Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Zane Moore 72019, ARPodiatry1891109963
Philip John Hahn 75503, ARPodiatry1568485787
Krystal Dawn Upshaw 72422, ARPodiatry1285046896
Bradley Bibb, Md Pllc 72513, ARPodiatry1770067589
Aaron Teufel 72703, ARPodiatry1609288984
Calvin D Baize 72501, ARPodiatry1477644516
Kory Dee Miskin 72713, ARPodiatry1215376058
Glenn D Mcclendon 72034, ARPodiatry1265425656
Garrett Willis Nielson 78741, ARPodiatry1295256022
Michael Allen Haughey 72401, ARPodiatry1861436875
White County Medical Center 72112, ARPodiatry1821758301
St. Vincent Medical Group 72205, ARPodiatry1134176480
Richard C Bennett 71913, ARPodiatry1407907926
Arkansas Foot Care Clinic, Inc 72801, ARPodiatry1568465375
Poplar Podiatry P.c 72301, ARPodiatry1376514794
Arkansas Foot Clinic, Pa 72205, ARPodiatry1306816137
Reel Family Foot Clinic, P.a. 72801, ARPodiatry1942243787
Thomas G. Werner, D.p.m., P.a. 72801, ARPodiatry1750326526
Family Foot Clinic Of Northwest Arkansas Pa 72764, ARPodiatry1689619165
Walter W. Hayes, D.p.m., P.a. 72401, ARPodiatry1013940394
Crotty Foot Clinic P A 72903, ARPodiatry1295743557
Cooper Clinic Pa 72903, ARPodiatry1780691758
Bowen Hefley Rhodes Stewart Orthopedics, Pa 72205, ARPodiatry1508877903
Little Rock Foot Clinic, Pa 72205, ARPodiatry1285746529
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences 72205, ARPodiatry1851471312
Foot & Ankle Associates Of Central Arkansas, Pllc 72212, ARPodiatry1043383706
Northwest Arkansas Podiatry Center, Inc. 72703, ARPodiatry1194868281
Advanced Foot And Ankle Clinics Pa 72712, ARPodiatry1114047438
Brooke A. Bisbee, Dpm, Pa 72758, ARPodiatry1114147691
Laurence Connelley 72205, ARPodiatry1962616227
Bruce K. Berkheimer, P.a. 72143, ARPodiatry1396959284
Dr Lloyd C Trichell Pa 72703, ARPodiatry1073727756
Sparks Regional Medical Center 72901, ARPodiatry1679784367
Joseph M. Lacava, Dpm.,pa 71913, ARPodiatry1821281528
Family Foot Care, Pa 72903, ARPodiatry1326233263
Bright Foot Clinic Pa 72762, ARPodiatry1023205820
John V. Simons 71901, ARPodiatry1710176896
Arp Foot & Ankle Clinic Pa 72653, ARPodiatry1720262082
Foot Care Of Northeast Arkansas Pa 72401, ARPodiatry1750550489
Angela L. Pinkston ayson, Dpm 72756, ARPodiatry1780854042
Tracy Duncan, Dpm 72315, ARPodiatry1780854240
Joseph M Lacava 71913, ARPodiatry1326212440
Family Foot Clinic 72830, ARPodiatry1669635280
Loren Bartole, Dpm, Llc 72120, ARPodiatry1386808764
Dr Anika T Whitfield Llc 72205, ARPodiatry1003074477
Family Medicine Podiatry 71603, ARPodiatry1356525026
Southwest Arkansas Foot And Ankle Center 71901, ARPodiatry1588858849
Mid south Foot & Ankle Clinic P C 72301, ARPodiatry1154571495
Orthopaedics, Pa 72903, ARPodiatry1427281302
Bowen Hefley Rhodes Stewart Orthopedics, Pa 72117, ARPodiatry1972825834
Lee P.woodruff Dpm, P.a. 72401, ARPodiatry1114249661
Mercy Clinic Fort Smith Communities 72903, ARPodiatry1699070649
Mississippi County Hospital System 72315, ARPodiatry1164720868
Ft Smith Hma Pbc Management, Llc 72901, ARPodiatry1740571454
Caesar S. Divino D.p.m. Pa 72023, ARPodiatry1811280894
Arkansas Foot & Ankle Clinic, Pa 71603, ARPodiatry1346534047
River Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic 72801, ARPodiatry1750663571
