Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Christopher Alan Daily 78230, TXPhysical Therapy1548748031
Marjorie Susan Mitchell 75165, TXPhysical Therapy1114408424
Samuel Carmona 78233, TXPhysical Therapy1649782350
Christina Boertlein 75214, TXPhysical Therapy1982738506
Leslie Moss 76524, TXPhysical Therapy1174003297
Andrea Michelle Marroquin 78251, TXPhysical Therapy1841770807
Professional Health Services Inc. 79602, TXPhysical Therapy1245335983
Mark Anthony Guajardo 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1326524059
Roberto Salinas 78582, TXPhysical Therapy1770062671
Amber Goldman 75766, TXPhysical Therapy1255812798
Rolando Daniel Aguilar 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1962576082
Amy Gray 76705, TXPhysical Therapy1902389695
Robert Carl Nunn 75751, TXPhysical Therapy1134324924
Cara Ruth Garza 77630, TXPhysical Therapy1720569262
Kristi Williamson 75110, TXPhysical Therapy1730651621
Jennifer Nicole Linley 76053, TXPhysical Therapy1528275229
Uchenna C Akaluso 77036, TXPhysical Therapy1780911792
Jessica Dornak Meyer 77964, TXPhysical Therapy1841784337
Sarah D Ford 78258, TXPhysical Therapy1598043895
Tiffany Dierolf 76205, TXPhysical Therapy1568602811
Linda W Kovar 77478, TXPhysical Therapy1750624649
Casey Johnson 71730, TXPhysical Therapy1174994057
Vrushali Fegade 77014, TXPhysical Therapy1992286959
Jaime Lyne Rachol 77573, TXPhysical Therapy1538411095
Seth Ozasa 77573, TXPhysical Therapy1992141071
Gregory Mccallay 75110, TXPhysical Therapy1578035465
Daisy Itzbel Garcia 78542, TXPhysical Therapy1043550601
Kidist Mekonnen 79022, TXPhysical Therapy1720588635
Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais Austin Pc 78759, TXPhysical Therapy1124543871
Walter Mcclung 77702, TXPhysical Therapy1053821595
Woerner Physical Therapy Llc 76110, TXPhysical Therapy1710348552
Karla Patricia Sanabia 78229, TXPhysical Therapy1801345459
Brittany Hope Pacheco 79423, TXPhysical Therapy1477079747
Janice Marie Rowe 79416, TXPhysical Therapy1316463425
Stephanie Joyce Smith 77036, TXPhysical Therapy1326541376
Samantha Tomlin 77642, TXPhysical Therapy1538675152
Jason Lee Peterson 77382, TXPhysical Therapy1689173056
Stephanie Lee Recio 78216, TXPhysical Therapy1285138271
Daniela Ruiz 90606, TXPhysical Therapy1093265787
Girly Orlando Tubayan 76837, TXPhysical Therapy1912497579
Samantha Joelle Peacock 30024, TXPhysical Therapy1750831103
Yudel Garza Salazar 78572, TXPhysical Therapy1083191647
Marissa Maiwelmal 75453, TXPhysical Therapy1962980938
Charles A Pence 75460, TXPhysical Therapy1336628544
Leidy Alaffa 78582, TXPhysical Therapy1235618323
Katy Wedgeworth 75703, TXPhysical Therapy1679052617
Carlos Olmeda 78504, TXPhysical Therapy1093294050
William Blessing 75110, TXPhysical Therapy1730668591
Julie Elyse Olle 78064, TXPhysical Therapy1073092706
Gloria Garza 78504, TXPhysical Therapy1164529616
Alberto Trevino 78582, TXPhysical Therapy1083193692
Jose Oscar Arroyo 78363, TXPhysical Therapy1992285548
Laura Monic Valenzuela 78258, TXPhysical Therapy1174003727
Juan B. Holguin 78660, TXPhysical Therapy1750579868
Annie Throup 77584, TXPhysical Therapy1629558036
Patricia Yvette Garza 78045, TXPhysical Therapy1083194419
Jeremy Beckman 78539, TXPhysical Therapy1356821722
Feliciano Lara 77389, TXPhysical Therapy1508346990
Connor Orr 76248, TXPhysical Therapy1639659998
Julie A. Seeber 76092, TXPhysical Therapy1033699228
Stephanie Paxton Garza 78363, TXPhysical Therapy1982184123
Garyelle Neilands 76450, TXPhysical Therapy1558841601
Benjamin Michael Gilbert 76901, TXPhysical Therapy1528548500
Charles Kelly 78681, TXPhysical Therapy1922588292
Jenna Marie St. Nicholas 75662, TXPhysical Therapy1053891002
Sarah Isabel Adame 78355, TXPhysical Therapy1477033975
Joseph Arthur Macapagal Obnial 78572, TXPhysical Therapy1427538297
Margardell Williams 77591, TXPhysical Therapy1780164558
Clarissa Cantu 78363, TXPhysical Therapy1942780747
Pablo H Gonzales 78410, TXPhysical Therapy1114407947
Marcel De Oliveira 76012, TXPhysical Therapy1073094645
