Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marie Denise Jarbath 77598, TXPhysician Assistant1164425195
Mary Jo Hart 78626, TXPhysician Assistant1760485932
James Enrique Rodriguez Vargas 79915, TXPhysician Assistant1003819855
Anthony Vincent Carter 76180, TXPhysician Assistant1932571320
Ebby Mathew 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1649635764
Health And Human Services Commission 78028, TXPhysician Assistant1588671481
Michael Edward Champion 78216, TXPhysician Assistant1558364018
Andrew Vargas 77504, TXPhysician Assistant1619970191
Erin Michelle Hall 76544, TXPhysician Assistant1447253828
Deborah Ann Hernandez 79410, TXPhysician Assistant1508869975
Sigal Heart Center, P.a. 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1992708291
Frances L. Elizondo 75708, TXPhysician Assistant1245233550
Brooke Lipscomb 75090, TXPhysician Assistant1639171952
Michael Marquez 77380, TXPhysician Assistant1003810805
Jennifer Dawn Kemmerer 77304, TXPhysician Assistant1700880515
Lynn P Sargent 77380, TXPhysician Assistant1124022934
Vanessa N Becker 78212, TXPhysician Assistant1861496440
Echo J Walby 78201, TXPhysician Assistant1003810680
Joni Cline 79407, TXPhysician Assistant1629072277
Claire D Newton 78405, TXPhysician Assistant1407850746
Stefanie N Sanderson 76092, TXPhysician Assistant1750385456
Batool Saleem 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1134531379
Larry Gene Pizzola 78213, TXPhysician Assistant1679577308
Gary S Cook 77979, TXPhysician Assistant1154325611
Nichole E Lugo 79935, TXPhysician Assistant1265437347
Mary Jo Kippa 75069, TXPhysician Assistant1396740437
Physicians Healthcare Associates, P.a. 79935, TXPhysician Assistant1245235977
Ronald Dickinson 75638, TXPhysician Assistant1447255278
Nina Beth Partin 75702, TXPhysician Assistant1518962299
Ken Jackson 79241, TXPhysician Assistant1659376341
Abby Mariah Lamon 76104, TXPhysician Assistant1982126199
Kevin Kusch 75686, TXPhysician Assistant1538164389
Rebecca Beaver Norment 75460, TXPhysician Assistant1568467165
James M Parrish 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1164427746
Miroslawa Jolanta Giovi 76204, TXPhysician Assistant1184620601
Alitza K Ford 78212, TXPhysician Assistant1356346886
Scott Layton 75093, TXPhysician Assistant1215933403
Toni Ann Cline 79407, TXPhysician Assistant1831195999
Juan Manuel Briones 78550, TXPhysician Assistant1598761504
Mary A Mccampbell 77354, TXPhysician Assistant1336145010
Phyllis Rose Peterson 79430, TXPhysician Assistant1346246634
Stephanie Kay Capehart 79410, TXPhysician Assistant1639175052
Stewart T Brooks 77807, TXPhysician Assistant1639174170
Nancy Csabi 78520, TXPhysician Assistant1043217631
Abel G Saenz 78550, TXPhysician Assistant1053317511
Kevin Joseph Giacontiere 78731, TXPhysician Assistant1942205430
Carol Tran 78231, TXPhysician Assistant1043216179
Sharon Noel Slubar Davis 78229, TXPhysician Assistant1508862764
Jacalyn C Siver 77566, TXPhysician Assistant1013912609
Paul A Reinhart 78411, TXPhysician Assistant1609871193
Angela M Northcutt 75231, TXPhysician Assistant1740287119
Michael James Hollingsed 79902, TXPhysician Assistant1043217326
Donald Xavier Chavez 79902, TXPhysician Assistant1548267784
Rene Lunday Mccarty 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1194722231
Robert James Thoemke 78123, TXPhysician Assistant1285631093
Hugh Excell Lothery 78217, TXPhysician Assistant1073510806
Charles Albert Moxin 78222, TXPhysician Assistant1952308603
Lara Beth Offenburger 77006, TXPhysician Assistant1407854110
Roberto Corral 78226, TXPhysician Assistant1528065224
Stephen Bryan Hicks 78006, TXPhysician Assistant1437156130
Armando Joel Flores 78521, TXPhysician Assistant1780681494
Jennie M Volpe 78408, TXPhysician Assistant1245238450
Gordon Kenneth Lee 76642, TXPhysician Assistant1578561684
Thomas Medical Associates 79924, TXPhysician Assistant1376541128
Todd Jay Briggs 75023, TXPhysician Assistant1396742607
Mary Catherine Grace 78217, TXPhysician Assistant1134126824
Brady Mitchell Harrison 78217, TXPhysician Assistant1033116736
