Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Faith Michelle Syders 98002, WAPhysical Therapy1780158055
Peak Sports & Spine Physical Therapy klahanie Ps 98029, WAPhysical Therapy1154655215
Bright Physical Therapy, Llc 98007, WAPhysical Therapy1184150542
Monica Elizabeth Mann 98166, WAPhysical Therapy1386101244
Inna Kondratiuk 99218, WAPhysical Therapy1275005076
Julie Michele Paylor 98221, WAPhysical Therapy1518365139
Gretchen Reynolds 98042, WAPhysical Therapy1851784730
Aude Puyfoulhoux 98005, WAPhysical Therapy1710578257
Donna Lynne Love 98272, WAPhysical Therapy1154562445
Iatros, Inc 98118, WAPhysical Therapy1700191681
Achieve Rehabilitation, Inc. 98405, WAPhysical Therapy1841369048
Amanda Ellen Howard 98036, WAPhysical Therapy1871073924
Lynnette Martos 99352, WAPhysical Therapy1508358029
Jacob E Nelson 99336, WAPhysical Therapy1154842136
Harley Fields 98512, WAPhysical Therapy1932682762
Anderson Physical Therapy, Llc 99336, WAPhysical Therapy1881921054
Suzanne Lamont 97223, WAPhysical Therapy1316158934
North Peninsula Physical Therapy 98110, WAPhysical Therapy1447718556
Samantha L Ryan 98110, WAPhysical Therapy1821654054
Physio Movement & Performance, Pllc 98402, WAPhysical Therapy1568096238
Paula June Finch 99352, WAPhysical Therapy1932614195
Karen Anne Shattuck 55040, WAPhysical Therapy1417182668
Seattle Rehab Specialists, Inc. 98115, WAPhysical Therapy1780114033
Maria Christina Caballero 98133, WAPhysical Therapy1811557911
Hidef Seattle,llc 98038, WAPhysical Therapy1841814027
Solfuel Llc 98118, WAPhysical Therapy1265961957
Doctors Clinic Pc 98383, WAPhysical Therapy1386811743
Janeen Barnes 99218, WAPhysical Therapy1548289374
Christina Maria Moore 99218, WAPhysical Therapy1336636687
Mackenzie Taylor Lopez 99004, WAPhysical Therapy1083267298
Richard Joseph Mann 98405, WAPhysical Therapy1124533021
Abc Physical Therapy 98405, WAPhysical Therapy1154377240
Stargait Physical Therapy 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1992192231
The Body Mechanic Mccracken Llc 59937, WAPhysical Therapy1003332933
Puget Orthopedic Rehabilitation Pc 98204, WAPhysical Therapy1194707216
Stacy Ferguson 99326, WAPhysical Therapy1417930199
Jerry M Johnson Etal Ptr Four Seasons Physical Therapy 99205, WAPhysical Therapy1245214543
Balanced Physical Therapy Llc 98685, WAPhysical Therapy1861477929
Peacehealth 98632, WAPhysical Therapy1275501538
Orthopedics Northwest Pllc 98902, WAPhysical Therapy1528034030
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of Vancouver, Llc 98660, WAPhysical Therapy1235190950
Stephen Patrick Vonebers 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1568425544
Stacie C Schreibeis 99206, WAPhysical Therapy1518921154
Mark E.a. Paget 99216, WAPhysical Therapy1700841129
Karen Joann Snyder 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1306801709
David Lee Jacques 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1639135593
Joint Ventures Therapeutics, Pc 98642, WAPhysical Therapy1033177035
Sandy Lee Richardson 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1891753463
April Shannon 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1780632760
Darren Ray Salquist 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1053369330
Deborah Baldridge 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1720037815
Javaman Ps 98226, WAPhysical Therapy1841255502
Evergreen At Livingston, L.l.c. 59047, WAPhysical Therapy1497703896
Biosports Northwest Pllc 98008, WAPhysical Therapy1528014875
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98104, WAPhysical Therapy1346288453
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98032, WAPhysical Therapy1497793590
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98512, WAPhysical Therapy1215975248
Integrated Rehabilitation Group, Pc 98012, WAPhysical Therapy1154369833
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98033, WAPhysical Therapy1801834296
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98012, WAPhysical Therapy1063451417
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98390, WAPhysical Therapy1497793004
Kevin Andrew Smith 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1689613846
Deanna Lynn Young 99216, WAPhysical Therapy1487695912
Pacific Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Inc 98055, WAPhysical Therapy1053356717
Klickitat County Public Hospital District No 1 98620, WAPhysical Therapy1386689487
