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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard Peffley ORPodiatry1386641231
Frederick Mayer CAPodiatry1639176589
Spencer F. Dubov NYPodiatry1477550226
Jonathan Paul Sumber NYPodiatry1184621906
Jon T Middleton GAPodiatry1134126956
Caren L Block FLPodiatry1225035082
David Rosenberg MIPodiatry1083611784
Carl C Van Gils UTPodiatry1518964212
Robert Andrew Diamond PAPodiatry1588661284
John P Nelson FLPodiatry1750388468
Richard Christian King NCPodiatry1124025846
Chester A Evans FLPodiatry1356348080
Richard G Bowling TXPodiatry1962409698
Douglas A Oheir MEPodiatry1750388484
Deanna E. Duran NYPodiatry1003814740
Larry Zonis AZPodiatry1255339909
Stephen Anthony Brigido PAPodiatry1407853336
Richard M Jay NJPodiatry1649277583
E. David Podolsky OHPodiatry1043217896
James William Hill MIPodiatry1811995582
Kevin J Powers INPodiatry1902804685
Douglas Stanley Williams IDPodiatry1932106713
Roy Lidtke ILPodiatry1386641165
John Nicholas Venson ILPodiatry1912904798
Jeffrey Michael Ferritto OHPodiatry1043218506
Larry Ivancich CAPodiatry1912905472
Mercado Foot And Ankle Clinics ILPodiatry1265430730
Morris Tyrone Haywood OHPodiatry1316945884
Mark Joseph Metzger FLPodiatry1699773176
Thomas F Mccloskey TXPodiatry1851399331
Theodore John Randolph NYPodiatry1831197318
Marcus M Goldbacher PAPodiatry1437157922
Bernard F. Martin NYPodiatry1790783363
Frank John Dipalma GAPodiatry1982602561
Jeffrey Allan Brown ALPodiatry1417955055
Neil Stewart Klein FLPodiatry1891793444
Henry Rick Tseng CAPodiatry1295733855
John A Mosolino NJPodiatry1184622748
Bruce Irwin Ackerman PAPodiatry1316945983
Dean E Bright ARPodiatry1770581357
Craig Howard Thomajan TXPodiatry1760480347
Adam Scott Landsman ILPodiatry1407854094
Howard Fred Preuss KYPodiatry1851399448
Rachel L Stern INPodiatry1750389342
Lori Anne Barnett PAPodiatry1366440943
Wendy S Siegel NYPodiatry1184622763
Thomas David Redmond MIPodiatry1558369025
Lorry A Melnick COPodiatry1285632752
Gary Lawrence Quartello NJPodiatry1902804479
Donna Jean Defronzo ILPodiatry1164420774
David K Elliott OHPodiatry1497753008
Andrew M. Cohen TXPodiatry1396743902
Kenneth Russell Lefkowitz PAPodiatry1073511580
Paul R Kasdan ILPodiatry1851399372
John Michael Ziegler PAPodiatry1366440869
Margaret Zakanycz NJPodiatry1447258967
Kim Tracey Lozier IAPodiatry1891793311
Mark Mitchell Stempler NYPodiatry1255339776
Glen Alan Beede TXPodiatry1407854920
Inland Northwest Surgery Center Llc WAPodiatry1134127657
Lary J Smith UTPodiatry1093713539
Thomas Eugene Curd NCPodiatry1033117585
Scot Charles Zindel VAPodiatry1700884269
Mitchell Dalvin OHPodiatry1073511473
Vernon L Garber LAPodiatry1043218449
Charles John Marino MAPodiatry1497753891
Michael Paul Carioscia NYPodiatry1306844717
Larry G Wells PAPodiatry1912905324
Donna S Kirell NYPodiatry1730187147
Peter B Akerele ILPodiatry1609874015
Eric G Walter NYPodiatry1063410470
Suzi Campanaro NYPodiatry1407854813
Alan J. Bloch MIPodiatry1477551893
Marlyn V Milicia NYPodiatry1821096249
David A Weik ILPodiatry1629076021
Alan Sclafani PAPodiatry1255339651
Inderjit Singh Panesar IAPodiatry1639177041
Michele L Selsor FLPodiatry1407854839
Richard Arthur Maldin CTPodiatry1689672016
Howard David Dinowitz NYPodiatry1932107364
William A Harr FLPodiatry1255339610
Steven D Vyce CTPodiatry1396743753
Raymond Eugene Mccarroll PAPodiatry1578561932
Carmel Foot Specialists, Pa Podiatry1093713455
Mark Schilansky NYPodiatry1710985189
Thomas Timothy Fitterer CAPodiatry1972501344
Michael Alan Saginaw TXPodiatry1144228511
Karen Wasserman TXPodiatry1386642759
Dale Carlton Fazio LAPodiatry1194723577
Highland milford Foot Specialists, Pc MIPodiatry1912905399
David J Dragoo MOPodiatry1093713471
Alex Bouhachem MIPodiatry1912905340
Richard Resnick VAPodiatry1548268972
Alan H Numbers ILPodiatry1851399299
Marc S Bruell INPodiatry1609874056
Allen Shuman NYPodiatry1225036676
Gary Steven Evans NYPodiatry1992703342
Neil R Siegel NYPodiatry1447258892
David Bruce Fuchs NYPodiatry1548268899
Syed M Ghani MIPodiatry1174521439
Cathy A Cimaglia MDPodiatry1255339511
Karen Marie Aglietti NYPodiatry1376541672
