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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1437399482
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1639309735
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1306108584
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1558625871
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1235302134
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1427591635
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1568905800
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1760627764
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1689615148
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1427009638
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1548279433
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1801058631
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1205958956
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1679742480
Mercy Medical Services Physician Assistant1902840671
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1538623525
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1699727495
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1548433436
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1346425147
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1588967707
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1689707655
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1003061243
Hawarden Regional Healthcare Physician Assistant1487289955
Summa Physicians Inc Physician Assistant1699114801
Aaron Bradley Wickham OHPhysician Assistant1336545995
Abby L Barr OHPhysician Assistant1710263348
Adam Wickham OHPhysician Assistant1649741026
Alexa Christine Mikulski OHPhysician Assistant1053889907
Alexandra Haverchak OHPhysician Assistant1457826935
Alexandra Rodriguez OHPhysician Assistant1144755265
Alexis Brianne Judd OHPhysician Assistant1790233088
Alison Biro OHPhysician Assistant1790330983
Allison Orf OHPhysician Assistant1700328358
Allison A Santho OHPhysician Assistant1174071294
Amber Lynn Cundra OHPhysician Assistant1366937765
Amy Cogan OHPhysician Assistant1083147102
Anastacia Blair Shaffer OHPhysician Assistant1245743954
Andrea Lynn Hobson OHPhysician Assistant1992281810
Andrew Tkacik OHPhysician Assistant1154963387
Angela Nicole Cox OHPhysician Assistant1982053708
Angela Suzanne Moss OHPhysician Assistant1629588140
Angela Paridon PAPhysician Assistant1992238117
Angela Poblocki Physician Assistant1982133294
Anna Marie Sesek OHPhysician Assistant1831385970
Ashley Carmen Heins Physician Assistant1750865630
Ashley Marie Valentine OHPhysician Assistant1740455757
Audrey Hoffmann OHPhysician Assistant1053885624
Austin Farroni OHPhysician Assistant1972022341
Baylee Marie Burns OHPhysician Assistant1659980431
Brittany Ellis OHPhysician Assistant1528588902
Brittany Hovanec Physician Assistant1265968341
Brittany Johnson OHPhysician Assistant1013422377
Brittany Yaniglos OHPhysician Assistant1184907487
Caleigh M Pickett OHPhysician Assistant1104120237
Calvin P Davis OHPhysician Assistant1689628505
Cameron Hord OHPhysician Assistant1962921643
Cara Jeanine Longworth OHPhysician Assistant1598284978
Carrie Carissa Akin NYPhysician Assistant1427525542
Casey Alan Hudak OHPhysician Assistant1841661816
Chance William Mitan OHPhysician Assistant1396255766
Christopher Alto OHPhysician Assistant1275043614
Christopher J Walker OHPhysician Assistant1457330391
Christy A. Mackay OHPhysician Assistant1033355326
Clarence Murray Shilling OHPhysician Assistant1093714677
Colin Bilski Physician Assistant1992217475
Connor Nobuyoshi Mathis OHPhysician Assistant1558880922
Cortney Beth Bennett OHPhysician Assistant1770551509
Courtney Marie Nock OHPhysician Assistant1063864304
Daniel Florian OHPhysician Assistant1407830961
Daniel O'brien OHPhysician Assistant1427578566
Danielle Curran OHPhysician Assistant1962830315
Danielle Maloney PAPhysician Assistant1083059729
David Wayne Brown Physician Assistant1235230491
David H Williams OHPhysician Assistant1619055829
Deborah K Calderwood OHPhysician Assistant1780016493
Deena Alex Tsatiris OHPhysician Assistant1649510603
Diane M Kovachik OHPhysician Assistant1346388386
Diane Rose Szalkowski OHPhysician Assistant1881653491
Dominique Mapel OHPhysician Assistant1073963724
Eleanor A Rusinek Physician Assistant1548342363
Elliott Clark OHPhysician Assistant1386152049
Emily Kasminsky OHPhysician Assistant1861930844
Eric William Krolik Physician Assistant1033638697
Erica Lynn Gerstenmaier OHPhysician Assistant1588822639
Faith Anyango Richard OHPhysician Assistant1053846071
Francesca Carra Physician Assistant1851876502
Gabrielle Lynn Cvengros Physician Assistant1194332569
Gregory C Padrutt OHPhysician Assistant1194976134
Gregory Rechner Physician Assistant1669989372
Gregory D. Washington OHPhysician Assistant1477594554
Hannah Rose Laslo OHPhysician Assistant1104430057
Harley Elizabeth King OHPhysician Assistant1851875785
Heather L Friedt Physician Assistant1740354695
Holly Nicole Zeller OHPhysician Assistant1821280181
Iris Alisa Javersak OHPhysician Assistant1417508151
Jacob Philip Sisko OHPhysician Assistant1215181326
James A Sabetta OHPhysician Assistant1972584605