Chrissie Gutierrez 75036, TXPhysical Therapy1275014862
Emma Lapish 75104, TXPhysical Therapy1003397290
Christopher Gallegos 79556, TXPhysical Therapy1568943785
Camille Jordan Waterman 75803, TXPhysical Therapy1033690144
Jessa Mae Silmaro 78572, TXPhysical Therapy1093296055
Cinthia Garcia 79703, TXPhysical Therapy1316428303
Kasey Jean Shaw 78223, TXPhysical Therapy1982185922
Raymundo Garza 78582, TXPhysical Therapy1821579749
Luke Michael Smith 75165, TXPhysical Therapy1215417944
Mason John Hosey 78401, TXPhysical Therapy1275014078
Kelley Eileen Brister 76633, TXPhysical Therapy1518449347
Deunta Jenkins 78516, TXPhysical Therapy1336621168
Natashia Paige Brewer 75462, TXPhysical Therapy1124500970
Christopher Wylie Zivney 75494, TXPhysical Therapy1447732250
Melanie Ann Aldea Jenkins 77630, TXPhysical Therapy1093297525
Chasity Camacho 76691, TXPhysical Therapy1598247066
Marion Louise Jolivette 78212, TXPhysical Therapy1043792443
Johnson John Perakattu 77459, TXPhysical Therapy1508348939
Lisa Marlen Davila 78596, TXPhysical Therapy1326520560
Mindi Ray Carroll 78861, TXPhysical Therapy1033692876
Amanda J Espinoza 78414, TXPhysical Therapy1043793755
Matthew E Heers 79410, TXPhysical Therapy1346723517
Raymond Ramirez 78586, TXPhysical Therapy1861976706
Ruben Sanabia 78040, TXPhysical Therapy1023593944
Linda J Pena 78503, TXPhysical Therapy1730664624
Heidi Susanna Ehler 78945, TXPhysical Therapy1104301589
Chelsea Bise 77054, TXPhysical Therapy1700351095
Anthony Ramos 78006, TXPhysical Therapy1861969941
Leisha Kramolis 54806, TXPhysical Therapy1730449414
Monique Elese Dixon 78217, TXPhysical Therapy1831671197
Krystal Prado 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1497234827
Rody Wiley 75840, TXPhysical Therapy1184195174
College Station Physical Therapy And Performance, Pllc 77802, TXPhysical Therapy1710450077
Amanda Amina Khordaji 77008, TXPhysical Therapy1184180960
Sandhya Rao 75077, TXPhysical Therapy1144546391
Teodoso Salinas 78542, TXPhysical Therapy1063861342
Amanda Cammack 78229, TXPhysical Therapy1164980033
Melody Lynn White 34446, TXPhysical Therapy1043791585
Debra Sue Messtorff 76059, TXPhysical Therapy1346805678
Michelle Yarnell 75019, TXPhysical Therapy1184280554
Medcare Pediatric Rehab Center, Lp 77477, TXPhysical Therapy1306407325
Leslie Ann Tovar 77414, TXPhysical Therapy1114589850
Christopher L Gray 76033, TXPhysical Therapy1508418369
Lauren Krystal Lucio 79761, TXPhysical Therapy1538401021
Aaron Kerry Jackson 78550, TXPhysical Therapy1881248052
Mayra Miluska Zerpa Calderon 75019, TXPhysical Therapy1922653088
Atlas Physical Therapy Inc 81147, TXPhysical Therapy1265470231
El Paso Kinetic Rehab Services Llc 79912, TXPhysical Therapy1528617263
Monica Askew 77520, TXPhysical Therapy1255981114
Davis Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation Pllc 78704, TXPhysical Therapy1699069112
Medcare Pediatric Rehab Center, Lp 77477, TXPhysical Therapy1982254355
North Central Texas Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine Pa 76234, TXPhysical Therapy1194781773
Elite Athletic Therapy, Pllc 78746, TXPhysical Therapy1306207915
Talia Richardson 76227, TXPhysical Therapy1265073407
Kayla Ann Canaguier 75605, TXPhysical Therapy1073155859
Kimberly Ann Charles 78332, TXPhysical Therapy1023650835
Racheal Boehs 79065, TXPhysical Therapy1548802986
Jennifer Pemp 78644, TXPhysical Therapy1831733203
Kayla Yvonne Mitchell 75840, TXPhysical Therapy1356985238
Jaclyn Perez 78230, TXPhysical Therapy1336784420
Valeria Gutierrez 78503, TXPhysical Therapy1346885373
Amber Perry 77802, TXPhysical Therapy1396120077
The Movement Clinic Llc 78717, TXPhysical Therapy1003458555
Body Worx Physical Therapy 79605, TXPhysical Therapy1255970778
Matthew James Smith 77494, TXPhysical Therapy1225677768
Jill Myers-mccullough 76504, TXPhysical Therapy1093348567
Cynthia Brown 79935, TXPhysical Therapy1740815695
Scott Allen Manor 76066, TXPhysical Therapy1700406030
Southlake Bnpt Investment Llc 78229, TXPhysical Therapy1205468683
