Theresa Viola Dicroce 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1588108617
Eneleida Mazzotta 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1912542101
Sports Therapy Albany Pt, Pc D/b/a 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1437191830
Purificato Physical Therapy Pllc 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1265936496
Karin Kuck 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1568488070
Carolyn Ruth Bailey 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1023591914
Cristina Fortier 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1528349008
Donna Jean Finck 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1801033246
Dorothy Callahan 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1134636087
Elaine N Sullivan 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1255640579
Erin Brady-sulkey 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1215284690
Kate Van Alstyne 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1457909970
Mary Ellen Schultz 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1790067684
Megan Susanne Puglisi 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1366689770
Megan Wells 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1518248574
Rose Marie Siggia 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1841523461
Sandra Piraino 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1871842922
Susan Ayn Hurley 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1851690010
Deborah Coester 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1295090702
Nicholas Sanzo 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1568720373
Jerome D Hill 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1952936619
Brianne L Iannotti 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1508405390
Carly Hosler 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1235806415
Deborah Margaret Shea 12110, NYPhysical Therapy1831463694
Thomas Niccolla Consulting Services, Pllc 12205, NYPhysical Therapy1346393790
Margaret A. Bytner 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1295786218
Margaret Mary Parascandola 12205, NYPhysical Therapy1356618862
Christi Ann Nelson 12205, NYPhysical Therapy1235374455
Raymon Stephen Webster 12205, NYPhysical Therapy1336370683
Trac Services, Llp 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1154562643
Terri J Johnson 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1770724247
Catherine E Carroll 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1689762718
Jacqueline M Endres 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1053493668
Joyce Reynolds 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1245321645
Amy Williams 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1487899498
Andrew Rowney 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1265676506
Bradford Villeneuve 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1477562171
Catherine E Westerling 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1821029158
Darren Pearson 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1316253370
Eugene Kupiec 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1952546376
Jeanina M Lamanna 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1891736443
Joshua M. Lyons 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1184992455
Judith Galvin 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1700833928
Judy Laine 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1679514251
Kathleen Ann Carroll 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1306885611
Monica Thomas 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1376582569
Susan Lapier 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1164456273
Susan Sofia 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1902853377
Vanessa Olmos Gil 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1598251217
John Dorsey 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1164061289
Sara Gonzalez 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1245685726
Advanced Physical Therapy Of Albany, Pc 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1841292430
Asha N Patel 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1952875338
Christine Cox 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1285039271
Jessica Sullivan 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1306485487
Kathleen Reynolds 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1164827515
Kevin L. Sulkey 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1619107612
