Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lindsey Lund 53805, WIPhysical Therapy1881141612
Carlie Marie Burns 54914, WIPhysical Therapy1568934867
Advanced Physical Therapy, Llc 82331, WIPhysical Therapy1972780187
Beverly Antoinette Luckett-torrence 53208, WIPhysical Therapy1689849556
Bridget C Boy 53081, WIPhysical Therapy1013189745
Jaclyn L Dodd 54115, WIPhysical Therapy1427225721
Rachel Rassbach 54013, WIPhysical Therapy1912144635
Amie Anna Lee Greely 54946, WIPhysical Therapy1134400401
Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Llc 53916, WIPhysical Therapy1922363555
Deena Marie Huss 54911, WIPhysical Therapy1497260749
Heidi Louisa Gillis 54165, WIPhysical Therapy1841701893
Cassie Wisconsin Welch 53227, WIPhysical Therapy1538673710
Michael Philippi 54902, WIPhysical Therapy1043724925
Jacey Leann Janz Vernoski 54806, WIPhysical Therapy1093058505
Deena Kingery Fleener 53546, WIPhysical Therapy1316431356
Maggie Roseann Rottinghaus 54501, WIPhysical Therapy1225489495
Bradley Thomas Ilk 53213, WIPhysical Therapy1124507165
Mary Ann Schroeder 54929, WIPhysical Therapy1598249013
Erika Goldschen 78724, WIPhysical Therapy1902348238
Michelle Halverson 54616, WIPhysical Therapy1588909816
Bonnie Murphy 53227, WIPhysical Therapy1437362613
Michelle Odegard 54452, WIPhysical Therapy1467759886
Sarah A Minten 54935, WIPhysical Therapy1861538241
Staci Christine Polishinski 54935, WIPhysical Therapy1134297070
Up Rehab Services Llc 49802, WIPhysical Therapy1821148529
Andrew Jend 53704, WIPhysical Therapy1659922656
Lauren Knobloch 53406, WIPhysical Therapy1821639550
Lacey Buchholtz 54722, WIPhysical Therapy1043618580
Kali Frantz 53105, WIPhysical Therapy1205294311
Roxanne Marie Cruciani 55117, WIPhysical Therapy1871958827
Christine Lee 54650, WIPhysical Therapy1497353650
Integrated Physical Therapy, Llc 53717, WIPhysical Therapy1295923308
Mercy Health System Corporation 53548, WIPhysical Therapy1093768962
Anna Dricken 53045, WIPhysical Therapy1326642661
Sarah Durica 54935, WIPhysical Therapy1235726001
Jennifer S Bartlett 54751, WIPhysical Therapy1225051022
Julia Morgan Sucharski 54220, WIPhysical Therapy1316591555
Amid Joab Escobar 53221, WIPhysical Therapy1831771054
Dan Zia 53718, WIPhysical Therapy1225537848
Diana Lynn Wojtowicz 61104, WIPhysical Therapy1154999795
Melissa Edge 53533, WIPhysical Therapy1588234165
Brandon Schaenzer 54115, WIPhysical Therapy1134791148
Mariah Anne Langfield 53214, WIPhysical Therapy1255904181
Deidre M Buckingham 53704, WIPhysical Therapy1164582771
Vita Physical Therapy Sc 53202, WIPhysical Therapy1255386454
Zachary Koba 53226, WIPhysical Therapy1891368270
Derek Nystrom 54701, WIPhysical Therapy1801397187
Jenna Mae Goebel 54701, WIPhysical Therapy1396860409
Rebecca Kerby 54601, WIPhysical Therapy1164918652
Shannon Andrews 54915, WIPhysical Therapy1184040982
Veronica Susette Wry 55987, WIPhysical Therapy1336201409
Adapt Physical Therapy & Fitness Llc 54656, WIPhysical Therapy1497485791
Lynette Timmers 54403, WIPhysical Therapy1659652030
Rehabclinics Galaxy Inc 53220, WIPhysical Therapy1447250006
Mcdonough Orthopaedic And Sports Medicine Center Sc 54494, WIPhysical Therapy1750374575
Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Sc 54913, WIPhysical Therapy1407857790
Fox Valley Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic, Inc. 54904, WIPhysical Therapy1497733513