Deiderich A Dutchover 78230, TXPhysical Therapy1912488495
J&j Physical Therapy And Wellness 76092, TXPhysical Therapy1962929588
Medical Expense Division, Inc. 76018, TXPhysical Therapy1740440437
Amaeraly Deacon 79761, TXPhysical Therapy1538778758
River Oaks Physical Therapy, Inc 77027, TXPhysical Therapy1689146318
Jessica Miller 98354, TXPhysical Therapy1205470051
Gerardo Salinas 78543, TXPhysical Therapy1568804060
Savannah Lea Eggemeyer 79007, TXPhysical Therapy1346853843
Ethicus Hospital Dfw, Llc 75093, TXPhysical Therapy1891308763
Lenita D Broussard 77575, TXPhysical Therapy1346856564
Esmpt, Llc 76710, TXPhysical Therapy1528606357
Steven Emmanuelle Gonzalez 78577, TXPhysical Therapy1215544762
Blacketer Enterprises, Inc 76017, TXPhysical Therapy1295046050
Henry Kofi Plange 76120, TXPhysical Therapy1407456197
Pinpoint Rehab Limited Liability Company 77032, TXPhysical Therapy1992332936
Mcswain Physical Therapy Llc 77056, TXPhysical Therapy1790300887
Jbra Llc 78596, TXPhysical Therapy1902360498
Bonnette Elite Physical Therapy And Wellness 76108, TXPhysical Therapy1891141362
Illuminate Physical Therapy And Wellness Pc 77024, TXPhysical Therapy1306349089
Apex Physical Therapy, Llc 78578, TXPhysical Therapy1710522032
Justin Lyons 76712, TXPhysical Therapy1003407602
Megan Schnaufer 02532, TXPhysical Therapy1902232382
Kids Therapy Set, Llc 77662, TXPhysical Therapy1194073353
Theramedic Rehab And Physical Therapy Llc 77477, TXPhysical Therapy1346798170
Forged Physical Therapy And Performance, Pllc 78247, TXPhysical Therapy1114509833
Pt Care Specialists Llc 77469, TXPhysical Therapy1396319836
Nathan R Craver 30014, TXPhysical Therapy1699280230
Antonio R Gonzalez 77535, TXPhysical Therapy1700452141
Xavier M Mccullough 30253, TXPhysical Therapy1932742202
Frances Fennell 75244, TXPhysical Therapy1336717958
Eugene Lopez 78414, TXPhysical Therapy1932696721
Lynn D Leroy 75062, TXPhysical Therapy1245801331
Marlow Mungia 77573, TXPhysical Therapy1659044220
Ka Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Wellness 77018, TXPhysical Therapy1205425907
Sweeny Hospital District 77480, TXPhysical Therapy1023011657
Cassandra Woodson-petteway 77511, TXPhysical Therapy1093481095
April Hilahan 77089, TXPhysical Therapy1104596428
Julian Paul Carranza 78504, TXPhysical Therapy1245632421
Aira Kryst Kilayko Tecson 11040, TXPhysical Therapy1619460789
Lindsey Ellis 75032, TXPhysical Therapy1447921655
Hiu Yi Chung 78041, TXPhysical Therapy1922638261
Physicare, Inc. 76086, TXPhysical Therapy1124025150
Outpatient Sports And Spine Rehabilitation. Llc 75093, TXPhysical Therapy1386642650
Butler Shahan Physical Therapy Services Pllc 75092, TXPhysical Therapy1336147545
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa Pc 80120, TXPhysical Therapy1881739001
Walk And Talk Therapeutic Services, Pllc 78045, TXPhysical Therapy1205320710
Physical Therapy Of Mansfield,llc 76063, TXPhysical Therapy1124020979
Hope Rehab League City 77573, TXPhysical Therapy1821080938
Big Country Rehabilitation Inc 79605, TXPhysical Therapy1578556049
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 03064, TXPhysical Therapy1730203571
Nacogdoches Rehabilitation Group, Inc 75965, TXPhysical Therapy1164416988
Tri City Therapeutics, Llc 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1811978562
Cross Timbers Physical Therapy Center 76107, TXPhysical Therapy1659353597
Optimove Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 76118, TXPhysical Therapy1376927251
Occupational Health Centers Of Washington Ps 75001, TXPhysical Therapy1871075309
Occupational Health Centers Of California, A Medical Corporation 90048, TXPhysical Therapy1437614591
Giddings Physical Therapy Clinic, Inc 78942, TXPhysical Therapy1225008907
Physical Therapy Care Pc 77469, TXPhysical Therapy1952379760
Pasadena Outpatient Rehab Clinic,llc. 78596, TXPhysical Therapy1811958259
Select Physical Therapy Texas Limited Partnership 76107, TXPhysical Therapy1245293224


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