Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary Lee Schlegel 93105, CAPodiatry1730182767
Carl Wagreich 90505, CAPodiatry1043213242
Paul Y Han 92704, CAPodiatry1972506988
Joan Marie Meyer 92025, CAPodiatry1629071725
James M Hagan 95453, CAPodiatry1134122880
Jack Morgan 91754, CAPodiatry1669475489
Ruben A Ezquerro 90716, CAPodiatry1417950304
Matthew Mcquaid 95453, CAPodiatry1962405613
Brian Glenn Mills 92543, CAPodiatry1386647220
Steven L Swartz 92647, CAPodiatry1376546259
Huy Duc Nguyen 93555, CAPodiatry1326041823
Steven H Silvers 90404, CAPodiatry1154324580
Kevin Irving Stroh 95242, CAPodiatry1104829431
Starlette Mclean 93662, CAPodiatry1912900374
John F Swaim 96080, CAPodiatry1073516498
Steve Christian Jensen 95370, CAPodiatry1144223793
Anthony R Hoffman 94609, CAPodiatry1023011459
Carl E Christenson 93710, CAPodiatry1285638197
Jack Elliott Fisher 95020, CAPodiatry1629072392
Jennifer Sanders 94104, CAPodiatry1043214869
Michael Dinnel 92084, CAPodiatry1497759096
Craig Randall Parent 93010, CAPodiatry1699779272
Henny Thi Nguyen 92843, CAPodiatry1568466001
Darryl E Burns 93901, CAPodiatry1356346787
Elliott Handwerker 94563, CAPodiatry1912902297
Ara Kelekian 90640, CAPodiatry1871598748
Mark Costopoulos 90266, CAPodiatry1669477717
Anthony James Fedrigo 94904, CAPodiatry1962407882
Spero Christi Horine 95124, CAPodiatry1639174303
James Bryan Robison 94941, CAPodiatry1689679300
Neil Howard Hecht 91356, CAPodiatry1912902768
Michael Anthony Zapf 91360, CAPodiatry1215932090
David Alan Sharpe 95124, CAPodiatry1255336921
John Angus Chisholm 91910, CAPodiatry1396740072
Vincent C. Marino 94111, CAPodiatry1609871342
Tobin C Gallawa 95825, CAPodiatry1316942634
Edward Alan Helfand 91106, CAPodiatry1437154861
Jeffrey D Goss 91436, CAPodiatry1912902792
Aram Isaiants 91203, CAPodiatry1477558120
Arlene F. Hoffman 94115, CAPodiatry1073518726
Bakersfield Family Medical Group 93309, CAPodiatry1013912641
Nicholas Nelson Desantis 92101, CAPodiatry1053317545
Barbara Lillian Widmer 93003, CAPodiatry1962408468
Richard M Meltzer 95032, CAPodiatry1508862814
Thuan Moc Luu 95112, CAPodiatry1821094970
Timothy Allen Vandyne 93710, CAPodiatry1679579460
Deric Lords 92870, CAPodiatry1841297488
Douglas Hight 95661, CAPodiatry1821094475
Jeffrey Kleis 92626, CAPodiatry1043216856
Anoosh Moadab 93710, CAPodiatry1912904376
Neil H Steinberg 91301, CAPodiatry1447257829
Steven Paul Plaskin 91910, CAPodiatry1376540534
Stephen John Wagstaff 94904, CAPodiatry1831196849
Frederick Julian Kruger 93720, CAPodiatry1417954447
Donald Triolo 92120, CAPodiatry1003813783
Richard Nielsen 96130, CAPodiatry1417955113
R. Denis Russell 92708, CAPodiatry1790783439
Alison Jo Cook 94541, CAPodiatry1518964360
Frederick Mayer 95531, CAPodiatry1639176589
Larry Ivancich 91732, CAPodiatry1912905472
Thomas Timothy Fitterer 92116, CAPodiatry1972501344
David D Tran 94015, CAPodiatry1902804230
Lyman Harold Wilson 92866, CAPodiatry1437157526
K. David Flora 93274, CAPodiatry1033117106
Gary Steven Scheinin 95032, CAPodiatry1700884863
Michele Kraft 93923, CAPodiatry1861499782
Vladimir Zeetser 91316, CAPodiatry1366449985
Paul Richard Shonka 95403, CAPodiatry1215935051
Kendall Pratt Shumway 92220, CAPodiatry1952300667
