Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Conti 14207, NYPhysical Therapy1033682935
Rachel Melissa Fama 22191, NYPhysical Therapy1194190421
Rom On The Run Physical Therapy, Pc 11731, NYPhysical Therapy1740455633
Stephen A Sanacore 11553, NYPhysical Therapy1851599617
John Morales 11106, NYPhysical Therapy1720578438
Daniel Reeves 11729, NYPhysical Therapy1790265205
Ching Chen 92108, NYPhysical Therapy1093011223
City Rehab Ot Pllc 10003, NYPhysical Therapy1720487606
Riester Physical Therapy Services Pc 14120, NYPhysical Therapy1710308119
Amy M Ivan 13795, NYPhysical Therapy1194034439
Rtc Physical Therapy, Pllc 10960, NYPhysical Therapy1447775648
Zapata Physical Therapist Pllc 10033, NYPhysical Therapy1275980583
Brendan Carter 14701, NYPhysical Therapy1851821672
Sheila Marie Pahang 10452, NYPhysical Therapy1356860563
Misty Anderson 13473, NYPhysical Therapy1760996102
Hannah Marie Bailey 13421, NYPhysical Therapy1215445739
Kristin Carney 11746, NYPhysical Therapy1033610712
Marissa Wolfson 10016, NYPhysical Therapy1437692936
Diane Walz 10314, NYPhysical Therapy1760995427
Lisa Watler 11213, NYPhysical Therapy1356854699
Deborah Palastra 10924, NYPhysical Therapy1346736154
Harmony Care Physical Therapy Pc 11354, NYPhysical Therapy1063990687
Rachel Marozzi 29406, NYPhysical Therapy1003208927
Bryan Michael Paul 11741, NYPhysical Therapy1013486679
Jude Placio 10954, NYPhysical Therapy1689144156
Freedom Physical Therapy, P.c. 11209, NYPhysical Therapy1871058990
Sandhya Rao 75077, NYPhysical Therapy1144546391
Hudson Health Physical Therapy, Pllc 10954, NYPhysical Therapy1144674466
Albert Vonurban 11767, NYPhysical Therapy1033773411
Inner Power Physical Therapy Pllc 14618, NYPhysical Therapy1760047278
Verity Physical Therapy & Wellness 80302, NYPhysical Therapy1528426376
Tonic Physical Therapy , Pllc 10028, NYPhysical Therapy1851958201
Sl Medical Services Pc 10023, NYPhysical Therapy1659938660
Function Enhancing Physical Therapy Pllc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1548449549
Erin Zaniewski 13078, NYPhysical Therapy1306407093
Monica Shanal 10003, NYPhysical Therapy1124520135
Nje Pt Movement Pllc 12180, NYPhysical Therapy1750775995
Niyati Patel 11021, NYPhysical Therapy1649827338
Shelly Kraetz 13152, NYPhysical Therapy1730463134
David Garzaniti 10301, NYPhysical Therapy1508185844
Melissa So 77477, NYPhysical Therapy1629612767
Chaitrali Atre 10303, NYPhysical Therapy1942845490
Bel Rehabilitation Pt, Pc. 11518, NYPhysical Therapy1184963308
Chandana Gandham 10017, NYPhysical Therapy1598302317
Prudent Pt Pc 11694, NYPhysical Therapy1922312859
Betty Gao, P.t.,p.c. 10591, NYPhysical Therapy1386623106
Charles Crawford 12065, NYPhysical Therapy1891326419
Rehab Core Physical Therapy Pc 11040, NYPhysical Therapy1629480702
Moncy Cherian Varghese 10309, NYPhysical Therapy1134664014
Empowerment Physical Therapy Pllc 10710, NYPhysical Therapy1124525357
Malikka Caige 10018, NYPhysical Therapy1962887893
Active Healing Physical Therapy, Pllc 11432, NYPhysical Therapy1003192121
Marilyn G Quinones 10520, NYPhysical Therapy1932722097
Renee Anne Ragogna 11751, NYPhysical Therapy1194335380
Recovry Physical Therapy Pllc 11743, NYPhysical Therapy1063022531
Viktoria Dimitrova-franco 11234, NYPhysical Therapy1922597202
H&d Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Pllc 10017, NYPhysical Therapy1235174228
Julie Anne Engco Tiama 11232, NYPhysical Therapy1124675517