Scott Harrison 78229, TXPhysician Assistant1023015724
Charles Mark Russell 78238, TXPhysician Assistant1043218720
Paul David Sanchez 78228, TXPhysician Assistant1346247046
John Thomas Bridgest 78238, TXPhysician Assistant1245237999
Jose Angel Acosta 78214, TXPhysician Assistant1720085434
John Everett Carter 76049, TXPhysician Assistant1780681486
Christopher J Schofield 78573, TXPhysician Assistant1134127285
Moriah White 77868, TXPhysician Assistant1487190559
Nelson J Loggiodice 78577, TXPhysician Assistant1477551471
Billy R Briceno 79903, TXPhysician Assistant1477551224
Arne Edward Oas 78234, TXPhysician Assistant1184623621
Philip Selwyn Semple 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1720087273
Edward M Sullivan 75182, TXPhysician Assistant1942209333
John Joe Pena 31905, TXPhysician Assistant1700885373
Carylon Frerich 79720, TXPhysician Assistant1639178080
Jenine Brinkmann Mezzles 75935, TXPhysician Assistant1093715971
Linda S. Kientz 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1023018736
Marie Y. Maitre 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1295735900
Colleen Michele Dunlop 77074, TXPhysician Assistant1033119763
Patrick A. Fox 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1487654109
Pamela Jean Plake 76104, TXPhysician Assistant1023018645
Gail Raylien Ream 79244, TXPhysician Assistant1235139890
Nelson A Clara 77074, TXPhysician Assistant1699775361
Boris Bratovich 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1053311720
Angela Renee Limmer 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1629078399
Jing-yi Annie Jou 77074, TXPhysician Assistant1083614754
Fonteyn Beck 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1427058197
Kenneth L. Sanders 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1023018405
Shakira A. Johnson 75217, TXPhysician Assistant1932109311
Victor Velazquez 78550, TXPhysician Assistant1962402438
Anthony G Huff 76051, TXPhysician Assistant1174523526
Michael Wayne Deeds 75103, TXPhysician Assistant1396745758
Teresa Reames Moore 75216, TXPhysician Assistant1831199272
Stephanie M. Williams 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1164422549
April Harrison 77056, TXPhysician Assistant1295735686
Thomas R. Gannon 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1629078811
Michael T. Brown 77478, TXPhysician Assistant1306846522
Olga Ali 78155, TXPhysician Assistant1477553626
Theresa Biedenbach 76051, TXPhysician Assistant1649270604
Nancy L. Smith 75204, TXPhysician Assistant1841290848
Terri D. Jackson 75204, TXPhysician Assistant1750381752
Eduardo Javier Elizondo 78045, TXPhysician Assistant1427059443
Thomas Van Horn 78757, TXPhysician Assistant1851392724
Senior Adults Specialty Healthcare Pa 78757, TXPhysician Assistant1639170541
Sandy L Stetz 76262, TXPhysician Assistant1831199140
Godwin O. Adams 75235, TXPhysician Assistant1154320034
Jennifer Caudill 78228, TXPhysician Assistant1962879577
Jeffrey Travis Green 78405, TXPhysician Assistant1417956574
Terrill Andrew Vaughan 75231, TXPhysician Assistant1205836038
Bonnie Schultz Huckaby 76132, TXPhysician Assistant1932109204
Jeffrey David Turnbull 77381, TXPhysician Assistant1922008606
Jesse James Harvey 78207, TXPhysician Assistant1942209119
William E Scott 78216, TXPhysician Assistant1205834025
Roxanne Mongeon 75075, TXPhysician Assistant1538160593
William R. Vogt 79936, TXPhysician Assistant1013917723
Laura Murphy Fertak 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1982604658
Maxine Mendoza 75428, TXPhysician Assistant1730189960
Melissa Neal Wright 76104, TXPhysician Assistant1215937651
Melinda Moore Gottschalk 78665, TXPhysician Assistant1912907148
Quynh N. Vu 75098, TXPhysician Assistant1982604971
Jaykay Cunningham 77478, TXPhysician Assistant1326049966
Philip A Weber 78756, TXPhysician Assistant1124029475
Patricia Ann Decker 76051, TXPhysician Assistant1972504322
Tricia L Winters 78613, TXPhysician Assistant1306847587
Terrance D. Venden 75670, TXPhysician Assistant1326049438
Shannon Dione Cain 75092, TXPhysician Assistant1205838208
Angela M Smogur 78756, TXPhysician Assistant1346241494
