Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jason D Gray 46952, INPodiatry1477585396
Britney Ann Wenig 48108, INPodiatry1952830499
Christopher Winters 46032, INPodiatry1275628398
Michael Ray Schilling 47006, INPodiatry1871584680
Greensburg Foot Clinic Inc 47006, INPodiatry1801065594
Cherreen Tawancy 43055, INPodiatry1285052878
Jordan Gardner 47714, INPodiatry1275984643
Miranda Anne Goodale 47834, INPodiatry1003858762
Clay County Podiatry, Llc 47834, INPodiatry1972532125
Jonathan H. Abiera 46530, INPodiatry1689055451
Khawar Malik 46060, INPodiatry1295176493
Scott M Hoffman 46123, INPodiatry1437447620
Aamir Mahmood 46360, INPodiatry1902359714
Oak Brook Foot And Ankle Specialists Pc 46360, INPodiatry1528609310
Lakeshore Bone & Joint Insititute, Pc 46360, INPodiatry1659546489
Joshua Clay Fisher 46131, INPodiatry1578930186
Active Podiatry Pc 46254, INPodiatry1730363748
Community Home Physicians, Llc 60181, INPodiatry1568909505
John P Rachoy 46321, INPodiatry1124138805
Larry Best 46761, INPodiatry1891791414
Phillip E Richardson 47710, INPodiatry1629363072
Joseph H Wilson 47714, INPodiatry1679198436
Rachel Chhiba 46260, INPodiatry1720406564
Hoosier Foot And Ankle Llc 46131, INPodiatry1942492814
Jonathan Vn Norton 46804, INPodiatry1609879683
Alexander J Curfman 95242, INPodiatry1316327240
Michael C Mcmanus 46825, INPodiatry1689673766
Jason David Dedoes 46825, INPodiatry1851536023
Patrick A Deheer 46032, INPodiatry1639172034
Jason R Grove 46545, INPodiatry1609040088
Sandra A Cho 46628, INPodiatry1770522989
Craig Shouse 46224, INPodiatry1760801195
Dimitrios Kotsopulos 60463, INPodiatry1437161254
Gary John Thomas 46321, INPodiatry1457420424
William Joseph Edward Adams 46140, INPodiatry1467872796
Lauren Kompier 46012, INPodiatry1912325853
Matthew Hamilton 45231, INPodiatry1801279609
Mieasha Hicks Barksdale 46202, INPodiatry1740547769
Baker Foot Solutions Corp 46229, INPodiatry1548291016
Sarah Standish 46158, INPodiatry1558756023
Elizabeth Ponkowski Parry 46254, INPodiatry1861920506
Central Indiana Podiatry, Pc 46032, INPodiatry1295072924
Yong S Chae 47933, INPodiatry1215987870
Gregory W Boake 46229, INPodiatry1235143512
Jessica Ruth Taulman-young 46278, INPodiatry1881972784
Tiffany Truong Koch 46256, INPodiatry1972923225
Tracy Lee 46168, INPodiatry1467847475
Joseph J Candela 46176, INPodiatry1225526676
Nathan Shane 60016, INPodiatry1043606247
Bruce J Brincko 46307, INPodiatry1487647277
Dennis W Smith 46307, INPodiatry1477546265
Nathan Graves 46060, INPodiatry1942567433
John M Swangim 46350, INPodiatry1184672727
Katherine Cummins 47905, INPodiatry1013357714
Charles Cody Cull 89128, INPodiatry1275619603
Orthocincy 47025, INPodiatry1639644560
Perry County Memorial Hospital 47586, INPodiatry1629621396
Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Pc 46373, INPodiatry1669472270
Central Indiana Podiatry, Pc 46032, INPodiatry1760729487
Murad Abdel-qader 78224, INPodiatry1598700320
Bart Donald Beaver 60439, INPodiatry1467468207
Hassan Usmani 46350, INPodiatry1659782944
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center South Bend Campus, Inc. 46545, INPodiatry1780766261
Thomas E Freeman 47362, INPodiatry1235178088
Preferred Footcare Specialists Pc 47362, INPodiatry1730369968
Andrew Kapsalis 46123, INPodiatry1780093765
Arshad A Khan 77706, INPodiatry1114977907