Kathleen A Hayward 12211, NYPhysical Therapy1205820891
Athletic Dynamics Llc 12211, NYPhysical Therapy1912966409
Contemporary Rehabilitation Services P T P C 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1306110739
Healthy Self Pt Pllc 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1356018733
Live Strong Physical Therapy Pc 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1902089279
Core Motion Pt, Pllc 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1659747384
Barbara Almeida 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1053683383
Erika Gass 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1194265496
Sandra Michelle Abolafia 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1427277706
Zhan Qian 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1821235284
Physical Therapy Services, P.c. 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1558403998
Lisa Marie Giattino 14411, NYPhysical Therapy1215187364
Shirley Knaudt 14411, NYPhysical Therapy1619484714
Bridget Amy Stopa 14411, NYPhysical Therapy1811662653
Alden Physical Therapy, Pc 14004, NYPhysical Therapy1013194109
James E Ohlsten 12903, NYPhysical Therapy1629288675
Lynn Marie Ohlsten 05478, NYPhysical Therapy1366652307
Karen A Peak 12603, NYPhysical Therapy1821123753
Elisabeth Wagner 14226, NYPhysical Therapy1841709425
Mark Marcello 14226, NYPhysical Therapy1730743931
Christina Campbell 14214, NYPhysical Therapy1083090344
Swiatek Physical Therapy Pllc 14226, NYPhysical Therapy1982025094
Crystal Catherine Muzacz 14226, NYPhysical Therapy1073041356
Lauren M. Kray 14226, NYPhysical Therapy1689007478
Jessica Faye Leipler 14228, NYPhysical Therapy1699215467
Mitchell Neil Calkins 14228, NYPhysical Therapy1114460334
Joseph Quinn 97070, NYPhysical Therapy1518315712
Gravino & Brown Physical Therapy, Pllc 14228, NYPhysical Therapy1942721634
Joseph P Gravino 14228, NYPhysical Therapy1952785669
Molly Catharine Sommer 06897, NYPhysical Therapy1265738777
Sound Body Physical Therapy 11701, NYPhysical Therapy1174677892
Accelerated Physical Therapy P.c. 11701, NYPhysical Therapy1881900744
Kathleeen A Novick, M.a.,p.t. 11701, NYPhysical Therapy1720112790
Crystal L Walker 12010, NYPhysical Therapy1891029427
Kyla Santiago 12078, NYPhysical Therapy1043842586
Karen Fredericks 12010, NYPhysical Therapy1619349057
Valorie Goodemote 12010, NYPhysical Therapy1366814097
Rebecca M Patrei 12010, NYPhysical Therapy1487853768
Theresa Belli 12010, NYPhysical Therapy1134391667
Jordan Davies 14006, NYPhysical Therapy1851847636
Matthew Christopher Dupre 13732, NYPhysical Therapy1346526746
Laurie Chantry 13732, NYPhysical Therapy1033364989
Lynnette C Maslin 13795, NYPhysical Therapy1528303609
Kaitlyn Marie Korutz 13827, NYPhysical Therapy1801322631
Del Parsons 13790, NYPhysical Therapy1740751478
Mattie Anne Lucas 13732, NYPhysical Therapy1730601188
Carrie Sullivan 13732, NYPhysical Therapy1467823195
Katherine Bideaux 11706, NYPhysical Therapy1154983732
North Fork Physical Therapy Pc 11901, NYPhysical Therapy1972655041
Lydia Zielinski 14009, NYPhysical Therapy1255788642
Kasey Decker 10950, NYPhysical Therapy1922541085
Charles Graci 10502, NYPhysical Therapy1487819843
Deepu Earnest 10502, NYPhysical Therapy1053803395
Meera Raju 10502, NYPhysical Therapy1760427538
Taryn E Ashe 12828, NYPhysical Therapy1972195261
Washington Operations Associates Llc 12809, NYPhysical Therapy1245642560
Garrett Gibson 14063, NYPhysical Therapy1306364880
Score Rehabilitation, Llc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1215161542
Function Enhancing Physical Therapy Pllc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1548449549
Meidy Eltanya 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1942688114
Soma Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1144804261
Theracare & Wellness Physical Therapy,p.c 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1871762682
Health First Physical Therapy Pc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1386927143
Maidy Jocelyn Vega Garcia 10023, NYPhysical Therapy1295296911
Physio Health Ny Pt,pc 11415, NYPhysical Therapy1063800670
Orsolya Teer 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1417543000
Fady Khalil 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1871079269
Steffanny Lopez 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1003358995
Biju Kurian Thomas 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1033435979
Ildiko Beregszaszi 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1689220550
Vista Medical 10458, NYPhysical Therapy1770991788
