Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ido Friedman 30114, GAPodiatry1417953886
David Q Anderson 37409, GAPodiatry1780683136
Larry B Dyal 31520, GAPodiatry1871581744
Jeffrey P Flash 30297, GAPodiatry1255318937
Loren K Colon 30297, GAPodiatry1144207820
Margo Angela Jimenez 30345, GAPodiatry1083670673
Justin Cooper Jex 37211, GAPodiatry1437187390
Eileen Byrd 30046, GAPodiatry1346324662
George Sich 29803, GAPodiatry1093804817
Tony Gayle 30344, GAPodiatry1629110473
Barbara Lawana Norvell 30034, GAPodiatry1770704363
Irene Cristina Verlezza 30068, GAPodiatry1578856902
Heather Driessen, Dpm, Llc 29801, GAPodiatry1063829471
Alvin Jeffrey Cowans 30094, GAPodiatry1164812202
Thomas Foot And Ankle Clinic Llc 31602, GAPodiatry1235642026
Samuel M Hall 04856, GAPodiatry1568881498
Donald Godfree 50310, GAPodiatry1578946018
Rose M James 30297, GAPodiatry1891171153
Eddy Gene Corse 75904, GAPodiatry1265893499
Georgia Podiatry, Inc 30152, GAPodiatry1215220090
Trevor Beach 30068, GAPodiatry1790072247
Affilated Podiatrists Llc 35406, GAPodiatry1881181089
Rodney G Gadson 30297, GAPodiatry1912984691
Marieli A Colon 30297, GAPodiatry1407833015
Praya Mam 30248, GAPodiatry1710964408
Nathan Harold Schwartz 30060, GAPodiatry1700981057
Jason E Morris 30342, GAPodiatry1306856018
Rodney A Raker 30529, GAPodiatry1770542417
Eric D Gruen 30534, GAPodiatry1710953088
Darrice Collins 30094, GAPodiatry1760802268
Jose Manuel Gonzalez 30106, GAPodiatry1265818975
Dorian Louis Jimenez 76092, GAPodiatry1952397119
Rizcion Bamba Dagani 30342, GAPodiatry1801291950
Business Management Consultants, Llc 30236, GAPodiatry1881245942
Grahm G Bahnson 30305, GAPodiatry1598033029
Saluja Kaushali Mahabamunuge 60153, GAPodiatry1497231518
William Clark 30117, GAPodiatry1265888937
Stephen L Barrett 30067, GAPodiatry1174514970
Us Neuropathy Centers Llc 30067, GAPodiatry1437702909
Whitney Ellis Mcconnell 31522, GAPodiatry1902248883
Procare Foot And Ankle, Llc 30269, GAPodiatry1609398734
Sequioa Ducasse 30067, GAPodiatry1194184879
Kevin Alexander 46375, GAPodiatry1073078085
Caitlyn Lee 92881, GAPodiatry1588129589
Richa Piyush Patel 01702, GAPodiatry1972024735
Jae Y Shin 31088, GAPodiatry1396088803
Christopher Robert Menke 30813, GAPodiatry1568677250
Feet First Podiatry, Llc 31210, GAPodiatry1649648569
Vivian Chizorom Iwu 30064, GAPodiatry1811019730
Michael Todd Wiles 37421, GAPodiatry1598853970
Neha Delvadia 30062, GAPodiatry1578946745
Chirag Mukesh Patel 40223, GAPodiatry1316409519
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Pc 37072, GAPodiatry1093741464
Choice Podiatry Center, Inc. 30064, GAPodiatry1053583666
Andreas Kaikis 21742, GAPodiatry1811384530
Lagrange Foot Clinic Pc 30240, GAPodiatry1053787515
Barrett Parkway Foot And Leg 30144, GAPodiatry1689671273
Atlanta Foot And Leg Clinic 30236, GAPodiatry1437156908
Michael T Holvick Dpm Pc 30324, GAPodiatry1700868817
Marietta Podiatry Group 30060, GAPodiatry1487638318
Village Podiatry Group, L.l.c. 30339, GAPodiatry1508846718
Advanced Foot & Wound Center Of Camden Co Pc 31558, GAPodiatry1942270657
Miller Foot & Ankle Healthcare, Inc. 30120, GAPodiatry1831149723
Ankle And Foot Assoc, Llc 31313, GAPodiatry1720528920
Foot And Ankle Reconstruction Of North Georgia P.c 30188, GAPodiatry1073070579
Personal Foot And Ankle Specialist 31082, GAPodiatry1457308132
Joseph D Giovinco Dpm Pc 30214, GAPodiatry1366484867
Mary Black Health System Llc 29307, GAPodiatry1578507174
Ankle And Foot Assoc, Llc 31329, GAPodiatry1124568308
The Southeast Permanente Medical Group 30305, GAPodiatry1245266956
Tyrone Podiatry 30290, GAPodiatry1578588265
Plastikos Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery 30338, GAPodiatry1124046990
Atlanta Podiatry Pc 30024, GAPodiatry1306867254
Cobb Podiatry, P.c. 30152, GAPodiatry1629090766
