Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Agilitas Usa Inc 37027, TNPhysical Therapy1639175094
Jennifer Pankey 49423, TNPhysical Therapy1528535234
Dana C Fussell 38261, TNPhysical Therapy1275530495
Msk Group, Pc 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1376541409
Physical Medicine Center Of The Cumberlands 38570, TNPhysical Therapy1326048737
Proactive Therapy Of Greenville Inc 38132, TNPhysical Therapy1134129265
Proactive Therapy Of Greenville Inc 38125, TNPhysical Therapy1831199967
Cynthia Denise Jones 38261, TNPhysical Therapy1386644532
Carol V Crockett 37087, TNPhysical Therapy1205837713
Compwhiz International Llc 37813, TNPhysical Therapy1255332581
Guardian Healthcare Providers, Inc. 37027, TNPhysical Therapy1003342247
Tennessee Therapeutics, Inc. 37807, TNPhysical Therapy1659365757
Paula A Harmon-gallimore 37601, TNPhysical Therapy1831183078
Jerry Lucas Hendrix 37388, TNPhysical Therapy1689661662
Angela Dawn Fewell 37923, TNPhysical Therapy1740657626
Tennessee Therapy Services, Llc 38478, TNPhysical Therapy1265417901
Stephanie Weinhold 37660, TNPhysical Therapy1053793331
Enduracare Acute Care Services Llc 39428, TNPhysical Therapy1528572732
Benton County Physical Therapy 37058, TNPhysical Therapy1114905643
Kenneth Chad Norton 37821, TNPhysical Therapy1326502642
Cebrina Blakey Morelli 38053, TNPhysical Therapy1578523940
Professional Therapy Services Of Tennessee, Llc 37379, TNPhysical Therapy1972564771
Select Physical Therapy Holdings Inc 37043, TNPhysical Therapy1316900806
John Matthew Wolfe 37643, TNPhysical Therapy1851865588
Erin Toye Simpson 38117, TNPhysical Therapy1285691014
Additions Therapy, Llc 37774, TNPhysical Therapy1689622300
Quality Therapy Services Inc 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1982655072
Candace Michelle Bailey 38053, TNPhysical Therapy1871544676
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30120, TNPhysical Therapy1770535130
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30701, TNPhysical Therapy1215989413
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia , Llc 30720, TNPhysical Therapy1003868225
Independent Physical Therapy, Llc 37363, TNPhysical Therapy1104878354
Frances D Thompson 37920, TNPhysical Therapy1841657699
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30141, TNPhysical Therapy1881646925
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30096, TNPhysical Therapy1083666903
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30024, TNPhysical Therapy1093767014
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30327, TNPhysical Therapy1134172786
Independent Physical Therapy Of Georgia, Llc 30189, TNPhysical Therapy1912950569
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30236, TNPhysical Therapy1518910215
Lifefitness, Llc 37403, TNPhysical Therapy1033162748
Santera Rehabilitation, Inc 24171, TNPhysical Therapy1003861105
Arc Therapy Services Llc 33417, TNPhysical Therapy1548216864
Rhonda Miller Caldwell 38024, TNPhysical Therapy1851347371
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 80228, TNPhysical Therapy1013964030
Arc Therapy Services Llc 37075, TNPhysical Therapy1639126527
Arc Therapy Services Llc 19320, TNPhysical Therapy1437106309
Arc Therapy Services Llc 44145, TNPhysical Therapy1689621427
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78746, TNPhysical Therapy1215984059
Arc Therapy Services Llc 33761, TNPhysical Therapy1205883063
Arc Therapy Services Llc 76132, TNPhysical Therapy1669429429
Physical Therapy Of Jackson Pc. 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1841247418
Arc Therapy Services Llc 80210, TNPhysical Therapy1114974854
Qhg Of Fort Wayne Company Llc 46750, TNPhysical Therapy1952349896
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37830, TNPhysical Therapy1093753733
Arc Therapy Services Llc 40509, TNPhysical Therapy1467490110
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37938, TNPhysical Therapy1437197829
Arc Therapy Services Llc 85224, TNPhysical Therapy1508805946
Arc Therapy Services Llc 85718, TNPhysical Therapy1407895857
Arc Therapy Services Llc 77056, TNPhysical Therapy1093753527
Arc Therapy Services Llc 28212, TNPhysical Therapy1407894934
Arc Therapy Services Llc 60302, TNPhysical Therapy1588602031
Arc Therapy Services Llc 49423, TNPhysical Therapy1396783858
Arc Therapy Services Llc 33573, TNPhysical Therapy1659319119
