Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Luis G Rodas 33308, FLPhysician Assistant1609879360
Brenda Hoy 33756, FLPhysician Assistant1538162292
Patricia Murtha 34224, FLPhysician Assistant1689677494
Steven C Judge 32308, FLPhysician Assistant1285637850
Lesley Maples 32308, FLPhysician Assistant1578566121
Thomas L Cureton 32308, FLPhysician Assistant1578566154
Joel Ledford 32308, FLPhysician Assistant1164425732
Charles Morrow 32137, FLPhysician Assistant1295738987
James Franklin 39819, FLPhysician Assistant1407859077
Brian Parker 32308, FLPhysician Assistant1992708549
Dudley Alan Shaw 32137, FLPhysician Assistant1598768210
Michael Bertagnolli 32514, FLPhysician Assistant1427051010
David Butler 32137, FLPhysician Assistant1124021704
Daniel Daniels 32955, FLPhysician Assistant1134121445
Sara Jane Sengel 32940, FLPhysician Assistant1033111323
Catherine Dunton 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1841292141
Jason Kotula 32216, FLPhysician Assistant1548263882
Deven Metzger 32955, FLPhysician Assistant1154323459
Clifford Cooper 32955, FLPhysician Assistant1477555746
Dennis Ryan 32935, FLPhysician Assistant1700888989
Ranjeeta Krishnadas 33870, FLPhysician Assistant1316941354
Sherri Ann Roberts 32209, FLPhysician Assistant1124022975
Joan Ella English 32610, FLPhysician Assistant1669476347
Carlton R Mccarthy 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1205830908
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLPhysician Assistant1346244100
Noel Masters Perry 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1871597567
Paul Christopher Duff 32073, FLPhysician Assistant1821092503
James A Arreche 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1548264393
Daniel A Beck 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1780688465
William M Shimp 32086, FLPhysician Assistant1821092511
Kris H Stipe 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1770587545
Joseph David Allen 32207, FLPhysician Assistant1063416550
Bobby Blackmon 32955, FLPhysician Assistant1497759872
Peter J Riggs 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1255336574
Georgina R Crago 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1003811944
Susan R Heinrichs 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1922003839
Lakeisha L Porter 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1063417889
Tara Lynn Tingler 33613, FLPhysician Assistant1982609715
Lynn R Thibodeau 32258, FLPhysician Assistant1811992696
John Michael Tierney 32258, FLPhysician Assistant1124023445
Danny R Engle 32347, FLPhysician Assistant1326042714
Scot T Williams 32547, FLPhysician Assistant1942205190
Michelle R Miller 32403, FLPhysician Assistant1497759930
Jeffrey A Hamelin 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1841295805
Owen T Hill 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1245236710
Lisa Albero 33612, FLPhysician Assistant1013913599
Jennifer Moore 33637, FLPhysician Assistant1790781052
Charles M Shimer 33777, FLPhysician Assistant1952307167
Christopher John Carlisle 33626, FLPhysician Assistant1477559375
Jacqueline Jimenez-ramos 33470, FLPhysician Assistant1760488308
Vance Amos 32607, FLPhysician Assistant1659377331
Joseph M Merritt 33578, FLPhysician Assistant1457357949
Donna Jennifer Veloso-gomez 33176, FLPhysician Assistant1336145671
Evelyn Hernandez 33186, FLPhysician Assistant1437514247
Matthew Edward Meagher 33901, FLPhysician Assistant1730185356
Larry H. Collins 33612, FLPhysician Assistant1679579056
Carmelle Beauvais 33021, FLPhysician Assistant1750387254
Myrlene M Ismael-alleyne 33351, FLPhysician Assistant1265438196
Barry R Strohman 32217, FLPhysician Assistant1386640944
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc 32751, FLPhysician Assistant1225034234
Rachel Garcia 32607, FLPhysician Assistant1942207428
Jirayos Chintanadilok 32446, FLPhysician Assistant1568469062
Coastal Neurology, Inc. 32119, FLPhysician Assistant1457358434
William Haynie Ausmus 33770, FLPhysician Assistant1770580490
James L Cary 32405, FLPhysician Assistant1265430896
