Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ronald Kerry Brawley 37043, TNPhysician Assistant1013995513
Valerie R Barber 38310, TNPhysician Assistant1831540749
Rajesh Gade Rao 37334, TNPhysician Assistant1235500562
Jacob Wallis 30305, TNPhysician Assistant1568118172
Cates Gentry Green 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1831533223
Ilienis Perez-rios 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1194350678
Katherine Whaley 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1154818672
Alecia N Knox 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1700245388
Alexis Rouvelas Moses 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1720445919
Amalie Beth Shanks 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1164752010
Brooke Borla Chalmers 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1568811834
Kayla K Herron 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1366714420
Kevin Carter Blanton 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1659318764
Matthew C Wilks 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1023062569
Olivia Callahan 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1134602352
Optimal Health Pllc 37923, TNPhysician Assistant1366979122
Amos O'keefe 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1396018057
Amy R Russell 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1467404020
Carrie Brass 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1043266950
Celina Hamdan 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1285224899
David P Arpino 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1326386152
Emma Rose Niethammer 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1568954329
Jacob West 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1427533488
James Thomas Bailey 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1215927249
Jeffrey R Bergquist 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1801828793
Kellie Lucas 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1598063703
Leeann Fairall 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1396814695
Mariah Shyanne Hall Phillips 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1134745912
Mark A Reiff 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1275190449
Sarah Elizabeth Watkins 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1790076354
Sheila Phegley 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1447281902
Victoria Sissom 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1922596261
Park Med Ambulatory Care Pc 37701, TNPhysician Assistant1396777595
Mark Thomas Smith 37769, TNPhysician Assistant1235322181
Kevin Eugene Groh 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1013356757
George Edward Marcus 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1558642934
Sara K Tsegay 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1427729185
Kristen Leigh Addington 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1356854194
Mike Romain 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1407157886
Kelsie White 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1780270033
Myrlande Dixon 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1922406297
Jamie M Boggs 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1588052054
Malinda A Johnson 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1306977814
Megynn Marilla Webb 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1699288001
Jessica Lynn Borrenpohl 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1538550801
Jodi Rende Robbe 37129, TNPhysician Assistant1841397031
Canon Tate Rooker 30328, TNPhysician Assistant1669130852
Shandora Allisa Dorse 37132, TNPhysician Assistant1295870210
Bola Gabriel 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1376079731
Richard Terry Washington 37013, TNPhysician Assistant1912296468
Gregory Todd Stevens 37772, TNPhysician Assistant1467472084
Devin Nicole Rohde 38120, TNPhysician Assistant1518593508
Jennifer Hinders 38002, TNPhysician Assistant1477096345
Victoria Taylor Milligan 38002, TNPhysician Assistant1407231079
Family Health Center Of Ashland City Pllc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1275878209
Sydneys Bluff Emergency Physicians Llc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1831460955
Tennessee Em i Medical Services, Pc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1598198475
Tennessee Hb Medical Services Pc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1881003341
Red Spruce Emergency Physicians, Pllc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1467826313
Salient Emergency Physicians, Pllc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1457725301
Cheatham Dam Inpatient Services Pllc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1447506167
Hospital Based Medical Services Of Tennessee i Pc 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1902215387
