Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Catherine Gross 92024, UTPhysical Therapy1669761854
Wilde Heart Pt Llc 84106, UTPhysical Therapy1134642911
Work Injury Solutions Inc. 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1902220239
Advanced Balance And Physical Therapy Llc 84720, UTPhysical Therapy1629556055
High Mountain Physical Therapy And Performance, Llc 84735, UTPhysical Therapy1619467198
Beaver Valley Hospital 84405, UTPhysical Therapy1427565480
Registered Physical Therapists, Inc. 84094, UTPhysical Therapy1477582633
Lehi Physical Therapy, Llc 84045, UTPhysical Therapy1811926538
Cns Professional Services 84119, UTPhysical Therapy1508248964
Frandsen & Albrecht Physical Therapy Inc 84759, UTPhysical Therapy1487667135
Canyon Rim Physical Therapy Llc 84109, UTPhysical Therapy1255441481
Canyon Rim Physical Therapy Llc 84121, UTPhysical Therapy1467562694
Human Performance Institute Pc 84003, UTPhysical Therapy1053478826
Teamworks Therapy Llc 84321, UTPhysical Therapy1023155322
Performance Rehab Clinic salt Lake 84121, UTPhysical Therapy1114055837
Beaver Valley Hospital 84088, UTPhysical Therapy1629584792
Beaver Valley Hospital 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1891202859
Tri City Medical Clinic Inc 84062, UTPhysical Therapy1043421753
Pinnacle Performance Ii, Inc 84105, UTPhysical Therapy1235330135
Sunset Physical Therapy, L.l.c. 84770, UTPhysical Therapy1275731291
Wasatch Rehab Inc 84096, UTPhysical Therapy1811197643
Foothill Sports Medicine 84109, UTPhysical Therapy1407042583
Red Desert Rehab And Fitness, Llc 84780, UTPhysical Therapy1881878189
Mountain Pointe Physical Therapy, Pc 84095, UTPhysical Therapy1033397021
Empowered Rehab Llc 84095, UTPhysical Therapy1538337837
Wasatch Peak, P.c. 84041, UTPhysical Therapy1679747224
Body Smart, P.c. 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1649490194
Sportsmed Physical Therapy Of Bountiful A Professional Corp 84010, UTPhysical Therapy1215119870
Now I Can Foundation 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1932353539
Pacific Drive Medical Center, Inc. 84003, UTPhysical Therapy1023253739
Alpine Physical Therapy Llc 84004, UTPhysical Therapy1194965665
Prevent Inc. 84759, UTPhysical Therapy1316177926
Core Of Health, Llc 84101, UTPhysical Therapy1285864744
Elaine T. Lu Pt Pc 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1477889293
Arches Ppt, Llc 86305, UTPhysical Therapy1457671802
Sw Rehab Inc 84648, UTPhysical Therapy1679881379
Dell C. Felix, Pt & Associates Pc 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1861798738
Kevin Church Physical Therapy Pc 84118, UTPhysical Therapy1194022418
South Central Therapies 84754, UTPhysical Therapy1487924502
Pt Solutions Inc 83252, UTPhysical Therapy1174895148
South Central Therapies, Inc 84754, UTPhysical Therapy1780956615
Elevate Sports Medicine Inc 84057, UTPhysical Therapy1154573848
South Mountain Pt & Rehabilitation 84047, UTPhysical Therapy1477705010
Orthopaedic Therapy And Sports Performance Llc 84302, UTPhysical Therapy1104119957
Brighton Rehabilitation, Llc 96813, UTPhysical Therapy1578829479
Cancer Rehabilitation Centers 84094, UTPhysical Therapy1508128604
Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, Llc 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1659633691
In Motion Physical Therapy Llc 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1538422324
Brief Physical Therapy, Llc 84119, UTPhysical Therapy1841546504
Northpointe Rehab 84094, UTPhysical Therapy1124377874
C.w. Harper, Inc. 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1588909907
Physical Therapy Express 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1780007153
Peak Performance Physical Therapy, Pc 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1073933966
Summit Sports Performance And Rehab Center, Pllc 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1972915874
Summit Rehabilitation Llc 84790, UTPhysical Therapy1427458256
Premier Family Medical 84003, UTPhysical Therapy1053715250
Intermountain Healthcare 84057, UTPhysical Therapy1316331523
Corpus Sanum, Inc 84404, UTPhysical Therapy1386022036
Align Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine, Llc 84663, UTPhysical Therapy1346635851
Dynamic Physical Therapy Llc 84047, UTPhysical Therapy1932595691
Procare Therapy, Inc. 84664, UTPhysical Therapy1265796866
Applied Therapies And Wellness 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1073985123
Choice Physical Therapy Pc 84003, UTPhysical Therapy1831562776
Life Centre Physical Therapy 84094, UTPhysical Therapy1881065159
Redwood Injury Treatment Center Inc. 84123, UTPhysical Therapy1538549993