David J Ellingson 32778, FLPhysician Assistant1144228685
David Wayne Mutch 32806, FLPhysician Assistant1174521611
Katherine C. Powell 32806, FLPhysician Assistant1972501419
Wayne M Gardner 32703, FLPhysician Assistant1134127590
Philip Eugene Ward 32801, FLPhysician Assistant1942208301
Lonnie Ray Harding 33598, FLPhysician Assistant1154329290
Harley Wernon 32607, FLPhysician Assistant1922006170
Jeffrey S Fichera 32792, FLPhysician Assistant1164429346
Dennis Harkness 32778, FLPhysician Assistant1811995889
Shannon Delong 34787, FLPhysician Assistant1497752679
Duane David Wooley 32610, FLPhysician Assistant1013914472
Brian S Thompson 32607, FLPhysician Assistant1639176001
Saadatu Oluwafunmilayo Olanrewaju 32174, FLPhysician Assistant1326550252
David Wayne Runyon 34471, FLPhysician Assistant1518964238
Soledad Triana 33912, FLPhysician Assistant1306320858
Dennis George Gay 32835, FLPhysician Assistant1992704670
Kathy Ann Zimmer 33308, FLPhysician Assistant1023017704
Kurt T. Wood 32720, FLPhysician Assistant1780683359
Shawn Nicole Preston Casavant 34711, FLPhysician Assistant1952300535
Donald L Chapman 32608, FLPhysician Assistant1245239839
Jacqueline Heller Miller 34711, FLPhysician Assistant1467451062
Victoria O Miller 32092, FLPhysician Assistant1316946866
Linda L Criswell 32726, FLPhysician Assistant1194724146
Dinah Kay Craig 34209, FLPhysician Assistant1528067535
Scott Allen French 33598, FLPhysician Assistant1164421186
Genevieve Costello 33140, FLPhysician Assistant1760482632
Julie E. Sauer 32501, FLPhysician Assistant1982603866
John P Odonnell 32055, FLPhysician Assistant1891795175
Richard O Clark 32501, FLPhysician Assistant1932109105
Rebecca Cower 32501, FLPhysician Assistant1386644607
Marizol Fontanez 32806, FLPhysician Assistant1801896808
Jason B Carter 32806, FLPhysician Assistant1487654406
Katherine Elizabeth Stenberg Curry 32207, FLPhysician Assistant1962403949
Anna Rita Talerico 33180, FLPhysician Assistant1831190743
Ann Tran 33615, FLPhysician Assistant1407855430
Indrajit Verma 32177, FLPhysician Assistant1770583502
Jared P. Reiss 32792, FLPhysician Assistant1558360206
Lindsey Repass Wolf 32708, FLPhysician Assistant1306845276
Douglas Scott Baker 32501, FLPhysician Assistant1194725457
William Andrew Watson 32501, FLPhysician Assistant1033119227
Bryan Patrick Carter 32159, FLPhysician Assistant1578563599
Cynthia B Anders 33626, FLPhysician Assistant1972502714
Todd Charles Hull 32958, FLPhysician Assistant1093715674
Nabil S.h.a. Messiah 09180, FLPhysician Assistant1972502540
Janelle Marie Kalle 33511, FLPhysician Assistant1811998156
Pasquale John Defiore 33919, FLPhysician Assistant1063413458
Heather A Schwenk 34232, FLPhysician Assistant1417958794
Jennifer Simpson Ruprecht 34982, FLPhysician Assistant1770585747
Charles L Cornett 32771, FLPhysician Assistant1831191667
Nathan Clair Kindig 32512, FLPhysician Assistant1386646941
Judy R Macnichols 32720, FLPhysician Assistant1407858004
Jocelyn Carin Grenier 33065, FLPhysician Assistant1306848957
Craig Joseph Romero 32960, FLPhysician Assistant1013919513
Pablo Rodrigo Banderas 33909, FLPhysician Assistant1609868835
Jennifer Lynn Richardson 32503, FLPhysician Assistant1699767384
Randolph Barret Mahoney 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1669464236
Catherine Goshorn 34236, FLPhysician Assistant1598757163
Alejandra D Sloan 32806, FLPhysician Assistant1740272384
John A Lambert 32967, FLPhysician Assistant1669464053
David V Cary 34102, FLPhysician Assistant1538151956
Caruso Medical Center Inc 33870, FLPhysician Assistant1750374906
Karen L. Miller 32804, FLPhysician Assistant1952394991
Deborah M Williams 32256, FLPhysician Assistant1114910395
James Patrick Adair 32503, FLPhysician Assistant1265425243
Sara Hellman 33180, FLPhysician Assistant1750739827
Kristen L Dixon 32256, FLPhysician Assistant1417940701
Michael Shane Tulgetske 32205, FLPhysician Assistant1841292273
Gary F Pastizzo 33603, FLPhysician Assistant1073506614
Christina L Chambley 19152, FLPhysician Assistant1568463073
