Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David E Smith 37040, KYPodiatry1538332010
Mark A Risen 42718, KYPodiatry1174571004
Joseph Edmund Skurka 40422, KYPodiatry1013152677
Sofie Lavinia Pinney 41031, KYPodiatry1063844322
Samual Paul Gracey 40165, KYPodiatry1386028066
Joshua Coger 40165, KYPodiatry1043629439
Peter James Doll 42420, KYPodiatry1144232992
Taylor Regional Medical Group, Llc 42718, KYPodiatry1619981339
Bryant Allen Nachtigall 40206, KYPodiatry1811348808
Jonathan Michael Towarnicki 40202, KYPodiatry1497043806
Amanda M. Lutter 22911, KYPodiatry1215314521
Christopher Lynn Clement 41701, KYPodiatry1205212537
Randall Wayne Hall 40475, KYPodiatry1215935671
Bluegrass Foot And Ankle Care 40475, KYPodiatry1972783157
Bluegrass Foot And Ankle Care, Pllc 40475, KYPodiatry1598896334
Ann Wolford 42104, KYPodiatry1093085367
Pinelake Physician Practice, Llc 42050, KYPodiatry1861563439
Tyler Tidwell 47630, KYPodiatry1629462635
Lorin Mickelsen 47630, KYPodiatry1689058356
Anthony P Demaria 41017, KYPodiatry1942284377
Phillip E Richardson 47710, KYPodiatry1629363072
Emily Kathryne Wehman 23226, KYPodiatry1932618949
C B Podiatric Services, Pllc 42330, KYPodiatry1982176657
Christian Eric Ball 42330, KYPodiatry1811421076
Matthew Mckinley Ellsworth 41101, KYPodiatry1124387618
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 41701, KYPodiatry1558431346
Jessica Jackson 47150, KYPodiatry1912947631
Northern Kentucky Family Foot Care Inc 41001, KYPodiatry1235132861
Specialty Orthopaedics Psc 40205, KYPodiatry1174526487
Dr. Mark J. Edmunds, Dpm, P.l.l.c. 42240, KYPodiatry1225009459
Marymount Medical Center Physician Services 40741, KYPodiatry1710951116
Giaimo Mobile Podiatry Llc 15009, KYPodiatry1518321769
Lee H. Goldstein Dpm Psc 40222, KYPodiatry1922060623
Pikeville Foot Care Center Pllc 41501, KYPodiatry1013972439
Cumberland Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine, Pllc 40741, KYPodiatry1033167515
First Choice Ankle & Foot Care Center, Pllc 40065, KYPodiatry1528011418
Hardin Professional Services, Llc 42701, KYPodiatry1306894704
Tipton & Unroe, Psc 40258, KYPodiatry1235185489
Podiatric Physicians Of Kentucky, Psc 40222, KYPodiatry1023057072
Jackson Physician Corp 41339, KYPodiatry1841234671
Associated Foot And Ankle Clinics Psc 42104, KYPodiatry1417980400
Foot Specialists Of Greater Cincinnati 41017, KYPodiatry1235152448
Commonwealth Podiatry Pllc 40503, KYPodiatry1619985504
Foot & Ankle Associates 41653, KYPodiatry1245241819
Commonwealth Foot And Ankle Center 40218, KYPodiatry1689690711
Mark A Risen, Dpm, 42718, KYPodiatry1154346948
Americas Wound Care Center Llc 41042, KYPodiatry1861983199
Family Foot And Ankle Care Pllc 40243, KYPodiatry1841397320
Williamson Foot Clinic, Pllc 41503, KYPodiatry1376642215
Brian T Przystawski, Dpm, Pcs 40220, KYPodiatry1164512612
Brian Przystawski, Dpm, Psc 47150, KYPodiatry1609966159
Northern Kentucky Foot Specialists, Psc 41042, KYPodiatry1073695599
Northern Kentucky Foot Specialists, Psc 41071, KYPodiatry1609958123
Northern Kentucky Foot Specialists, Psc 41015, KYPodiatry1518049030
Morgan haugh Professional Services Corporation 42066, KYPodiatry1659454924
Northern Kentucky Foot Specialists, Psc 41042, KYPodiatry1295811008
Northern Kentucky Foot Specialists, Psc 41071, KYPodiatry1225114044
Bryant Podiatry Pllc 40503, KYPodiatry1215014303
Maysville Foot & Ankle Clinic 41056, KYPodiatry1285713370
Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Owensboro Psc 42303, KYPodiatry1033210828
Foot Doctors Psc 40207, KYPodiatry1245390319
Daniel E Whitney Dpm Psc 40219, KYPodiatry1093876021
Lexington Foot And Ankle Center Psc 40504, KYPodiatry1609939032
Stuart A Naulty & Roger D Lampkin 42071, KYPodiatry1992868681
Specialty Orthopaedics Psc 40205, KYPodiatry1346305430