Elizabeth Jean Chiesa 64014, TNPhysical Therapy1013956093
Arc Therapy Services Llc 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1992744825
Arc Therapy Services Llc 23227, TNPhysical Therapy1750320602
Arc Therapy Services Llc 35209, TNPhysical Therapy1386684769
Arc Therapy Services Llc 29601, TNPhysical Therapy1902846389
Gayla B Lane 38024, TNPhysical Therapy1407896814
Arc Therapy Services Llc 32750, TNPhysical Therapy1629018056
Arc Therapy Services Llc 35802, TNPhysical Therapy1942240312
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78209, TNPhysical Therapy1699715326
Jackson Physician Corp 41339, TNPhysical Therapy1841234671
Physiotherapy Associates, Inc. 37841, TNPhysical Therapy1396789061
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78401, TNPhysical Therapy1659315257
Kristy Marie Vogelsang 38117, TNPhysical Therapy1407891492
Arc Minnetonka, Llc 55305, TNPhysical Therapy1780629857
Nathan Miller 37172, TNPhysical Therapy1639555147
Volunteer Healthcare Services, Inc. 37877, TNPhysical Therapy1760428296
Pt Solutions, Llc 37934, TNPhysical Therapy1528004991
Ashley Renee Cochran 37701, TNPhysical Therapy1568909802
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78734, TNPhysical Therapy1366479602
Cypress Dallas Lp 75251, TNPhysical Therapy1013945435
Andrews & Gant Therapy, Llc 37075, TNPhysical Therapy1437187515
Aquatherapies, Llc 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1053349647
Ladawn Wolfe Carr 37920, TNPhysical Therapy1285663690
Kathy A Todd 38351, TNPhysical Therapy1265461164
Blount Memorial Occupational Health 37701, TNPhysical Therapy1033148606
Beyond Physical Therapy Pllc 37931, TNPhysical Therapy1952331274
Jill Elizabeth Wimer 38117, TNPhysical Therapy1801827373
Teresa Anne Anderson 38104, TNPhysical Therapy1104857325
Catina M Carson 38128, TNPhysical Therapy1184655011
Lee Roger Cummings 38141, TNPhysical Therapy1629009550
Brenda Rasch, Pt, Pc 37922, TNPhysical Therapy1689605610
Jeremy Gene Hindman 38104, TNPhysical Therapy1609807536
Ocoee Physical Therapy, Inc. 37312, TNPhysical Therapy1801827902
Anna Dell Brink 37055, TNPhysical Therapy1619434040
Jordan Brownlee 38111, TNPhysical Therapy1831656677
Kelly Lee Todd 38351, TNPhysical Therapy1982636049
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37115, TNPhysical Therapy1326071408
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37075, TNPhysical Therapy1689607764
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37090, TNPhysical Therapy1760415848
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37210, TNPhysical Therapy1932132016
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37076, TNPhysical Therapy1487687562
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37167, TNPhysical Therapy1568495646
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37055, TNPhysical Therapy1710910898
101 Physical Therapy, Inc 37363, TNPhysical Therapy1023042405
Sandy K Manns 38301, TNPhysical Therapy1912931684
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37027, TNPhysical Therapy1568496917
Sarah Lynette Mullenix 38128, TNPhysical Therapy1619902970
Core Solutions Physical Therapy, Llc 37212, TNPhysical Therapy1609891589
Christopher Bruce Turner 37153, TNPhysical Therapy1225493398
Benchmark Physical Therapy, Inc 30316, TNPhysical Therapy1801815816
Blount Memorial Occupational Health 37885, TNPhysical Therapy1245251156
Ashley Uram 37115, TNPhysical Therapy1952323065
Cleveland Physical Therapy, Inc. 37312, TNPhysical Therapy1013939149
Richard Jay Yamin 37075, TNPhysical Therapy1427072024
Janet Condle 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1649284605
Kimberly Laszczak 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1851305825
Corey Scott Arnold 30075, TNPhysical Therapy1528546694
Elizabeth Adams Riley 30223, TNPhysical Therapy1265907125
Sharon Dunseath 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1215941521
Abby Rae Reed 38382, TNPhysical Therapy1093288961
Physioplus Llc 38120, TNPhysical Therapy1396750071
Agilitas Usa Inc 37043, TNPhysical Therapy1962417444
Arc Therapy Services Llc 80904, TNPhysical Therapy1285640409
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 95403, TNPhysical Therapy1548277437
Gregory Eugene Bolt 37774, TNPhysical Therapy1598773012
U. S. Rehab Services, Inc 38134, TNPhysical Therapy1629087374
