Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sociedad De Educacion Y Rehabilitacion Ser De P R 00917, PRPhysical Therapy1356388532
Educa Group 00692, PRPhysical Therapy1073054060
Professional Therapy Group Inc 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1164427068
Centro De Terapia Fisica De Lares, Inc. 00659, PRPhysical Therapy1851399273
Neycha Rivera Cotto 00716, PRPhysical Therapy1336643832
Terapia Fisica A Tu Casa, Corp. 00983, PRPhysical Therapy1285622290
Servicios Integrados De Rehabilitacion Del Oeste, (siro), Inc. 00660, PRPhysical Therapy1982681565
Silvia E. Nieves Cordero 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1841667011
Centro De Medicina Fisica Y Rehabilitacion Rio Grande,inc 00745, PRPhysical Therapy1447226238
Centro De Terapia Fisica Y Clinica Del Dolor, Csp 00739, PRPhysical Therapy1023076288
Ivelisse Torres 00739, PRPhysical Therapy1831157486
Fisio med 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1497705388
Caribbean Rehabilitation Services, Psc 00927, PRPhysical Therapy1366408403
Maria A Collazo 00638, PRPhysical Therapy1699707984
Carmen N. Figueroa 00716, PRPhysical Therapy1023022787
Jose E Ortiz 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1366456147
Japhet Rosado 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1386658839
Awilda Soto 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1508870072
Carlos A Lizardi 00754, PRPhysical Therapy1164438289
Luis A Arzuaga 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1225046014
Doris Perez 00735, PRPhysical Therapy1982717377
Centro De Terapia Fisica Expreso 00976, PRPhysical Therapy1619996006
Israel Perez 00736, PRPhysical Therapy1841393832
Joanne Rios Corujo 00962, PRPhysical Therapy1932209392
Edgardo Enrique Varela 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1548346570
Terapia Fisica Elmar Inc. 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1811074958
Centro De Rehabilitacion Y Electrodiagnostico De Hato Rey, Llc 00917, PRPhysical Therapy1013009984
Aixa Aimee Tort 00926, PRPhysical Therapy1750441556
Iturregi Rehab Center, Corp. 00924, PRPhysical Therapy1326199464
Rose M Vega Sotomayor 00732, PRPhysical Therapy1295881241
Raphael Melendez Perez Centro De Terapia Fisica Y Rehab San Lorenzo In 00754, PRPhysical Therapy1841334844
Centro De Rehabilitacion Y Terapia Fisica El rapha Inc. 00662, PRPhysical Therapy1609907153
Centro De Terapia Fisica Y Electrodiagnostico Inc 00676, PRPhysical Therapy1912025016
Yadira Guadalupe Amador 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1174641005
Erica Vanessa Guadalupe 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1477675213
Jacqueline Rojas 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1386766129
Eloi Physical Therapy Psc 00650, PRPhysical Therapy1821212978
Centro De Rehabilitacion Y Medicina Del Deporte 00961, PRPhysical Therapy1649499294
Perez Palmer De Jesus 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1326268251
Centro Terapia Fisica Rexville, Inc 00957, PRPhysical Therapy1104039841
Olga I. Jimenez-mont 00957, PRPhysical Therapy1588877211
Sandra Ivette Davila 00719, PRPhysical Therapy1174739874
Fisioterapia Del Norte, Psc 00692, PRPhysical Therapy1730396094
Yazmin Pabon 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1265649412
Jacqueline Martinez 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1306056866
Terapia Fisica En Movimiento Inc / Isamar Rivera Feliciano 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1033329776