Methodist Manor Health Center, Inc. 53227, WIPhysical Therapy1538136254
Methodist Manor Health Center Inc. 53223, WIPhysical Therapy1235106576
Pro Fitness & Rehab, Sc 53092, WIPhysical Therapy1962450676
Kerk Physical Therapy Specialists Sc 53202, WIPhysical Therapy1881643005
Kerk Physical Therapy Specialists Sc 53072, WIPhysical Therapy1275582496
Gl Rehabilitation Services Ltd 53536, WIPhysical Therapy1205880879
Cornerstone Physical Therapy 54729, WIPhysical Therapy1962468827
Allina Health System 54022, WIPhysical Therapy1285691725
Preferred Rehabilitation And Orthopedic Care Center S.c. 53220, WIPhysical Therapy1043255409
St. Croix Regional Medical Center 54024, WIPhysical Therapy1043240922
Spinal Dynamics Of Wisconsin, Sc 53222, WIPhysical Therapy1598709784
Symmetry Pain & Wellness Center Llc 53154, WIPhysical Therapy1972537223
West Bend Clinic, Inc. 53095, WIPhysical Therapy1043220692
Robert Runge Dba Excel Physical Therapy 54902, WIPhysical Therapy1689685059
Diagnostic & Treatment Center, Llc 54476, WIPhysical Therapy1023031366
Sport & Spine Clinic Of Fort Atkinson Limited Partnership 53094, WIPhysical Therapy1962516336
Back In Motion Physical Therapy 53558, WIPhysical Therapy1295744894
Sport & Spine Clinic Of Fort Atkinson Limited Partnership 53538, WIPhysical Therapy1578676094
Country Kids Inc. 54115, WIPhysical Therapy1497851265
Sport & Spine Clinic Of Fort Atkinson Limited Partnership 53549, WIPhysical Therapy1982780813
Sport & Spine Clinic Of Fort Atkinson Limited Partnership 53705, WIPhysical Therapy1851477780
Stratford Therapy Services, Inc. 54484, WIPhysical Therapy1992875942
Diagnostic & Treatment Center, Llc 54476, WIPhysical Therapy1841398591
Northwoods Sport & Hand, Inc 54720, WIPhysical Therapy1609966407
Valley bay Therapy Inc. 54911, WIPhysical Therapy1720138514
Post Rehabilitation, Inc. 53140, WIPhysical Therapy1992857387
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 54220, WIPhysical Therapy1891849790
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 54241, WIPhysical Therapy1447398425
Occupational Heath Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53151, WIPhysical Therapy1881772002
Northwoods Sport & Hand, Inc. 54729, WIPhysical Therapy1174679864
Bauer Physical Therapy Llc 54935, WIPhysical Therapy1437271012
Wayne A Johansen 53913, WIPhysical Therapy1356564520
P.t. First, Inc. 53214, WIPhysical Therapy1760607113
Jeanne H. Mather 54568, WIPhysical Therapy1770798274
Milan Grbic, Pt Llc 53208, WIPhysical Therapy1699978254
Promotion Fitness & Physical Therapy, Llc 53719, WIPhysical Therapy1083814404
Weiker Physical Therapy, Llc 53597, WIPhysical Therapy1235321308
Advanced Back And Neck Care Inc 54403, WIPhysical Therapy1164617270
Xcel Physical Therapy, Inc. 53549, WIPhysical Therapy1053508978
Focus Physical Therapy Llc 53073, WIPhysical Therapy1871781682
Sport & Spine Clinic Of Fort Atkinson Limited Partnership 53534, WIPhysical Therapy1184812612
Maria Zanoni Physical Therapy Inc 53122, WIPhysical Therapy1558550152
Andresource, Llc 54304, WIPhysical Therapy1700068590
Arc Therapy Services Llc 53719, WIPhysical Therapy1316121601
Body In Balance Physical Therapy, Llc 53029, WIPhysical Therapy1982880498
Physiotherapy Associates Inc 54476, WIPhysical Therapy1891964102
Foundation Physical Therapy Llc 53221, WIPhysical Therapy1598935967
