Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Blanca Garcia 78040, TXPhysical Therapy1811444144
Valeria Visoiu 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1245712850
Aurora Lynn Lopez 79720, TXPhysical Therapy1639653637
Physicare, Inc. 76086, TXPhysical Therapy1124025150
Outpatient Sports And Spine Rehabilitation. Llc 75093, TXPhysical Therapy1386642650
Butler Shahan Physical Therapy Services Pllc 75092, TXPhysical Therapy1336147545
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa Pc 80120, TXPhysical Therapy1881739001
Christopher Don Morgan 79423, TXPhysical Therapy1134128457
Michael Callan Weems 79423, TXPhysical Therapy1396744744
Cordelia Chinelo Umeh 77469, TXPhysical Therapy1861994667
Walk And Talk Therapeutic Services, Pllc 78045, TXPhysical Therapy1205320710
Kerry L Huang 76801, TXPhysical Therapy1669955480
Guadalupe Dominguez Martinez 79935, TXPhysical Therapy1679038731
Physical Therapy Of Mansfield,llc 76063, TXPhysical Therapy1124020979
Articia Moreno 76109, TXPhysical Therapy1376535526
Hope Rehab League City 77573, TXPhysical Therapy1821080938
Kelly Lynne Sacky 77401, TXPhysical Therapy1831181585
Big Country Rehabilitation Inc 79605, TXPhysical Therapy1578556049
Occupational Health Centers Of Sw Pa 03064, TXPhysical Therapy1730203571
Mariah Kay Wilson 77086, TXPhysical Therapy1861903262
Alexander Garcia Madriaga 78041, TXPhysical Therapy1982168720
Nacogdoches Rehabilitation Group, Inc 75965, TXPhysical Therapy1164416988
Joy Monico 79416, TXPhysical Therapy1902275589
Maria Ernestina Williams 76028, TXPhysical Therapy1487159729
Christopher Alan Daily 78230, TXPhysical Therapy1548748031
Kelsey Brooke Lindsey 76065, TXPhysical Therapy1801370101
Christy Miller 79407, TXPhysical Therapy1356339899
Tri City Therapeutics, Llc 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1811978562
Cross Timbers Physical Therapy Center 76107, TXPhysical Therapy1659353597
Optimove Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 76118, TXPhysical Therapy1376927251
Gayland Early 75703, TXPhysical Therapy1063984201
Kim Farr 77382, TXPhysical Therapy1528044724
Antonio Rodriguez 78596, TXPhysical Therapy1730165945
Pat Maly 76302, TXPhysical Therapy1346227469
Eyvonne Herod 75965, TXPhysical Therapy1003895202
Kimball Lamar Bishop 75835, TXPhysical Therapy1447748413
Occupational Health Centers Of Washington Ps 75001, TXPhysical Therapy1871075309
Sandra Nicholson-harned 75075, TXPhysical Therapy1528542362
Abbey J Warren 76226, TXPhysical Therapy1518441724
Shea V Reese 75972, TXPhysical Therapy1417425414
Occupational Health Centers Of California, A Medical Corporation 90048, TXPhysical Therapy1437614591
Giddings Physical Therapy Clinic, Inc 78942, TXPhysical Therapy1225008907
Amanda Foytik 77515, TXPhysical Therapy1255301966
Jose Garcia 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1891769188
Sandra Kay Brougher 78759, TXPhysical Therapy1932177680
Brian Keith Pahlmann 77041, TXPhysical Therapy1659349108
Alysha Linnette Lecuyer 75013, TXPhysical Therapy1710354972
Beverly P Schlueter 76248, TXPhysical Therapy1437514379
Physical Therapy Care Pc 77469, TXPhysical Therapy1952379760
Stephanie Caitlyn Campbell 79106, TXPhysical Therapy1881186054
Harold D Dunn 75048, TXPhysical Therapy1851878441
Martin Tyler Martinez 76258, TXPhysical Therapy1962983056
Pasadena Outpatient Rehab Clinic,llc. 78596, TXPhysical Therapy1811958259
Steve M Castillo 78418, TXPhysical Therapy1306808183
Select Physical Therapy Texas Limited Partnership 76107, TXPhysical Therapy1245293224
Stride Llc 78577, TXPhysical Therapy1619933108
Richard Walton Cearley 77065, TXPhysical Therapy1598723009
Evolve Physical Therapy And Sports Center Inc 78613, TXPhysical Therapy1811946023
C & W Management Incorporated 77054, TXPhysical Therapy1205886496
James Daniel Woodruff 75701, TXPhysical Therapy1922059286
Excel Physical Therapy Limited 99645, TXPhysical Therapy1841243573
Lydia Farmer 77356, TXPhysical Therapy1720456510
Rogelio Mendoza 78413, TXPhysical Therapy1144282047
Occupational Healh Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 80020, TXPhysical Therapy1467948240
Wendy Walsh 78741, TXPhysical Therapy1144700998
Elizabeth Dollar Cooke 78681, TXPhysical Therapy1396225017
Marjorie Susan Mitchell 75165, TXPhysical Therapy1114408424
Kara Elizondo 78229, TXPhysical Therapy1821053323
Longview Internal Medicine Pllc 75604, TXPhysical Therapy1982658464
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78746, TXPhysical Therapy1215984059
Quad City Physical Therapy & Spine 52807, TXPhysical Therapy1033166749
Radtke Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 55744, TXPhysical Therapy1235176108
Evergreen Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 49307, TXPhysical Therapy1730126285
Crossroads Physical Therapy Lp 76104, TXPhysical Therapy1124065578
Ventana Therapy Center Limited 88011, TXPhysical Therapy1770520371
