Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Therapy Management Services, Inc. 22191, VAPhysical Therapy1457357022
Kara Clemenz Mathews 22911, VAPhysical Therapy1518965615
Proactive Therapy Of Virginia Inc 24018, VAPhysical Therapy1548260193
Douglas Avery & Associates Ltd 22101, VAPhysical Therapy1750381422
Douglas Avery & Associates Ltd 22427, VAPhysical Therapy1194725747
Douglas Avery & Associates Ltd 23834, VAPhysical Therapy1649270943
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Inc 23226, VAPhysical Therapy1376536441
Appalachian Physical Therapy, Inc. 22801, VAPhysical Therapy1225027998
Vannassa Zontennia Caston 23604, VAPhysical Therapy1043200660
Mildred Helene Handley 23693, VAPhysical Therapy1801886437
Ophelia Marcella Howard 23604, VAPhysical Therapy1588654917
Coreen L Bookout 24073, VAPhysical Therapy1538159843
Susan P Striebeck 24179, VAPhysical Therapy1477543791
Maria A Rushbrooke 24016, VAPhysical Therapy1053301382
Physical Therapy Works, Inc. 23434, VAPhysical Therapy1366433112
Cheryl A Romeo 24121, VAPhysical Therapy1356332712
Regina R Cox 24073, VAPhysical Therapy1669458667
Amy F Fontaine 24083, VAPhysical Therapy1740266709
Lebanon Physical Therapy And Rehabilitative Services, Llc 24266, VAPhysical Therapy1619947678
Staci Fredrick 23502, VAPhysical Therapy1992177877
Joyce Ann Willett 23708, VAPhysical Therapy1124099023
Lori Marie Stoklosa 23464, VAPhysical Therapy1396716288
Select Physical Therapy Holdings, Inc. 20109, VAPhysical Therapy1467420604
Blaser Physical Therapy 20186, VAPhysical Therapy1205895711
Mary Gail Hanna Mones 22303, VAPhysical Therapy1053787994
Peninsula Physical Therapy & Associates, Inc 23666, VAPhysical Therapy1356311880
Anne G Glynn 22101, VAPhysical Therapy1760442131
Cheryl A Starr 24501, VAPhysical Therapy1154384238
Jason Alan Morrell 20170, VAPhysical Therapy1124083654
Jeanne Taylor-gore 22043, VAPhysical Therapy1386601698
David Tindall 23667, VAPhysical Therapy1114977519
Rehabilitation Associates Of Central Virginia, Inc. 24502, VAPhysical Therapy1699727016
Bayside Rehabilitation 23306, VAPhysical Therapy1891748638
Santera Rehabilitation, Inc 24171, VAPhysical Therapy1003861105
U S Pt Therapy Services Inc 22192, VAPhysical Therapy1225076649
Arc Therapy Services Llc 23227, VAPhysical Therapy1750320602
Capitol Rehab, Inc. 22203, VAPhysical Therapy1629010954
Colonial Orthopaedics, Inc 23834, VAPhysical Therapy1568406825
Christie Shantell, Yates Plymal 24614, VAPhysical Therapy1356378632
Augusta Physical Therapy Pc 24401, VAPhysical Therapy1518993971
Lauren Pruitt 23417, VAPhysical Therapy1841794476
Melissa Ann Smith 24531, VAPhysical Therapy1477010643
Integrated Health Pc 22401, VAPhysical Therapy1013940311
Alexandria Sports, Inc. 22102, VAPhysical Therapy1639194152
Wendie L Green 20817, VAPhysical Therapy1518983451
Dominion Health & Fitness, Inc 24228, VAPhysical Therapy1871513788
Buchanan Therapy Services, Inc. 24614, VAPhysical Therapy1215951843
Meridith Elaine Clark 23464, VAPhysical Therapy1659385730
In Touch Therapy, Plc 23950, VAPhysical Therapy1972517936
Cawh Rehabilitation Services 24060, VAPhysical Therapy1023023678
Susan Wilson Hatchel 23950, VAPhysical Therapy1326054529
Elmo Townsend 23832, VAPhysical Therapy1821485541
Crawford Physical Therapy Limited 22901, VAPhysical Therapy1205856770
Melanie Springston 23113, VAPhysical Therapy1457891343
Steven Daniel Bowman 24091, VAPhysical Therapy1932628856
Heather Dawn Elliott 24517, VAPhysical Therapy1043777295
Five Star Rehabilitation And Wellness Services, Llc. 23294, VAPhysical Therapy1225041650
Caitlin Ripley 20136, VAPhysical Therapy1831647502
Us Pt Managed Care Inc 23113, VAPhysical Therapy1083722722
Stefanie Weir 22601, VAPhysical Therapy1952411480
North Shore Sports & Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 23505, VAPhysical Therapy1720199094
Northern Neck Physical Therapy Limited Partnership 22572, VAPhysical Therapy1700988029
Dewayne Steven Garrett 24244, VAPhysical Therapy1215031398
