Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marilyn Kay Mullane 27101, NCPhysician Assistant1821091547
Michelle Motte Valiquette 54601, NCPhysician Assistant1174523195
Lauren Susannah Payne 28305, NCPhysician Assistant1306354485
Kathy Hinman Walker 28467, NCPhysician Assistant1396746871
Donald Edward Wilkinson 28792, NCPhysician Assistant1710971130
Leslie Angelique Morgan 28734, NCPhysician Assistant1700869310
Monica Marie Dittmer 27265, NCPhysician Assistant1730168055
William D. Jones 93720, NCPhysician Assistant1508842725
William Arthur Thomas 28078, NCPhysician Assistant1467436543
Paul W Ellis 28207, NCPhysician Assistant1174594873
Sharon Marie Swartz 28211, NCPhysician Assistant1215903117
Linda Fay Ferrand 28546, NCPhysician Assistant1750355293
Scott Erik Olson 28374, NCPhysician Assistant1861461063
Daniel Jason Fredericks 28803, NCPhysician Assistant1669991717
Lucia Maria Kulhavy 24014, NCPhysician Assistant1225099773
Tyler Ryan Cassidy 27615, NCPhysician Assistant1518308907
Samuel Jordan 27292, NCPhysician Assistant1447788716
Gerald Alfred Bynum 28304, NCPhysician Assistant1942268305
Marshelle Lynn Powell 28401, NCPhysician Assistant1619923505
Lori Copple Pardue 28560, NCPhysician Assistant1093758930
Scott A Young 29401, NCPhysician Assistant1699705103
Christina Sue Elicson 28401, NCPhysician Assistant1598710261
Malinda Lou Achard 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1760428270
Joseph Wellington Williams 27804, NCPhysician Assistant1689613697
Darryl Fisher 29732, NCPhysician Assistant1417270430
Scott Edward Fox 28645, NCPhysician Assistant1033163159
Beth A Edgerton 27804, NCPhysician Assistant1518907377
Kimberly Tenold 27713, NCPhysician Assistant1144240268
Clifford Vernon Boyce 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1164436861
David Kirt Sipple 28601, NCPhysician Assistant1003826710
Kirsta L Norwood 28202, NCPhysician Assistant1437262383
Nicole Marie Fava 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1356457147
Katherine Boyd Shea 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1750397717
Lorenzo Nebraska Richardson 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1821008038
Amy Elizabeth Pollick 18301, NCPhysician Assistant1497762264
Steven David Owens 28374, NCPhysician Assistant1881610954
Heather Hanes Davis 27804, NCPhysician Assistant1023190477
Michael Lasala Binstock 30041, NCPhysician Assistant1083795132
Lawrence Philip Landrigan 28401, NCPhysician Assistant1922194596
Julie Daniel Duval 28803, NCPhysician Assistant1306920046
Danielle Carroll Riddick 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1437535713
Colleen Ines Andrijiw 80634, NCPhysician Assistant1104916923
Barbara Marie Williams 27896, NCPhysician Assistant1992875231
Renee Fritz 30901, NCPhysician Assistant1477090900
Renee Adams Middleton 27292, NCPhysician Assistant1295804854
Claudia Villalpando Leon 91754, NCPhysician Assistant1407919434
Andrea Marie Johnson 27203, NCPhysician Assistant1700939220
Mark M Steinke 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1144350059
Edward Byron Ransdell 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1740327295
Elizabeth Ruth Gentile 28144, NCPhysician Assistant1538200753
Monica Ann Manzi 28277, NCPhysician Assistant1871648964
Lisa M Daniels 85016, NCPhysician Assistant1144353327
Cindy Fowler Comer 27030, NCPhysician Assistant1205993359
Robin Lincoln Sumner 27612, NCPhysician Assistant1558434159
Katherine Christine Caggiano 28203, NCPhysician Assistant1689746323
Evanthia Garza 27617, NCPhysician Assistant1871967372
Elizabeth Huai Saez 28273, NCPhysician Assistant1144378449
Andrew Christopher Maier 27265, NCPhysician Assistant1881881001
Eric Kinsey Phillips 27408, NCPhysician Assistant1679734206
Natasha Jacobs Lowery 28472, NCPhysician Assistant1508079476
Stacey Schiller Roper 27607, NCPhysician Assistant1063617439
Joseph Alexander Holder 30033, NCPhysician Assistant1316124084
Tracy Lynette Bell 28792, NCPhysician Assistant1306032529
Paul D Theiss 28412, NCPhysician Assistant1801198726
Kristina Ann Kinsella 11501, NCPhysician Assistant1750669768
Aaron Mitchell Burman 27612, NCPhysician Assistant1497032213