Iosif Kimatov 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1194393322
Jo-ann Torres Dela Cruz 10017, NYPhysical Therapy1619501731
Majhi Marie Villahermosa 10017, NYPhysical Therapy1760824080
Motionfit Physical Therapy P.c. 10013, NYPhysical Therapy1679160493
Imseon Jang 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1467009043
Pro Care Physical Therapy Group Pc 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1437399532
Alexandra Munoz 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1548829351
Attia Rehabilitation Pt,pc 11235, NYPhysical Therapy1588257158
Ies Medical 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1235333550
Body In Balance Physical Therapy, Pc 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1235174384
Sabrina Bozzo 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1265060602
Andrea E Romanowski 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1720504723
Steinway Physical Therapy Pc 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1093316242
Prevail Physical Therapy, Llc 11105, NYPhysical Therapy1093469389
Daniela Gasan 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1952654899
John Lathrop Physical Therapy Pllc 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1134726359
Hands on Physical Therapy Pc 21244, NYPhysical Therapy1891332011
Oasis Professional Management Group, Ltd. 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1962067033
Great Western Physical Therapy Pc 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1174162440
Mount Joy Physical Therapy, P.c. 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1134595895
Theresa Lee Houghton 14011, NYPhysical Therapy1366722894
Darren John Fox 14011, NYPhysical Therapy1861503229
Rebecca Hall 14031, NYPhysical Therapy1598323131
Patricia Schappert 13021, NYPhysical Therapy1235558883
Colleen M Desalvatore 13021, NYPhysical Therapy1831126234
Cassie Hemming 13021, NYPhysical Therapy1346660966
Chris-anne Shutter-moran 13021, NYPhysical Therapy1295155810
Lauri Ann Heath 13021, NYPhysical Therapy1306265335
Ronak Patel 14513, NYPhysical Therapy1396393500
Andre Dominic Robles Ricarte 11358, NYPhysical Therapy1912674383
Balance And Dizziness Physical Therapy Pllc 12180, NYPhysical Therapy1902121221
Bernadette Dankenbrink 01801, NYPhysical Therapy1508069014
Nancy Ellen Mason 10993, NYPhysical Therapy1568585552
Julianne Matthews 11702, NYPhysical Therapy1689270159
Scott Alan Fisher 13733, NYPhysical Therapy1962570150
Michelle Marie Castle 13733, NYPhysical Therapy1457668253
Jacques H Gracia 11234, NYPhysical Therapy1245453182
Reyes/reyes Physical Therapy Pllc 11510, NYPhysical Therapy1285861906
Frances Rogers 11803, NYPhysical Therapy1588947659
All Care Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services Pc 11510, NYPhysical Therapy1417040684
Camy Alexandre Vallon 11357, NYPhysical Therapy1306493606
Yesenia Andre 11510, NYPhysical Therapy1831479864
Michelle T Ponzi 13027, NYPhysical Therapy1972756310
Stephanie Tamulevich 13027, NYPhysical Therapy1689984122
Lori Ann Herzog 13126, NYPhysical Therapy1114344181
Michael J Sutter 13027, NYPhysical Therapy1578715496
Stronger Physical Therapy Pllc 13027, NYPhysical Therapy1235704180
Carly Clark 13126, NYPhysical Therapy1790151256
Julie Wortman 13126, NYPhysical Therapy1518357359
Shari Mcgill 13027, NYPhysical Therapy1417590803
Gk Movement Llc 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1518627835
Perspective Physical Therapy Performance Pllc 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1639828304
Resolute Physical Therapy Pllc 12065, NYPhysical Therapy1699404889
Eileen Duell 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1326305921
Tammy Kitchen 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1598371122
Mary Bussert 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1568818797
Michael Lazarou 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1831545805
Michael Rowland 12020, NYPhysical Therapy1144676362
John Anthony Ditizii 10954, NYPhysical Therapy1528561958
John A Sofia 10954, NYPhysical Therapy1225592504
Adk Physical Therapy, Pllc 13304, NYPhysical Therapy1972749364
Brittany Rose Saunders 13304, NYPhysical Therapy1275058893
Trisha Marie Cashman 13304, NYPhysical Therapy1609230630
Sports Plus Physical Therapy Pc 14020, NYPhysical Therapy1013968155
Michael Bauer 14020, NYPhysical Therapy1992136311
Stacey Lynn Omeara 14020, NYPhysical Therapy1245561588
Colleen Marie Proefrock 14020, NYPhysical Therapy1255664710


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