Integrity Orthopaedics Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation Pllc 40353, KYPodiatry1356491054
Ankle And Foot Center Of Central Kentucky, Pllc 40509, KYPodiatry1992855670
Lexington Foot & Ankle Center Psc 40601, KYPodiatry1033261607
William T Beasley Psc 40214, KYPodiatry1467506501
Kentuckentucky Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 40504, KYPodiatry1871620047
Kentucky Foot & Ankle Associates Pllc 40504, KYPodiatry1114053584
Ann K Farrer Dpm Psc 40391, KYPodiatry1962530089
Gerardo Ulfe 40202, KYPodiatry1699803270
Drs. Naulty & Lampkin 42025, KYPodiatry1003930157
Tri state Podiatric Medical Services Psc 42420, KYPodiatry1750407474
Geriatric Foot Care Of W Vir 26554, KYPodiatry1144342338
Charles J Zimmermann Dpm 40422, KYPodiatry1114142973
Achillies Foot And Ankle Center Inc 40202, KYPodiatry1205055332
Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Llc 42701, KYPodiatry1528270402
Louisville Foot And Ankle Associates, Pllc 40207, KYPodiatry1538378930
Timothy L. Gardner, Dpm,pc 40965, KYPodiatry1225220379
Advanced Foot Care Of Northern Ky 41011, KYPodiatry1760676092
Frankfort Foot Clinic, Pllc 40601, KYPodiatry1174718548
New Lexington Clinic, Psc 40509, KYPodiatry1821283011
Dr. C.a. Nava, P.s.c. 40245, KYPodiatry1780879841
Ashland Footcare 41101, KYPodiatry1003004235
Sheldon D. Simon 42301, KYPodiatry1568644151
G. Lewis Sutherland, D.p.m. 40503, KYPodiatry1316125073
Podiatry Of Hamilton Inc 41018, KYPodiatry1407024672
James B Braudis Dpm Plc 40517, KYPodiatry1053579532
South Central Kentucky Foot & Ankle Center 42101, KYPodiatry1063675866
Podiatric Solutions Pllc 40014, KYPodiatry1548423999
Michelle Murray, Dpm, Psc 41101, KYPodiatry1700083979
Christian County Foot And Ankle Center, Inc 42240, KYPodiatry1295992873
Derby City Foot Doctors Pllc 40223, KYPodiatry1508065608
Lexington Foot Center Psc 42303, KYPodiatry1750552600
Gooden Mobile Pod Nc Pllc 28314, KYPodiatry1073003752
Grant County Foot Specialist 41035, KYPodiatry1366698680
Center For Foot & Ankle Wellness Pllc 40241, KYPodiatry1366691792
Richard Skrip Dpm Inc 40741, KYPodiatry1710136817
Lexington Foot & Ankle Center, Psc 40504, KYPodiatry1609025725
Kentucky Foot Professionals 40503, KYPodiatry1629215058
Cumberland Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine podiatry 40741, KYPodiatry1730322181
Advanced Foot And Ankle Clinic Pllc 42066, KYPodiatry1194959676
Metropolitan Foot & Ankle Pllc 40202, KYPodiatry1336376169
Kentucky Medical Services Foundation 40536, KYPodiatry1285960583
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 42642, KYPodiatry1508172701
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40422, KYPodiatry1871809087
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40769, KYPodiatry1467768747
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40741, KYPodiatry1023324399
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40484, KYPodiatry1205142411
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 42602, KYPodiatry1558677765
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40701, KYPodiatry1962718155
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 42633, KYPodiatry1760798045
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 40906, KYPodiatry1790092096
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Center 42653, KYPodiatry1528375821
Dr. Robert F Hailey, Dpm Psc 42066, KYPodiatry1013210251
Lexington Foot & Ankle Center, Psc 40504, KYPodiatry1700189503
Saint Joseph Medical Foundation, Inc 40741, KYPodiatry1144511866
University Podiatric Surgery And Limb Preservation Pllc 40202, KYPodiatry1134413834
Kovatch Foot & Ankle Specialists Pllc 40241, KYPodiatry1336433044
Foot Specialists Of Greater Cincinnati 41011, KYPodiatry1548545395
