Providers with Taxonomy: Physical Therapy in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physical Therapy
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Arron Hensley 25832, WVPhysical Therapy1548746415
Jared Roy Blankenship 45619, WVPhysical Therapy1447337969
Dwayne Shillingburg 26501, WVPhysical Therapy1255826608
Alison Nicole Mccutcheon 28115, WVPhysical Therapy1750559647
Affiliated Physical Therapy Services Inc 26301, WVPhysical Therapy1114929304
Heather D Bess 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1326031972
Jeffery K Bailey 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1578556122
Angela M Littreal 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1558354001
Gwen Alice Barnes 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1467431056
Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1538123005
Amanda Leigh Miller 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1184672180
Amber L Cantley 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1194777417
Megan Pauley 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1407808462
Performance Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation 25832, WVPhysical Therapy1457716359
Bolivar harpers Ferry Physical Therapy 25425, WVPhysical Therapy1093741837
Beverly Brown 25951, WVPhysical Therapy1669845863
Kristin S Feathers 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1043231665
Susan L Hartzell 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1962424499
Billy Wayne Vandyke 25661, WVPhysical Therapy1659382786
Summit Physical Therapy Inc 26062, WVPhysical Therapy1912918079
Julie R Lattanzi 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1538272588
Kimberly Joan Nicholson 26452, WVPhysical Therapy1669587754
Brigetta Ann Fisher 26452, WVPhysical Therapy1871608877
Karen Lee Landes 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1578679072
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26150, WVPhysical Therapy1255347571
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1487668794
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26346, WVPhysical Therapy1164438487
Monongahela Valley Association Of Health Centers Inc 26555, WVPhysical Therapy1538262597
Lee Ann Coffield 26452, WVPhysical Therapy1740384445
Penny Lou Freeman 25701, WVPhysical Therapy1881771319
Lisa Dawn Cameron 26506, WVPhysical Therapy1619047669
Shirley Valentine 26506, WVPhysical Therapy1437229481
John Shaffer 26506, WVPhysical Therapy1255401295
Praxis Corporation 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1467532598
Megan L Cobb 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1487721593
Mindy S Mullens 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1255409918
Katherine Amber Snodgrass 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1447328273
Robin Mcgrew 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1962561407
Brian S Pierce 26003, WVPhysical Therapy1104989821
Richard E Riedel 26003, WVPhysical Therapy1871656595
Jeff Vincent 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1962555474
Jessica Kelley 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1063565562
Alisha Hayes 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1467505966
Amy Carter 26150, WVPhysical Therapy1902959356
Shannon Mccullough 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1922151430
Jodie Guthrie 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1952454555
Melody Vaught 26150, WVPhysical Therapy1912050386
Tammy Lynn Shuman 26003, WVPhysical Therapy1164576989
Kristen Hatfield 25705, WVPhysical Therapy1255478285
Eric D Mcglone 25703, WVPhysical Therapy1891837019
Jason S Zeigler 25703, WVPhysical Therapy1558403766
Richard E Stocker 25703, WVPhysical Therapy1235271446
Janis Seeley 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1871628677
Kristi Shaver 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1629103056
Julie Ferguson 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1063547305
Shawtay Day 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1194850537
Sara Smith 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1225163652
Penny Valley 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1346376399
Kara Brown 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1609905249
Malissa Perry 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1942339502
Ferdinand P Sorongon 25064, WVPhysical Therapy1790817104
Kelly Marie Yost 26354, WVPhysical Therapy1851424907
Karen Ann Smith 26330, WVPhysical Therapy1609900877