Traci Marlene Little 27215, NCPhysician Assistant1437424868
Lisa Camille Pruitt Richards 28054, NCPhysician Assistant1023257615
Teresa Gish Perry 27157, NCPhysician Assistant1659651586
Evelyn R. Hall 28376, NCPhysician Assistant1386974178
Travonda Davis Pirtle 37076, NCPhysician Assistant1861704538
Megan L Rossiter 27106, NCPhysician Assistant1013292564
Darryl Lamont Davenport 92584, NCPhysician Assistant1396900965
Matthew Arthur Goddard 28803, NCPhysician Assistant1518103001
Amy C Helms 27560, NCPhysician Assistant1558695643
Katherine Rose Batten 27703, NCPhysician Assistant1831499201
Dalissia Burke Grothe 28054, NCPhysician Assistant1922383025
Julia Niemi 28301, NCPhysician Assistant1750807186
Krysta Cosentino Holterman 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1467893602
Michael Robert Duerkes 28752, NCPhysician Assistant1750650099
Ross A Reynolds 80124, NCPhysician Assistant1386941268
Sola E Miles 27587, NCPhysician Assistant1689958647
Vantreia M Gross 27804, NCPhysician Assistant1821225194
Andrea Whitley Peyton 27157, NCPhysician Assistant1003100850
Joanna Ward Dobbeck 31405, NCPhysician Assistant1396062055
Morgan N Warthan 29690, NCPhysician Assistant1659896264
Melissa Ann Lemoine 70809, NCPhysician Assistant1871808824
Brittany W. White 28207, NCPhysician Assistant1346516283
Nathan Montgomery 28403, NCPhysician Assistant1366690265
Anthony Ward Raynor 28607, NCPhysician Assistant1487886735
Tracey M Mckinzie 28401, NCPhysician Assistant1265703581
Alison Lavonne Temple 28405, NCPhysician Assistant1770719833
Andrea R Flynn 34474, NCPhysician Assistant1831424605
Kara Hiendlmayr 28364, NCPhysician Assistant1134455371
Kelly E Osborne 27401, NCPhysician Assistant1780834721
Elizabeth A Flores 28806, NCPhysician Assistant1952606949
Sharon E Nelson 27909, NCPhysician Assistant1437439585
Erik Frank Johanson 28752, NCPhysician Assistant1144545831
Angela Marie Dorry 27705, NCPhysician Assistant1922253103
Laura Lyn Mcilwain 07960, NCPhysician Assistant1033453907
Charles Roy Knudson 28803, NCPhysician Assistant1992051478
Elaine Britt Smith 28025, NCPhysician Assistant1699025957
Zed Alex Mansfield 28752, NCPhysician Assistant1295088748
Laura A Justen 28204, NCPhysician Assistant1154669364
Jinzhao Ji 27262, NCPhysician Assistant1255732707
Karyl Anne Noonan 27610, NCPhysician Assistant1043601479
Elizabeth Buckler Greenwood 27103, NCPhysician Assistant1619381753
Laura French Alison 28112, NCPhysician Assistant1518343755
Amanda Ann Justus 28792, NCPhysician Assistant1306239686
Marian Chopelas Chadwick 28470, NCPhysician Assistant1326437914
Allie Black Kelly 28207, NCPhysician Assistant1598151177
Christopher Hempson 98101, NCPhysician Assistant1295110237
Jonathan Mitchell 19103, NCPhysician Assistant1790181857
Taryn Erbe 98101, NCPhysician Assistant1073929329
Michael Dana 28752, NCPhysician Assistant1104160001
Lauren Elizabeth Wright 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1891934410
Sarah F Pattison 56201, NCPhysician Assistant1376806133
Brittany Leigh Ramsey 29212, NCPhysician Assistant1023402989
Erin Woody Merritt 27710, NCPhysician Assistant1609110675
Rebecca Lee Strunk-lail 28277, NCPhysician Assistant1306232079
Kaylin Redinger 28546, NCPhysician Assistant1205245511
Palak Patel 58104, NCPhysician Assistant1952641987
Amy Hartt Slater 30901, NCPhysician Assistant1336539295
Marlee Colligan 28792, NCPhysician Assistant1508117763
James Huang 78234, NCPhysician Assistant1093141913
Natalia Salom Sorensen 33472, NCPhysician Assistant1386994531
Antonio Mariano Ruiz 28307, NCPhysician Assistant1518398502
Hassan Fayek Allan 28305, NCPhysician Assistant1205231792
Emily Paige Oslie 27705, NCPhysician Assistant1306321930
Danielle Neketa Harris Partin 27617, NCPhysician Assistant1689190365
Sarah Leao 27513, NCPhysician Assistant1487006821
William Joseph Mayo 27804, NCPhysician Assistant1487037818
Shani Fleming 28208, NCPhysician Assistant1508084849
Elizabeth Bee Owen 28461, NCPhysician Assistant1356733513
Muryel Ward Vary 28311, NCPhysician Assistant1881086742
Kelly Bilello Hammoudi 27103, NCPhysician Assistant1386909414
David Hiram Lane 52242, NCPhysician Assistant1033500772