Precision Therapy Services 84045, UTPhysical Therapy1851725782
Beaver Valley Hospital 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1538675608
Beaver Valley Hospital 84067, UTPhysical Therapy1235645300
Beaver Valley Hospital 84501, UTPhysical Therapy1659888634
Mountain View Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation, Pllc 84047, UTPhysical Therapy1508281254
Align Therapy Llc 84043, UTPhysical Therapy1225415086
Redwood Injury Treatment Center 84123, UTPhysical Therapy1215398615
Intermountain Healthcare 84065, UTPhysical Therapy1114378288
House Call Physical Therapy 84790, UTPhysical Therapy1770037798
Horizon Rehab Llc 84057, UTPhysical Therapy1316493372
Therapy West Rehab Agency Llc 84634, UTPhysical Therapy1336684794
Elite Therapy Services Llc 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1417405952
Rhodes Physical Therapy, Inc 84025, UTPhysical Therapy1679931075
Elevate Pt Pllc 84040, UTPhysical Therapy1942714217
Beaver Valley Hospital 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1790291862
Beaver Valley Hospital 84102, UTPhysical Therapy1275049348
Beaver Valley Hospital 84737, UTPhysical Therapy1982111944
Beaver Valley Hospital 84097, UTPhysical Therapy1144737115
Beaver Valley Hospital 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1356858328
Beaver Valley Hospital 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1912414996
Beaver Valley Hospital 84770, UTPhysical Therapy1730696717
Beaver Valley Hospital 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1093222077
Color Country Physical Therapy Llc 84761, UTPhysical Therapy1104395821
Root And Restore Therapy 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1770053068
Neurorev Pllc 84014, UTPhysical Therapy1598229155
Patti Johnson Physical Therapy & Wellness 84050, UTPhysical Therapy1356800163
Silver Lining Medical & Consulting, Llc 84075, UTPhysical Therapy1710544218
Empower Utah Physical Therapy Pllc 84043, UTPhysical Therapy1326515115
Recalibrate Physical Therapy 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1265094619
Bridge Physical Therapy, Llc 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1972005791
Scott D. Christensen Dpt. Pllc 84003, UTPhysical Therapy1003240292
Occuaptional Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 84104, UTPhysical Therapy1013037704
Occuaptional Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 84041, UTPhysical Therapy1003321563
Occuaptional Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 84070, UTPhysical Therapy1497875108
C3 Physical Therapy And Health & Wellness Services 84123, UTPhysical Therapy1346898566
Truhealth Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 84097, UTPhysical Therapy1548822406
Greater Saint George Physical Therapy And Wellness, Inc. 84770, UTPhysical Therapy1144704065
Daniels Therapy Services 84770, UTPhysical Therapy1710455381
Well Being Pelvic Physical Therapy 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1780222893
Wasatch Therapy Inc 84405, UTPhysical Therapy1700985249
Wasatch Therapy Inc 84041, UTPhysical Therapy1235482977
Wasatch Therapy Inc 84025, UTPhysical Therapy1780894485
Fit Quest Physical Therapy Of North Ogden Inc 84404, UTPhysical Therapy1366916470
Basin Therapy Llc 84066, UTPhysical Therapy1215557434
Valley Physical Therapy Pllc 84310, UTPhysical Therapy1730724808
Theraprime Management, Llc 84010, UTPhysical Therapy1245266824
Registered Physical Therapists, Inc 84095, UTPhysical Therapy1255360434
Registered Physical Therapists, Inc. 84084, UTPhysical Therapy1588693766
Registered Physical Therapists, Inc. 84121, UTPhysical Therapy1285663476
Registered Physical Therapists, Inc. 84065, UTPhysical Therapy1235168428
Core Rehabilitation And Spine Center 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1093810251
Jensen & Jensen Therapy P. L. L. C 84043, UTPhysical Therapy1790882223
Uintah Care Center 84078, UTPhysical Therapy1316038854
Howard A Knudsen Pt Pc 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1881752830
Logan Physical Therapy Pc 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1881738904
Promise Hospital Slc Inc Grp 84120, UTPhysical Therapy1427251479
Precision Rehabilitation Pc 84511, UTPhysical Therapy1376754929
Motion Ut, Llc 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1518574177
Mountain Strong Spine And Performance 84404, UTPhysical Therapy1184231664
Tooele Hospital Corporation 84074, UTPhysical Therapy1013107838
Precision Jointcare Llc 84065, UTPhysical Therapy1487261707
Richards Physical Therapy 84062, UTPhysical Therapy1356858120
Toolson Physical Therapy 84780, UTPhysical Therapy1609470319