Reem Mohammad 60622, INPodiatry1407268378
Nathan Scott Windsor 46321, INPodiatry1205298213
Nwi Foot And Ankle Clinic 46360, INPodiatry1922517077
Hardeep S Minhas 46360, INPodiatry1033557830
Brett P Vessell 40220, INPodiatry1992188437
Eric Rindlisbacher 46545, INPodiatry1689088783
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center Plymouth Campus, Inc 46563, INPodiatry1538585187
Elliot L Kleinman 47804, INPodiatry1003831538
James Hong 46410, INPodiatry1881778009
Cynthia Lembcke Grundy 46383, INPodiatry1508865098
South Shore Foot And Ankle Inc 46383, INPodiatry1013270800
Illiana Footcare Solutions Service Corporation 60401, INPodiatry1508420886
Julie Ferland 46580, INPodiatry1033545306
Fort Wayne Orthopaedics Llc 46804, INPodiatry1497758429
Dominick Detommaso 46804, INPodiatry1013910041
Richard T Jackson 46804, INPodiatry1407859424
Raymond T Justice 47130, INPodiatry1649273491
Michael C Carroll 46143, INPodiatry1427051291
John S Miles 46970, INPodiatry1477556140
David Andrew Pressley 47803, INPodiatry1215930151
Karen F Sloane 46805, INPodiatry1124021100
Timothy Alan Quist 46517, INPodiatry1770586737
David W Powell 47712, INPodiatry1346243078
Deborah Susan Wehman 47374, INPodiatry1285637751
Stephen M Offutt 46268, INPodiatry1700889102
Gary Lynn Adsit 46952, INPodiatry1700888948
Lincoln Pedic Clinic, Inc. 46845, INPodiatry1760486393
Sean Michael Rhodes 46580, INPodiatry1225034028
Jeffrey D Agricola 46032, INPodiatry1154327740
Barbara Jeanne Hiskes 46112, INPodiatry1861499402
Mark Richard Hiskes 46112, INPodiatry1952308504
Melanie A Ladine 46260, INPodiatry1417953001
Michael Salcedo 46545, INPodiatry1528065059
Eugene M Macdonald 46953, INPodiatry1760489702
Michael Steven Worpell 46825, INPodiatry1346247061
Kevin J Powers 47421, INPodiatry1902804685
Howard Fred Preuss 47119, INPodiatry1851399448
David Eugene Henderson 47250, INPodiatry1902804560
Scott Mcclarren Benjamin 47203, INPodiatry1124025564
George V. Tsoutsouris 46322, INPodiatry1952309759
Michael D. Dichoso 46321, INPodiatry1205835410
Frederick J Meccia 46385, INPodiatry1639178718
Frank C Toepp 46617, INPodiatry1235139320
Scott R Kilberg 46250, INPodiatry1841291622
Patricia A Moore 46637, INPodiatry1144229246
Kathleen T Neuhoff 46617, INPodiatry1063412526
Lawrence E Lloyd 46012, INPodiatry1780685339
Gary Michael Torkeo 46804, INPodiatry1508867177
Arnold L Alpert 46062, INPodiatry1770584013
Charles Walter Kelley 46203, INPodiatry1023010980
Travis J Montgomery 46222, INPodiatry1154323731
Joshua W Keyes 46092, INPodiatry1447252028
Northwest Indiana Podiatry Clinic, Llc 46312, INPodiatry1801888359
Scott L Schulman 46250, INPodiatry1184625972
Richard Lee Isaacson 46260, INPodiatry1154323590
Jason R Bickel 47591, INPodiatry1093709750
Todd R Hovermale 46016, INPodiatry1609860147
Randall I Kline 46635, INPodiatry1659366276
Bryan E Hendrix 46268, INPodiatry1285620732
Richard Alan Stanley 46237, INPodiatry1366430944
Michael A Schwartzman 46394, INPodiatry1477547131
Jeff Lee Niespodziany 46617, INPodiatry1548255292
Walter Douglas Kolmodin 46530, INPodiatry1265427645
Tod S Reed 47304, INPodiatry1144211491
Jeffrie C Leibovitz 46216, INPodiatry1760463681
Kent Reynolds Burress 47714, INPodiatry1861474058
Darin Richard Serletic 47630, INPodiatry1528040714
Matthew W. Dinnon 46635, INPodiatry1174505804
