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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Northwoods Foot & Ankle Llc WIPodiatry1326322884
Baltimore Podiatry Group, Dr. Benjamin Kleinman, P.a. Podiatry1386024057
Baltimore Podiatry Group, Dr. Benjamin Kleinman, P.a. Podiatry1467679530
Benjamin J Kleinman MDPodiatry1003079476
West Beverly Podiatry Group, Inc CAPodiatry1538175997
Chugo E. Rinoie Dpm Corp. CAPodiatry1043331820
Anthony J Spinella Dpm Pl FLPodiatry1578753083
Susan H Kirkpatrick Dpm Inc A Professional Corporation CAPodiatry1285813923
Ivancich Podiatry Services, Inc. CAPodiatry1306015086
International Center For Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery CAPodiatry1083074579
Vantage Foot And Ankle Center Podiatry1053966648
Mcr Health, Inc. Podiatry1780093229
Mcr Health, Inc. Podiatry1598146664
Mcr Health, Inc. Podiatry1578594107
Mcr Health, Inc. Podiatry1952963506
Lee Podiatry Group Of Arcadia, Inc. CAPodiatry1699843524
Arcadia Foot Clinic Inc CAPodiatry1669539672
Premier Foot And Ankle Specialists Podiatry1316054513
Anthony Martin CAPodiatry1770683914
Carole Ishan Chiang CAPodiatry1437437415
Charles John Hastings VAPodiatry1780627190
Chugo Eddie Rinoie CAPodiatry1619070661
Daniel Christopher Barry CAPodiatry1104877885
David Kim Bae CAPodiatry1093811077
Irina Pinsky CAPodiatry1508857079
Jimmy Lee CAPodiatry1023047347
Jordan Panicco NVPodiatry1770998478
Larry Ivancich CAPodiatry1912905472
Lily Y Lin CAPodiatry1174753032
Michael Bastani NYPodiatry1811379365
Nubar Antranik Ornekian CAPodiatry1912091893
Sang Joon Pak CAPodiatry1750313557
Shelley C Gath CAPodiatry1740226703
Susan Heidi Kirkpatrick CAPodiatry1285646034
Wenjay Sung ILPodiatry1649433129
R B Franz Dpm Podiatry1164690749
North Coast Podiatry Podiatry1861058737
Frederick Mayer CAPodiatry1639176589
Joseph T. Breen CAPodiatry1467574616
Jerome P. Casey Dpm Pc PAPodiatry1336478338
Jerome P Casey PAPodiatry1053309716
Town Center Podiatry, Pllc NCPodiatry1386152247
N'tuma Monday Jah NCPodiatry1972823276
Your Next Step Pc Podiatry1265440762
Leonard H Goldsmith Dpm PAPodiatry1265963284
Southern Oklahoma Podiatry Services Pllc OKPodiatry1932258613
James Q. Mcclelland, Dpm, Ppc OKPodiatry1043301153
Michael R. Grossman, Dpm PAPodiatry1841354081
Aliza Vazana Eisen PAPodiatry1417283409
Anthony Charles Cook PAPodiatry1740596899
Douglas F. Klepfer PAPodiatry1003889494
Eric Ricefield PAPodiatry1427066919
Franklin D Cooper OKPodiatry1376511204
James Q Mcclelland OKPodiatry1174611578
Leonard H Goldsmith PAPodiatry1932143757
Lloyd B Landis OKPodiatry1174611875
Mark Christopher Yagodich PAPodiatry1831107325
Matthew Tran PAPodiatry1053728956
Michael R. Grossman PAPodiatry1225011786
Richard B Cohen PAPodiatry1417943978
Spero E Demoleas NYPodiatry1891972808
Christopher A. Orlando NYPodiatry1093793093
Constance Anne Romano NYPodiatry1538161484
David Z Ascher NYPodiatry1205935749
Ovidio Joseph Falcone NYPodiatry1477555415
Jose A. Mattei PRPodiatry1063406205
Academy Foot & Ankle Specialists At Argyle Podiatry1124610142