Alton J. Smalley 95642, CAPodiatry1316946551
Daniel M Kleiner 92071, CAPodiatry1124027370
Behnam David Massaband 90048, CAPodiatry1760481741
Cynthia Ann Smith 94122, CAPodiatry1366441305
Joseph J Giacopelli 92648, CAPodiatry1366442204
Lyle A. Nalli 90815, CAPodiatry1174522056
Thomas F Clemente 91405, CAPodiatry1497755110
James Francis Brown 92037, CAPodiatry1073513610
Howard Austin Hewlett 92866, CAPodiatry1124028691
Jean Marie Turner 95472, CAPodiatry1376543819
Roelof Tikker 94574, CAPodiatry1558361014
Victor Kimball Grandt 93291, CAPodiatry1396745659
Timothy J. Byron 92691, CAPodiatry1881694107
Dennis Hwa Hum 95124, CAPodiatry1649270620
Jeffrey R Desantis 92866, CAPodiatry1659371748
Matt M Ahmadi 92691, CAPodiatry1285635144
Joel J. Lipkin 91601, CAPodiatry1407856354
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAPodiatry1730180415
Randall J Sarte 95825, CAPodiatry1760483085
Brian A Mcdowell 95608, CAPodiatry1073515185
H Rand Tolboe 95355, CAPodiatry1124020102
Bruce Joseph Schneider 92612, CAPodiatry1629070313
Bruce A Olson 93033, CAPodiatry1225020472
Dinh-chi Nguyen 93311, CAPodiatry1346232576
Joseph Domenic Basso 94116, CAPodiatry1588666077
John W. Tam 91740, CAPodiatry1942292602
Dan B Tarango 91942, CAPodiatry1336131911
Giao Vinh Luong 94402, CAPodiatry1699767111
Robert James Abrams 91321, CAPodiatry1558353011
Christina Chauncey 92647, CAPodiatry1770575102
Barry Evan Weiner 95819, CAPodiatry1538151808
Peter A Ternus 94578, CAPodiatry1790777019
Eric W Nelson 94578, CAPodiatry1902899263
Jeremiah J. Maloney 91978, CAPodiatry1174516389
Dennis J Lyons 94619, CAPodiatry1154314011
Jean Lieu 90042, CAPodiatry1528051356
Mitchell Ronald Mosher 95661, CAPodiatry1639162498
Roger Alan Crawford 90680, CAPodiatry1689667271
Annalisa Y Co 95608, CAPodiatry1528060548
Wonsik Y Bollmann 92395, CAPodiatry1578556742
Cambridge Foot And Ankle Associates Inc. 92866, CAPodiatry1730180266
Liviu G Pasaboc 93309, CAPodiatry1659363554
James P Hatfield 92024, CAPodiatry1255324612
Brian David O'carroll 93449, CAPodiatry1336133768
John W Scivally 94598, CAPodiatry1518951722
Eric Arthur Fuller 94706, CAPodiatry1346234457
James Fletcher Mcdonald 94566, CAPodiatry1750375341
Suzanne C. Felson 92262, CAPodiatry1982698478
Richard Blake Viehe 92660, CAPodiatry1922093483
Mark L Hamilton 93309, CAPodiatry1710972039
Gregory T Pulas 95219, CAPodiatry1972599355
Anthony R. Hoffman, Dpm, Inc. 95376, CAPodiatry1689660433
Michael N Scatena 95219, CAPodiatry1326034083
William Edward Sweet 92262, CAPodiatry1801882683
Donald E Hershman 94108, CAPodiatry1699762070
M & K Podiatric Medical Management 91505, CAPodiatry1952398265
Mehran Tofighrad 90025, CAPodiatry1770570988
Michael Leon Wilson 95928, CAPodiatry1992792774
Scott E Adams 93420, CAPodiatry1609860709
University Foot & Ankle Institute Podiactric Surgical Center 90045, CAPodiatry1164887048
Jeffrey Alan Klemes 90211, CAPodiatry1346235652
Behrooz David Soofer 90024, CAPodiatry1891789798
Bradley Glenn Jann 94903, CAPodiatry1265429310
Mark F Miller 93455, CAPodiatry1629063946
Arshia Z Roohian 92637, CAPodiatry1073507968
Michael Joseph Eisenman 94535, CAPodiatry1306833769
James W Breedlove 93442, CAPodiatry1417941907