Laura Beth Loomis 24201, VAPhysical Therapy1598861460
Patricia Henry 22903, VAPhysical Therapy1164520961
Ace Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute, Llc 22043, VAPhysical Therapy1861591281
Patrick Dewayne O'quinn 24018, VAPhysical Therapy1982704029
Us Pt Managed Care Inc 23233, VAPhysical Therapy1144311713
Physical Therapy Connection Of Mclean Limited Partnership 22101, VAPhysical Therapy1164511333
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 22315, VAPhysical Therapy1821178138
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 23502, VAPhysical Therapy1750461299
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 23116, VAPhysical Therapy1942380241
Atlantic Physical Therapy Pc 23454, VAPhysical Therapy1841376746
Natalie Garza 20176, VAPhysical Therapy1043398068
Cumins Therapy & Fitness Training Llc 24014, VAPhysical Therapy1073691200
Beth Hines 23005, VAPhysical Therapy1902985062
Nicole R Hampton 20166, VAPhysical Therapy1265501589
Mary Hester 23294, VAPhysical Therapy1710057526
Physical & Occupational Therapy Services Inc. 24605, VAPhysical Therapy1891806949
Charles Santos 22407, VAPhysical Therapy1215303961
Andrea Thomas 22405, VAPhysical Therapy1487028528
Latonia Faye Penn 23114, VAPhysical Therapy1851759419
Teresa Lynn Maness 24251, VAPhysical Therapy1861849200
Theresa Clare Crowe 20155, VAPhysical Therapy1740637990
Julie Arrington 24014, VAPhysical Therapy1649715954
Cynthia Ann Giaminelli Meigel 23455, VAPhysical Therapy1619487592
Samantha Todd 23322, VAPhysical Therapy1841703857
Comber Physical Therapy, Llc 23188, VAPhysical Therapy1689769473
Rachel Melissa Fama 22191, VAPhysical Therapy1194190421
Belinda Ann Blough 22311, VAPhysical Therapy1316018120
Rebekah Lynn Coleman 22311, VAPhysical Therapy1952472714
Martin L Ruppel 24277, VAPhysical Therapy1326111717
Blue Ridge Physical Therapy Pc 24450, VAPhysical Therapy1437224185
Pantops Physical Therapy, Pc 22911, VAPhysical Therapy1871669382
Wayne Thomas Evans 22602, VAPhysical Therapy1912074105
Sheltering Arms Hospital 23116, VAPhysical Therapy1669540431
Sheltering Arms Hospital South, Inc. 23116, VAPhysical Therapy1598823387
Heather Triplett 24236, VAPhysical Therapy1225196769
Monica Mary Vickers 20190, VAPhysical Therapy1316007099
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Mid Atlantic States,inc 20176, VAPhysical Therapy1861552721
Teresa Wright Jones 37620, VAPhysical Therapy1972663045
Roberta T. Hare 22192, VAPhysical Therapy1245391622
Philip Bennett Lott 20176, VAPhysical Therapy1962567271
Robert Eric Williams 23606, VAPhysical Therapy1689721466
Hollie Racz 23606, VAPhysical Therapy1114074895
Rebecca Camille Lowe 24273, VAPhysical Therapy1083764344
Jana Liedman 23462, VAPhysical Therapy1427109602
Jose Rodrigo Charcon 20120, VAPhysical Therapy1952452856
Bl Enterprises, Llc 22911, VAPhysical Therapy1609928621
Ann G Davis 22401, VAPhysical Therapy1912053638
Fit As A Fiddle Physical Therapy, Inc. 20135, VAPhysical Therapy1760538045
Richard Howard Davis 24614, VAPhysical Therapy1952447054
Clarence Edward Hillman 24219, VAPhysical Therapy1174669915
Accelerated Care Inc 27573, VAPhysical Therapy1033255492
Kimberly Dawn Garland 24016, VAPhysical Therapy1548303852
Caitlin M. Decker 24016, VAPhysical Therapy1558404921
Wendy Weil, Physical Therapy, Llc 22101, VAPhysical Therapy1760527584
Karen A Appleby 22192, VAPhysical Therapy1417092818
Joel A Fabre 24401, VAPhysical Therapy1386779882
Pamela Darlene Grove 24541, VAPhysical Therapy1629103098
Anita Seigel 20109, VAPhysical Therapy1245367093
Paige S Puckett 24019, VAPhysical Therapy1588793004
Kimberly P Jones 24018, VAPhysical Therapy1043349665
James A Manchester 24401, VAPhysical Therapy1811026180
Colonial Orthopaedics, Inc 23834, VAPhysical Therapy1336270289
Elizabeth Ann Fryer 22201, VAPhysical Therapy1083746218
Elizabeth Ann Donovan 23229, VAPhysical Therapy1922131960
Geraldine G Mcgrady 27030, VAPhysical Therapy1508999731
Mary R Lynn 23233, VAPhysical Therapy1225161797
Michelle Lee Hansen 23502, VAPhysical Therapy1104950914