Kelvin Devane Gipson VIPodiatry1013022698
Arleta Foot Care, Inc. CAPodiatry1891189551
Abid Nazir Chaudhry CAPodiatry1891875126
Public Hospital Dist No 1 Skagit WAPodiatry1295774016
Edward S. Pozarny Podiatry1265512024
Jbg, Pc MAPodiatry1528109816
Dharmesh Bhakta, Dpm, Pa Podiatry1114051463
Pro health Podiatry P.a. TXPodiatry1821210188
Karen Elizabeth Chagnon Dba Senior Care Associates Of Texas Podiatry1871700013
Arlington Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, Pa Podiatry1356544118
Dong V Nguyen, Dpm Pa TXPodiatry1376737189
Aaron Ben Pearl Dpm VAPodiatry1659551901
Instep Foot Clinic, P.a. MNPodiatry1558546200
Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic, Ps WAPodiatry1629254339
Max Ribald Dpm, Pc TXPodiatry1316104763
Apple Podiatry Group, P.a. TXPodiatry1891952123
Dr. Damaneon Smith And Associates Pc VAPodiatry1033341383
Advance Foot Center TXPodiatry1013239615
Arlington Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, Pa Podiatry1962708792
Arlington Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, Pa Podiatry1528380318
Arlington Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, Pa Podiatry1811208994
Kevin Q Nguyen khoa Pllc TXPodiatry1144584210
Ankle & Foot Clinics Northwest, P.s. WAPodiatry1225376429
Active Northwest Podiatry WAPodiatry1295156990
Active Northwest Podiatry Podiatry1316360787
Restore Foot And Ankle Pc TXPodiatry1891191573
Podiatry Associates Of Texas. TXPodiatry1871998534
Ricardo M. Bennett Dpm VAPodiatry1285709436
Medical Clinic Of North Texas, Pllc Podiatry1033167234
Medstar Medical Group Ii, Llc Podiatry1316590706
Privia Medical Group, Llc Podiatry1558919134
Medstar Medical Group Ii Llc Podiatry1538704416
Privia Medical Group, Llc Podiatry1487105946
Privia Medical Group, Llc Podiatry1962053306
Privia Medical Group, Llc Podiatry1225689698
Allcare Foot & Ankle Center, Pa TXPodiatry1265528566
Podiatric Medical Partners Of Texas, Pa Podiatry1093026189
Podiatric Medical Partners Of Texas, Pa Podiatry1316258429
Interventional Partners Llc Podiatry1427613710
Interventional Partners Llc Podiatry1760047153
Prime Foot And Ankle Specialists Pllc Podiatry1801483045
New Horizon Foot And Ankle Specialists Podiatry1528665437
Aaron Ben Pearl VAPodiatry1730154048
Alexandra R Spangler VAPodiatry1518497023
Amyn Lakhani TXPodiatry1265828123
Arash Ari Changizi VAPodiatry1487090494
Ashley Irene Vanderloop COPodiatry1235422924
Ashley Michelle Varner MIPodiatry1447632724
Dae Sik Alex Kim NJPodiatry1376959700
Damaneon Smith VAPodiatry1457463663
David Engorn MDPodiatry1942645270
Dharmesh P Bhakta TXPodiatry1346243243
Dong V Nguyen TXPodiatry1962486431
Edward S Pozarny VAPodiatry1023034907
Fred J. Hawley WAPodiatry1497701742
Henry C Traska TXPodiatry1275566671
Henry Samuel Turcios PAPodiatry1225524341
Jacob Boyce Jasper TXPodiatry1528441847
Jarna Rathod-bhatt TXPodiatry1609138411
Jayson Nicholas Atves DCPodiatry1952798118
Joe Taltson Southerland TXPodiatry1659321107
John Richard Landry TXPodiatry1710936158