Lawrence Silverberg NYPodiatry1609874916
Eric Michael Thompson CTPodiatry1942208202
Kenneth H. Nixon OHPodiatry1679571939
David D Tran CAPodiatry1902804230
Nachum Pelcovitz NYPodiatry1619975943
Sanford Sheldon Merkin OHPodiatry1932107265
Arnold Steven Levin VAPodiatry1831197177
Meinardo Delrosario Santos PAPodiatry1386642569
David S Wood MIPodiatry1619975869
Bruce R Saferin OHPodiatry1689672834
Kent A Vanbelois NCPodiatry1578561734
Jill C Epstein PAPodiatry1326046608
Malcolm Frank Kramer NJPodiatry1023016300
Eugene Mark Rosenthall COPodiatry1093713265
John Louis Hoffman FLPodiatry1518965649
Samuel Nathan Goldring NYPodiatry1124026315
Arma Rose Velasquez TXPodiatry1285632562
Mark Thomas Lewis WAPodiatry1770581910
Petrina Celeste Lewis WAPodiatry1215935457
Luis Bernardo Eiber FLPodiatry1093713232
Lake Region Family Foot & Ankle Center MEPodiatry1255339446
Sanford Martin Chesler AZPodiatry1508864703
Zevi W. Isseroff NYPodiatry1285632414
Joseph Canby Arters OHPodiatry1659379840
John K Beighle MTPodiatry1386642577
David N Nussbaum NYPodiatry1821096017
Dale M Smith ILPodiatry1831197052
Joseph Paul Gabryszewski NYPodiatry1649278862
William Tomback NYPodiatry1417955642
Myron I Krupp TXPodiatry1336147511
Jonathon Edward Scott COPodiatry1790783934
Christopher John Lamy WAPodiatry1801894050
Peter Andrew Miller VTPodiatry1134127384
Gregory S Duncan IAPodiatry1902804065
Kurt Kriztofer Kovalovich PAPodiatry1316945496
Craig J Pilichowski MIPodiatry1467450551
Lyman Harold Wilson CAPodiatry1437157526
Neil Howard Strauss FLPodiatry1053319145
Commerce Foot & Ankle Specialists, P.c. MIPodiatry1407854508
Harvey Lefkowitz, D.p.m., P.c. MIPodiatry1316945413
Kevin D Roberts WIPodiatry1336147446
Kyle S Miller TXPodiatry1679571764
Ron Eugene Slate TXPodiatry1922006063
Arden Smith NYPodiatry1508864752
Russell Lynn Mckinley KYPodiatry1063410231
David A Kutlick OHPodiatry1154329225
K. David Flora CAPodiatry1033117106
Kennon Jeffery Martin CAPodiatry1497753578
Harold D Schoenhaus PAPodiatry1245238351
Edward J Kent TXPodiatry1629076773
Chester Arnold Nava KYPodiatry1760480818
Jeffrey J. Betman ILPodiatry1891793907
Edward Anthony Schwartz PAPodiatry1366440406
Barbara Jean Barrett OKPodiatry1215935358
Gary Steven Scheinin CAPodiatry1700884863
Kurt Petterson NCPodiatry1801894860
Anthony Joseph Sanzone NYPodiatry1821096884
Sharon L. Grissinger PAPodiatry1598763559
Robert Frances Linn FLPodiatry1285632273
Bruce Albert Zappia NYPodiatry1093713927
Howard Leslie Weinstein TXPodiatry1215935267
Timothy Brian Snyder MIPodiatry1245238153
Ross Samuel Cohen MDPodiatry1548268485
Jamie P Coffey AZPodiatry1801894654
Charles Jefferson Mauney NCPodiatry1700884558
Donald D Brann ILPodiatry1184622169
Matthew J. Tavroff NYPodiatry1750389755
Gerald Vincent Ciccarello NYPodiatry1720086796
Karin Sigrid Johansson NYPodiatry1376541391
Alan Michael Stern NYPodiatry1720086754
Geoffrey C. Epstein NYPodiatry1578561510
Charles Morelli NYPodiatry1992703847
Miller Orthopaedic Affiliates Pc Podiatry1659379519
Joseph Gerard Proebstle MDPodiatry1972501906
Samuel D Kulick FLPodiatry1023016987
Raymond Abdo MOPodiatry1629076674
David H Warner PAPodiatry1033117916
Eric Weinstein FLPodiatry1821096702
James Peter Barrett PAPodiatry1437157336
Norman S Schumann NYPodiatry1497753313
Kevin C Dodson ILPodiatry1629076559
Lori A Lundberg NYPodiatry1811995384
Dr Brooks ILPodiatry1235136292
Thomas Sean Roukis WIPodiatry1740288356
Jed M Wells TXPodiatry1083612238
Austin Paul Matthews NCPodiatry1396002218
Steven A Weiskopf GAPodiatry1750388237
Ira M Fox NJPodiatry1619975711
Jeffrey Ronald Baker ILPodiatry1215935739
Wendy Benton-weil ILPodiatry1659379246
Frank Bongiovanni ILPodiatry1821096439
Anthony Henry Borrelli ILPodiatry1083612683
Stephen A Weinberg ILPodiatry1548268121
Michele N Kurlanski MEPodiatry1063419869
Dallas County Hospital District TXPodiatry1649278995
Oleh Roman Lawrin MIPodiatry1316944937
Mala Podiatric Services,llc MIPodiatry1134126386
Robert Lee Behrends ILPodiatry1215934112


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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