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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William J Finn ILPodiatry1942203450
Jaryl G Korpinen TXPodiatry1578566949
Myles Grossman NYPodiatry1417950866
Kash K. Siepert ORPodiatry1689677031
Bruce James Holtzman FLPodiatry1992708341
Marc L Bendeth NYPodiatry1700889136
Steven H Silvers CAPodiatry1154324580
Raziuddin Ahmed CAPodiatry1972506293
Richard Anthony Keh TXPodiatry1386647691
Stephen M Offutt INPodiatry1700889102
Hal Leslie Bozof FLPodiatry1346243748
Harvey Alan Bernstein PAPodiatry1558364877
Anthony Edward Dallalio OHPodiatry1629071923
David L Deetz NMPodiatry1568465862
Steve Menna NYPodiatry1164425427
Daniel B Firshein NYPodiatry1043213309
Ronald Kevin Olm MIPodiatry1356344741
Michael Nirenberg INPodiatry1154324531
Robert David Teitelbaum FLPodiatry1609878933
James S Tavolario OHPodiatry1841292174
Lester Neil Dennis NYPodiatry1669474995
Kevin Irving Stroh CAPodiatry1104829431
Marc S Jaffe NYPodiatry1770586133
Jeffrey Lester Adler NYPodiatry1013910470
Starlette Mclean CAPodiatry1912900374
Steven Frederick Lakamp OHPodiatry1760485072
Pamela C Sisney OHPodiatry1225031529
Donald E. Robinson TXPodiatry1316940604
Walter J Suber SCPodiatry1174526461
Todd Michael Adams OHPodiatry1528061819
Christopher Richard Oldrich FLPodiatry1740282078
Mark Elliot Lessing MAPodiatry1922000249
Douglas J Farrell PAPodiatry1881696102
John A Pron PAPodiatry1063414373
John F Swaim CAPodiatry1073516498
Dharmesh P Bhakta TXPodiatry1346243243
Aaron D Solomon GAPodiatry1356344691
Gordon James Bean OKPodiatry1255334967
Ira H Kraus GAPodiatry1588667075
Arnold Sherman Beresh VAPodiatry1417950973
Michael Walkovich OHPodiatry1538162136
Kory Brownlee OHPodiatry1467455170
Choice Podiatry Associates Inc OHPodiatry1053314617
Catherine Brigid Hegarty OHPodiatry1174526818
Northern Kentucky Family Foot Care Inc KYPodiatry1235132861
Mark Edward Barnhart OHPodiatry1932102225
Barry Jay Rosen NYPodiatry1871596262
Specialty Orthopaedics Psc KYPodiatry1174526487
Steve Christian Jensen CAPodiatry1144223793
Alexander Richardson OHPodiatry1356344923
Anthony R Hoffman CAPodiatry1023011459
Todd Adam Levenstien NYPodiatry1649273103
Kenneth Jarvis NVPodiatry1497758197
Gregory Allen Shilling VAPodiatry1942203666
Jennifer L Hamilton OHPodiatry1043213739
Barry Schulman TNPodiatry1720081078
Adrienne Cygal Sabin CAPodiatry1043213523
James Paul Lentini NYPodiatry1801899430
Clair L. Bello GAPodiatry1518960855
Vincent Cibella OHPodiatry1346243045
Adam Khoa Lu AZPodiatry1083617781
Peter Michael Kaminski PAPodiatry1184626426
Anthony M Caristo DEPodiatry1801898143
Matthew Harold Roberts OKPodiatry1225030562
Richard N Goich MIPodiatry1558363812
Robert R Franger MAPodiatry1801898150
Arthur Stanley Emerson NYPodiatry1255333506
Orthopaedic Associates Of Central Md, Pa Podiatry1497757637
James Wm. Pifer TNPodiatry1043212194
Jengyu Lai MNPodiatry1750383808
Frank D Russo NYPodiatry1538161716
Raymond William Peterson AZPodiatry1992707160
Bruce Roy Greenbaum NYPodiatry1598767600
Raymond A Dipretoro DEPodiatry1568464816
Southside Foot Clinic Of Shreveport, Inc. A Professional Corporation LAPodiatry1033111240
Joel C Keilson NYPodiatry1952303141
Denise Varquez-hoffman MDPodiatry1386646578
Michael A Feltman OHPodiatry1558363721
Terry R Cook COPodiatry1285636449
Patricia Ann Berran NJPodiatry1992707079
Mark R Sands TXPodiatry1386646339
Ronald A Washington NYPodiatry1366444317
James Kilgore MSPodiatry1437153715
Maureen Leigh Caldwell TXPodiatry1568464634
Lawrence B Rubin MIPodiatry1881696953
Sophie I Liu MOPodiatry1013911395
Carol Ann Donahue SDPodiatry1215939392
Paul Michael Greenberg NYPodiatry1134123110
Dan Steven Bailey OHPodiatry1063416956
Arthur M Weisman MOPodiatry1326042219
Angel Louis Jimenez GAPodiatry1023012929
Jerome M Privitera OHPodiatry1639173628
Michael Richard Kressler NVPodiatry1184628174
Charles D Ganime TNPodiatry1861496853
James T Hamilton MOPodiatry1205830296
Carl E Christenson CAPodiatry1285638197
Steven T. Adelstein ILPodiatry1518961424
John Thomas Callahan ORPodiatry1861496804
Douglas K Birch HIPodiatry1033113071