Carina Martinez 10940, NYPhysical Therapy1285249227
City Physical Therapy Pc 10013, NYPhysical Therapy1447587530
Hkim Physical Therapy Pc 10022, NYPhysical Therapy1356854327
Balance In Motion Physical Therapy P.c. 10022, NYPhysical Therapy1982076717
Russell Cobane 12065, NYPhysical Therapy1184231201
Rebecca Wassel 13031, NYPhysical Therapy1316540503
Dr Han Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Pc 11209, NYPhysical Therapy1922387554
Julianne Matthews 11702, NYPhysical Therapy1689270159
Colin P Clifton 80601, NYPhysical Therapy1275851370
Marisa Rose 10011, NYPhysical Therapy1821290578
Nds Physical Therapy P.c. 11220, NYPhysical Therapy1285220871
Hdt Tender Loving Care Physical Therapy, P.c. 11354, NYPhysical Therapy1538780507
Natasha Ridore 11357, NYPhysical Therapy1619565587
Warner Wellness, Inc 10003, NYPhysical Therapy1588251979
Gotham Physical Therapy Group Pllc 10001, NYPhysical Therapy1881144111
Health Care Physical Therapy Pc 11209, NYPhysical Therapy1932432606
New York Rehab Pt.pc 10304, NYPhysical Therapy1699205021
Triumph Physical Therapy Pllc 10035, NYPhysical Therapy1508025552
Carthage Area Hospital Inc 13619, NYPhysical Therapy1366653826
Select Rehabilitation 14103, NYPhysical Therapy1235723677
Sahlee Villanueva Sicat 10528, NYPhysical Therapy1609331909
Michelle Thompson 08204, NYPhysical Therapy1538612502
Portable Physical Therapy Pc 10017, NYPhysical Therapy1427635663
Sean Cignarale 14612, NYPhysical Therapy1639758386
Marc Friedman 10021, NYPhysical Therapy1265095269
Norbert Ortiz-perez 14611, NYPhysical Therapy1851976492
Jennifer L Dawkins 76504, NYPhysical Therapy1316228943
Edgardo Mesias Livica 10462, NYPhysical Therapy1669468666
Snehal Gadkar, Dpt, P.c. 11554, NYPhysical Therapy1912265885
Adirondack Physical And Occupational Therapy Llc 13126, NYPhysical Therapy1942380969
Rutuja Ramesh Mahale 11735, NYPhysical Therapy1225607492
Nyc Physical Therapy And Acupuncture Pllc 10002, NYPhysical Therapy1215315411
Susan E Bennett Pt Pc 14223, NYPhysical Therapy1710021001
Healthy Self Pt Pllc 11507, NYPhysical Therapy1356018733
Young Sook Choi 11358, NYPhysical Therapy1295951358
Health First Physical Therapy Pc 11102, NYPhysical Therapy1386927143
Priority Care Physical Therapy Pc 11598, NYPhysical Therapy1023010352
Wyckoff Physical Therapy Pc. 11385, NYPhysical Therapy1629442793
Care More Pt. Pc. 10456, NYPhysical Therapy1801373592
Advanced Physical Therapy Of Albany, Pc 12208, NYPhysical Therapy1841292430
David Nupp, P.t., P.c. 11756, NYPhysical Therapy1467446351
True Way Physical Therapy, P.c. 10583, NYPhysical Therapy1609866896
Bellmore Physical Therapy Pc 11710, NYPhysical Therapy1477544765
Ivyrehab Northern Pt, Llc 49345, NYPhysical Therapy1972592525
St. Marks Physical Therapy, P.c 11530, NYPhysical Therapy1588642201
Fresh Pond Physical Therapy, P.c 11385, NYPhysical Therapy1508844036
B.d. Manual Rehab Physical Therapy 11235, NYPhysical Therapy1598749277
New York Physical Therapy, P.c. 11580, NYPhysical Therapy1437120987
Olean Physical Therapy Professionals Pllc 14760, NYPhysical Therapy1588637318
Rehab One Physical Therapy P.c. 11231, NYPhysical Therapy1760458665
Bounce Back Physical Therapy, Pc 10011, NYPhysical Therapy1285602193
Athletic Dynamics Llc 12211, NYPhysical Therapy1912966409
Premier Physical Therapy Of The Fingerlakes, Pllc 14424, NYPhysical Therapy1255393930