Jacqueline J Ross 26719, WVPhysical Therapy1003940297
Heidi Lynn Kuhn 26037, WVPhysical Therapy1134243124
Lynne Marie Penkunas 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1053435875
Andrea Danielle Pittman 26175, WVPhysical Therapy1245354836
Joseph Price Ruggieri 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1497879787
Brittany Danielle Dennison 26836, WVPhysical Therapy1033234034
Kristie Lynn Morris 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1942325063
Lori Ann Clark 25812, WVPhysical Therapy1437274982
Jerri Rothrock 26508, WVPhysical Therapy1841315876
James Allen Mcdougal 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1649395633
Kimberly Robin Groves 24986, WVPhysical Therapy1649395278
Steven Allen Brooks 25570, WVPhysical Therapy1275659583
Colleen Louise Vankirk 26037, WVPhysical Therapy1417073859
Sarah Elizabeth Crowder 25315, WVPhysical Therapy1093831406
Denise Michelle Spaulding 25855, WVPhysical Therapy1285750406
Sherrie Lee Federer 25504, WVPhysical Therapy1134245418
Tracy Lynn Brady 26426, WVPhysical Therapy1427173913
Christina Lynn Mcguire 25855, WVPhysical Therapy1598881724
Amy Jo Paff 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1578689998
Amanda Lee Payne 26164, WVPhysical Therapy1235255100
Joshua Lee Taylor 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1700902475
Kent J Perry 25703, WVPhysical Therapy1437275278
Charles Burl Hall 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1871619569
Jeanne T Wittmann 26757, WVPhysical Therapy1316063852
Corry Lynn Miller 25414, WVPhysical Therapy1013034107
Jeanette Gail Starkey 25276, WVPhysical Therapy1003933052
Stephanie Jane Full 25320, WVPhysical Therapy1952428799
Terry Dawn Anderson 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1902923659
Andrea Nichole Berkenbaugh 25701, WVPhysical Therapy1134247372
Mountain River Physical Therapy, Llc 26101, WVPhysical Therapy1689100828
Mainstream Physical Therapy Llc 26062, WVPhysical Therapy1669545687
Eddie White 25701, WVPhysical Therapy1295854867
Shelli Marie Martin 25526, WVPhysical Therapy1659490233
Bryan Joseph Patterson 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1073632352
Kevin Bibb 25901, WVPhysical Therapy1255450011
Travis Senn 26719, WVPhysical Therapy1659490688
Deborah Stevenson 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1053431775
Sandra Morgan 25832, WVPhysical Therapy1538289160
Physical Therapy Providers Pllc 26164, WVPhysical Therapy1013039965
Tina Marie Clemmons 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1538281936
Raymond Lee Plumley 24986, WVPhysical Therapy1386867307
Sara Marie Nixon 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1972726065
Emily Mccoy 26164, WVPhysical Therapy1780809095
Nikki Delong 26037, WVPhysical Therapy1558586651
Katherine Ann Frush 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1881819456
Christi Anne Captain 25701, WVPhysical Therapy1003038035
Patricia Jane Jenni 33626, WVPhysical Therapy1568674190
Monongalia Physical Therapy Services, Ltd. 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1871706259
Courtney Joanne Pavlovich 29732, WVPhysical Therapy1417162777
David Jon Hamric 26537, WVPhysical Therapy1376758755
Cheryl A. Holland 45769, WVPhysical Therapy1821293531
Amber Ruth Cutlip 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1518163880
Bobbi Lynn Jordan 45631, WVPhysical Therapy1730385774
Natalie Lynn Schultz 25705, WVPhysical Therapy1790982619
Montaque Ann Anderson 25705, WVPhysical Therapy1053518977
Donna Kay Bishop 24740, WVPhysical Therapy1144420654
Debora Lyons 25320, WVPhysical Therapy1851582225
Fluid Motion Physcial Therapy,inc 25309, WVPhysical Therapy1053504266
Tammy Clark Snyder 25320, WVPhysical Therapy1386833002
Nicholas Edward Shreve 15401, WVPhysical Therapy1306026687
Stacy Ryan Lucas 25309, WVPhysical Therapy1386824944
Stacy C Mullins 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1487836375
John Thomas Giovengo 26031, WVPhysical Therapy1669659124
Courtney Lynn Donaldson 01810, WVPhysical Therapy1881862910
Jennifer Garlits 26537, WVPhysical Therapy1427227503
Sheena Lynn Willams 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1114196839
James Carl Gwinn 25832, WVPhysical Therapy1679742233
King Physical Therapy, Inc. 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1871764209
Therapy Works, Llc 26537, WVPhysical Therapy1891966511
Alicia Marie Whiteman 26452, WVPhysical Therapy1417129552
Clark Physical Therapy Services, Llc 26241, WVPhysical Therapy1780843730