Daniel Bowman Baker FLPodiatry1508860560
John T Erotas AZPodiatry1710981790
Charles J Gudas SCPodiatry1972507812
Gary A Cortese PAPodiatry1497759336
Robert Jay Valins FLPodiatry1255335089
Andrew John Young TXPodiatry1992709869
Robert Peter Wunderlich TXPodiatry1417951385
Chris M Olenech MIPodiatry1225032196
Steven J Stanton TXPodiatry1043214919
Brian Keith Bailey KYPodiatry1265436141
Kenneth L Frank NJPodiatry1649274424
Daryl K. Potter KYPodiatry1295739050
Robert J Gottlieb NYPodiatry1922002716
Brian K Doerr FLPodiatry1437153236
John Tsouris NYPodiatry1225032097
Jordan S Sheff RIPodiatry1194729863
Jack Elliott Fisher CAPodiatry1629072392
Peter N. Ly CAPodiatry1447254396
Kenneth H Zygmunt ILPodiatry1154325074
Anthony Nicolas Acello NJPodiatry1184628018
Jennifer Sanders CAPodiatry1043214869
Advantage Foot Care Associates, P.c. PAPodiatry1396749115
George Michael Nassoor NJPodiatry1598769267
Joseph Micheal Caporusso TXPodiatry1528062213
Carmen S Luciano CTPodiatry1366446072
Jeffrey David Baller MOPodiatry1710981519
Craig L Cohen OHPodiatry1326042128
Joseph J Bianchini CTPodiatry1689678492
Jess Daniel Songer KYPodiatry1265436026
Phillip Anthony Lipira MOPodiatry1316941172
Andrew Stephen Wilantewicz NYPodiatry1457355224
Larry William Piper MOPodiatry1801890678
Edward J Hynes DEPodiatry1710981584
David Benjamin Alper MAPodiatry1467456152
Michael J Drager IDPodiatry1326042045
John E. Turano NYPodiatry1023012770
David Michael Krausse NJPodiatry1356345912
Joseph F Bender TXPodiatry1265436828
Jerauld D Ferritto OHPodiatry1245234806
Martin G Miller NYPodiatry1194729780
Michael Dinnel CAPodiatry1497759096
Harris L Klear NJPodiatry1538163134
Robert D Matteucci WIPodiatry1164426763
Tiffany A. S. Hauptman IAPodiatry1982608584
Ryan P Frank MOPodiatry1528062130
Barry Robert Kaplan AZPodiatry1326042938
Ujjwal Kumar Datta NJPodiatry1760486385
Rupal Patel Gupta GAPodiatry1003810623
Estell Pappas CTPodiatry1376547992
Jose Javier Barreto TXPodiatry1831193465
David Leroy Beatty INPodiatry1912901554
James Palmer Branch GAPodiatry1346244985
Jeffrey Robert Horowitz NYPodiatry1457355000
Craig Randall Parent CAPodiatry1699779272
John L Bostanche WIPodiatry1821092420
Lonnie Neil Resnick CTPodiatry1063416683
Nicholas Sol COPodiatry1114921731
Matthew James Connolly KYPodiatry1023010279
Gary Lynn Adsit INPodiatry1700888948
Michael B Stegman AZPodiatry1194729178
Boone Podiatry Pa NCPodiatry1326042979
Thomas James Hagan NCPodiatry1962406991
Marshall N. Kalinsky SCPodiatry1447254461
S M S Do Pa Podiatry1346244100
William Kevin Pearson GAPodiatry1013911817
Gregory Alvarez GAPodiatry1861496754
Ketan B Patel GAPodiatry1447254131
Joseph D Giovinco GAPodiatry1316941115
Michael F Dombek GAPodiatry1588668289
William S Lynde PAPodiatry1104828219
Feet First Podiatry Inc. OHPodiatry1033113683
Marc Klein OHPodiatry1699779553
Audra Rochelle Siegel NYPodiatry1538163290
Terry Ann Donovan NCPodiatry1295739019
Dan P Conrad SDPodiatry1033113832
Courtney S Palmer MDPodiatry1205830122
Anthony Jerome Cawthon TNPodiatry1568464519
Phillip Evans Ward NCPodiatry1396749198
Daniel E Whitney KYPodiatry1508860354
Frances J. Lagana MAPodiatry1750385514
Charles F Ross NYPodiatry1538163373
David J Caldarella RIPodiatry1891799482
William M Noorlag ILPodiatry1538163456
Northwest Physicians Associates Pc PAPodiatry1144224973
Dr. Mchugh And Associates, P.c. CTPodiatry1942204797
John M Mchugh CTPodiatry1982608667
Ezra Dottino CTPodiatry1700880580
Thomas M Hall MIPodiatry1861496747
David Julius Levine MDPodiatry1134123029
Amod P Paranjpe MOPodiatry1629070792
Lincoln Pedic Clinic, Inc. INPodiatry1760486393
Timothy M Kump PAPodiatry1841294485
Jinwah John Hoy WAPodiatry1104820653
Michael Wade Dixon GAPodiatry1477557924
Ronald Alva Nagy AZPodiatry1740284207
William G Tabbert OHPodiatry1770587404
Lee Paul Woodruff ARPodiatry1215931951
Rick Jason Delmonte NYPodiatry1285638932
Clifford D. Mcentire OKPodiatry1629072376
Jane Ellen Graebner OHPodiatry1639173198
Peter F. Gregory MIPodiatry1346244803


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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