Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Western Reserve Therapists, Inc. 44022, OHPhysical Therapy1578567335
Novacare Rehabilitation Of Ohio Inc 43231, OHPhysical Therapy1891791075
Novacare Rehabilitation Of Ohio Inc 44118, OHPhysical Therapy1386640423
Rehabclinics Spt Inc 45255, OHPhysical Therapy1225034366
Cindy Lockwood 43078, OHPhysical Therapy1053790204
Professional Therapeutic Services Inc 45424, OHPhysical Therapy1174529358
Kristen Anne Gipe 44663, OHPhysical Therapy1548785447
Novacare Rehabilitation Of Ohio Inc 43215, OHPhysical Therapy1538165717
Universal Therapy Dynamics, Inc 44094, OHPhysical Therapy1740288919
Edmondson Physical Therapy, Inc. 43920, OHPhysical Therapy1467450536
Cincinnati Physical Therapy Inc 45245, OHPhysical Therapy1053312751
Melita J Hairston 44313, OHPhysical Therapy1306838339
Kelsey Taylor 45230, OHPhysical Therapy1417312307
P.t. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. 44090, OHPhysical Therapy1972505576
Michael Joseph Travagliante 44128, OHPhysical Therapy1194706119
Rehab Unlimited At Southbridge, Llc 44512, OHPhysical Therapy1114903234
Sherri Beattie 44130, OHPhysical Therapy1558349944
Molly Ann Ward 45242, OHPhysical Therapy1760461594
Refija Dervisevic 44333, OHPhysical Therapy1427421866
Total Education Solutions 44333, OHPhysical Therapy1376833061
Jason Richard Mathews 43215, OHPhysical Therapy1366415697
Center For Balance Related Disorders And Rehabilitation Inc 45242, OHPhysical Therapy1669446944
Defiance Rehabilitation Services 43512, OHPhysical Therapy1548234339
Michelle Donnelly 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1649245119
Rhonda Mcfarland 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1174598650
Betty Albrecht 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1033184387
Patricia Smith 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1407821515
Helen Hallock 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1255306197
Betty Jo Seabolt 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1386619187
Amy Stedman 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1720053531
Eschman Physical Therapy, Llc 44483, OHPhysical Therapy1861469439
Mac-phuong Ha 45242, OHPhysical Therapy1841268380
Christine Stroll 44278, OHPhysical Therapy1972572204
Shawn Marie Mccauley 43611, OHPhysical Therapy1841794526
Fernandez Renner & Scai 44718, OHPhysical Therapy1871555318
Fernandez Renner And Scaia Physical Therapy Clinic Inc 44718, OHPhysical Therapy1770545220
Fernandez Renner & Scai 44646, OHPhysical Therapy1285696732
Steven Ilg 15009, OHPhysical Therapy1407819980
Sandra Sue Morgan 44077, OHPhysical Therapy1861455883
Kristen Noelle Phillips 44601, OHPhysical Therapy1649236944
Christina Francis Godfrey 45694, OHPhysical Therapy1336106061
Dustin Ronald Forney 45069, OHPhysical Therapy1265490858
Butler County Ancillary Services 45011, OHPhysical Therapy1184673931
Nancy Joan Brooks 44130, OHPhysical Therapy1780635698
Nichole Michelle Oliver 43147, OHPhysical Therapy1962930248
Commonwealth Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine, P.s.c. 40403, OHPhysical Therapy1184670028
Cassandra Maiorana 44256, OHPhysical Therapy1376599811
Arc Therapy Services Llc 44145, OHPhysical Therapy1689621427
Xcel Sports Medicine Llc 45377, OHPhysical Therapy1730127341
Frank Thomas Vieth 45220, OHPhysical Therapy1992744213
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45154, OHPhysical Therapy1356383707
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45245, OHPhysical Therapy1497797740
Eastgate Physical Therapy Lp 45140, OHPhysical Therapy1033151386
Keystone Rehabilitation Systems Inc 44004, OHPhysical Therapy1306889647
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45177, OHPhysical Therapy1932144680
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45133, OHPhysical Therapy1922043678
Keystone Rehabilitation Associates Of Warren 44484, OHPhysical Therapy1255376687
Keystone Rehabilitation Systems Inc 44094, OHPhysical Therapy1396780680
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 44035, OHPhysical Therapy1558306662
Progressive Therapy Services, Inc. 44319, OHPhysical Therapy1225074784
Karen Lynne Massaad 44138, OHPhysical Therapy1154357424
Michele Marleen Luczywo-grunert 44266, OHPhysical Therapy1912936287