Kim Hale 37129, TNPhysical Therapy1659381341
Anna Skaggs Fleming 37076, TNPhysical Therapy1386118362
Leader Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 38053, TNPhysical Therapy1952419186
Leader Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 38134, TNPhysical Therapy1275641490
Leader Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 38117, TNPhysical Therapy1346358553
Kimberly Gardner 38237, TNPhysical Therapy1710097605
Stacey Layne Williams 37214, TNPhysical Therapy1912017393
Susan Heiser 37167, TNPhysical Therapy1205946019
Kelly Haag 37388, TNPhysical Therapy1205946191
Brad Little 37172, TNPhysical Therapy1972613610
Jeffrey W Perkett 37830, TNPhysical Therapy1982716262
Peak Rehab 37890, TNPhysical Therapy1154433456
Kaye F Taylor 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1255443693
Scarlet Ann Bailey 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1841302270
Richard D Duch 37129, TNPhysical Therapy1275645822
Hope C Cornelison 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1811009251
Miranda Ann Hurst 38305, TNPhysical Therapy1407968845
Agilitas Usa Inc 27614, TNPhysical Therapy1437524600
Professional Therapy Services, Llc 30504, TNPhysical Therapy1093819450
Deanna Hall Cole 37923, TNPhysical Therapy1619070075
John Christopher Moore 37615, TNPhysical Therapy1609387034
Volunteer Healthcare Services, Inc. 37934, TNPhysical Therapy1497850804
Brittainy Underdown 37303, TNPhysical Therapy1700235892
Diana Duke Yantis 37327, TNPhysical Therapy1699871830
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 21208, TNPhysical Therapy1750487849
Laura Beth Loomis 24201, TNPhysical Therapy1598861460
Lori A Allbright 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1457457152
Laura Leigh Van Ess 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1063518777
Alana Mary Fuhr 37601, TNPhysical Therapy1720185424
Debbie Sue Johnson 37404, TNPhysical Therapy1083712863
Wendy Erica Pullen 37922, TNPhysical Therapy1982702692
Jennifer Jo Ritterskamp 37067, TNPhysical Therapy1497853246
Teresa Ann Butler 37934, TNPhysical Therapy1790882058
Mary Alice Erlewine 37115, TNPhysical Therapy1710086699
Janice Catherine Hall 37327, TNPhysical Therapy1457450215
Laura R. Jackson 37055, TNPhysical Therapy1760582720
Vanessa Nicole Hall 37917, TNPhysical Therapy1265532709
Sally Alicia Varnell 37067, TNPhysical Therapy1417057571
Michael Kevin Wolfe 37343, TNPhysical Therapy1144321449
Bobby Gene Manor 37098, TNPhysical Therapy1073614202
Angela Dawn Moyers 37405, TNPhysical Therapy1629169248
James Michael Andrews 37924, TNPhysical Therapy1518058056
Bett Elaine Burns 38068, TNPhysical Therapy1649362674
Jill K Petry 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1013009539
Sharon Sue Tebbe 38401, TNPhysical Therapy1659464980
Ryan Branstetter 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1376636621
Jefferson David Lecates 37055, TNPhysical Therapy1932293404
Arc Therapy Services Llc 64083, TNPhysical Therapy1366536203
Phyllis Diane Moore 38401, TNPhysical Therapy1407940604
David E. List 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1174618508
Kelley Sadler Holden 37067, TNPhysical Therapy1700970639
Monica Helen Gandy 37067, TNPhysical Therapy1427144922
Thomas Charles Forsythe 37916, TNPhysical Therapy1548355407
Functional Solutions, Inc. 37075, TNPhysical Therapy1326133158
Orthotennessee, Pc 37830, TNPhysical Therapy1467547125
Kimberly Dawn Ledbetter 37343, TNPhysical Therapy1356438030
Jeremy K Plemons 37918, TNPhysical Therapy1245327741
Barbara White 37130, TNPhysical Therapy1316034309
Shannon Paige Whitt 37934, TNPhysical Therapy1558450593
High Pointe Rehab Llc 37043, TNPhysical Therapy1912097239
Ann L Emery 37067, TNPhysical Therapy1588744528
Orthotennessee, Pc 37934, TNPhysical Therapy1669554549
Orthotennessee, Pc 37920, TNPhysical Therapy1205918281
Bridgett Rivera 37072, TNPhysical Therapy1134201262
Orthotennessee, Pc 37922, TNPhysical Therapy1518049592
Shelley Crump Hardeman 37064, TNPhysical Therapy1033291752
Arc Therapy Services Llc 34209, TNPhysical Therapy1073695573
Ashley Diane Nelson 37203, TNPhysical Therapy1558444380
Jennifer Irene Belote 37087, TNPhysical Therapy1518041011
Donna Michelle Jones 38340, TNPhysical Therapy1093899528
Sheila L. Thompson 38506, TNPhysical Therapy1487737045


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