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Pc 11377, NYPhysical Therapy1013974476
North County Spine And Sports 14048, NYPhysical Therapy1699726208
Synergy Trumansburg Physical Therapy Pllc 14886, NYPhysical Therapy1225549801
Island Sports Physiotherapy Of East Meadow, Pc 11554, NYPhysical Therapy1043265440
Frank E. Lafara Pt, P.c. 10028, NYPhysical Therapy1841245206
Sportsmedicine Rehabilitation 10583, NYPhysical Therapy1396791034
Island Sports Physiotherapy, Pc 11746, NYPhysical Therapy1558300202
Island Sports Physiotherapy, Pc 11731, NYPhysical Therapy1366482408
Island Sports Physiotherapy Of East Meadow Pc 11530, NYPhysical Therapy1356381669
Sports Therapy Albany Pt, Pc D/b/a 12203, NYPhysical Therapy1437191830
Joint Effort Physical Therapy 10023, NYPhysical Therapy1629013735
Body In Balance Physical Therapy, Pc 11103, NYPhysical Therapy1235174384
Ny Spine Physical Therapy 11772, NYPhysical Therapy1831125327
Island Sports Physical Therapy Of Glen Cove Pc 11542, NYPhysical Therapy1083644116
Island Sports Physical Therapy Of Smithtown, P.c. 11767, NYPhysical Therapy1639109770
Nassau Sports Care Physical Therapy P.c. 11563, NYPhysical Therapy1306876206
Chelsea Physical Therapy Pllc 10011, NYPhysical Therapy1285663278
Generations Physical Therapy Pllc 11795, NYPhysical Therapy1154352888
Therapy 10464, NYPhysical Therapy1376900324
Illari Physcial Therapy P.c. 11763, NYPhysical Therapy1164872669
Acosta Works Physical Therapy, Pc 11030, NYPhysical Therapy1710444807
Peak Physical Therapy, Pc 12550, NYPhysical Therapy1780617431
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 10025, NYPhysical Therapy1336169747
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11561, NYPhysical Therapy1821018235
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11706, NYPhysical Therapy1649290057
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11791, NYPhysical Therapy1992725303
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11787, NYPhysical Therapy1881614295
New York Physical And Occupational Theraph Pllc 11229, NYPhysical Therapy1952321366
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy, Pllc 10022, NYPhysical Therapy1215957626
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11238, NYPhysical Therapy1760402176
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy, Pllc 11766, NYPhysical Therapy1679593081
New York Physical Therapy Pllc 11554, NYPhysical Therapy1750301164
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy, Pllc 11725, NYPhysical Therapy1487674891
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11434, NYPhysical Therapy1831119247
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11570, NYPhysical Therapy1710907126
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11559, NYPhysical Therapy1447270855
Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Services, P.c. 10461, NYPhysical Therapy1508889973
New York Physical Therapy And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11570, NYPhysical Therapy1265448559
Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Associates Of Staten Island, P.c. 10312, NYPhysical Therapy1447262654
Neville A Flowers P T P C 11413, NYPhysical Therapy1932111069
Molino Physical Therapy, Pllc 14850, NYPhysical Therapy1992810782
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11530, NYPhysical Therapy1164442570
Movement Improvement Physical Therapy, Pllc 11201, NYPhysical Therapy1659736700