Mabel Reyes 00736, PRPhysical Therapy1114128907
Clinica De Fisioterapia Y Rehabilitacion De La Montana 00641, PRPhysical Therapy1992907950
Martin Gilberto Rosario 00693, PRPhysical Therapy1578761250
Lourdes Troche-montes 00918, PRPhysical Therapy1952501116
Centro De Terapia Fisica De La Montana 00719, PRPhysical Therapy1982894432
Activo Y En Movimiento Terapia Fisica Y Ocupacional 00698, PRPhysical Therapy1417147729
Centro Fisiatrico Dr Angel Colon 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1902099278
Myrna Cordova Santiago 00693, PRPhysical Therapy1316131089
Gladys Ruiz Rodriguez 00718, PRPhysical Therapy1922295682
Instituto Fisiatrico Del Caribe, Csp 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1386823524
Health Department 00682, PRPhysical Therapy1790964211
Angelica Pagan Marquez 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1326229626
Centro De Terapia Fisica Tlc 00957, PRPhysical Therapy1992987127
Centro Fisiatrico Y Rehabilitacion 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1710169917
Centro De Rehabilitacion La Montana 00674, PRPhysical Therapy1508040189
Elda L. Santiago Perez 00674, PRPhysical Therapy1164607966
Enid A Estrella Monroig 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1154599256
Terapia Fisica A Tu Alcance 00662, PRPhysical Therapy1922278530
Clinica Terapeutica Atletica Loavi 00769, PRPhysical Therapy1376714576
Home Physical Therapy / Maria Casiano, Rpt 00698, PRPhysical Therapy1417128562
Omar Alexis Martinez 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1427229046
Grupo Fisiatrico Gomez Hernandez Csp 00983, PRPhysical Therapy1154593424
Dra Nalix Garcia Catalan Psc 00926, PRPhysical Therapy1205094752
Clinica De Fisiterapia Y Rehabilitacion Logany 00795, PRPhysical Therapy1780842187
Nalix Garcia Catalan fisiatria Psc 00987, PRPhysical Therapy1730349275
Roberto Carlos Padro 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1477715506
David Joel Cortes Velez 00956, PRPhysical Therapy1881857092
Centro De Terapia Fisica Renacer, Csp 00659, PRPhysical Therapy1386852770
Urayoan Roman 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1578727400
Clinica Terapia Fisica Manati 00674, PRPhysical Therapy1275780579
Caritas Sanas, Inc. 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1629220942
Samaritan Medical Home Services, Corp. 00754, PRPhysical Therapy1275787228
Csm Servicios De Cuidado Inc 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1659526952
Fisioterapia Centro De Servicios Medicos De Levittown Inc 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1770728990
Crm Group Practice 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1760627988
Consultorio Fisioterapia Dra. Cintron, Inc. 00693, PRPhysical Therapy1285870444
Centro Educativo Y Terapeutico Del Oeste Inc. 00682, PRPhysical Therapy1881831105
Venessa Jaelis Figueroa Oquendo 00917, PRPhysical Therapy1699902171
Centro Sicoterapeutico Multidisciplinario 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1598993651
Instituto Medico De Ciales, Corp 00638, PRPhysical Therapy1124256813
Fernando Sotoca 00791, PRPhysical Therapy1174853261
Centro De Terapia Fisica Green Hills, Psc 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1720300171
Servicios De Terapia Fisica Aic, Csp 00791, PRPhysical Therapy1831413434
Ivon L Reyes 00716, PRPhysical Therapy1639494438
Clinica De Terapia Vega Alta, Csp 00692, PRPhysical Therapy1669797510