Karen Jean Moore 23502, VAPhysical Therapy1306970959
Deborah Adams 20165, VAPhysical Therapy1114041357
Virginia Lynn Broun 23456, VAPhysical Therapy1811021173
Howard Spencer Coletrain 27105, VAPhysical Therapy1558495820
Joseph Martin Bowers 23502, VAPhysical Therapy1982728085
Robin Perdue Wadkins 23233, VAPhysical Therapy1356465249
Alsena Jacquline Blackman 23462, VAPhysical Therapy1609990324
Lori Jean Sealy 22191, VAPhysical Therapy1376667113
Dana Renee Robertson 24018, VAPhysical Therapy1720102114
Jessica Ann Bell 24017, VAPhysical Therapy1285758607
Maura Dorothy Farrell 23225, VAPhysical Therapy1790809176
Beverly C. Horn 22306, VAPhysical Therapy1780709006
Shannon Loren Harris 22306, VAPhysical Therapy1295850956
Patricia Jean Mikula 22405, VAPhysical Therapy1033234349
Joanne Jerusha Richardson 22960, VAPhysical Therapy1477678340
Kathleen Ann Mccutcheon 24060, VAPhysical Therapy1285759233
Cecelia Agnes Mckeever 22307, VAPhysical Therapy1235255340
Indra Nandkeshwar Lingenfelter 23462, VAPhysical Therapy1750407151
Sonia Marixza Reyes 20109, VAPhysical Therapy1417074949
Erica Hoppes 23455, VAPhysical Therapy1689790594
Kellee S. Kietzer 20109, VAPhysical Therapy1821115312
Azam Nikhah Ziari 22151, VAPhysical Therapy1205952983
Stephanie Stevens 23233, VAPhysical Therapy1013033729
Laura Nicole Hale 20165, VAPhysical Therapy1083730790
Sheryl Embling 20165, VAPhysical Therapy1730205477
Sarah Roberts 24605, VAPhysical Therapy1659498145
Heather Leigh Bayers 22901, VAPhysical Therapy1669599056
Strait Physical Therapy, Llc 20171, VAPhysical Therapy1154448553
Rebecca Williams 20171, VAPhysical Therapy1700903010
Rebecca Elizabeth Mitchell 22311, VAPhysical Therapy1184741548
Claudia T Arce 23606, VAPhysical Therapy1902923287
Ona-maria Asbury 24060, VAPhysical Therapy1861519084
Valerie Renee Taylor 24277, VAPhysical Therapy1952428864
Theresa B Johnson 23803, VAPhysical Therapy1417075821
Amy Mays Seidle 24112, VAPhysical Therapy1518085547
Scott A. Sutphin 24017, VAPhysical Therapy1942354766
Marguerite Bellavance 22602, VAPhysical Therapy1942675301
Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center 20191, VAPhysical Therapy1093887390
Trine Spanggaard Mccall 23116, VAPhysical Therapy1447783824
Petersburg Hospital Company Llc 23805, VAPhysical Therapy1245393685
Jarrett Pearce 23002, VAPhysical Therapy1730694977
First Quality Rehab 24091, VAPhysical Therapy1235597618
Brenda Miller 24060, VAPhysical Therapy1932247111
Gary Michael Newman 22151, VAPhysical Therapy1366910358
Jay Wynn 24073, VAPhysical Therapy1326501065
Brittany Grant 24401, VAPhysical Therapy1528521200
Mary Jane Mcmahan 24015, VAPhysical Therapy1578681219
Geoffrey Nai-tetteh 22202, VAPhysical Therapy1811016462
Frederick Eugene Scott 23604, VAPhysical Therapy1851411615
M Hawkins 23604, VAPhysical Therapy1992825723
Claudia Robin Word 23666, VAPhysical Therapy1235258146
Cindy Lee Sabean 24352, VAPhysical Therapy1093835449
Melody Lee Rich 24019, VAPhysical Therapy1073634812
Kimberly Marlowe 24153, VAPhysical Therapy1558481440
Eric Anderson Dempster 22601, VAPhysical Therapy1689796336
Ingrid D. Kliethermes 22630, VAPhysical Therapy1447473293
Renea Johnson Cooper 24557, VAPhysical Therapy1215150768
Carol Jean Garn 23608, VAPhysical Therapy1225253131
Maryanne Mccarthy 23452, VAPhysical Therapy1215153648
Susan M Sablon 22553, VAPhysical Therapy1376769703
Goradia Orthopedics, Pllc 23836, VAPhysical Therapy1003032541
Nancy Daugherty 23452, VAPhysical Therapy1598981334
Lindsi Brooke Anderson 37660, VAPhysical Therapy1649497983
Felicia Lewis 23452, VAPhysical Therapy1558588343
Allen R. Jones 23608, VAPhysical Therapy1639396567
Lisa Phillips Arbo 20166, VAPhysical Therapy1598983298
The Temple Foundation Inc 22031, VAPhysical Therapy1336366079
Tracey Wallace Mitchell 24592, VAPhysical Therapy1992923817
Rasean Huntergreene 23454, VAPhysical Therapy1780802611
Wendy Fulk Smith 24401, VAPhysical Therapy1346468113


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