Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary Christopher Blount 38344, TNPhysician Assistant1316941040
Travis Kyle Layne 84604, TNPhysician Assistant1902894389
Phillip E Lewellen 33306, TNPhysician Assistant1134110356
Bailey J. Bethell 38103, TNPhysician Assistant1811498280
Donald Wood Allen 37167, TNPhysician Assistant1285602169
Heather L Coburn 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1932165545
Marsha M. Brackeen 57570, TNPhysician Assistant1457306532
Amy E Etsell 63334, TNPhysician Assistant1568493823
George P Gonzales 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1417988981
Angela Dawn Higgins 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1821029877
Gregory Todd Stevens 37772, TNPhysician Assistant1467472084
Erica Long 37122, TNPhysician Assistant1225058464
Jeffrey R Bergquist 37922, TNPhysician Assistant1801828793
Gene Dewayne Adams 38501, TNPhysician Assistant1508961301
Krista J Hodges 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1457434227
Ambre E Maze 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1356473565
Christine Paula Burkeen 48105, TNPhysician Assistant1740358381
Taylor Lanaux Blow 37388, TNPhysician Assistant1912429515
Erika Maclin 38104, TNPhysician Assistant1356867774
Jennifer L Oliver 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1871766543
Debra Foster 37130, TNPhysician Assistant1700097532
Samantha Lee Milosz 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1750573820
Christina Lynn Paasche 37043, TNPhysician Assistant1851586929
Brian Scardo 24382, TNPhysician Assistant1386184216
Justin T Mizelle 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1356623391
Michele Cooper 06268, TNPhysician Assistant1174853634
Alison Nicole Hopper 46845, TNPhysician Assistant1356591119
Elizabeth N. Lanham 42104, TNPhysician Assistant1760713390
Jennifer P King 38556, TNPhysician Assistant1962641530
Derek Rigby 37421, TNPhysician Assistant1215213863
Tracy Mcwhorter Martino 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1568779155
Shastina Parahoo 37922, TNPhysician Assistant1497189955
Timothy J Figueroa 37203, TNPhysician Assistant1194132563
Amber Sharp 37310, TNPhysician Assistant1255706388
Jordan Burke 37663, TNPhysician Assistant1659701696
Crystal Elaine Moon 37412, TNPhysician Assistant1912304015
Lacie Whitten Crawford 38138, TNPhysician Assistant1598007106
Michelle S. Janowsky 80909, TNPhysician Assistant1093188773
Brandon Kyle West 37312, TNPhysician Assistant1265845994
Brian Masterson 37174, TNPhysician Assistant1578941860
Heather L. Wolf 29492, TNPhysician Assistant1801824511
Ereny Francis Yakoub 37204, TNPhysician Assistant1235483033
Michael Fraser Haynes 37207, TNPhysician Assistant1861741712
Cassie Lee Dahlin 37312, TNPhysician Assistant1467705681
Marlaine Martin 37311, TNPhysician Assistant1952785503
William Joshua Overmyer 34950, TNPhysician Assistant1710499637
Hannah Katherine Kegley 27540, TNPhysician Assistant1982143202
Lauren Ashton Carnes 28139, TNPhysician Assistant1679005615
Ashley Nicole Cox 38570, TNPhysician Assistant1649641697
Ruchi Patel 36117, TNPhysician Assistant1831550003
Kristen Vance 37160, TNPhysician Assistant1407372568
Sara W Brown 80401, TNPhysician Assistant1396850921
Jeffrey Neil Longenecker 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1609024140
Hope Family Health Services 37186, TNPhysician Assistant1942337183
Warren Starrett 37412, TNPhysician Assistant1992236772
Matthew Young 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1447607312
Wesley Boyd 38671, TNPhysician Assistant1386097921
Dillon Tyler Gibson 37772, TNPhysician Assistant1265976765
Andrew John Dolfie 50158, TNPhysician Assistant1326550914
Jesse Gulish 38201, TNPhysician Assistant1225452550
Chongmyong Daniel Won 30012, TNPhysician Assistant1689197139
Whitney Lynn Phillips 37075, TNPhysician Assistant1497111579
Lauren Starnes 34429, TNPhysician Assistant1891192043
Danielle L Johnson 38671, TNPhysician Assistant1962757740
Kenan Stewart Prentice 38138, TNPhysician Assistant1518462290
Tasha Erin Sabino 38138, TNPhysician Assistant1952556235
Brandon Robert Mcnickle 37072, TNPhysician Assistant1053789719