Clinica De Terapia Manual, Crl 00918, PRPhysical Therapy1639490147
Terapia Fisica Movimiento Es Vida 00676, PRPhysical Therapy1295046852
Servicios Fisiatricos Del Este, Psc 00738, PRPhysical Therapy1417269408
Clinica De Terapia Fisica Villa Real Inc 00693, PRPhysical Therapy1811202161
Xiomara D. Martinez 00669, PRPhysical Therapy1205144052
C.m. Rehabilitation Services 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1598073926
Ramonita Marquez-velez 00729, PRPhysical Therapy1033429840
Ivette M Nieves 00703, PRPhysical Therapy1366752958
Geranice Rehab Health & Services 00703, PRPhysical Therapy1790089183
Clinica De Terapia Pasitos Del Saber, Csp 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1518261262
Juventud Rehab Csp. 00692, PRPhysical Therapy1790077444
Dynamic Rehab And Lymphedema 00983, PRPhysical Therapy1538449426
Nilsa I. Diaz 00739, PRPhysical Therapy1720363260
Juanita Lopez Ortiz 00703, PRPhysical Therapy1669749826
Centro Fisiatrico San Marcos 00987, PRPhysical Therapy1548538879
Iturregui Rehab Center Csp 00909, PRPhysical Therapy1174895726
Es Physical Therapy 00772, PRPhysical Therapy1861764151
Physical Therapy ortho Rehab 00717, PRPhysical Therapy1376816769
S & M Physical Rehabilitation Psc 00778, PRPhysical Therapy1083980197
Alliance Health Company 00907, PRPhysical Therapy1639551104
Carlos W Perez 00680, PRPhysical Therapy1245756071
Susan Marie Santana Moreno 00777, PRPhysical Therapy1851618490
Centro De Terapia Fisica Boaz Vega Baja 00693, PRPhysical Therapy1669739595
Ppts, Inc. 00969, PRPhysical Therapy1780944769
Nicole Yaliz Santiago 00926, PRPhysical Therapy1467717488
Continuum Health Rehab Group Inc 00717, PRPhysical Therapy1497000160
Centro Jicmenet De Terapia Fisica 00720, PRPhysical Therapy1649524927
Jennifer Soleil Maldonado Emanuelli 00739, PRPhysical Therapy1861736894
Meylin Cruz 00922, PRPhysical Therapy1770829178
Angelina Ortiz Diaz 00736, PRPhysical Therapy1316283427
Advanced Physiotherapy Center Copr 00685, PRPhysical Therapy1245578905
Salinas Physical Therapy Center, Corp 00751, PRPhysical Therapy1316286586
Yaritzie Deliz 00603, PRPhysical Therapy1295178259
Grupo Medico Concepto Fisico 00784, PRPhysical Therapy1023451002
Noriam Gomez Ortega 00745, PRPhysical Therapy1699113837
Medical Logistics Services 00909, PRPhysical Therapy1871925131
High Quality Multiservices Inc. 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1598198707
Clinica De Terapia Profesional Csp 00976, PRPhysical Therapy1871926758
Maximal Therapy Group, P S C 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1538596994
Milagros Gonzalez Cruz 00977, PRPhysical Therapy1619306776
Christian Rosa 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1245669399
Grupo Fisiatrico Ppts 00969, PRPhysical Therapy1063842896
Miladys Cortes 00920, PRPhysical Therapy1164853115
Pequeno Campeon De Jesus Inc 00617, PRPhysical Therapy1285050393
Clinica Terapia Fisica Isla Verde 00979, PRPhysical Therapy1215354261
Good Life Corp. 00907, PRPhysical Therapy1902223837
Rs Therapy Group, Inc. 00729, PRPhysical Therapy1326467325
Cruz & Mena Physical Therapy Inc. 00681, PRPhysical Therapy1083016638
Antonio Sanchez-torres 00923, PRPhysical Therapy1346645082
St Jude Nursing Home Inc 00924, PRPhysical Therapy1093110926
Life Health Solutions 00682, PRPhysical Therapy1861890840
Centro De Servicios Individualizados Zurisadai 00745, PRPhysical Therapy1538543038
Mind&body Psychological Integral Health Inc 00918, PRPhysical Therapy1538584297