Michael Charles Depasquale 27320, NCPhysician Assistant1104338094
Juliya Fortuna 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1710492145
Galen Matthew Edwards 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1003285123
Jessica Focht 27401, NCPhysician Assistant1417496407
Jennifer Rhoads Hsieh 27292, NCPhysician Assistant1750824173
Jordan Paige Castro 27713, NCPhysician Assistant1417476490
Kristy Kay Martin Rogers 27265, NCPhysician Assistant1235649989
Lindsay Jean Lamoureaux 28025, NCPhysician Assistant1225549249
Caitlin Quinn 30322, NCPhysician Assistant1851794614
Christopher Neil Shatley 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1669838793
Richard A Harris 28677, NCPhysician Assistant1386004943
Emily Rose Strittmatter 19001, NCPhysician Assistant1235594805
Jessica Ivy Stevenson 28021, NCPhysician Assistant1699120733
Jana Watson Villanueva 27268, NCPhysician Assistant1346797255
Jesse Michael Myers 28451, NCPhysician Assistant1356849111
Emily Harkins Cole 28803, NCPhysician Assistant1760906259
Devon Adams 27157, NCPhysician Assistant1922528611
Bernard Carl Callis Campo 27577, NCPhysician Assistant1316464613
Benjamin Blaschke 28311, NCPhysician Assistant1811434822
Walter Lee Duke 28334, NCPhysician Assistant1447797550
Shannon Reilly 28207, NCPhysician Assistant1982118378
Mi-young Um 28304, NCPhysician Assistant1578075206
Hannah M Palko 28374, NCPhysician Assistant1881101236
Ryan Paul Stoltzfus 28712, NCPhysician Assistant1639361223
Sampson Regional Professional Services Llc. 28328, NCPhysician Assistant1730311648
Hershal Patel 28277, NCPhysician Assistant1902104631
Elizabeth Colleen Mcavoy 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1518149368
Michelle Kidder Fegeley 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1992032296
Highlands cashiers Physician Services, Inc. 28741, NCPhysician Assistant1851685051
Adam Benjamin Brewer 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1710325576
Ambria Jenkins Mcarthur 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1982030250
Bethany Marie Applebome 28717, NCPhysician Assistant1013393537
Rdmg Associates, Pa 28557, NCPhysician Assistant1962923342
Kyle Gilmore Pelligra 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1487046850
Kevin O'connor 60088, NCPhysician Assistant1225407539
Lauren Zenker 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1689127813
Hina Khatri 27404, NCPhysician Assistant1902304454
Daryl De Villier 06102, NCPhysician Assistant1184141210
Neema Dave 27546, NCPhysician Assistant1407354491
Matthew Anthony Lutz 28607, NCPhysician Assistant1417465550
Lindsey Layden 27401, NCPhysician Assistant1346758075
Sarah Mojazza 28461, NCPhysician Assistant1598273484
Emily Camille Diggs 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1326405994
Transylvania Physician Services, Inc. 28712, NCPhysician Assistant1396918983
Aleece Renee Fosnight 28712, NCPhysician Assistant1154600526
The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Operating Corporation 27401, NCPhysician Assistant1164438578
Jennifer Burwell Isaac 27262, NCPhysician Assistant1740714286
Todd Eric Cook 28655, NCPhysician Assistant1871556159
Yelena Litvinchuk 28150, NCPhysician Assistant1962904664
Afton Carducci 27607, NCPhysician Assistant1467880625
Kelsey Nicole Ford 27401, NCPhysician Assistant1588156848
Mackenzie Cashman Precht 28213, NCPhysician Assistant1609306778
Betsy Joyner 27607, NCPhysician Assistant1962953182
Madeleine Rebecca Breen 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1023504743
David Powell 28791, NCPhysician Assistant1871089128
Sarah Elizabeth Beatty 27713, NCPhysician Assistant1396237566
Charles Taylor Jensen 28801, NCPhysician Assistant1659865343
Joyce Lynn Wagner 32960, NCPhysician Assistant1598720229
Jennifer L Baker 27871, NCPhysician Assistant1659851947
Meghan Hancock Webb 27265, NCPhysician Assistant1689031726
Denton Mow 28166, NCPhysician Assistant1568972123
Maggie Elizabeth Mclaughlin 27614, NCPhysician Assistant1356821086
Erika Cummings 27710, NCPhysician Assistant1083197651


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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