Providers with Taxonomy: Physician Assistant in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Physician Assistant
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathy D Pearson 27893, VAPhysician Assistant1790781631
Hunter E Shirey 22560, VAPhysician Assistant1336141910
Debbie A Roper 66442, VAPhysician Assistant1306847843
Daniel L Duelm 20176, VAPhysician Assistant1023099314
Anthony Porreca 10457, VAPhysician Assistant1366847477
Suzanne H. Taylor 21113, VAPhysician Assistant1740256940
Laurie Sue Giertz 23801, VAPhysician Assistant1538135157
Rachel Kathryn Marie Ertel 23061, VAPhysician Assistant1003883687
Sharon Anne Crookshanks 24018, VAPhysician Assistant1386613164
Jeffrey Daniel Bateman 78236, VAPhysician Assistant1376513945
Shivali G Patel 32778, VAPhysician Assistant1346613676
Margene C Tranter 28403, VAPhysician Assistant1083662811
Nicole Bailey Burwell 22204, VAPhysician Assistant1568414969
Crystal Nicole Mann 20009, VAPhysician Assistant1114988854
Melissa Volpe 22911, VAPhysician Assistant1033634845
Martha Anne Versprille 23510, VAPhysician Assistant1952369100
Lindsay D Orosz 20191, VAPhysician Assistant1760436620
Sean M Quinn 20151, VAPhysician Assistant1285664797
Sean Wren 23462, VAPhysician Assistant1265897375
Glen Rivera 21704, VAPhysician Assistant1316052111
Jenelle Sills Fleming 20603, VAPhysician Assistant1700386711
Karen Crawford Lumsden 22401, VAPhysician Assistant1659395895
Elizabeth Hamilton Sibert 20191, VAPhysician Assistant1053413385
Kevin Francis O'connor 23690, VAPhysician Assistant1710063557
Billie Hamilton-powell 20785, VAPhysician Assistant1609957570
Marilise Berniger 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1225124142
Sharon Lipschutz Kluger 95065, VAPhysician Assistant1063581668
George Christian Beuttell 20735, VAPhysician Assistant1467961409
Kelsey Norris 28557, VAPhysician Assistant1487048971
Jessica A Martinez 22003, VAPhysician Assistant1609984400
Jeffrey Daniel Grant 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1447330089
Melissa Nickels Stacy 24605, VAPhysician Assistant1922193812
Matthew J Manico 24014, VAPhysician Assistant1871649921
Ronald E Nave 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1649345372
Carmen Yolanda Martinez 20110, VAPhysician Assistant1851423230
Bonnie Marie Paine 22601, VAPhysician Assistant1285783027
Beth Wheeler Weppner 22701, VAPhysician Assistant1649431248
Scott L Kane 33966, VAPhysician Assistant1265625313
Meredith Anne Kash 23462, VAPhysician Assistant1104042134
Mary Elizabeth Zempolich 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1881819498
Courtney Anne Gouge 28637, VAPhysician Assistant1093900276
Teresa A. Holler 28403, VAPhysician Assistant1528247244
Amelia Elisabeth Canright Elliott 62526, VAPhysician Assistant1194036269
Eileen M Scott 19114, VAPhysician Assistant1275847022
Ashley S Hafer 23708, VAPhysician Assistant1598056160
Kimberly Quail Atwood 27704, VAPhysician Assistant1700161593
Madeline Jewell 92346, VAPhysician Assistant1790010445
Kimberly Y. Ferguson 23805, VAPhysician Assistant1578899456
Megan Duet Adams 23320, VAPhysician Assistant1144527581
Derek Darnell 37660, VAPhysician Assistant1700166188
Susan Cecilia Marty 20814, VAPhysician Assistant1023346236
Gretchen A Loyola 23454, VAPhysician Assistant1558518654
Jennifer Graham Gainer 29732, VAPhysician Assistant1508189184
Jessica Lee Ord 20169, VAPhysician Assistant1598077638
Suzanne Nichole Thomas 22152, VAPhysician Assistant1588890644
Erin K Bateman 25701, VAPhysician Assistant1093011074
Leigh A. West 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1811293905
Heidi J Blair 23834, VAPhysician Assistant1144472705
Jennifer Kannan 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1083659189
Hollie Lynn Hurner 21401, VAPhysician Assistant1790923761
Katherine Anne Goodrich 22911, VAPhysician Assistant1861758187
William C Warren 23226, VAPhysician Assistant1487915716
Norbel Auxiliadora Brautigam 50266, VAPhysician Assistant1861836975
Erin K. Macmillan 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1598188682
Rebecca Oliver 21228, VAPhysician Assistant1316318777
Megan Ann Brody 08106, VAPhysician Assistant1548635477