Ozark Foot & Ankle Plc 72761, ARPodiatry1376820167
Ozark Foot & Ankle Plc 72703, ARPodiatry1710256003
Cooper Clinic Pa 72901, ARPodiatry1710214010
Supply And General Equipment, Inc. 72211, ARPodiatry1609123223
Artineli Foot Care Solutions Pllc 72223, ARPodiatry1730421454
Charles S Ginn Dpm Pa 72758, ARPodiatry1417385246
Foot & Ankle Center Of Little Rock Pllc 72205, ARPodiatry1316360514
Ozark Foot & Ankle Plc 72632, ARPodiatry1962812321
Tait Podiatry, Llc 72223, ARPodiatry1457731804
Foot & Ankle Associates Of Central Arkansas, Pllc 71901, ARPodiatry1578944385
Cooper Clinic Pa 72903, ARPodiatry1063768901
Cooper Clinic Pa 72903, ARPodiatry1841546785
East Arkansas Foot Specialists 72301, ARPodiatry1063757490
Fulmer And Johnson Foot & Ankle , P.a. 72703, ARPodiatry1205869229
Scott K Gray Dpm Pa 71602, ARPodiatry1679782411
River North Podiatry, P. A. 72116, ARPodiatry1194255349
A Step Ahead Foot And Ankle Clinic 72501, ARPodiatry1184163313
Wright Podiatry, Pllc 72901, ARPodiatry1679085310
Baptist Health Services 72901, ARPodiatry1922587690
Foot & Ankle Center Of Little Rock, Pllc 72205, ARPodiatry1922570407
Dr. Austin Kramer P.a. 72703, ARPodiatry1417509597
Vafa Ferdowsian Dpm, P.a. 72034, ARPodiatry1922285147
Sgoh Acquisition Inc 72736, ARPodiatry1568643005
South Central Foot Care, Pllc 71701, ARPodiatry1023106739
Morgan Podiatry Inc 72022, ARPodiatry1215567623
Conway Regional Medical Center Inc. 72034, ARPodiatry1174092217
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 71953, ARPodiatry1245774041
Arkansas Foot & Ankle Specialists 72703, ARPodiatry1619533692
Crestwood Foot Clinic, Llc 72116, ARPodiatry1962677906
Bradley Footcare Llc 72301, ARPodiatry1477881092
Seiter Foot And Ankle Specialists, Pa 72032, ARPodiatry1447298815
Scott K Gray, Dpm 71603, ARPodiatry1710005509
Podiatry Group The Foot Doctors Ltd 72401, ARPodiatry1043251762
Glenn Mcclendon Dpm Inc 72034, ARPodiatry1720676836
University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences 72701, ARPodiatry1821675380
Access Medical Clinic Arkansas Llc 72576, ARPodiatry1255910782
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 72104, ARPodiatry1962003210
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 71913, ARPodiatry1801303144
A Step Ahead Foot And Ankle Clinic 72501, ARPodiatry1821460676
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 71909, ARPodiatry1689344475
Healthy Connections Specialty, Llc 71913, ARPodiatry1255006094
Unity Health Newport 72112, ARPodiatry1790424489
Toe tal Foot Care, Pllc 71913, ARPodiatry1649911637
Aaron Karl Seiter 72032, ARPodiatry1164460119
Alexandra N Buk 72212, ARPodiatry1609846427
Allan G Gold 72205, ARPodiatry1417068255
Andrew Miles Clothier 72143, ARPodiatry1649667817
Angela Lorraine Ayson 72756, ARPodiatry1407936388
Anika T Whitfield 72205, ARPodiatry1184793259
Austin Alan Kramer 72703, ARPodiatry1902239486
Barbara Ann Porchia 71701, ARPodiatry1427140920
Brian David Horowitz 72301, ARPodiatry1336162221
Brooke A Bisbee 72758, ARPodiatry1427044353
Bruce Kevin Berkheimer 72143, ARPodiatry1003886748
Bryan H. Glenn 72450, ARPodiatry1487733259
Caesar S Divino 72023, ARPodiatry1750312369
Calvin P. Britton 72205, ARPodiatry1285696070