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 45036, OHPhysical Therapy1780613554
Smr Banyan Tree, Inc. 44425, OHPhysical Therapy1467481036
Smr Banyan Tree, Inc. 44514, OHPhysical Therapy1255361556
Smr Banyan Tree, Inc. 44056, OHPhysical Therapy1649200049
Amanda Renee Freeman 43617, OHPhysical Therapy1033574090
Rehab Professionals, Llc 44122, OHPhysical Therapy1114962974
Rocket Rehab And Therapy Services Llc 43449, OHPhysical Therapy1861976219
Glenda Atakulu 45219, OHPhysical Therapy1437413077
Ultracare Physical Therapy, Llc 43606, OHPhysical Therapy1275559601
Burkam & Associates, Llc 43214, OHPhysical Therapy1306866819
Ronnie Morrison 45631, OHPhysical Therapy1134140890
Us Pt Therapy Services Inc. 43110, OHPhysical Therapy1881615904
Katherine Sue Maushart 45230, OHPhysical Therapy1265455828
Kimberly Sopata 44133, OHPhysical Therapy1942214523
Sheri Beverage 44133, OHPhysical Therapy1578577573
Deborah Karpowicz 44133, OHPhysical Therapy1538173430
Sandra Kolansinski 44060, OHPhysical Therapy1790799625
Cynthia Lee Winiarski 44255, OHPhysical Therapy1881609279
Bambi Lynn Shea 44255, OHPhysical Therapy1699780080
Archbold Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 43502, OHPhysical Therapy1215948302
Christopher D Stephan 44111, OHPhysical Therapy1487667648
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 45885, OHPhysical Therapy1235242264
Dana Jeter, P.t. L.l.c. 45133, OHPhysical Therapy1275647372
Louise Richert 44134, OHPhysical Therapy1548294010
Water Works Aquatic Physical Therapy Inc 34103, OHPhysical Therapy1962412932
Samuel Miller 45327, OHPhysical Therapy1205392685
Stanley Socha 44515, OHPhysical Therapy1265542997
Scott Lyions 43220, OHPhysical Therapy1437269123
Paul Matthew Thomas 43311, OHPhysical Therapy1205939808
Elmer Gandionco 45219, OHPhysical Therapy1568569259
Deborah Ann Rozak 44131, OHPhysical Therapy1386741379
Richard Errett Ruth 48162, OHPhysical Therapy1649377888
Donna Whittaker 44134, OHPhysical Therapy1821196809
Leisa Marie Jolliff 43311, OHPhysical Therapy1780783209
Mary Ann Mcgill 43311, OHPhysical Therapy1225137748
Debora Mae Bray 43311, OHPhysical Therapy1679672190
Charlene S. Brincka 44125, OHPhysical Therapy1326147323
Sharon Lynne Nichols 44125, OHPhysical Therapy1912006933
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45157, OHPhysical Therapy1326149295
Jill Renee Lahmers 45171, OHPhysical Therapy1023101425
Deborah Jean Gilbert-bates 43567, OHPhysical Therapy1891882171
Quantum Physical Therapy, Inc. 45417, OHPhysical Therapy1093803025
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43220, OHPhysical Therapy1740378066
Jeremy Wayne Evans 43311, OHPhysical Therapy1134218308
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43026, OHPhysical Therapy1366522955
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43017, OHPhysical Therapy1396825907
Linda R Spitler 45428, OHPhysical Therapy1730261983
Thomas Eric Larson 45428, OHPhysical Therapy1821170077
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43230, OHPhysical Therapy1881777357
Adam Michael Ferriell 45428, OHPhysical Therapy1881776755
Theratrust, Inc. 43055, OHPhysical Therapy1336223940
Kimberly Sue Boozell 43031, OHPhysical Therapy1104902410
Colleen Mullooly Krohmer 44221, OHPhysical Therapy1871670414
Midwest Therapy Associates, Inc. 45429, OHPhysical Therapy1679652325
Gerlinda Irene Wengstrom 44131, OHPhysical Therapy1861571242
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 43230, OHPhysical Therapy1578632410
Laura Gayle Turner 45371, OHPhysical Therapy1407926025
James Patrick Snyder 45415, OHPhysical Therapy1063582617
Sheri N Oldham 45429, OHPhysical Therapy1649340191
Ellen A Simon 44720, OHPhysical Therapy1912370735
Amanda Nicole Helms 15601, OHPhysical Therapy1982078051
Kathleen Margaret Mckee 43230, OHPhysical Therapy1679682587
Jennifer Thoma 15601, OHPhysical Therapy1053786327
Joanie Lynn Dovyar 15601, OHPhysical Therapy1225403504
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, P.a., Co. 45404, OHPhysical Therapy1174602254
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, P.a., Co. 45212, OHPhysical Therapy1568541647
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, P.a., Co. 45241, OHPhysical Therapy1023197118