Jeffrey T. Biever 46635, INPodiatry1972585693
David Elliott Gurvis 46123, INPodiatry1043291651
Kenneth J Krueger 46250, INPodiatry1538159231
Richard M Hilker 46825, INPodiatry1487637377
Zia Shazad Barkatullah 46902, INPodiatry1558345975
Lynn H Stafford 46804, INPodiatry1134104474
Matthew Wayne Robison 46804, INPodiatry1790760882
Charlotte Ann Reisinger 47712, INPodiatry1952386872
Benjamin Graber Lehman 46514, INPodiatry1184601429
Randall Allen Cooper 46514, INPodiatry1811975667
Clinton Herwin Scott 46628, INPodiatry1750360137
Kirk S Holston 46254, INPodiatry1760462089
Dusky Rideout Farmer 47712, INPodiatry1114904935
Damon Lamont Smith 46241, INPodiatry1659355089
Robert Stuart Eisinger 46037, INPodiatry1962481333
The Foot And Ankle Center Llc 47403, INPodiatry1124099882
Donald R Ansert 47150, INPodiatry1508838939
Irwin Bernard Malament 46224, INPodiatry1598739039
Sherese R Dillon 46410, INPodiatry1598730020
Kenneth S Obarski 60062, INPodiatry1457327173
James P Hoover 47904, INPodiatry1437128410
Tarick I Abdo 46221, INPodiatry1285693994
Sandra R Raynor 46254, INPodiatry1831158526
Richard E Sluzewski 46321, INPodiatry1952361057
Angela Lynn Alverson Glynn 46227, INPodiatry1588623151
Elizabeth A Vulanich 46254, INPodiatry1043279615
William P Roman 46383, INPodiatry1760442271
J Karl Winckelbach 46143, INPodiatry1356302137
Theodore A Vorenkamp 60062, INPodiatry1386609717
Brian Alan Patterson 46202, INPodiatry1992762199
Scott M Neville 46158, INPodiatry1457319253
Thomas A Vogel 46037, INPodiatry1265490015
Francis J Bean 46158, INPodiatry1508814237
Medical Specialists Inc., P.c. 46321, INPodiatry1265485635
Niels W Ladine 47362, INPodiatry1023061991
Anthony D. Jagger 46131, INPodiatry1063478212
David Henry Olson 46350, INPodiatry1083672356
Todd Bradley Mann 46260, INPodiatry1114970571
Abel R Aguilar 47403, INPodiatry1154388460
Vince M Pokrifcak 46077, INPodiatry1437119369
Carolyn Sharrock-dorsten 43506, INPodiatry1659325157
Richard M. Hilker, Dpm, P.c. 46825, INPodiatry1235182643
N W Worden 46544, INPodiatry1508811308
Bradley R Hammersley 46970, INPodiatry1295780872
Anthony E Miller 46222, INPodiatry1205882099
Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Institute 46410, INPodiatry1447206040
Frederick N. Fedorchak 46368, INPodiatry1184662496
Lynn Arthur Gibney 46224, INPodiatry1013955491
Jonathan E Lehman 46526, INPodiatry1366483893
Lashawn Freeman 46404, INPodiatry1386685139
American Health Network Of Indiana, Llc 47304, INPodiatry1538101738
Jonathan Mark Smith 46733, INPodiatry1538103403
Julie A Wieger 46614, INPodiatry1942244660
Thaddeus F. Radziwiecki, D.p.m., P.c. 46322, INPodiatry1134163595
Jeffery Earl Lovins 46140, INPodiatry1063457083
Chad Michael Nunamaker 47546, INPodiatry1255376364
Ryan James Jorgenson 60062, INPodiatry1437195567
American Health Network Of Indiana, Llc 47905, INPodiatry1780610089
Thaddeus F Radziwiecki 46322, INPodiatry1346277597
Paul Franklin Cain 46227, INPodiatry1902834849
American Health Network Of Indiana, Llc 46970, INPodiatry1932137619
Southern Indiana Orthopedics Inc 47201, INPodiatry1679501605
Lisa R Lanham 47201, INPodiatry1144259623
Baker Foot Solutions Corp 46011, INPodiatry1558390435
David K Wysong 46805, INPodiatry1114956844


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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