Sword Health Care Providers Pa 80211, UTPhysical Therapy1891391934
Forward Rehab 84060, UTPhysical Therapy1730701483
Natasha Fett, Dpt, Pllc 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1174115992
Move Well Age Well, Llc 84106, UTPhysical Therapy1881215085
Pure Performance Rehab 84106, UTPhysical Therapy1962094219
Sundance Circle Hippotherapy Llc 84339, UTPhysical Therapy1588257687
A Better Life Physical Therapy & Massage, Llc 84010, UTPhysical Therapy1538753520
Sword Health Care Physical Therapy Providers Of Ca, P.c. 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1962096123
Sword Health Care Providers Of Nj, P.c. 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1225622483
Aarin Spencer 84015, UTPhysical Therapy1205165362
Alex Plein 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1952841116
Alexander Paul Conner 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1114226461
Alexander Mark Richey 84120, UTPhysical Therapy1750972758
Allison Marie Hammon 84088, UTPhysical Therapy1487980058
Allison Ewing Saunders 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1285277103
Amy S Koch 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1265763379
Ana Corina Bancila 84020, UTPhysical Therapy1427601954
Angemarie Snyder 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1467760736
Anna Dailene Thompson 81401, UTPhysical Therapy1700308566
April J Lawrence 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1972510766
Beth Anita Rylands 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1821255274
Bradley Jensen 84106, UTPhysical Therapy1972901437
Brandie Sharp 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1851773972
Breshae Christofferson 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1225525421
Brian Merlin Allen 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1902454903
Brian Ralph Balls 84341, UTPhysical Therapy1326420639
Brian James Terry 84070, UTPhysical Therapy1770876468
Caitlin Branning 84065, UTPhysical Therapy1366813693
Cameron Knapp 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1477806933
Camille Koga 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1861928418
Candice Edgar 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1306253141
Carson Call 84405, UTPhysical Therapy1730721838
Cecilia Marfil Cainglet 84045, UTPhysical Therapy1538699731
Celeste Annette Willmann-chafin 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1467570911
Chelsea Roberts 84124, UTPhysical Therapy1316364771
Cheryl Roper 84405, UTPhysical Therapy1316453962
Chloe Hollis 84532, UTPhysical Therapy1467990515
Christa Foster 84041, UTPhysical Therapy1245822279
Christine Marie Dickson 84663, UTPhysical Therapy1639604622
Clara A. Dudack 84123, UTPhysical Therapy1639488828
Clybe Lily Luft 84102, UTPhysical Therapy1477894111
Cody Rebecca Gold 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1033410139
Colter Duffy 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1952898793
Corey Hotton 84119, UTPhysical Therapy1083831739
Courtney Carnahan 84121, UTPhysical Therapy1285268425
Curtis Peters 84738, UTPhysical Therapy1427550532
Dakota Belliston 84106, UTPhysical Therapy1871094383
Darian Wilks 84501, UTPhysical Therapy1255781035
David Smith 84087, UTPhysical Therapy1700298825
David Von Niederhausern 84318, UTPhysical Therapy1881077360
Diana Coburn 84010, UTPhysical Therapy1184125239
Elizabeth J Groesbeck 84403, UTPhysical Therapy1790792554
Emilee Ann Barker 84651, UTPhysical Therapy1053813196
Emily Ann Floyd 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1386809069
Emily May Peterson 84102, UTPhysical Therapy1780292672
Eric Scot Neil 84121, UTPhysical Therapy1588298558
Floyd Horn 84302, UTPhysical Therapy1992201784
Forrest Hammeren 84663, UTPhysical Therapy1912470584
Gail Ann Starring 84120, UTPhysical Therapy1396054631
Greg Brent Radcliffe 84117, UTPhysical Therapy1245492388
Heather Lovelady 84404, UTPhysical Therapy1932609567
Heather Patricia Robertson 84115, UTPhysical Therapy1396232732
Jacob D Erekson 84123, UTPhysical Therapy1407187867
James Anthony Bonds 84302, UTPhysical Therapy1134622707
James Glines 84094, UTPhysical Therapy1023495132
James Robert Perrone 84098, UTPhysical Therapy1003050469
Jan Walker 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1720397128
Jared Leung-wo 84604, UTPhysical Therapy1326544834
Jared Jex Woodhouse 84501, UTPhysical Therapy1457857070
Jason Carpenter 84010, UTPhysical Therapy1134629603
Jenett Green 84107, UTPhysical Therapy1073819868
Jennifer Bethers 84111, UTPhysical Therapy1609374404


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