Anjali Varma 14221, VAPhysician Assistant1285052167
Christopher R Campbell 28722, VAPhysician Assistant1033515358
Chelsea Lauren Mclean 80501, VAPhysician Assistant1528430717
Christine M Mackinnon 33705, VAPhysician Assistant1427303270
Taryn Erbe 98101, VAPhysician Assistant1073929329
Jeanna J Bateson 27705, VAPhysician Assistant1780079608
Megan Carter 24016, VAPhysician Assistant1548706286
Koren F Cooper 23834, VAPhysician Assistant1881947893
Johanna Niroshini Moses 73071, VAPhysician Assistant1942540836
Lauren M Sylvina 20191, VAPhysician Assistant1285007443
Stephanie R. Joyce 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1194154500
Kayla Ann Banyas 99352, VAPhysician Assistant1043606155
Krystal Suzanne Kohlman 94304, VAPhysician Assistant1558747204
Gina Deblasio 20037, VAPhysician Assistant1710391784
Tricia Nguyen 20132, VAPhysician Assistant1316328537
Leah R Wiggins 23601, VAPhysician Assistant1275965394
Bang Chau Tran Nguyen 33770, VAPhysician Assistant1841539954
Eliza Coleman Nader 23226, VAPhysician Assistant1396082954
Erin E Lewellen 14787, VAPhysician Assistant1801254214
Jennifer Michelle Taylor 23454, VAPhysician Assistant1609397835
Kelsey Wise Mccoy 24266, VAPhysician Assistant1689043952
Anna Coffey Morris 24016, VAPhysician Assistant1033575436
Laura Elizabeth Cook 22939, VAPhysician Assistant1316303753
Elaine Marie Ballar Adair 97210, VAPhysician Assistant1295181121
Caroline Love Davis 20110, VAPhysician Assistant1871943555
Elizabeth Wingfield 24151, VAPhysician Assistant1275031981
Amanda Mcbride Jernigan 23320, VAPhysician Assistant1811427552
Kyle R Dubay 85016, VAPhysician Assistant1114443587
Kristin F. Story 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1174851877
Melissa L. Alcox 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1790738029
Amy L. Volkmann 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1295048643
Lindsay T. Seddon 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1942500343
Amanda Mitchell Waggoner 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1477634582
Michelle Leila Hazlebeck 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1720494792
Christopher Roberts 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1205242146
Caitlin Noelle Fortune 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1215437413
Julie Grysavage 22304, VAPhysician Assistant1285154393
Jacqueline Ramirez 20155, VAPhysician Assistant1003317256
Kayla Sesto 20010, VAPhysician Assistant1720526114
Dinara Yambulatova 20151, VAPhysician Assistant1457740441
Laura Ashley Giambra 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1538668363
Megan Christine Mcdevitt 23454, VAPhysician Assistant1255733051
Sarah Jacklyn Fletcher Broyles 24620, VAPhysician Assistant1881701092
Jacob Nathaniel Shank 22801, VAPhysician Assistant1649765306
Mary Katherine Pratt 23462, VAPhysician Assistant1629561329
Ian Campbell Brown 20191, VAPhysician Assistant1821538356
Amie Frederick 06333, VAPhysician Assistant1629452156
Alan J Fitch 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1871686725
Sara Perez 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1073004255
Laura Catherine Speer Cage 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1811478043
Allyson Hudson Saunders 23225, VAPhysician Assistant1164954590
Nausheen Lakhani 30039, VAPhysician Assistant1841531829
Kristy Jurczak 02190, VAPhysician Assistant1669906012
Lindy Lou Nester 20002, VAPhysician Assistant1851522510
Allyse Harris 23510, VAPhysician Assistant1235610528
Gary Edward Campbell 28721, VAPhysician Assistant1336592708
Ryan Mazzone 23230, VAPhysician Assistant1689087140
Alex Truong 22003, VAPhysician Assistant1609342872
Kayla Marie Flynn 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1831686013
Alyssa Suchar 22003, VAPhysician Assistant1497224653
Kelsey Jordana Garner 23320, VAPhysician Assistant1962985655
Amanda K Kubin 23451, VAPhysician Assistant1174979009
Dana Hesham Fayyad 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1417434085
Julie Phillips 22003, VAPhysician Assistant1427500719
Nada Laraki 22191, VAPhysician Assistant1396217642