Andrew John Sawicki 94558, CAPodiatry1306834163
Robert Wayne Larsen 95630, CAPodiatry1427046770
Ronald E. Lieberman, Dpm 92024, CAPodiatry1336138015
Thomas Angelo Del Zotto 95608, CAPodiatry1306835939
Ronald E Lieberman 92024, CAPodiatry1811986599
John S Kim 90033, CAPodiatry1467441527
Paul T Tom 93901, CAPodiatry1164412037
Benedict Y.h. Ching 92708, CAPodiatry1326038274
Barry Neal Rodgveller 90732, CAPodiatry1598755159
John W. Tam Podiatry Corp 91740, CAPodiatry1699765305
Bruce M Dobbs 94015, CAPodiatry1942290473
Roger Yoriki Tsutsumi 92882, CAPodiatry1104816230
Brad William Ruetenik 92024, CAPodiatry1093706590
Dale M Rosenblum 92832, CAPodiatry1144211889
Desert Medical Group desert Specialty Group 92270, CAPodiatry1487645933
Desert Medical Group 92203, CAPodiatry1811988371
Carey A Bledsoe 91786, CAPodiatry1558352971
Jackson M Lim 95991, CAPodiatry1073594727
Anthony Michael Rabaiotti 92106, CAPodiatry1003899378
Charlotte D Vang 95348, CAPodiatry1700867785
Sharp Rees stealy Medical Group, Inc 92101, CAPodiatry1285616177
Mark Steve Miller 92081, CAPodiatry1427048313
Gregory Kirk Eirich 92780, CAPodiatry1245220649
Gregory Steve Aposperis 93101, CAPodiatry1255314241
John Donald Halebian 91506, CAPodiatry1023091808
Mark C Shoemaker 93257, CAPodiatry1588648604
Kenneth Wells 92114, CAPodiatry1467437624
Sandra J. Martin 95864, CAPodiatry1700862398
Robert Chen-so Lai 95655, CAPodiatry1043296346
John Arthur Linder 93555, CAPodiatry1376529537
Steven F Kaplan 91740, CAPodiatry1366428310
Melanie Sue Reed 92870, CAPodiatry1427034370
Ted Satoshi Tanaka 94530, CAPodiatry1699751495
Marc D Spitz, D.p.m. Inc 90740, CAPodiatry1053397802
Nancy T Pourkaram 92705, CAPodiatry1790762573
Mark Lembersky 90046, CAPodiatry1215914841
Christopher D Page 95991, CAPodiatry1366429045
Nancy Tomomi Hayata 92647, CAPodiatry1336126614
Andrew L. Katz 93551, CAPodiatry1780661900
Primary Care Associates Medical Group, Inc 92056, CAPodiatry1073590105
Brian S Bobick 92056, CAPodiatry1639156771
Shane Daniel Rhodes 91321, CAPodiatry1144207002
Bobby Yee 93940, CAPodiatry1477531226
Orlando Ernesto Zorrilla 91776, CAPodiatry1821076670
Paul David Weiner 94590, CAPodiatry1730167370
Steven F Kelso Dpm Inc. 95825, CAPodiatry1811975485
Steven Ferris Kelso 95825, CAPodiatry1164400743
Arnold S. Ross 90064, CAPodiatry1972581627
Brian Choi Park 90505, CAPodiatry1265410476
Beatrice Anne Schmugler 94704, CAPodiatry1508844671
Wendy H Wu 91754, CAPodiatry1093793184
Richard L Rupp 91206, CAPodiatry1619956489
Richard L Bell 90804, CAPodiatry1164401782
Brenda Kay Barnes 93301, CAPodiatry1225017684
Brian Dean Elchinoff 94520, CAPodiatry1609855964
Steven G Bissot 96003, CAPodiatry1023097318
Rachel Wood 95035, CAPodiatry1891774048
Timothy Blakeslee 95065, CAPodiatry1871572917
Anh-thu Jessica Luu 90638, CAPodiatry1962481036
Nina Shliapnikoff Todd 94118, CAPodiatry1376523134
Peter D Dang Dpm Inc 90638, CAPodiatry1275513939
Glenn Jun Shintaku 90247, CAPodiatry1861472409
James Joseph Longobardi 91910, CAPodiatry1780664250
Timothy S. Kneebone 93065, CAPodiatry1497735930


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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