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98104, TXPhysical Therapy1346288453
Paramount Physical Therapy & Hand 48116, TXPhysical Therapy1972540342
Theraspecialists Inc 75951, TXPhysical Therapy1891733838
Moving Well Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 68164, TXPhysical Therapy1639117682
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37830, TXPhysical Therapy1093753733
Triumph Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 38801, TXPhysical Therapy1508804261
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98033, TXPhysical Therapy1801834296
U S Pt Therapy Services Inc 22192, TXPhysical Therapy1225076649
Cutting Edge Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 47374, TXPhysical Therapy1497794846
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98012, TXPhysical Therapy1063451417
High Plains Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 82901, TXPhysical Therapy1336188796
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98390, TXPhysical Therapy1497793004
High Plains Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 82935, TXPhysical Therapy1134167547
Matrix Rehabilitation Texas, Inc. 76205, TXPhysical Therapy1922047828
Matrix Rehabilitation texas, Inc. 75231, TXPhysical Therapy1033159546
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78209, TXPhysical Therapy1699715326
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48033, TXPhysical Therapy1730120650
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 92807, TXPhysical Therapy1275574188
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95240, TXPhysical Therapy1497796247
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95207, TXPhysical Therapy1154363869
Dearborn Physical Therapy Ltd. 48322, TXPhysical Therapy1285676692
Rio Grande Valley Rehab Plus Outpatient Therapy Services Lp 78501, TXPhysical Therapy1629010053
Circle Rehabilitation Services Limited Partnership 62702, TXPhysical Therapy1629010061
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45154, TXPhysical Therapy1356383707
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95204, TXPhysical Therapy1326080862
Hope Rehab dickinson Llc 77539, TXPhysical Therapy1437191053
Eastgate Physical Therapy Lp 45140, TXPhysical Therapy1033151386
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95821, TXPhysical Therapy1609818491
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 92649, TXPhysical Therapy1780626572
Therapycare, Inc 75240, TXPhysical Therapy1790727576
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95661, TXPhysical Therapy1700829587
Theraworks Inc 76028, TXPhysical Therapy1538102439
Karen Flowers 76105, TXPhysical Therapy1760426605
Theraworks Inc 77339, TXPhysical Therapy1245273473
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95010, TXPhysical Therapy1295778561
Cypress Fort Worth Lp 76116, TXPhysical Therapy1548204308
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78401, TXPhysical Therapy1659315257
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 85034, TXPhysical Therapy1477597896
John R Mcnaughton 76049, TXPhysical Therapy1447294400
Cypress Arlington Lp 76013, TXPhysical Therapy1710922588
Debra M Dworaczyk 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1184669038
Matrix Rehabilitation, Inc. 95662, TXPhysical Therapy1891730743
Frisco Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 75034, TXPhysical Therapy1417992363
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45177, TXPhysical Therapy1932144680
Eastgate Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 45133, TXPhysical Therapy1922043678
Randall Sunderland 78840, TXPhysical Therapy1619912144
D&d Sports Med Sanger, Llc 76266, TXPhysical Therapy1154366458
Sports Med Denton Llc 76205, TXPhysical Therapy1225073521
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60089, TXPhysical Therapy1437194701
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60123, TXPhysical Therapy1447295530
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60192, TXPhysical Therapy1174568265
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60641, TXPhysical Therapy1063458982
Rehab Missouri, Llc. 63011, TXPhysical Therapy1750326807
Rehab Missouri, Llc. 63122, TXPhysical Therapy1326083486
Matrix Rehabilitation texas, Inc. 77478, TXPhysical Therapy1679519565
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60603, TXPhysical Therapy1245276146
Rehab Missouri, Llc. 63051, TXPhysical Therapy1578509014
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60048, TXPhysical Therapy1386680882
Sean H Bowers 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1922034990
Mandy M Mercer 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1548296411
Primary Health Inc Dba Carenow 75019, TXPhysical Therapy1609802719
Tcg Clinic, Llc 77054, TXPhysical Therapy1700812419
Tillman Physical Therapy & Sports Training Center, Inc 78613, TXPhysical Therapy1376579797