Joseph Barry Gimbel MAPodiatry1265475339
Kevin Nguyen-khoa TXPodiatry1215959556
Keyvan Ganz TXPodiatry1538104096
Linnie Virginia Rabjohn TXPodiatry1346299872
Max Ribald TXPodiatry1861435596
Michael G. Fine VAPodiatry1578647137
Michael B Riojas WAPodiatry1225079478
Michael V Tran TXPodiatry1285652578
Moody Mankerious TXPodiatry1093158578
Rahul Bhatt TXPodiatry1386906196
Robert Scott Dominguez TXPodiatry1740631548
Robert David Warren TXPodiatry1831149681
Rosemarie Resendez TXPodiatry1881805075
Ryan Neal Lawrence TXPodiatry1578852711
Scott Floyd TXPodiatry1508249558
Shae Bryan Paschal TXPodiatry1942431341
William Joseph Hartigan MAPodiatry1407883374
Yvette Elaine Forbes-baker TXPodiatry1013061670
Mary Olszewski And Associates P C Podiatry1750404745
Mark Ryerson ILPodiatry1710156369
First Step Foot Care, Sc ILPodiatry1336393586
Kelley Frank Dpm, Pc Podiatry1760627426
Elizabeth Pacocha Dpm Pc ILPodiatry1558665869
Northwest Community Health Services, Inc Podiatry1073810743
Northwest Community Health Services Inc Podiatry1669802526
Halinski Podiatrics ILPodiatry1104213651
Foot & Ankle Wellness Pc Podiatry1457740219
Podiatry Of Arlington Heights, Pc Podiatry1508365529
Progressive Foot And Ankle Center, Llc ILPodiatry1831268887
Catherine Halinski ILPodiatry1891788055
Elizabeth Baldwin ILPodiatry1295779718
Frederick Martin Weil ILPodiatry1467430991
Gene Choi ILPodiatry1871856377
Jennifer Irene Kirchens ILPodiatry1174592810
Jerome A. Mann ILPodiatry1841349628
Jessica Marie Knight ILPodiatry1942565593
Kelley Ann Frank ILPodiatry1215020573
Malik Abraham ILPodiatry1972584464
Mary C Olszewski ILPodiatry1245274406
Raymond Edwin Partyka ILPodiatry1164519682
Richard J Laveau ILPodiatry1932183597
Richard J Powers ILPodiatry1750310264
S Khalid Husain ILPodiatry1821182361
Sonu Joseph MIPodiatry1043662018
Stephen Keith Roeske ILPodiatry1114378213
Midwest Foot & Ankle Clinics ILPodiatry1891828075
Donald B Cosley ILPodiatry1134124258
Mark Ryerson ILPodiatry1356395875
Gretta Shara, Dpm, Pc MIPodiatry1003074089
Gretta Shara MIPodiatry1679535942
All Bronx Foot Care, P.c. NYPodiatry1659512614
Kathleen Reilly-fallon NYPodiatry1720141179
Richard M. Maleski Dpm Pc PAPodiatry1821006578
Center For Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgery Inc Podiatry1790823417
Pioneer Foot Care Pc PAPodiatry1245763507
Khoi Vo PAPodiatry1265985501
Larry Michael Bernhard MDPodiatry1922080290
Michael Thomas Ryan PAPodiatry1831355189
Nicholas Muller Podiatry1457880395
Richard M Maleski PAPodiatry1881677656
Scott E. Adams, Dpm, Inc. CAPodiatry1245609270
Scott E Adams Dpm Inc CAPodiatry1487648697
John R Ziomek CAPodiatry1346443579
Kayla Christine Deblauw MOPodiatry1598389389
Laura Walker CAPodiatry1437561537
Nathan B Ecklund CAPodiatry1831225549
Scott E Adams CAPodiatry1609860709
My Foot Clinic, Inc. CAPodiatry1942371224
Eunice E Kim CAPodiatry1386852440
Gina L. Wilvang CAPodiatry1407986995
Joseph Marino NMPodiatry1679545172


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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