Jessica Danielle Tabb 23607, VAPhysician Assistant1871960971
Alice Ann Howard 23226, VAPhysician Assistant1427060110
Courtney A Corboy 23219, VAPhysician Assistant1871093948
Katherine Durland Lyons 20770, VAPhysician Assistant1043656309
David Edward Harrison 22701, VAPhysician Assistant1972069136
Mindi Lyn Mancuello 23456, VAPhysician Assistant1659313336
Winchester Medical Center, Inc. 22601, VAPhysician Assistant1760433791
Alfred A. Viyuoh 64030, VAPhysician Assistant1760999130
Hannah L Leist 23834, VAPhysician Assistant1548707367
David Lee Schoenfish 22310, VAPhysician Assistant1154883437
Justin Michael Gambini 27607, VAPhysician Assistant1215268339
Daniel Thomas Wolfe 22908, VAPhysician Assistant1356814644
Hayleigh Diamond Slezak 23707, VAPhysician Assistant1669900759
Tracy Ann Kelly 33027, VAPhysician Assistant1194949388
Deirdre A. Boro 04106, VAPhysician Assistant1831114859
Brianne R Becht 23452, VAPhysician Assistant1740505064
Jessica K Kennedy 80233, VAPhysician Assistant1528493368
Sarah White 20744, VAPhysician Assistant1124423231
Meghan E Carty 24401, VAPhysician Assistant1528624616
Leah Ann Franks 24523, VAPhysician Assistant1811937113
Heather Lynne Greenberg 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1710454178
Emarie Danielle Hill 22031, VAPhysician Assistant1700049764
Hanna L Kim 22031, VAPhysician Assistant1770852386
Joanna Izquierdo May 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1588003495
Lindsay R Tom 22033, VAPhysician Assistant1053826008
Susan Benton Suleske 22727, VAPhysician Assistant1982928735
Abigail Yoonhee Wong 22204, VAPhysician Assistant1194228478
Megan L Hare 23462, VAPhysician Assistant1205183621
Veronika Safronovna Bumgardner 20155, VAPhysician Assistant1750796793
Mary Elizabeth Williams 23116, VAPhysician Assistant1053546408
Mary K Crowe 16509, VAPhysician Assistant1952589392
Hailey Elizabeth Spinapont 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1689130882
Melvin Bernard Palmer 23606, VAPhysician Assistant1669736971
Rachel D Baumann 23505, VAPhysician Assistant1659728699
Evan R Turnbull 22908, VAPhysician Assistant1982836706
Keith Pillow 22942, VAPhysician Assistant1811427172
Chelsea Lauren Ress 24014, VAPhysician Assistant1881017580
Barbra Ann Stultz 23452, VAPhysician Assistant1952678732
Naid Allassan 77030, VAPhysician Assistant1497228415
Kelly Ann Tiller 27834, VAPhysician Assistant1760557920
Kelly Jeanne Hengler 23851, VAPhysician Assistant1992940522
Kathryn Nicole Smiley 22042, VAPhysician Assistant1780158733
Kirsten Yezzi 23113, VAPhysician Assistant1659874535
Michael Wayne Morton 22801, VAPhysician Assistant1417959958
Emily Sunday Powell 22310, VAPhysician Assistant1902179385
Steven Aron Brewer 23233, VAPhysician Assistant1801070313
Sheena Amie George 19114, VAPhysician Assistant1891159786
Tiffany Dietz 22206, VAPhysician Assistant1780187633
Annum Khan 22102, VAPhysician Assistant1871045773
Sierra Church 24060, VAPhysician Assistant1760966824
Fay Hannah Crawshaw 24016, VAPhysician Assistant1780190314
Bradley Pretzer 22003, VAPhysician Assistant1164983599
Joseph John 23507, VAPhysician Assistant1790733368
Dominick A Ruggiero 23320, VAPhysician Assistant1629094776
Jessica Sarah Jimenez 23502, VAPhysician Assistant1306986898
Dana Nicole Schenker 24153, VAPhysician Assistant1700110616
Evan E Mintz 23320, VAPhysician Assistant1790030666
Mackenzie Prandi 24153, VAPhysician Assistant1659342327
Benjamin Allen Nathan Rayhorn 85014, VAPhysician Assistant1831523083
Virginia Minehart Cinzano 22310, VAPhysician Assistant1285004051
Stephanie Fazenbaker 23298, VAPhysician Assistant1346706553
Emily Jones Chaikin 23185, VAPhysician Assistant1912930181
Natalie Rae Heaster 23601, VAPhysician Assistant1184940264
James Tyrone Harris 78236, VAPhysician Assistant1659826071
Stacey L Whitaker 36117, VAPhysician Assistant1518360973
Nida Chaudhry 22304, VAPhysician Assistant1184274276
Blake Aaron Rogers 24592, VAPhysician Assistant1659842557
Meghan Elizabeth Garanich 20817, VAPhysician Assistant1629635511
Brianna Parker Reamer 29316, VAPhysician Assistant1740732064


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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