Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center 97227, ORPhysical Therapy1700809027
Elizabeth Ann Nelson 97321, ORPhysical Therapy1861938094
Kevin Michael Hussey 97303, ORPhysical Therapy1922095850
Southeast Physical Therapy, P.c. 97202, ORPhysical Therapy1235120031
Kristine J Spencer 97070, ORPhysical Therapy1396728689
Pt Northwest Llc 97301, ORPhysical Therapy1417934886
Healing Bridge Physical Therapy Inc 97701, ORPhysical Therapy1558344531
Healing Motion Physical Therapy, Inc. 97370, ORPhysical Therapy1316919327
Chehalem Physical Therapy, Inc. 97132, ORPhysical Therapy1164497111
High Desert Therapy Associates Inc 97707, ORPhysical Therapy1871569764
High Desert Therapy Associates Inc 97739, ORPhysical Therapy1952379273
Kati Spalding 97223, ORPhysical Therapy1750350211
Umpqua Valley Physical Therapy Llc 97457, ORPhysical Therapy1790746402
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Oregon City Llc 97045, ORPhysical Therapy1760443477
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Gresham Llc 97030, ORPhysical Therapy1467413179
Canby Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc 97013, ORPhysical Therapy1992766612
Joni Marie Breaux 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1740246537
Debra L Bezanson 97330, ORPhysical Therapy1710931746
Jennifer Denise Valin 97056, ORPhysical Therapy1750336830
West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic Llc 97205, ORPhysical Therapy1134175706
Scott Bryan Vankampen 97330, ORPhysical Therapy1619917127
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1134158298
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 97006, ORPhysical Therapy1750310819
Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97426, ORPhysical Therapy1083646806
Promotion Advanced Functional Rehab Llc 97383, ORPhysical Therapy1710932710
Advance Sports And Spine Therapy Llc 97070, ORPhysical Therapy1669405767
Ashland Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97520, ORPhysical Therapy1770518979
Jesus Rio-calderon 97116, ORPhysical Therapy1124049036
Vicky Lynn Sullivan 97850, ORPhysical Therapy1609898840
Jana Lynn Port 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1013939511
Mary Eileen Shearer 97116, ORPhysical Therapy1700893203
Central Coast Physical Therapy Inc 97365, ORPhysical Therapy1750393385
Karen Louise Smith 98108, ORPhysical Therapy1225141187
Judith Ann Messoline 97306, ORPhysical Therapy1205940749
Edwinna Hurst 97838, ORPhysical Therapy1972618676
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital 97062, ORPhysical Therapy1184647620
Hyun Gyung Pyo 97471, ORPhysical Therapy1972038974
Synergy Physical Therapy, Llc 97520, ORPhysical Therapy1861427460
Eric Scott Brown 97838, ORPhysical Therapy1083185334
Linda Josten 97132, ORPhysical Therapy1649380353
Everybody Physical Therapy Llc 97210, ORPhysical Therapy1891805776
Mountain View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97601, ORPhysical Therapy1639280605
Mountain View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97603, ORPhysical Therapy1962513945
Jennifer Rebecca Blackman 98661, ORPhysical Therapy1437251204
Robert Edward Morris 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1639260532
Diane Marie Liguori 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1376634287
Kristin Anne Hermanson 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1548351307
Courtney Watkins 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1497846257
Karie Jil 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1386735157
Carrie Lee Lyons 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1225129091
Daphne Lynn Brown 97005, ORPhysical Therapy1578654133
Lori Harris 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1417048216
Tracy Strecker 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1669563433
William Laverty 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1972694875
Estela D Luria 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1437240132
Julie Cortez 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1750472270
Rhonda Gayle Leonardo 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1366533895
Ignacio Estrada 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1124119565
Judy Bennett 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1326139841
Cherie V Vincent 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1225129745
Dottie Hinman 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1497846919
Maureen Busby 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1386735801
Trevor Brooks Dieringer 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1558452078
Erin Amick 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1720179245
Karen Laurine Lemons 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1023109543