Keith Feusier 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1659316719
Steamboat Physical Therapy, Inc. 98502, WAPhysical Therapy1912943762
Macario At Convento 98493, WAPhysical Therapy1033145610
Point Fosdick Physical Therapy, Inc Ps 98335, WAPhysical Therapy1609802230
Kristen Dahl Foss 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1447287586
June Ann Thomas 98108, WAPhysical Therapy1346279817
Carey Sicilia 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1306877295
South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy Pllc 98501, WAPhysical Therapy1548217631
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 98252, WAPhysical Therapy1699716332
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 98208, WAPhysical Therapy1750312542
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 98208, WAPhysical Therapy1366488074
Kayla Chase 99004, WAPhysical Therapy1932564952
John Doughty 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1699130674
Jennifer Wright 98684, WAPhysical Therapy1558813345
Suzanne Howard 98520, WAPhysical Therapy1174015028
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority 98404, WAPhysical Therapy1063455665
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Inc 98053, WAPhysical Therapy1316971377
South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy Llc 98512, WAPhysical Therapy1245265883
Walter Wolf 83854, WAPhysical Therapy1023032513
Proactive Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Of East Vancouver Llc 98682, WAPhysical Therapy1053326561
Darrell Emanuel Mamon 98188, WAPhysical Therapy1831106616
Jocelyn J Woolsey 98201, WAPhysical Therapy1972510824
Kymberly L Normand 98030, WAPhysical Therapy1245249945
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98008, WAPhysical Therapy1275544165
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98208, WAPhysical Therapy1164433033
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98007, WAPhysical Therapy1114938099
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98052, WAPhysical Therapy1043221930
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 98033, WAPhysical Therapy1922019975
Karen Louise Smith 98108, WAPhysical Therapy1225141187
Krista Marie Swanson 98168, WAPhysical Therapy1144334491
James Frederick Stenroos 98168, WAPhysical Therapy1891809190
Heidy Mason 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1427164797
Dina K Lund 98841, WAPhysical Therapy1528086899
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 83544, WAPhysical Therapy1548294168
Integrated Rehabilitation Group Pc 98203, WAPhysical Therapy1053345017
Integrated Rehabilitation Grou Pc 98275, WAPhysical Therapy1871527820
Coy M Neville 99350, WAPhysical Therapy1629563192
Jordan Kumasaka 98002, WAPhysical Therapy1740776046
Eric Scott Brown 97838, WAPhysical Therapy1083185334
Bryce Kuulei Domingo 98166, WAPhysical Therapy1528175445
Heather M Brown 98499, WAPhysical Therapy1427166578
Annette L Ernst 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1497865380
Sharon Wisner 98032, WAPhysical Therapy1619087178
Perry Davis 98683, WAPhysical Therapy1508976242
Douglas Brooks 98532, WAPhysical Therapy1619087020
Natalie N Brindamour 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1831209170
Emily A Wahlborg 98166, WAPhysical Therapy1275645848
Jennifer Rebecca Blackman 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1437251204
Suanna Slone 98198, WAPhysical Therapy1134224678
Debra Lynnette Bathurst 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1720183379
Leslie Morgan 98006, WAPhysical Therapy1508962010
Carol Ann Johnson 98168, WAPhysical Therapy1235236274
Wellspring Physical Therapy, Llc 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1114024395
Montesano Physical Therapy Inc. 98563, WAPhysical Therapy1083711253
Katie Jean Gunter 98116, WAPhysical Therapy1447357595
Bethany C Sweigert 99207, WAPhysical Therapy1508965575
Kathleen Marie Unser 98166, WAPhysical Therapy1003909581
X cel Enterprises, Inc. 98155, WAPhysical Therapy1295823110
Stephanie J Allen 98632, WAPhysical Therapy1659461713
Crystal A Johnson 98632, WAPhysical Therapy1235229394
Amber M Childers 99352, WAPhysical Therapy1518040435
Tri state S.p.o.r.t. Physical Therapy Clinic 99403, WAPhysical Therapy1073697512
Ginadoria M Martins-brown 98166, WAPhysical Therapy1306920061
Empire Star Ventures Llc 99216, WAPhysical Therapy1538244017