Pure Performance Sportscare And Rehabilitation 25443, WVPhysical Therapy1912168816
Kyla Ann Burke 41553, WVPhysical Therapy1740443787
Charles William Fellers 25414, WVPhysical Therapy1053782227
Professional Medical Rehabilitation Inc. 26501, WVPhysical Therapy1346434867
Praxis Corporation 24874, WVPhysical Therapy1669594719
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26105, WVPhysical Therapy1740494814
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26070, WVPhysical Therapy1326243890
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26155, WVPhysical Therapy1710182274
Mountain River Physical Therapy Llc 26003, WVPhysical Therapy1760659478
Chiropractic Care Center Of Morgantown, Inc. 26508, WVPhysical Therapy1801078142
Karyn Ellen Carpenter 45750, WVPhysical Therapy1316131543
Megan Sullivan 25425, WVPhysical Therapy1083196406
Sara Allen 21701, WVPhysical Therapy1366908709
Hampshire Memorial Hospital, Inc. 26757, WVPhysical Therapy1104035328
Michael S Curley 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1215193560
Nicole Lynn Ramsey 25854, WVPhysical Therapy1760639629
Talicia Jane White 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1164668976
Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. 25177, WVPhysical Therapy1861632705
Healing Touch Massage Therapy, Inc. 25661, WVPhysical Therapy1285877241
Kyle Richard Mees 25320, WVPhysical Therapy1730322355
Larry Eugene Smith 25530, WVPhysical Therapy1215171475
Barbara A. Lemaster 25302, WVPhysical Therapy1194950287
Michael Ray Osborne 24986, WVPhysical Therapy1831324797
Bart Elkins 25315, WVPhysical Therapy1013142579
Michael Heath Swiger 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1548495062
Christy Lynn Aliff 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1184850497
Gary Drew Gemlich 26508, WVPhysical Therapy1750517900
Mary Ann Davis 26301, WVPhysical Therapy1023247392
Brandy Dawn Higgins 25276, WVPhysical Therapy1255561684
Cortney Danyel Mccoy 24986, WVPhysical Therapy1588895098
Amber Jane Potasnik 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1487885448
Sunni Marie Danielson 26175, WVPhysical Therapy1972736809
Virginia Leann Starkey 25535, WVPhysical Therapy1821221110
Johnny Ryan Sweeney 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1558696450
Justin M Williams 26508, WVPhysical Therapy1356672802
Chad Raymond Brown 25320, WVPhysical Therapy1619299476
Renew Physical Therapy Inc 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1679896831
Kathryn Cox 25832, WVPhysical Therapy1174848717
David Brian Dixon 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1861717498
Jared Willard Mcgraw 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1588980197
Hectors Physical Therapy Clinic Llc 25701, WVPhysical Therapy1568788149
Denise Juan 25703, WVPhysical Therapy1669798617
Michelle Lynne Christmas 26301, WVPhysical Therapy1457677411
Andrew Steven Leonhart 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1285951277
Sarah J. Ward 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1316265945
Gobel E Mattingly 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1013235548
Leah Marie Lambka 26753, WVPhysical Therapy1124347463
Matthew Charles Reesman 26330, WVPhysical Therapy1831418979
1teresa Lynn Hill 26330, WVPhysical Therapy1992025373
Jennifer Dell Pettus 26330, WVPhysical Therapy1366762791
Ashley Renee Browning 25601, WVPhysical Therapy1891016671
Jesseca Lynn Full 25276, WVPhysical Therapy1154634889
Effleurage Massage Plcc 26505, WVPhysical Therapy1306150891
Felton Family Therapy Services, Llc 26280, WVPhysical Therapy1336453356
Dorothea Keating 25438, WVPhysical Therapy1376851238
Nicole Mccutchan 68130, WVPhysical Therapy1326348145
Tina Marie Lilly 26651, WVPhysical Therapy1043510308
Joseph David Lippoli 24986, WVPhysical Therapy1043512536
William Miller 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1063717510
Karan Elizabeth Neal 25311, WVPhysical Therapy1073819439
Sherri Daniel 32119, WVPhysical Therapy1003114117
Michael Ryan Gibson 25801, WVPhysical Therapy1952697781
Stacie Ireen Beyer 25401, WVPhysical Therapy1093096752
Misti Elizabeth Valentine 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1477835734
Megan Brooke Pethtel 26554, WVPhysical Therapy1861774127
Dakari Williams 25443, WVPhysical Therapy1013290741


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Q: What is a NPI number?
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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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