Carlotta Monique Wells 71901, ARPodiatry1144341827
Charles Stephen Ginn 72712, ARPodiatry1528251956
Christopher Rowlett 72401, ARPodiatry1184756280
Clifford B Marston 72635, ARPodiatry1053304303
Daniel C Fulmer 72703, ARPodiatry1184658114
Daniel Barry Klein 72903, ARPodiatry1598707754
Danny J Aquilar 72801, ARPodiatry1699778407
David J Kiessling 72212, ARPodiatry1235176843
Dean E Bright 72762, ARPodiatry1770581357
Eddy Lloyd Caldwell 72401, ARPodiatry1235131640
Edwin Allen Clark 72205, ARPodiatry1346213626
Ellen Yvonne Gebhart 72764, ARPodiatry1942245436
Eric Allen Arp 72653, ARPodiatry1023097433
Erik Rosenlof 72401, ARPodiatry1760613004
Frederick Nicholas Day 72736, ARPodiatry1275736340
Gail R Johnson 72703, ARPodiatry1952320640
Gina Marie Morgan 72019, ARPodiatry1093949448
Harvey Franklin Brown 72207, ARPodiatry1821201237
Jame Beth Pierce 72212, ARPodiatry1407953458
James J Brantley 72703, ARPodiatry1720083033
James Stuart Comerford 72205, ARPodiatry1336119981
James Ashley Washburn 72205, ARPodiatry1831481035
Jason L Seiter 72901, ARPodiatry1396808473
Jason Todd Smith 72112, ARPodiatry1013141209
Jeff Frank Resimont 72830, ARPodiatry1740374818
Jesse H. Bradley 72301, ARPodiatry1114160389
Jesse Brian Burks 72205, ARPodiatry1164492989
John W Robinette 71603, ARPodiatry1649254228
John P Thrash 71603, ARPodiatry1811973225
John A Werner 72903, ARPodiatry1588673875
John D Wright 72901, ARPodiatry1316956634
Joseph M. Lacava 71913, ARPodiatry1104842814
Kenneth Paul Seiter 72901, ARPodiatry1316150949
Kevin Dean Steffen 72653, ARPodiatry1518259498
Kyle Haverstrom 72758, ARPodiatry1649791369
Laurel A Tait 72576, ARPodiatry1831119676
Lee Paul Woodruff 72401, ARPodiatry1215931951
Lloyd Trichell 72703, ARPodiatry1932131935
Loren Bartole 72120, ARPodiatry1639238181
Mark H Dotson 72903, ARPodiatry1689642019
Mark Edward Reiner 72401, ARPodiatry1841236668
Martha A Jackson 72116, ARPodiatry1053372946
Max Douglas Rand 72212, ARPodiatry1851644033
Mckay Hugentobler 71901, ARPodiatry1821108051
Megan Lynn Herring 72212, ARPodiatry1023538568
Nancy Mary Lee 72758, ARPodiatry1619062023
Naval Hasmukh Patel 72205, ARPodiatry1760826887
Phetsamone Peter Xaysanasy 72703, ARPodiatry1063456184
Phuong Qvoc Mueller 72764, ARPodiatry1619912110
Rajnish Rammohan 72903, ARPodiatry1386045763
Richard A Bronfman 72205, ARPodiatry1023088671
Richard A. Dellinger 72205, ARPodiatry1407814940
Robert B Trovillion 72703, ARPodiatry1124178355
Sara Mccoy 72703, ARPodiatry1194737023
Scott Gregory Bird 72903, ARPodiatry1992200331
Scott Kevin Gray 71602, ARPodiatry1275521601
Spencer Lewis Mortensen 72901, ARPodiatry1568716744
Stephanie A. Roth 72801, ARPodiatry1235314147
Stephen Samuel Pirotta 72712, ARPodiatry1053311944
Stephen H Zimmerman 72301, ARPodiatry1801867122
Terri R Cohen 72205, ARPodiatry1437113727
Thomas Gerard Werner 72801, ARPodiatry1639105570
Timothy Wayne Gauldin 71913, ARPodiatry1346651494
Tracy Dianne Duncan 72315, ARPodiatry1437142619
Vafa N Ferdowsian 72034, ARPodiatry1033182837
Walter Wadsworth Hayes 72401, ARPodiatry1346246352
William George Coates 72401, ARPodiatry1487698478


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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