The Physical Therapy Center, Sc 54853, WIPhysical Therapy1508037268
Memorial Hospital Of Lafayette County 53530, WIPhysical Therapy1407022841
J T School District 2 54491, WIPhysical Therapy1467629907
Wheaton Franciscan Rehabilitation Services 53214, WIPhysical Therapy1386802825
Murison Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation, Llc 53191, WIPhysical Therapy1841686110
Tri motion Rehab Llc 53018, WIPhysical Therapy1487871430
Mercy Medical Center Of Oshkosh, Inc 54904, WIPhysical Therapy1043438492
Ampt Advanced Manual Physical Therapy Specialty Pt Clinics, Inc. 53713, WIPhysical Therapy1407977002
Priority Physical Therapy, Inc. 54401, WIPhysical Therapy1366653412
Helm Therapy Services, Llc 53191, WIPhysical Therapy1518113828
Dunlop Rehab Staffing, Inc. 54915, WIPhysical Therapy1912155664
A Step Ahead Physical Therapy Services 53207, WIPhysical Therapy1750530812
Mondovi Physical Therapy,llc 54755, WIPhysical Therapy1922250539
Wellness Physical Therapy, Llc 53546, WIPhysical Therapy1962649871
Excel Physical Therapy Llc 54902, WIPhysical Therapy1295972024
Roberts And Associates Physical Therapy 54494, WIPhysical Therapy1538300306
Align Therapy,llc 54843, WIPhysical Therapy1891921334
Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Inc 54476, WIPhysical Therapy1609004142
Lakeland Physical Therapy L.l.c. 54732, WIPhysical Therapy1639492085
Spectrum Physical Therapy Llc 54501, WIPhysical Therapy1497079131
Ct Fitness And Rehabilitation Llc 53572, WIPhysical Therapy1972820801
John T. Dembowiak, Lpt, S.c. 53406, WIPhysical Therapy1639472756
Whyoga Inc 53122, WIPhysical Therapy1063718476
Murphy And Associates Physical Therapy, Llc 54956, WIPhysical Therapy1346547726
Hwpt 53045, WIPhysical Therapy1578853990
Gateway Therapies, Llc 53213, WIPhysical Therapy1205127065
West Bend Physical Therapy, Llc 53095, WIPhysical Therapy1497046254
Wilson Physical Therapy S.c. 54806, WIPhysical Therapy1487933180
Head To Toe Physical Therapy 53406, WIPhysical Therapy1265717490
Ozaukee Cranial Clinic, Llc 53092, WIPhysical Therapy1093089161
Integra Physical Therapy,sc 53217, WIPhysical Therapy1417221433
Ptworks Llc 53948, WIPhysical Therapy1114169943
Journey Physical Therapy Llc 53214, WIPhysical Therapy1700146230
Lakeshore Medical Clinic 53220, WIPhysical Therapy1861754244
Align Physical Therapy ,llc 54843, WIPhysical Therapy1043573991
Ohnstad Therapy Services, Llc 54840, WIPhysical Therapy1265789127
Mj Care Inc. 54660, WIPhysical Therapy1346599727
Be Well Therapeutic Massage, Llc 53210, WIPhysical Therapy1548511975
Bay Area Medical Center 54143, WIPhysical Therapy1770834897
Rose Hebar Physical Therapist, Llc 53149, WIPhysical Therapy1285971259
Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy Llc 53226, WIPhysical Therapy1376883835
Renew Physical Therapy, Inc 54303, WIPhysical Therapy1639410434
Advance Physical Therapy And Sports Rehab, Llc 53916, WIPhysical Therapy1780022525
Fusion Physical Therapy And Wellness 53012, WIPhysical Therapy1700217205
Therapeutic Healing, Llc 53149, WIPhysical Therapy1952724304
Ms. Elle Huck, Pta 53142, WIPhysical Therapy1245650837
Sacred Heart Saint Mary's Hospital 54501, WIPhysical Therapy1730592221
New Life Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine 53901, WIPhysical Therapy1033522354
Wsi Healthcare 54650, WIPhysical Therapy1346657830
Lindsey Kerk Physical Therapy Services, Llc 53713, WIPhysical Therapy1619370483