Genesee Valley Group Health Association 14534, NYPhysical Therapy1104842178
Elim Healthcare Services, P.t.p.c. 11423, NYPhysical Therapy1730194549
Madden & Gschwind Braman, Pt, Pc 13413, NYPhysical Therapy1528084969
Richmond Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Pc 10306, NYPhysical Therapy1336257732
Richard P Orsini 11204, NYPhysical Therapy1568573335
Beck Physical Therapy, P.c. 12577, NYPhysical Therapy1013029115
Midtown Physical Therapy Pllc 10463, NYPhysical Therapy1285738203
Accurate Care Physical Therapy Pllc 10980, NYPhysical Therapy1538265137
All Care Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services Pc 11510, NYPhysical Therapy1417040684
New Age Physical Therapy Pc 11358, NYPhysical Therapy1881789873
First Class Physical Therapy, P.c. 11224, NYPhysical Therapy1376630905
Rome Memorial Hospital, Inc. 13440, NYPhysical Therapy1851489330
Stephen Wirth 11554, NYPhysical Therapy1497844823
Michele N Keleher 12159, NYPhysical Therapy1356431266
Irm,pt,p.c. 10901, NYPhysical Therapy1689754129
Park Slope Physical Therapy, Pllc 11215, NYPhysical Therapy1679654685
Usher Physical Therapy, P.c. 11559, NYPhysical Therapy1154403699
Yuri Usher Pt Pc 11559, NYPhysical Therapy1578645016
Absolute Care Physical Therapy Group, Pllc 11235, NYPhysical Therapy1396828091
Adirondack Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Pc 12901, NYPhysical Therapy1669558029
Richard Bodian Pt 11234, NYPhysical Therapy1528138476
Jeffrey J. Foss Pt, Pc 12804, NYPhysical Therapy1588734909
Vns 10001, NYPhysical Therapy1346615598
Hope In Hands Physical Therapy Pc 11354, NYPhysical Therapy1619410768
Body Mechanix Physical Therapy Pllc 14094, NYPhysical Therapy1063517662
Physical Therapy Long Island, P.c. 11797, NYPhysical Therapy1093892788
United Helpers Canton Nursing Home, Inc 13617, NYPhysical Therapy1437242468
One To One Physical Therapy Pc 11377, NYPhysical Therapy1528140704
Healing Quest Physical Therapy, Pc 10314, NYPhysical Therapy1134290828
Precision Sports Physical Therapy, Pllc 11797, NYPhysical Therapy1689746687
Queens Physical Therapy, P.c. 11356, NYPhysical Therapy1982779377
Scarsdale Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation Services Pc 10583, NYPhysical Therapy1972679629
Bi County Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Llp 11596, NYPhysical Therapy1821158304
Rnt General Medical And Rehab Pc 11372, NYPhysical Therapy1164584363
New York Physical And Occupational Therapy Pllc 11598, NYPhysical Therapy1356404198
Rockland Physical Therapy Pllc 10901, NYPhysical Therapy1285798652
Clarkstown Physical Therapy & Sports Associates, Llp 10956, NYPhysical Therapy1164586756
Village Physical Therapy, P.c. 11768, NYPhysical Therapy1083771836
Rebound Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Services Pc 11234, NYPhysical Therapy1053478925
Brooklyn Physical Therapy Services, Pc 11215, NYPhysical Therapy1073670220
Perform Physical Therapy And Pilates Pllc 11561, NYPhysical Therapy1922159359
Thomas Niccolla Consulting Services, Pllc 12205, NYPhysical Therapy1346393790
Optima Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Pc 10470, NYPhysical Therapy1649324450
Sportsfocus Physical Therapy, Pc 14127, NYPhysical Therapy1811041213
Thomas Nicolla Consulting Services, Pllc 12047, NYPhysical Therapy1417001595
Magic Hands Physical Therapy Pllc 11214, NYPhysical Therapy1316093693


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