Pilates Fitness Llc 43214, OHPhysical Therapy1669926689
Premier Therapy & Health Centers, Inc. 45694, OHPhysical Therapy1144307687
Premier Therapy & Health Centers, Inc. 45662, OHPhysical Therapy1073690509
Premier Therapy & Health Centers, Inc. 45638, OHPhysical Therapy1336226851
Physical Therapy Consultants Of Perrysburg, Llc 43551, OHPhysical Therapy1134202138
Denise Marie Boland 44286, OHPhysical Therapy1093885493
Michell Renae Schiel 43614, OHPhysical Therapy1154493161
Toni Lee Randall 44094, OHPhysical Therapy1427121953
Joel Jay Cousino 43617, OHPhysical Therapy1952476509
Paul Alan Boes 43617, OHPhysical Therapy1508931254
Amy Dawn Lindsey 42103, OHPhysical Therapy1558439042
County Of Cuyahoga 44114, OHPhysical Therapy1235207994
Derek Chyle Lehman 42103, OHPhysical Therapy1851469308
Londa E Short 45505, OHPhysical Therapy1205994456
Karin M Cortina 45429, OHPhysical Therapy1275693418
Samantha Brown 44483, OHPhysical Therapy1356498877
Anne Marie Eureka 44256, OHPhysical Therapy1326196403
Paul Kroh Inc 44720, OHPhysical Therapy1972657815
Laura Jean Wallace 44256, OHPhysical Therapy1558417436
Linda Teresa Hotz 44089, OHPhysical Therapy1619023884
Angela Beth Walker 44906, OHPhysical Therapy1770621476
Overload columbus Ltd 43230, OHPhysical Therapy1184764532
Hands On Physical Therapy, Llc 44471, OHPhysical Therapy1356482004
Evelyn Jane Lazor 44410, OHPhysical Therapy1619018165
Richard Louis Canaly 44112, OHPhysical Therapy1942343173
Jennifer Jo Zocchi 44131, OHPhysical Therapy1043354467
Janis Seeley 26105, OHPhysical Therapy1871628677
Malissa Perry 26105, OHPhysical Therapy1942339502
Angela Gisela Durchholz 45140, OHPhysical Therapy1427189760
Quest Physical Therapy, Llc 45140, OHPhysical Therapy1629109962
Silverio Physical Therapy 44460, OHPhysical Therapy1659403541
Mary Carolyn Popp 45249, OHPhysical Therapy1982736161
Angeline Lynn Bachtel 43614, OHPhysical Therapy1437282076
Marie E. Mcmurry 43614, OHPhysical Therapy1295868669
Trudie R Spencer 32250, OHPhysical Therapy1144354259
John Patrick Jeffers 44113, OHPhysical Therapy1265566442
Kalette Nicole Hittle 45304, OHPhysical Therapy1184758401
Jason Paul Greene 44130, OHPhysical Therapy1437274735
Christine Marie Deibig 44646, OHPhysical Therapy1619091949
Shannon Marie Potter-knight 44143, OHPhysical Therapy1538284856
Superior Rehab, Llc 45804, OHPhysical Therapy1114042116
Kristin S Carmen 44035, OHPhysical Therapy1578689667
Anne-marie Luchansky 44512, OHPhysical Therapy1790800282
Kathy A Kason 44017, OHPhysical Therapy1225153711
Sharon R Crabiel 44017, OHPhysical Therapy1689799173
Steve G Weakland 44143, OHPhysical Therapy1912023359
Colleen Louise Vankirk 26037, OHPhysical Therapy1417073859
James David Comstock 44313, OHPhysical Therapy1952427338
Abby Maiorano 45405, OHPhysical Therapy1558487942
Kristen Ellen Zalimeni 44004, OHPhysical Therapy1295851350
Carol Therens 44017, OHPhysical Therapy1184740482
Amanda Lee Payne 26164, OHPhysical Therapy1235255100
Octavia Deshaun Richardson 44128, OHPhysical Therapy1093831729
Fern A Sweeney-martin 44128, OHPhysical Therapy1023134954
Sue B. Dodson 44067, OHPhysical Therapy1851417638
Julianne Chapin 44319, OHPhysical Therapy1609993062
Dawn Denise Peace 60555, OHPhysical Therapy1821115742
Pamela Sue Nicolard 44646, OHPhysical Therapy1114044732
Karen Lynn Cox 44646, OHPhysical Therapy1407973019
Celeste Annette Willmann-chafin 84098, OHPhysical Therapy1467570911
Michelle Price 44143, OHPhysical Therapy1962520189
Sara Ann Leslie 44313, OHPhysical Therapy1437277811
Brandy Worsley 45231, OHPhysical Therapy1194843375
Ann Michelle Chipps 45231, OHPhysical Therapy1497873673
Andrea Yvonne Wallace 44143, OHPhysical Therapy1326166315
Elizabeth Woolaver 43528, OHPhysical Therapy1942338553
Jennifer Lee Kehl 44011, OHPhysical Therapy1316075484
Courtney Mautz 43783, OHPhysical Therapy1588045595
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, Pa, Co 44301, OHPhysical Therapy1568589893
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, P.a., Co. 44103, OHPhysical Therapy1831216100
Occupational Health Centers Of Ohio, P.a., Co. 44146, OHPhysical Therapy1568589760


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A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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