Amy Suzanne Briggs 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1922190156
Sheila Collins 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1801988340
Donald Slate 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1003908542
Dean Charles Murray 97147, ORPhysical Therapy1821180340
Leah Logsdon 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1356433890
Julie Moerke 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1134212517
Edward Manuel Torres 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1639262009
Margaret Lacey Edmonds 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1649365354
Joycelyn Oribello 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1366538225
Shem Aguila 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1639265523
Jannelle James 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1770679623
Barbara Lee Trentadue 97207, ORPhysical Therapy1194812800
Bonita Favero 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1245320654
David Giorgianni 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1215017728
Amy Grant 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1366526048
Linda Leonard 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1063598738
Donetta M. Hagebusch 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1164501110
Colin Hoobler Pc 97209, ORPhysical Therapy1750451878
J And D Physical Therapy Services 97227, ORPhysical Therapy1134299951
Yelena Franchuk 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1104996743
Dina Peganoff 98607, ORPhysical Therapy1518058031
Michael Jhon 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1669546446
Patricia Anne Bryant 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1831264282
Diana L Downing 97814, ORPhysical Therapy1558420729
Constance Rose Mendoza 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1881753234
Hand Therapy Clinic Llc 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1649330457
Erin Janelle Chapman 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1730249236
Lynn Corson Baker 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1831250737
Jessica Z Coe 97601, ORPhysical Therapy1598826380
Active Life Physical Therapy Center Inc 97415, ORPhysical Therapy1962565291
Lenora Boardman 97365, ORPhysical Therapy1487710711
Marianne Hartung Bradberry 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1225186687
Brett Lee Englund 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1447308895
Tami L Mcelroy 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1376691733
Lucy E Davis 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1285782649
Dolly Ann Westover 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1437207891
Lindsay Brooks 97477, ORPhysical Therapy1275682676
Joint Efforts Physical Therapy, Inc. 97701, ORPhysical Therapy1922157007
Earl Calvin Kwong 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1578612214
Linda Joy Anderson 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1972652618
Dodie J Sehmitz Beralas 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1487703138
Judy Lee Stewart 97814, ORPhysical Therapy1205985850
Patricia Fitzpatrick Pierce 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1073662722
Karen Ann Spurlock 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1609925353
Linda Verlee Ketchersio 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1841349594
Tammy Leona Smith 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1871642520
Annabeth Romriell 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1144379793
Stephanie Renee Stock 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1942354758
Nosrat Zahiri 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1649324369
Allison F Dean 97701, ORPhysical Therapy1265585103
Sean Anthony Miller 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1003960733
Debra S Lines 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1295881969
Brandie Collette Dupont 97301, ORPhysical Therapy1417003997
Jereme C Zabala 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1356487011
Dani Rene'e Rinearson 97365, ORPhysical Therapy1679613616
Two Rivers Physical Therapy, Llc 97203, ORPhysical Therapy1255473047
Julie Anne Dillon 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1124163290
Monique Lynn Hawks 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1386770154
Amy Kathryn Vandetta 97386, ORPhysical Therapy1538299524
Siskiyou Pacific, Inc. 97502, ORPhysical Therapy1356473979
Reordan Physcial Therapy, Inc 97530, ORPhysical Therapy1972635597
Performance Zone Sports And Orthopedic Physical Therapy Inc. 97305, ORPhysical Therapy1558495762
Pediatric Therapy Professionals Inc 97370, ORPhysical Therapy1447376314
Karen Ann Kralik 97504, ORPhysical Therapy1659753374