Scott D. Brown 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1912097726
Jana Rachels 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1184929523
Kelsey Schroskey 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1699226449
Lauren Osborne 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1366057176
Michael Andrew Brown 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1841649076
Suzanne E Silva 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1417184482
Alexis Kylie Spence 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1861093478
Steven Andrew Tidwell 37015, TNPhysician Assistant1912492554
Anthony Sopczak 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1073933529
Elaini Ruth Hall 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1639833080
Blake Aaron Powers 37312, TNPhysician Assistant1023651007
Simon Bessette 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1942767264
Gabriella Gisela Lozeau 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1972067791
Jennifer H Light 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1841544053
Natasha Alexia Richesin 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1528731502
Kimberly S Borris 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1174528244
Athens Physicians Practice, Llc 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1003310392
Athens Physicians Practice Llc 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1598266116
Robert Kevin Chin 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1336367671
Joshua Steven Mcgrew 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1104497965
Aashna Pandya 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1437631967
Andrea R Perkins 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1710330659
Benjamin Wilson Kendrick 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1578907010
Brandon Wells Watson 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1194030809
Granwel Genio Esteban 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1336195973
Jeffrey Neil Longenecker 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1609024140
Michael T. Bruce 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1861432577
Ryan G. Mcnabb 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1184823064
Alicia Dumont Durham 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1629301312
Carolyn Rose Cline 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1619566023
Katie Rhea Collins 37303, TNPhysician Assistant1689219552
Southeastern Emergency Services P C 37371, TNPhysician Assistant1669414264
Morris Rand Butcher 38103, TNPhysician Assistant1851305072
William G. Curry 38004, TNPhysician Assistant1205507985
Staci T Cownover 38004, TNPhysician Assistant1689695595
John Connor Coalter 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1306485917
Heather Hartman Draper 38120, TNPhysician Assistant1972903565
Mallory Stephens Tatum 38002, TNPhysician Assistant1467978403
Franklin Chase Crumpton 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1922523026
Jacquelyn Dan-phung Nguyen 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1912513987
Lacy Johnson Conry 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1205356565
Rachel Michelle Bates 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1992121834
Amber Renee Hall 38104, TNPhysician Assistant1164704557
Akram Knefati 38133, TNPhysician Assistant1831851351
Anna M. Thompson 38104, TNPhysician Assistant1225129422
Carly Johnson 38116, TNPhysician Assistant1376135129
Claire C Ellender 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1033223599
Allison Mccharen 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1720673726
Caitlin Woodruff 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1013305564
Jeannie Lewis 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1417283565
Loree A Easley 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1417108259
Melanie June Hamilton 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1518049915
Lea Hayley Brainerd 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1740954643
Tilliam Pittman 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1679235212
William Taylor Bates 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1720752199
Ngoc Tran Ami Thi Nguyen 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1578006565
Jerry Emerson Shaw 38128, TNPhysician Assistant1265619118
Kimberly Jordan Tupper 38134, TNPhysician Assistant1437785482
Bethany Buisson 38138, TNPhysician Assistant1861845356
Meoshe Beckworth 38054, TNPhysician Assistant1609234509
April Kanschat 95350, TNPhysician Assistant1639842131
Ana Mercedes Griggs 37020, TNPhysician Assistant1487173415
Caleb Sloan Rae 37307, TNPhysician Assistant1538330485
Meghan Weaver 37367, TNPhysician Assistant1336603679
William Chandler Hutcheson 37354, TNPhysician Assistant1114518081