Allina Health 54022, WIPhysical Therapy1699165050
Milwaukee Sports Therapy 53132, WIPhysical Therapy1871985226
Pike Creek Enterprises, Llc 53105, WIPhysical Therapy1558758573
Franklin Rehabilitation Inc. 53132, WIPhysical Therapy1669851168
Weber Physical Therapy, Llc 53122, WIPhysical Therapy1386011682
Gw Medical Staffing 53222, WIPhysical Therapy1073985156
Occupational Health Centers Of Southwest Pa. 53704, WIPhysical Therapy1720111834
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53005, WIPhysical Therapy1912085119
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest Pa 53717, WIPhysical Therapy1639202740
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53207, WIPhysical Therapy1952489189
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53208, WIPhysical Therapy1013096635
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53224, WIPhysical Therapy1902985542
Occupational Health Centers Of The Southwest, P.a. 53406, WIPhysical Therapy1366520504
University Of Wisconsin Hospital And Clinics 53792, WIPhysical Therapy1568894350
Around The Joint Physical Therapy, Llc 53018, WIPhysical Therapy1871941567
Vesta Therapy & Consulting, Llc 53213, WIPhysical Therapy1043433865
East Meets West Therapeutics Sc 53092, WIPhysical Therapy1114379310
Ssm Health Care Of Wisconsin Inc 53965, WIPhysical Therapy1730637240
Mindful Matters Wellness, Llc 53202, WIPhysical Therapy1578015889
Optimum Therapies Of North Dakota, Inc 58503, WIPhysical Therapy1679010953
Nissenbaum And Schleusner Pro Physical Therapy Llc 53528, WIPhysical Therapy1821542853
Occupational Heath Centers Of The Southwest Pa 53224, WIPhysical Therapy1255834800
Occupational Heath Centers Of The Southwest Pa 53132, WIPhysical Therapy1609379262
Occupational Heath Centers Of The Southwest Pa 53151, WIPhysical Therapy1881197010
Back To Wellness Physical Therapy Sc 53095, WIPhysical Therapy1861929622
Mobile Occupational Health And Wellness Urgent Care Solutions 53129, WIPhysical Therapy1497282255
Hudson Hospital, Inc. 54016, WIPhysical Therapy1689102790
Deliver Therapy And Rehabilitation, Llc 53719, WIPhysical Therapy1033630199
Balance Within, Llc 53018, WIPhysical Therapy1063936870
Simply Rehab Physical Therapy Services, Llc 53575, WIPhysical Therapy1104334283
Kinetic Sports Medicine And Performance Llc 53214, WIPhysical Therapy1083101117
Northern Door Physical Therapy & Wellness Llc 54234, WIPhysical Therapy1912496019
Nissenbaum And Schleusner Pro Physical Therapy Llc 53562, WIPhysical Therapy1558861302
Geromove Llc 53202, WIPhysical Therapy1851899470
Summit Wellness, Inc. 53212, WIPhysical Therapy1861979445
Katie Andrew Physical Therapy 53018, WIPhysical Therapy1699240978
Hometown Superior Therapy Llc 54856, WIPhysical Therapy1922575976
Genoa City Fyzical, Llc 53128, WIPhysical Therapy1588132260
Rae Holdings, Ltd 53226, WIPhysical Therapy1922574417
Prime Training, Llc 53190, WIPhysical Therapy1750846895
Achieve Physical Therapy 53151, WIPhysical Therapy1811487077
Elevate Physical Therapy 53226, WIPhysical Therapy1841721388
Cameo Nursing Home, Llc 53221, WIPhysical Therapy1912565771
Aj Operations, Llc 53511, WIPhysical Therapy1699333468
Sbr Therapy And Wellness, Llc 53012, WIPhysical Therapy1336651355
Cornerstone Physical Therapy, Llc 54729, WIPhysical Therapy1346894656


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