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30076, GAPodiatry1649294067
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30106, GAPodiatry1093739419
North Atlanta Podiatry Group P.c. 30046, GAPodiatry1730197336
All Ways Feet, Pc 31313, GAPodiatry1689683187
The Foot & Ankle Center, Pc 31322, GAPodiatry1437169075
Century Foot Care Specialists, P.c. 30047, GAPodiatry1164433272
Shiloh Medical Group, Llc 30269, GAPodiatry1316952849
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30742, GAPodiatry1467985382
Family Podiatry Center Pc 30461, GAPodiatry1447362298
Dr Osh & Associates Pc 31093, GAPodiatry1942302146
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30005, GAPodiatry1750488037
North Georgia Foot And Ankle Clinic Pc 30143, GAPodiatry1467551432
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30041, GAPodiatry1356442537
Village Podiatry Group, Llc 30342, GAPodiatry1902907181
Comprehensive Foot Care, Inc. 30126, GAPodiatry1891886917
Village Podiatry Group Llc 30308, GAPodiatry1750473245
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30096, GAPodiatry1891887311
Village Podiatry Group, Llc 30189, GAPodiatry1114010378
Village Podiatry Group, Llc 30642, GAPodiatry1659464899
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30157, GAPodiatry1285727438
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30046, GAPodiatry1992898167
Tlc Podiatry, P.c. 31501, GAPodiatry1770670416
Village Podiatry Group, P.c. 30030, GAPodiatry1922197813
Columbus Foot & Ankle Pc 31904, GAPodiatry1932281797
Village Podiatry Group Llc 30058, GAPodiatry1659454304
Ankle & Foot Centers Of North Georgia Pc 30534, GAPodiatry1396828968
Windy Hill Podiatry Associates, P.c. 30067, GAPodiatry1104901925
Windy Hill Podiatry Associates, P.c. 30308, GAPodiatry1730258062
Premier Foot And Ankle Center Llc 30253, GAPodiatry1679642516
St Francis Affiliated Services Llc 31901, GAPodiatry1598130932
Arnita F Avery Dpm Pc 30328, GAPodiatry1255414520
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30082, GAPodiatry1912006909
Thomson Podiatry Associates, Pc 30824, GAPodiatry1639281678
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30039, GAPodiatry1265525406
Village Podiatry Group, Llc 30134, GAPodiatry1427159615
Village Podiatry Group, Llc. 30309, GAPodiatry1669582672
Gainesville Podiatry Clinic, Inc 30501, GAPodiatry1215008768
Ankle And Foot Centers Inc 30066, GAPodiatry1932274008
Athens Podiatry, P.c. 30607, GAPodiatry1033285457
Columbus Foot Care Associates Pc 31901, GAPodiatry1326109711
Advanced Foot Care Llp 30742, GAPodiatry1518020361
Advanced Foot Care Llp 30752, GAPodiatry1487717286
Advanced Foot Care Llp 37411, GAPodiatry1972666766
Podiatry Associates, P.c. 31405, GAPodiatry1538225602
Northside Podiatry, Pc 30342, GAPodiatry1447308713
Herbert E. Kosmahl Dpm Pc 30701, GAPodiatry1962551952
Ankle & Foot Associates, Llc 31501, GAPodiatry1356492599
The Foot And Ankle Group Pc 30904, GAPodiatry1720139710
Augusta Center For Foot And Ankle Surgery 30904, GAPodiatry1043361074
Podiatric Medical Associates 31201, GAPodiatry1871646521
John Wallace Wright,dpm,pc 31061, GAPodiatry1124171251
West Georgia Podiatry Assoc. 30117, GAPodiatry1013061357
Ankle And Foot Center Of Georgia,llc 30240, GAPodiatry1750436127
East Cobb Foot & Ankle Care P.c. 30062, GAPodiatry1184770133
Ankle And Foot Center Of Georgia, Llc 30117, GAPodiatry1760538995
Global Wound Care 30662, GAPodiatry1003956210
Naim G. Shaheed, Dpm, P.c. 30058, GAPodiatry1851433320
Foot And Leg Centers Of Georgia 31210, GAPodiatry1740322700
Augusta Podiatry Associates 30904, GAPodiatry1679616072
Nathan H Schwartz Dpm Pc 30080, GAPodiatry1700920493
Foot And Leg Clinic, Pc 30106, GAPodiatry1003950114
Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers Pc 30046, GAPodiatry1861528689