Jeffrey H Beard 37186, TNPhysician Assistant1851540223
Mary Elizabeth Still 37403, TNPhysician Assistant1720733462
Morgan Elijah Meade 24211, TNPhysician Assistant1932838869
James Michael Yeager 37660, TNPhysician Assistant1396900072
Grant Cole Thompson 37660, TNPhysician Assistant1760156277
Courtney Hindsley 37660, TNPhysician Assistant1356914014
Stephen Mark Bateman 37618, TNPhysician Assistant1558365973
Joanna Lee Roberts 37618, TNPhysician Assistant1104434844
Ronald Allen Hoffmeyer 38340, TNPhysician Assistant1952381089
Ashton Perez 70121, TNPhysician Assistant1336731355
Milo Jackson Simpson 37062, TNPhysician Assistant1780216010
Alexandra Ellen Quinn 37025, TNPhysician Assistant1235877937
Evanston Clinic Corp 82930, TNPhysician Assistant1013916519
Paintsville Hma Physician Management, Llc 41240, TNPhysician Assistant1023069937
Miami First Assist, Llc 32935, TNPhysician Assistant1013097567
Surgical Assist Management, Llc 32935, TNPhysician Assistant1952597452
Ft Lauderdale First Assist, Llc 32935, TNPhysician Assistant1811175052
Lake Cumberland Physician Practices Llc 42503, TNPhysician Assistant1700198884
Lake Cumberland Physician Practices Llc 42503, TNPhysician Assistant1437440054
Lake Cumberland Physician Practices Llc 42503, TNPhysician Assistant1811396195
Morgan Harris Bailey 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1306393814
Stacey Leigh Groves 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1114298684
Stuart Jones 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1033226592
Ecm Health Group Llc 35630, TNPhysician Assistant1346588852
Hina Anjum Siddiqui 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1861965378
Nuch Of Texas 78666, TNPhysician Assistant1588115935
Nuch Of Texas 78108, TNPhysician Assistant1902270770
Nuch Of Texas 79936, TNPhysician Assistant1982110219
Shriti Bhadel 90703, TNPhysician Assistant1457758286
Mark Leon Siebe 42223, TNPhysician Assistant1053801886
Crossroads Physicians Corp 62864, TNPhysician Assistant1508850520
Crossroads Physician Corporation 62263, TNPhysician Assistant1629063698
Willamette Community Medical Group Llc 97401, TNPhysician Assistant1073607099
Three Rivers Medical Clinics Inc 41230, TNPhysician Assistant1568567345
Marion Physician Services Llc 29574, TNPhysician Assistant1588985857
Woodward Clinic Company, Llc 73801, TNPhysician Assistant1912184755
Jonathan Wolkwitz 88230, TNPhysician Assistant1831186303
Kevin Maurice Dansby 37312, TNPhysician Assistant1376548040
Kristin Ward Warren 27892, TNPhysician Assistant1942376322
Dyersburg Hbp Medical Group Llc 38024, TNPhysician Assistant1013210483
James A Dalton 41653, TNPhysician Assistant1790788180
Robert Relic 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1922065556
Brian Keith Lovely 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1154455715
Susan Van Hook 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1548894009
Dlp Wilson Physician Practices Llc 27893, TNPhysician Assistant1932521010
Jessica Fick 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1952921967
Anna Lisa Bowden 37211, TNPhysician Assistant1073630943
Cade Calvin England 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1467046342
Jeni Day 37179, TNPhysician Assistant1215365226
Lacey Kathleen Thompson 35750, TNPhysician Assistant1366965287
Ari Hardin 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1235528456
Corley Brothers 37174, TNPhysician Assistant1841657665
Michael Fraser Haynes 37207, TNPhysician Assistant1861741712
Michael S Overfelt 37174, TNPhysician Assistant1871650424
Rebecca Lynn Sommers 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1881873560
Caryl Kennedy Brower 37211, TNPhysician Assistant1265635221
Healthone Clinic Services Medical Specialties Llc 80218, TNPhysician Assistant1083240915
Healthone Clinic Services Medical Specialties Llc 80218, TNPhysician Assistant1457965303
West Florida Physician Network, Llc 34209, TNPhysician Assistant1376779496
Centennial Heart Llc 37203, TNPhysician Assistant1245393057
Healthone Clinic Services Pediatric Specialties Llc 80205, TNPhysician Assistant1720293251
Amanda Bright 24153, TNPhysician Assistant1740665470
Christopher Guth 24153, TNPhysician Assistant1457322398
John Felton Stoker 31217, TNPhysician Assistant1952631087
Kristina R. Samson 24141, TNPhysician Assistant1477960391
Rebecca D Spott 30909, TNPhysician Assistant1538596077
Tracy Mackay Scott 24153, TNPhysician Assistant1952598922
Bethesda Medical Clinic, Llc 77074, TNPhysician Assistant1225350481
Cedar Bayou Medical Clinic, Llc 77520, TNPhysician Assistant1992027544
Kentucky Hospital, Llc 40391, TNPhysician Assistant1528385226
Kentucky Hospital, Llc 40391, TNPhysician Assistant1356668057
Emily E Kent 37067, TNPhysician Assistant1598051542
Cassidy Roland Turner 37027, TNPhysician Assistant1437509247


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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