Kathleen Rachelle Matteson 37919, TNPhysician Assistant1487105128
Cocke Emergency Group, Pc 37821, TNPhysician Assistant1831606672
Mary Katherine Pelot 37064, TNPhysician Assistant1992242325
Katherine James 38103, TNPhysician Assistant1528420312
Lori Miller 42503, TNPhysician Assistant1780107615
Brittany Miller 37909, TNPhysician Assistant1790297299
Alyssa Jameson 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1427410802
Alexandra Pendergrass 37367, TNPhysician Assistant1942671342
Casie Michelle Ramirez 37075, TNPhysician Assistant1538438239
Michael Anthony Petrillo 29926, TNPhysician Assistant1073946745
Jenna Mayfield Morton 37115, TNPhysician Assistant1942709217
Cody Fields 73104, TNPhysician Assistant1437634680
Jessica Lauren Shirley 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1861843278
Charles I Okafor 38242, TNPhysician Assistant1457843567
Anna Grace Wooten 37804, TNPhysician Assistant1508331455
Cates Gentry Green 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1831533223
Jessica Taylor Epting 37075, TNPhysician Assistant1275039471
Lisa M Miranda 95661, TNPhysician Assistant1144314766
Justin Kenneth Fugate 37920, TNPhysician Assistant1205302353
Blue Ridge Medical Management Corpoartion 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1417453440
Madison Delk 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1154838514
Alexx Sliman 83330, TNPhysician Assistant1275047409
Neurosurgical Associates 37203, TNPhysician Assistant1649223348
Andrea L. Martin-willie 37066, TNPhysician Assistant1578604963
John Ruston Asfar 76177, TNPhysician Assistant1629459623
Courtney Meadows Clark 38127, TNPhysician Assistant1477079085
Tamila Gale Mayberry 43230, TNPhysician Assistant1932125309
Ashley Olsen 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1184052813
Corey Parker Osborn 37210, TNPhysician Assistant1871159087
Amber L. Burns 37916, TNPhysician Assistant1053653220
Rachel Diane Kohn 37909, TNPhysician Assistant1063989739
Garry Wayne Burks 38553, TNPhysician Assistant1407866387
Angela Adkisson 37830, TNPhysician Assistant1598851602
Britany Hanna Bishop 71201, TNPhysician Assistant1760876387
Whitney Lititia Ross 37373, TNPhysician Assistant1932449907
Shanna Yvonne Pressley 37660, TNPhysician Assistant1588614283
William Ray Clark 38119, TNPhysician Assistant1780109009
Jaime Leighann Steffey 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1861743114
Stephanie Santa Ana 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1720513369
Cherish A Chambers 37830, TNPhysician Assistant1033383336
Curtis Wayne Gibson 37650, TNPhysician Assistant1861900805
Michael Trevor Houseal 38104, TNPhysician Assistant1518519057
Linda Tai 63851, TNPhysician Assistant1386095339
Leann Stephanie Ventura 37043, TNPhysician Assistant1316427909
Candace Muss 19803, TNPhysician Assistant1235589433
Ingrid Marie Blay Cantrell 38119, TNPhysician Assistant1851573349
Lincoln Memorial University 37825, TNPhysician Assistant1992985865
Jessica Rose Rotolo 38555, TNPhysician Assistant1366967739
Cynthia H Laux 38201, TNPhysician Assistant1417203217
Lauren Baughman Swartwood 37066, TNPhysician Assistant1588816748
Matthew Patrick Lingle 38654, TNPhysician Assistant1619428810
Clifford Syner 53151, TNPhysician Assistant1962729533
Brooke Renae Huff 38555, TNPhysician Assistant1508369687
Danielle M. Najpaver 70433, TNPhysician Assistant1356781769
Austin Laine Dages 35801, TNPhysician Assistant1770131708
Rebeka Kaye Skelton 37857, TNPhysician Assistant1104335553
Tamara Lee Copeland 38549, TNPhysician Assistant1295971836
Shelby Jo Priddy Chapman 38201, TNPhysician Assistant1386148211
Kristin Freeman 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1720475692
Brett Alan Simpson 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1396388724
Micaela L Goebel 37716, TNPhysician Assistant1336617059
Terence Patrick Netzel 38106, TNPhysician Assistant1164940037
Zackary Cody Garrett 78229, TNPhysician Assistant1760934293
Mose And Garrison Siskin Memorial Foundation, Inc. 37402, TNPhysician Assistant1902132509
Shannon Grace Tisson 80907, TNPhysician Assistant1831557875
Janessa Steflik 38120, TNPhysician Assistant1285289561
William Carroll Wilson 37404, TNPhysician Assistant1497045728