Liza A. Mozingo 34442, FLPhysician Assistant1548252232
Stephanie Altagracia Metayer 33127, FLPhysician Assistant1073049615
Stacy P Smith 32960, FLPhysician Assistant1316930886
Ellis Keith Garrett 33626, FLPhysician Assistant1639162142
Brian Keith Bonomo 34461, FLPhysician Assistant1124012596
Colin Toby Frament 33607, FLPhysician Assistant1942294293
Monte Edwards 34601, FLPhysician Assistant1205820511
George David Mccullough 32901, FLPhysician Assistant1184618233
Meridith Jill Clark 34689, FLPhysician Assistant1730173899
Lynn Ann Meyer 32901, FLPhysician Assistant1578557567
Aleksandr V Potashnik 33462, FLPhysician Assistant1144214198
Michael Andrew Johnson 32547, FLPhysician Assistant1174517627
Alfred P Heinen 33462, FLPhysician Assistant1588658165
Carol D Russell 32904, FLPhysician Assistant1336134865
Alexandra Lopez Lewis 33462, FLPhysician Assistant1194719609
Kenneth R Nystrom 32925, FLPhysician Assistant1952396418
Washington Cabezas 33462, FLPhysician Assistant1497740955
Leonard Wesley Schubring 32925, FLPhysician Assistant1134114606
Kevin M Boerner 34747, FLPhysician Assistant1457346959
Daniel H Ober 34209, FLPhysician Assistant1013902261
Thomas E Myer 32514, FLPhysician Assistant1841285079
Kevin K Carlisle 33626, FLPhysician Assistant1669467833
Leo Brazeau 34609, FLPhysician Assistant1114912938
Angela Beams 34239, FLPhysician Assistant1073508826
Catrena B Mitchell 33870, FLPhysician Assistant1194710848
Jeanna Reid Smith 34429, FLPhysician Assistant1679568356
Sheldon J Roberts 32405, FLPhysician Assistant1225024680
Tracey J Eismont 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1275529539
Robert Michael Huber 32514, FLPhysician Assistant1649266719
Whitney L. Clowney 33701, FLPhysician Assistant1023004090
Gregory Jay Darby 32607, FLPhysician Assistant1376539379
Tiffani Ondrea Mcgee 33705, FLPhysician Assistant1831185685
Maria L Fortington 32907, FLPhysician Assistant1265428288
Alicia Marie Paxson 33606, FLPhysician Assistant1366438111
Gail A Crane 34471, FLPhysician Assistant1922094978
James William Pank 33510, FLPhysician Assistant1578550216
Beatrice Joan Soto 32405, FLPhysician Assistant1366438137
Bruce Elvon Rice 33709, FLPhysician Assistant1174519805
Eve Johnson 33880, FLPhysician Assistant1417944000
Greg Cloud 32216, FLPhysician Assistant1275520876
Philip Francis Berardi 34474, FLPhysician Assistant1154318558
Patrick E Ronan 34986, FLPhysician Assistant1275520603
Anthony R Lambert 32025, FLPhysician Assistant1982691218
Susan J Maurer 33040, FLPhysician Assistant1700873890
Pamela Lee Kenyon 33176, FLPhysician Assistant1609863679
Brian A Lippman 33755, FLPhysician Assistant1942297973
Kim A Balogh 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1487641387
Stuart I Brodkin 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1134116999
Randy H Carroll 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1336136191
Jennifer Mary Broderick 33705, FLPhysician Assistant1962499723
Jose R Cabezudo 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1366439143
Dawn A Comrie 32778, FLPhysician Assistant1508853391
Thomas Kotheimer 32073, FLPhysician Assistant1235126053
Cheryl Plotkin 32204, FLPhysician Assistant1851388672
David A Gantz 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1801884572
Sam P Hargrove 32701, FLPhysician Assistant1831187459
Joseph T Keelen 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1326036989
Mitchell D Greenberg 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1487642096
John A Horn 34748, FLPhysician Assistant1285622829
Todd F Kuerbitz 32803, FLPhysician Assistant1992793400
Donald J Huggard 32132, FLPhysician Assistant1700870177
Victoria Perez 33073, FLPhysician Assistant1013905744
Heidie L Vasko 34472, FLPhysician Assistant1255328894
Christopher L Bass 31707, FLPhysician Assistant1831185057
Kevin K Bush 31707, FLPhysician Assistant1114913332
Meredith M. Miller 34202, FLPhysician Assistant1518953595


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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