Nathan E Smith 76903, TXPhysician Assistant1104828185
Suzanne Renee Bunker 79347, TXPhysician Assistant1871595892
Monty G. Morris 76247, TXPhysician Assistant1962404822
The Women's Specialists Of Houston, Pllc 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1942202809
Judith R Zuspann 79567, TXPhysician Assistant1902808801
Bret Alan Baker 79762, TXPhysician Assistant1912909789
Paul D Peterson 76549, TXPhysician Assistant1861494486
Larry Don Wilson 77518, TXPhysician Assistant1306848981
Miguel Eugenio Macias 78238, TXPhysician Assistant1306848882
Kathleen Redden 79916, TXPhysician Assistant1104828524
Robert E Post 75951, TXPhysician Assistant1013919414
Bryan Jason Reynolds 75165, TXPhysician Assistant1215939772
Tiffani D. Murphy 76247, TXPhysician Assistant1164424669
Richard Albert Goodrich 75670, TXPhysician Assistant1831181874
Kenneth Lee Volk 75692, TXPhysician Assistant1861484818
Gerald Paul Norman 75760, TXPhysician Assistant1821080037
Pamela Ann Bennett 77505, TXPhysician Assistant1942292743
Ted Michael Williams 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1497747273
Veronica Ann Amenedo 77024, TXPhysician Assistant1851383632
Jason D Layne 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1578555355
Wendy J. Rodewald 77478, TXPhysician Assistant1104818848
Delton Keith Giles 77459, TXPhysician Assistant1285626994
Chad Chase 78654, TXPhysician Assistant1356333025
Tana Sims Sandel 75662, TXPhysician Assistant1861484370
Eric J Lopez 77304, TXPhysician Assistant1750373213
Billie Karen Martin 78666, TXPhysician Assistant1457344780
Betty R Ritchie 79924, TXPhysician Assistant1992798045
Curtis Beauvais 79701, TXPhysician Assistant1487647426
Jill S Weinger 75231, TXPhysician Assistant1114910742
Sarah A Gagliano 75248, TXPhysician Assistant1912990557
Kaylynn C Young 75248, TXPhysician Assistant1750374203
Lindy M Dolan 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1124010129
Christian P Ehrhard 78414, TXPhysician Assistant1881695112
Leah Dawn Yturri 78681, TXPhysician Assistant1366435323
Laura J Jones 76104, TXPhysician Assistant1881686939
Rochon A. Singleton 77478, TXPhysician Assistant1104818855
Beverly Dene White 79064, TXPhysician Assistant1417958554
Maynard Shawn Gonter 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1396737391
Patricia M Ackley 76309, TXPhysician Assistant1578555686
Luciana Rochetti 76104, TXPhysician Assistant1497747653
Matthew M Hand 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1992797799
Elida Victoria Holt 76017, TXPhysician Assistant1841668233
Michelle Byers Purtle 77380, TXPhysician Assistant1659364222
Stephanie S Carter 75701, TXPhysician Assistant1376535054
Marc B. Geller 78542, TXPhysician Assistant1356798920
Michelle A Benjamin 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1558354878
Shelly Singleton 78377, TXPhysician Assistant1942294145
Kevin Michael Glynn 78155, TXPhysician Assistant1699769851
Ron C Fernau 77074, TXPhysician Assistant1063406650
Jurry E. Van Ark 75182, TXPhysician Assistant1881688471
Christine M Teicher 78006, TXPhysician Assistant1639163264
Randall Stuart Martz 76205, TXPhysician Assistant1972598456
Megan D'ann Generale 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1194710525
Teri Benandi Horswell 77070, TXPhysician Assistant1194710459
Theresa M Fontenot 75503, TXPhysician Assistant1578558961
Melissa Oehl Garcia 77429, TXPhysician Assistant1821083213
Robert Shawn Smith 75060, TXPhysician Assistant1083609135
Michael Huela 76117, TXPhysician Assistant1619962388
James Edward Parris 75390, TXPhysician Assistant1063408599
Jack N Hehmeyer 71854, TXPhysician Assistant1629064977
Michael J. Parker 76502, TXPhysician Assistant1811983984
David E Trejo 79915, TXPhysician Assistant1245227834
Craig Dennis Comisky 78583, TXPhysician Assistant1598752933
Michael T Dome 77030, TXPhysician Assistant1972590214
Marissa J Villarreal 78102, TXPhysician Assistant1164419156
Karin E Schwob 75077, TXPhysician Assistant1366430035


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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