Southern Podiatry Group, Pc 31602, GAPodiatry1144352956
Peach State Surgical Centers, Inc 31069, GAPodiatry1740312040
Family Foot And Ankle Ctr 31201, GAPodiatry1124152459
Personal Foot & Ankle Specialist,pc 31096, GAPodiatry1518082353
Personal Foot & Ankle Specialist,pc 31061, GAPodiatry1710002241
A Family Footcare Center 30344, GAPodiatry1366560732
Antioch Medical Associates 31406, GAPodiatry1861541344
Advanced Foot Care Llp 37343, GAPodiatry1023171816
The Ga Foot And Ankle Inst Pc 31406, GAPodiatry1780725127
Ankle And Foot Assoc, Llc 31750, GAPodiatry1801336003
Advanced Foot Care Llp 30720, GAPodiatry1164585964
Village Podiatry Group, Llc 30345, GAPodiatry1861539587
American Foot & Leg Specialists, P.c. 30297, GAPodiatry1740324037
Fisher Foot And Ankle 30120, GAPodiatry1013038587
Parkwood Podiatry Associates, Llc 31520, GAPodiatry1912029687
Ankle And Foot Center Of Georgia,llc 30265, GAPodiatry1508080417
Midtown Surgical Center, Llc 31401, GAPodiatry1386869386
Denmark Foot And Ankle, Pc 30904, GAPodiatry1316167349
Wiggins Foot And Ankle Associates P.c. 30474, GAPodiatry1104030824
Southern Foot & Ankle Center Pc 31405, GAPodiatry1538373261
South Fulton Family Foot Care, Inc. 30213, GAPodiatry1154536126
Associated Foot And Ankle Centers Llc 31201, GAPodiatry1518174861
Augusta Foot & Ankle, Pc 30809, GAPodiatry1619185352
Southwest Georgia Foot & Ankle Center 31709, GAPodiatry1144438698
Malone Foot And Ankle, Llc 30501, GAPodiatry1225248099
Jimmy L. Gregory Dpm, Inc 30032, GAPodiatry1578773750
Universal Foot & Leg Clinic 31904, GAPodiatry1124229943
William C Stoll Llc 30327, GAPodiatry1932307923
Valdosta Foot & Ankle Clinic, P.c. 31602, GAPodiatry1699975375
Allen Lazerson 30067, GAPodiatry1205036829
Lifestyle Podiatry, Pc 10036, GAPodiatry1477743698
Focus Foot & Ankle Centers, Llc 30342, GAPodiatry1467644880
Achilles Foot & Ankle Specialist 30677, GAPodiatry1689868085
Associated Foot & Ankle Specialists, P.c. 30012, GAPodiatry1932393253
Mark J. Greenbaum, D.p.m., P.c. 30512, GAPodiatry1558555060
Webb's Foot And Wound Care Clinic, Llc 31093, GAPodiatry1588858922
Elaine Allen Dpm 30188, GAPodiatry1881888287
Frank J Dipalma Dpm Ltd 30606, GAPodiatry1710171905
Diabetic Foot Care Specialist Of Georgia 30313, GAPodiatry1053506162
Foot And Ankle Wellness Center 30040, GAPodiatry1366637399
Foot & Leg Centers Of America 31210, GAPodiatry1730375536
Central Georgia Foot And Ankle Center Pc 31021, GAPodiatry1699961904
Central Georgia Foot And Ankle Center Pc 31204, GAPodiatry1871789800
Foot, Ankle And Leg Specialists Of Georgia 30078, GAPodiatry1265629869
Comprehensive Foot & Ankle 30047, GAPodiatry1780871251
Mcduffie Podiatry And Wound Care, Pc 30824, GAPodiatry1760670673
Dalton Foot & Ankle Center Inc 30720, GAPodiatry1922296250
Physicians Primary Care Group Inc. 30311, GAPodiatry1295924157
Flat Shoals Foot & Ankle Center, Llc 30034, GAPodiatry1154500320
Eileen Byrd, Dpm Pc 30344, GAPodiatry1023297256
Albany Podiatry Associates, Llp 31701, GAPodiatry1821277591
Foot & Ankle Clinic Of Oakwood, Inc. 30566, GAPodiatry1912189218
Mark J Henson Dpm Pc 30224, GAPodiatry1649452632
North Fulton Podiatry 30076, GAPodiatry1720260409
The Widen Clinic 30062, GAPodiatry1073795746
Southern Foot & Ankle Center Pc 29909, GAPodiatry1548443682
Ankle & Foot Specialist 31792, GAPodiatry1073797908
Brian K. Middleton 30165, GAPodiatry1043494834
Ronald S. Reagin,d.p.m. 31513, GAPodiatry1366627887
Emanuel Foot & Ankle Assoc 30401, GAPodiatry1285819714
Ankle And Foot Specialists Of Rockdale 30094, GAPodiatry1063697951
Family Foot Care Center 30529, GAPodiatry1407032337
North Ga Foot And Ankle Spec 30501, GAPodiatry1144407180
Dr Osh & Associates Pc 31204, GAPodiatry1598942195


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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