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60093, TXPhysical Therapy1386670685
Integrity Physical Therapy, Inc. 60657, TXPhysical Therapy1558397851
Integrity Physical Therapy Inc 60068, TXPhysical Therapy1487681433
Arc Therapy Services Llc 78734, TXPhysical Therapy1366479602
Theraphysics Partners Of Colorado, Inc. 80216, TXPhysical Therapy1437186780
Jaime D Holub 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1265469050
Jane M Mascorro 77901, TXPhysical Therapy1205863073
Cypress Dallas Lp 75251, TXPhysical Therapy1013945435
Arc Tanglewood Lp 77057, TXPhysical Therapy1740218163
Lindberg Wellness Center, P.a. 78503, TXPhysical Therapy1013945682
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 97401, TXPhysical Therapy1134158298
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 97006, TXPhysical Therapy1750310819
Sport & Spine Clinic Lp 54476, TXPhysical Therapy1346279643
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 73139, TXPhysical Therapy1770512998
Movement Works Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 74006, TXPhysical Therapy1407886187
Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97426, TXPhysical Therapy1083646806
Occupational Health Centers Of Southwest, P.a. 75247, TXPhysical Therapy1679504831
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a., P.c. 06704, TXPhysical Therapy1639204688
Therapy Centers Of South Carolina, P.a. 29405, TXPhysical Therapy1619000726
Kelsey Bryan 79106, TXPhysical Therapy1265801773
Ivy Rose Embellado 75904, TXPhysical Therapy1437514478
Jennelyn Frianeza 75904, TXPhysical Therapy1477918431
Physical Therapy Clinic Of Paris, Lp 75426, TXPhysical Therapy1043675150
Concentra Health Services, Inc. 75001, TXPhysical Therapy1316988041
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. (az) 75001, TXPhysical Therapy1679517098
South Texas Sports Medicine Inc 78374, TXPhysical Therapy1235160250
Samuel Carmona 78233, TXPhysical Therapy1649782350
Abilifit Pediatric Rehab 77494, TXPhysical Therapy1972025963
Shayla Danae Carpenter 79407, TXPhysical Therapy1851817423
Khwahish Desai 75069, TXPhysical Therapy1578067880
Cross Creek Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 38654, TXPhysical Therapy1821030198
Dario Martinez 78539, TXPhysical Therapy1124505086
Classic Rehabilitation Inc 75050, TXPhysical Therapy1093746034
Occupational Health Centers Of California, A Medical Corporation 90802, TXPhysical Therapy1346717550
Blaire Marie Larson 76086, TXPhysical Therapy1518431725
Active Body Active Life, Llc 75019, TXPhysical Therapy1619434735
Chenoa Magott 78230, TXPhysical Therapy1154888980
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 76011, TXPhysical Therapy1275566135
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48201, TXPhysical Therapy1528090941
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48174, TXPhysical Therapy1497788384
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 76140, TXPhysical Therapy1669405551
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 75074, TXPhysical Therapy1194757666
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 78238, TXPhysical Therapy1306878889
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 75061, TXPhysical Therapy1689606055
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48088, TXPhysical Therapy1902838394
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48375, TXPhysical Therapy1538191937
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 75050, TXPhysical Therapy1003849985
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48207, TXPhysical Therapy1255364097
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48150, TXPhysical Therapy1134151541
Humpal Physical Therapy, P.c. 78415, TXPhysical Therapy1871525287
Us Pt Therapy Services Inc. 74019, TXPhysical Therapy1013940626
Occupational Health Centers Of Michigan, P.c. 48180, TXPhysical Therapy1679506307
Ankeny Physical & Sports Therapy Limited Partnership 50023, TXPhysical Therapy1891728002
Safety Harbor Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 33770, TXPhysical Therapy1316970528
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37167, TXPhysical Therapy1568495646
Green Oaks Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 76017, TXPhysical Therapy1578597589
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 37027, TXPhysical Therapy1568496917
Beaufort Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 28516, TXPhysical Therapy1598780744
Ashland Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 97520, TXPhysical Therapy1770518979
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04953, TXPhysical Therapy1508881582
Bay View Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 04915, TXPhysical Therapy1740205731
Pelican State Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 70458, TXPhysical Therapy1457386682


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