Workwise Therapy Services Limited 98370, WAPhysical Therapy1649357823
Lynden Therapy Specialists, Inc. 98264, WAPhysical Therapy1023197100
Pateena Lawson 98270, WAPhysical Therapy1275612020
Yvonne Marie Dymerski 98168, WAPhysical Therapy1396815528
Chrysta Pantohan 80920, WAPhysical Therapy1144608464
Sequim Physical Therapy Center, Ps 98382, WAPhysical Therapy1588774491
Dina Peganoff 98607, WAPhysical Therapy1518058031
Core Physical Therapy Pc 98101, WAPhysical Therapy1356411011
Jennifer A Cox 98445, WAPhysical Therapy1033280292
Macarthur Physical Therapy & Monroe Sports Therapy 98272, WAPhysical Therapy1447322185
Patricia Anne Bryant 97123, WAPhysical Therapy1831264282
Karin Sue Brown 99025, WAPhysical Therapy1407915218
Jeanna Rathmanner 98686, WAPhysical Therapy1215098660
Margaret Marie Henry 98506, WAPhysical Therapy1154484863
Lucy Z Kowalczyk 98168, WAPhysical Therapy1417011834
Christine Mary Kowalski 98277, WAPhysical Therapy1407912124
Arch L Harrison 99223, WAPhysical Therapy1215086947
Carla Fay Donohue 98201, WAPhysical Therapy1417008319
Christopher Tuohy 98052, WAPhysical Therapy1245381128
Rene Estell Wendt 98225, WAPhysical Therapy1477606275
Peeples Physical Therapy And Fitness Clinic Inc. 98229, WAPhysical Therapy1467505099
Dawn Arlee Rauwolf 98225, WAPhysical Therapy1962555417
Adam R Main 98043, WAPhysical Therapy1548314008
Charmain Napper 98383, WAPhysical Therapy1063568186
Jeff Wadeikis 98383, WAPhysical Therapy1639225253
Yakama Indian Health Center 98948, WAPhysical Therapy1194863274
Scammon Creek Physical Therapy 98531, WAPhysical Therapy1164561775
Rosemary Huehnergarth 98206, WAPhysical Therapy1174663058
Arc Therapy Services Llc 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1841334448
Sound Body Rehabilitation, Inc. 98366, WAPhysical Therapy1720123508
Renee Maria Compton 99202, WAPhysical Therapy1750419859
Karen R Jorgensen 98632, WAPhysical Therapy1700917861
Lakeland Sports & Spine Physical Therapy 98092, WAPhysical Therapy1194857250
Danielle R Sutter 98632, WAPhysical Therapy1316079551
Sharon Eillen Karn 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1093848616
Roger Dougherty 98431, WAPhysical Therapy1851424311
Sheila Kay Stoner 98686, WAPhysical Therapy1578680526
A.i.m. Physical Therapy, Inc. 98390, WAPhysical Therapy1174640759
Philip Owsley 98198, WAPhysical Therapy1477927416
Puget Sound Physical Therapy Llc 98516, WAPhysical Therapy1033571989
Andrea Kay Bochart 98684, WAPhysical Therapy1477629632
Excel Physical Therapy Inc. 98226, WAPhysical Therapy1740322304
Physiostrength Llc 98405, WAPhysical Therapy1073025490
Brandee Wellman 98133, WAPhysical Therapy1023570637
Janet Notarianni 98502, WAPhysical Therapy1912027657
Bellingham Back & Neck Clinic Inc Ps 98225, WAPhysical Therapy1710008313
Kathleen Connolly 98033, WAPhysical Therapy1427179928
Paisano Physical Therapy Services, Inc. 98020, WAPhysical Therapy1033231436
Center For Physical Therapy Inc. 98075, WAPhysical Therapy1215050018
Northwest Rehabilitation Institute 98661, WAPhysical Therapy1316161029
Pedersen Outpatient Physical Therapy 98022, WAPhysical Therapy1104040856
Kerry Hickethier 98503, WAPhysical Therapy1912122201
Opel Ladale Wiltshire 98118, WAPhysical Therapy1194941963
Julie Ann Vernon 98409, WAPhysical Therapy1013135680
Kathleen Mari Whaley 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1003035387
Gwen M Gentes 98043, WAPhysical Therapy1386864270
Melanie Elaine Acheson 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1396966867
Chelsey Renee Steirer 98203, WAPhysical Therapy1023239878
Shannon Kay Herber 98198, WAPhysical Therapy1982825873
Leslie Morey 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1730301508
Jessica Lynn Morey 97070, WAPhysical Therapy1437371390
Dianne Lynn Arnold 98366, WAPhysical Therapy1902019219
Babbette Mae Kunkle 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1235342254
Christine Laura Banks 98065, WAPhysical Therapy1134333586
Marca Elaine Ouida 98050, WAPhysical Therapy1669686648
Tiari Gardner Degraw 98003, WAPhysical Therapy1003021569
Bonnie Lynn Smith 98902, WAPhysical Therapy1619183233
Lynda Schwen 98250, WAPhysical Therapy1750597217
Lawrence Edward Llewellyn 75201, WAPhysical Therapy1427264357
Kbc Intrepid Enterprises Inc 98109, WAPhysical Therapy1932316346
Maria Teresa Williams 98406, WAPhysical Therapy1043427149


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