Nicholas Mark Baloga 37920, TNPhysician Assistant1366764276
Emily P Watson 28786, TNPhysician Assistant1013312537
Amber D Fern 38305, TNPhysician Assistant1497033153
Innovative Primary Care, Llc 37909, TNPhysician Assistant1366993263
Ansley Gardner Broach 37920, TNPhysician Assistant1386141638
Phillip Louis Stange 23606, TNPhysician Assistant1750317798
Brandon Douglas Jones 37660, TNPhysician Assistant1164593513
Megan Whitney Nelson 37934, TNPhysician Assistant1851702906
Katie Bean 37919, TNPhysician Assistant1497044671
Joseph R Hurst 37601, TNPhysician Assistant1346223948
Micah A Mcfaddin 37601, TNPhysician Assistant1497237416
Emilee Grace Dishner 37601, TNPhysician Assistant1659921294
Aman Caporaso 42141, TNPhysician Assistant1821645961
Patrick O'reilly 98541, TNPhysician Assistant1801451273
Sheila Rae Watkins 37922, TNPhysician Assistant1184126732
Physician Associate Resources, Plc 37772, TNPhysician Assistant1811458565
Christopher L. Nelson 61761, TNPhysician Assistant1114911971
Keisha Perry 85374, TNPhysician Assistant1447628458
Cassandra P Loucks 37922, TNPhysician Assistant1528439643
Brenna Cosminsky 37355, TNPhysician Assistant1811360225
Kristen Rogers 38016, TNPhysician Assistant1518343672
Olivia Callahan 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1134602352
Ashley Nicole Hall 38111, TNPhysician Assistant1538679295
Amanda Adams 37128, TNPhysician Assistant1407321102
Laura E Mowell 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1427609387
Ashlee Danielle Simpson 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1184120693
Kelley Ramey Cunningham 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1780094680
Hannah Grace Mabry 37916, TNPhysician Assistant1861900870
Shelby Kirkpatrick 97601, TNPhysician Assistant1598016073
Margaret A Dossie 23832, TNPhysician Assistant1952575185
Jody Shaw 94305, TNPhysician Assistant1982997029
Devon Meske Herrin 37919, TNPhysician Assistant1710443080
Scott Joseph Will 95811, TNPhysician Assistant1518051077
Meghan M Mullins 24354, TNPhysician Assistant1215307459
Kristi Deanne Duffield 37211, TNPhysician Assistant1871700815
Marissa Weiching-goolsby Acuff 38128, TNPhysician Assistant1144786237
Robert R Sciulli 37405, TNPhysician Assistant1033154398
Rachel Hannah West 37804, TNPhysician Assistant1487284360
Allison Nichole Wheeler Dunivan 93901, TNPhysician Assistant1972022192
Mallory Stephens Tatum 38002, TNPhysician Assistant1467978403
Jessica Seay 38119, TNPhysician Assistant1740657162
Dar Salud Care Pllc 38119, TNPhysician Assistant1598018806
Carla Y Woods 33169, TNPhysician Assistant1295764959
Alanah Bell 37932, TNPhysician Assistant1235679036
Krystal Amanda Trenchfield 37814, TNPhysician Assistant1538790985
Rachel E Keyt 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1366471641
Southeast Eye Specialists Pllc 37421, TNPhysician Assistant1518961176
Victoria W Johnson 37604, TNPhysician Assistant1770079675
Casey M Spirk 38464, TNPhysician Assistant1518472109
Jaclyn E Tubaro 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1134405434
Corey Robinson 38138, TNPhysician Assistant1285083717
Ahjainene Tiahna Hamilton Barkalow 97601, TNPhysician Assistant1174172316
Hannah Maus 37920, TNPhysician Assistant1437632924
Lauren H Russell 30080, TNPhysician Assistant1023633799
William Rawson 37312, TNPhysician Assistant1558393272
John Powell Williams 37916, TNPhysician Assistant1366009169
Kristi Baker Stewart 37772, TNPhysician Assistant1770031239
Michael Allen Stephens 37825, TNPhysician Assistant1881063857
Amy Lynn Merriman 33409, TNPhysician Assistant1912366071
Allison Davenport 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1487100749
Aaron Dewayne Petrey 40769, TNPhysician Assistant1710525944
Faith B Barnhouse 37127, TNPhysician Assistant1831427947
Jessica Weigand Cox 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1710280003
Joe A Shaw 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1134267008
Alexandra Michelle North 37208, TNPhysician Assistant1245873215
Douglas John Carroll 37601, TNPhysician Assistant1649428277


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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