Crece: Centro Terapeutico Para El Desarrollo Infantil Llc 00927, PRPhysical Therapy1427425370
Centro De Terapia Fisica De Santa Rosa 00959, PRPhysical Therapy1871979815
Lizzette Lopez Rodriguez 00627, PRPhysical Therapy1467822189
Sports And Pain Interventions Psc 00660, PRPhysical Therapy1770954281
Edgardo Luis Torres 00921, PRPhysical Therapy1417963828
Irismar Diaz 00723, PRPhysical Therapy1760596332
Magaly Amado 00754, PRPhysical Therapy1053522011
Melanie Santana 00725, PRPhysical Therapy1205027422
Aquaneuro Therapy Services, Inc. 00926, PRPhysical Therapy1083011563
Ada I Colon-gavillan 00985, PRPhysical Therapy1215265202
Mario Canales 00959, PRPhysical Therapy1851783856
Ileana Marie Quinones 00726, PRPhysical Therapy1013376565
Lizbeth M Ortega Ortega 00929, PRPhysical Therapy1669839528
Choice Therapist Services L.l.c 00674, PRPhysical Therapy1871949032
Sylvia M. Martinez Cruz 00961, PRPhysical Therapy1912356981
Instituto Terapeutico Multidisciplinario De Puerto Rico Corp 00795, PRPhysical Therapy1902258221
Jessica Goetz 00662, PRPhysical Therapy1497201198
Intercede 00716, PRPhysical Therapy1902353014
Arlene Ceballo 00685, PRPhysical Therapy1831646876
Physical & Sports Rehabilitation Clinic 00676, PRPhysical Therapy1558818336
Niurka Moreno Perez 00662, PRPhysical Therapy1356890099
Centro De Aprendizaje Multisensorial Integrado 00791, PRPhysical Therapy1821533373
Club Del Desarrollo Integral, Psc 00969, PRPhysical Therapy1134650880
Centro De Terapia Muscular Llc 00680, PRPhysical Therapy1184100760
Marisol Vargas Ramos 00685, PRPhysical Therapy1538649363
Victoria Mariel Therapy Llc 00624, PRPhysical Therapy1629552419
Giovanny Torres Gonzalez 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1821561119
Centro De Terapia Fisica De Juana Diaz 00795, PRPhysical Therapy1356904494
Hecmarilys De Hoyos 00783, PRPhysical Therapy1114580537
Maria Victoria Santos Caliz 00716, PRPhysical Therapy1699339861
Glorimar Rodriguez 00784, PRPhysical Therapy1629632526
Maribel Rodriguez 00784, PRPhysical Therapy1114581022
Ileana Hernandez 00784, PRPhysical Therapy1114581030
Nilsa M. Perdomo Rivera 00681, PRPhysical Therapy1144884974
Luz Torres 00970, PRPhysical Therapy1750945598
Martha Noemi Moraza 00960, PRPhysical Therapy1902460629
Yomaira Alvarez Panelli 00733, PRPhysical Therapy1245894823
Mary Fonseca 00960, PRPhysical Therapy1073177671
Juan Carlos Mercado 00960, PRPhysical Therapy1770147381
Sandra Ivette Barreto 00603, PRPhysical Therapy1568026045
Magda L Ocasio 00726, PRPhysical Therapy1891350534
Maria De Los Angeles Rodriguez 00986, PRPhysical Therapy1326603804
Mildred Ramos 00986, PRPhysical Therapy1013572593
Nairoby Babilonia 00674, PRPhysical Therapy1083271779
Marmil Ramos 00612, PRPhysical Therapy1033778816
Senior Physical Therapy Of Pr, Inc. 00966, PRPhysical Therapy1508426115
Eli Feliciano 00976, PRPhysical Therapy1730733981
Elizabeth Marie Barnes 00969, PRPhysical Therapy1982256566
Physiotherapy & Wellness, Csp 00670, PRPhysical Therapy1316592322
Aguadilla Medical Services, Inc. 00603, PRPhysical Therapy1558918466
Idalis Mercado Negron 00766, PRPhysical Therapy1083265607
Tiffany Robles 00720, PRPhysical Therapy1144864737
Jose Orlando Morales Perez 00956, PRPhysical Therapy1063043958
Premium Rehab Center Group Corp. 00949, PRPhysical Therapy1386272037
T.f.c. terapia Fisica Con Calidad, C.s.p. 00681, PRPhysical Therapy1346223062
Get Well 00907, PRPhysical Therapy1235750696


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