James Schalmo Physician Assistant1760891501
Jami May King OHPhysician Assistant1477888378
Jamie Lynn Jordan OHPhysician Assistant1124270525
Janet Schwan OHPhysician Assistant1447299615
Janet Louise Smith OHPhysician Assistant1275702409
Jared Judson Physician Assistant1184242893
Jared R. Pennington OHPhysician Assistant1346205697
Jennifer M Barone OHPhysician Assistant1952686982
Jennifer M Muscarella NYPhysician Assistant1376511295
Jennifer Jo Portmann OHPhysician Assistant1417124314
Jennifer A Theis OHPhysician Assistant1972568046
Jessica Koberling OHPhysician Assistant1174808240
Joseph L Globokar OHPhysician Assistant1417279076
Joshua Joseph Lyle OHPhysician Assistant1659700383
Julie A Howell OHPhysician Assistant1801070552
Julie A Kotowski OHPhysician Assistant1689855793
Kaitlyn Varian OHPhysician Assistant1386283083
Kara Michelle Kline OHPhysician Assistant1124208624
Karen Marie Kresevic OHPhysician Assistant1881656569
Karli L Sturgill OHPhysician Assistant1174019400
Katelyn Adler OHPhysician Assistant1093263451
Kathryn Elizabeth Fuller OHPhysician Assistant1538729280
Kelly Danielle Bystricky OHPhysician Assistant1487071924
Kelly Lynn Wiseman OHPhysician Assistant1497143143
Kelly L Wright Physician Assistant1710959317
Kelsey Anne Njus OHPhysician Assistant1972023950
Kelsey Jolene Tasker OHPhysician Assistant1780133587
Kerry D. Briggs OHPhysician Assistant1811942196
Kodi Veale OHPhysician Assistant1023434552
Kristen Leigh Breedlove OHPhysician Assistant1144480112
Kristen Elizabeth Rudroff NYPhysician Assistant1770936874
Kristin Anne Krise OHPhysician Assistant1932634854
Kristina Ehrich Physician Assistant1932750288
Kyle Adam Maxey Physician Assistant1457868754
Lara Renee Young OHPhysician Assistant1023358751
Laura E Schemm WIPhysician Assistant1073996997
Lauren Asman OHPhysician Assistant1952934358
Lauren Parsons AZPhysician Assistant1326418278
Lauren Redd OHPhysician Assistant1194242735
Linda M Davis OHPhysician Assistant1275795064
Lyndsey Walker OHPhysician Assistant1598130684
Madalina Ghimbasan OHPhysician Assistant1629582614
Madison Nicole Sheppard OHPhysician Assistant1588270524
Mallory Zupke OHPhysician Assistant1316560196
Margaret S Sfiligoj OHPhysician Assistant1013377043
Mary T Reilly Pelini OHPhysician Assistant1205233418
Mary Peterson OHPhysician Assistant1609427004
Maryke V Bard OHPhysician Assistant1588032908
Megan Elizabeth Brook Physician Assistant1518486760
Michele Ann Fabian Physician Assistant1215497607
Michelle M Kilbane OHPhysician Assistant1982030326
Michelle Marie Myers OHPhysician Assistant1962911032
Nancy L Kranek OHPhysician Assistant1184602435
Nancy Vickroy OHPhysician Assistant1609855923
Natalie M Mcgreal OHPhysician Assistant1386088094
Nicholas Alan Sudzina OHPhysician Assistant1437662871
Nicholas James Tuttle OHPhysician Assistant1275073793
Nichole Renee Carlton OHPhysician Assistant1669985362
Nicole D'amico OHPhysician Assistant1952769713
Nicole A Hogue OHPhysician Assistant1891075453
Nicole Lee Marino OHPhysician Assistant1972022853
Paige Hanchulak OHPhysician Assistant1437608353
Patricia L. Stierl OHPhysician Assistant1063505634
Paul R. Niles IAPhysician Assistant1932384971
Peter John Russo OHPhysician Assistant1356431456
Quinn M Repp OHPhysician Assistant1801308531
Rachel Retherford Physician Assistant1669017117
Rachel Lee Slabaugh OHPhysician Assistant1326290719
Rebecca L. Wolfe OHPhysician Assistant1922288778
Rita Roantree Foley OHPhysician Assistant1366558520
Robert S Davis OHPhysician Assistant1578643599
Robert W Watson IAPhysician Assistant1558324996
Robin M Williams OHPhysician Assistant1962568816
Russell A Mounts OHPhysician Assistant1790865749
Sabrina Barros OHPhysician Assistant1083041511
Samantha E. Emerson OHPhysician Assistant1336634336
Samuel C Donnelly Physician Assistant1285043356
Sarah K Boyer NYPhysician Assistant1902363062
Shawnelle Marie Contini OHPhysician Assistant1396072880
Shaya Noel Lefebvre Physician Assistant1457870883
Stacey Lynn Keller OHPhysician Assistant1831441831
Stephanie Kristen Sheppard Physician Assistant1427569326
Stephanie J Whitling OHPhysician Assistant1538269105
Tara Marie O'toole OHPhysician Assistant1396269312
Taylor Campbell OHPhysician Assistant1164952735
Taylor Moore OHPhysician Assistant1073163085
Terri Lynn Vaccarelli PAPhysician Assistant1740528223
Tiffany Lynn Deering COPhysician Assistant1255511408
Tiffany M. Fisher OHPhysician Assistant1578585956
Tyler Shearer OHPhysician Assistant1699247452
Valerie Senko OHPhysician Assistant1255580817
William Blake Mitchell Physician Assistant1033613989
Yevgeniya Gurevich OHPhysician Assistant1184896391
Andrea M Grill ALPhysician Assistant1962546218
April M Beckham ALPhysician Assistant1629398854
Christeen David ALPhysician Assistant1750868683
Glennis Dale Smith ALPhysician Assistant1023337037
Jessica Leigh Massey ALPhysician Assistant1265677165
Kimberly Ann Moon ALPhysician Assistant1194892273
Margaret Pauline Connolly ALPhysician Assistant1396378048
Matthew Young Johnson ALPhysician Assistant1801931001
Melanie Atkinson Sollenberger ALPhysician Assistant1184078727
Randall Lee Nord ALPhysician Assistant1326195173


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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