Desmond B Drischell 97301, ORPhysical Therapy1447395645
Philip Owsley 98198, ORPhysical Therapy1477927416
Therapy Centers Of The Southwest I, P.a., P.c. 97035, ORPhysical Therapy1437277407
Therapy Centers Of The Southwest I, P.a., P.c. 97230, ORPhysical Therapy1831217819
Shanon Lea Miller 97116, ORPhysical Therapy1396191391
Czarina L Gupton 97306, ORPhysical Therapy1689023715
Tiffany Cowger 60901, ORPhysical Therapy1437696556
Shawn D Axten 97703, ORPhysical Therapy1922158377
Robyn Desha 33511, ORPhysical Therapy1568599017
Downtown Physical Therapy, Llc 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1881746220
Gresham Sportscare 97030, ORPhysical Therapy1487789657
Kristy Lee Moreno 97504, ORPhysical Therapy1144709361
Gateway Parkrose Sports Care Pt Llc 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1982748141
Brent Barnett 94598, ORPhysical Therapy1063974897
Paul Fitzpatrick 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1427510932
Astoria Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation Center, Pc 97103, ORPhysical Therapy1912028671
Diane Pearl Cummings 95409, ORPhysical Therapy1841312170
Physical Therapy And Hand Clinic Of Hillsboro 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1578786588
Karla Elizabeth Cook 97386, ORPhysical Therapy1730303876
Nancy Deal whitacre Pt 97402, ORPhysical Therapy1952526717
Martha Jane Liske Coor 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1508081209
Susan Mae Green 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1609094101
Ann-marie B Cordova 97205, ORPhysical Therapy1225257678
Tanja A E Kluit 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1568682359
Leanne Therese Klausenberger 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1710109566
Jessica Lynn Morey 97070, ORPhysical Therapy1437371390
Pamela Joan Zacher 97367, ORPhysical Therapy1578777470
Karyn Stacey Baldwin 94509, ORPhysical Therapy1609080381
Chad Gordon Bainbridge 83712, ORPhysical Therapy1023225737
Maria Teresa Williams 98406, ORPhysical Therapy1043427149
Ronald Joseph Pigram 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1811105158
Anne Patricia Halpin 97330, ORPhysical Therapy1982812343
Rose Vela Gunter 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1679774400
Christine Ann Good 97415, ORPhysical Therapy1093916488
Carla L Mueller 97601, ORPhysical Therapy1902008949
Christine A Rose Franks 94509, ORPhysical Therapy1790987527
Ludy Sison Vocal 94521, ORPhysical Therapy1700089034
Robyn Katrina Broad 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1861696015
Kim Ann Juranek 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1508060542
Providence Silverton Rehab Llc 97071, ORPhysical Therapy1619172780
Orthopedic & Tmj Physical Therapy Center 97266, ORPhysical Therapy1215133152
Debbie Lee Fastenow 98684, ORPhysical Therapy1639376213
Martin Edward Sudar 97035, ORPhysical Therapy1407053796
Faith Danette Gabrielson 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1780881656
Mary A Bigler 97219, ORPhysical Therapy1710184692
Pamela Renee Stitt 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1285832048
Mike Stuart Davis 97221, ORPhysical Therapy1659578557
Karen Caliendo 97006, ORPhysical Therapy1326247305
Karen Lou Aichele 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1487853313
Raechel J. Massie 97147, ORPhysical Therapy1083813950
Doris Vrvilo 85021, ORPhysical Therapy1376742981
First Choice Physical Therapy, Pc 97471, ORPhysical Therapy1669672630
Jill Melissa Brown 97045, ORPhysical Therapy1528268760
Janelle Christine Prentice 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1083804017
Elizabeth Traina 97504, ORPhysical Therapy1669663902
Taunya Marie Wachter 97223, ORPhysical Therapy1457542458
Misrak Asmamaw 97123, ORPhysical Therapy1659562387
Nicole Irene Hammonds 97220, ORPhysical Therapy1487846861
Covered Bridge Physical Therapy Llc 97424, ORPhysical Therapy1609068998
Stephen R Curtiss 97070, ORPhysical Therapy1295927366
Nicole Lee Laney 97223, ORPhysical Therapy1659564037
Maria Nancy Manongsong Velante 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1851584783
Wade Anderson, Pt, Llc 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1679766448
Tamara Michelle Vandevender 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1396939757
Jennifer Lynne Thone 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1497949606
Susan Perry 97239, ORPhysical Therapy1265626246
Arc Therapy Services Llc 97116, ORPhysical Therapy1073707030
Mark Lin Swenson 97401, ORPhysical Therapy1538353339
Cynthia Diane Claphanson 98558, ORPhysical Therapy1043405616
Jennifer Robin Wood 98684, ORPhysical Therapy1093901803
Roxanne Solario 97222, ORPhysical Therapy1497941124


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