University Of Louisville Physicians, Inc. 40202, KYPodiatry1356613699
Scott J. Giaimo, Dpm Pllc 41011, KYPodiatry1134407331
Commonwealth Foot And Ankle Care Llc 42134, KYPodiatry1255622544
Louisville Podiatry Psc 41008, KYPodiatry1225307309
Family Foot & Ankle Center Inc Pa 41042, KYPodiatry1922384387
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Inc 41101, KYPodiatry1053643981
Metropolitan Ankle And Foot Center Inc 40220, KYPodiatry1457625790
Orthocincy 41071, KYPodiatry1942451828
East End Foot & Ankle, Psc 40223, KYPodiatry1699906552
Foot And Ankle Care, Psc 40214, KYPodiatry1740509025
Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Centers 40165, KYPodiatry1376800680
Foot And Ankle Care, Psc 40219, KYPodiatry1760733216
Foot And Ankle Care, Psc 40207, KYPodiatry1205188711
Special Care Podiatry Of Kentucky, Pllc 40243, KYPodiatry1982036307
Gateway Foot And Ankle Center, Plc 42240, KYPodiatry1316377096
Gateway Foot And Ankle Center, Plc 42211, KYPodiatry1770913451
Special Care Podiatry Of Pennsylvania, Llc 19006, KYPodiatry1700207875
Special Care Podiatry Of Kentucky Skrip Llc 40243, KYPodiatry1811311889
Special Care Podiatry Of Missouri, Llc 63755, KYPodiatry1972922060
Kentucky Foot & Ankle Solutions Pllc 40241, KYPodiatry1689084402
Pikeville Medical Center Inc. 41501, KYPodiatry1225441181
Summit Medical Group, Inc 41071, KYPodiatry1548677636
Special Care Podiatry Of Georgia, Llc 31008, KYPodiatry1891195962
Special Care Podiatry Of Tennessee, Llc 37421, KYPodiatry1780072371
Stuart A Naulty Dpm 42025, KYPodiatry1477944973
Roger D Lampkin Jr 42071, KYPodiatry1427449933
Mobile Podiatry Of Kansas, Llc 63501, KYPodiatry1255727525
Mobile Podiatry Of Indiana 47712, KYPodiatry1063894848
Norton Healthcare 40217, KYPodiatry1093199754
Bluegrass Podiatric Management Llc 40206, KYPodiatry1720477672
Crown Foot And Ankle Center Pllc 40503, KYPodiatry1396099503
Sports Medicine Surgical Specialists Pllc 47112, KYPodiatry1689070559
Bullitt County Foot And Ankle Center 40165, KYPodiatry1699021477
Orthocincy 45219, KYPodiatry1942679915
Baptist Health Medical Group Inc 42431, KYPodiatry1861895559
Orthocincy 41042, KYPodiatry1396156972
Cumberland Foot & Ankle Centers 42503, KYPodiatry1093901100
Ephraim Mcdowell Health Resource, Inc 40422, KYPodiatry1477879500
Kentuckyone Health Medical Group, Inc. 40504, KYPodiatry1902238694
Comprehensive Foot And Ankle Centers 40241, KYPodiatry1508270356
Feet First Podiatry Pllc 40391, KYPodiatry1194912972
Podiatry Of Hamilton Inc 41018, KYPodiatry1225336233
Carrie A. Tull, Dpm Llc 40391, KYPodiatry1528429289
Podiatric Physicians Of Louisville Psc 40222, KYPodiatry1316309818
Giaimo Podiatry Of Nebraska Llc 68930, KYPodiatry1811340417
Giaimo Mobile Podiatry Pllc 42031, KYPodiatry1205387263
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Inc., 41101, KYPodiatry1528502200
Bluegrass Orthopaedics Psc 40509, KYPodiatry1164922266
Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 41647, KYPodiatry1578647657
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42104, KYPodiatry1437679990
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42539, KYPodiatry1477073955
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 40456, KYPodiatry1447770920
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42503, KYPodiatry1780104281
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42503, KYPodiatry1073034385
Back Office Management Services Llc 40403, KYPodiatry1336652585
360care Services Of Al Llc 36104, KYPodiatry1710493176
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42164, KYPodiatry1841798741
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 42104, KYPodiatry1053819904
Cumberland Foot & Ankle Centers 40509, KYPodiatry1598265993
Cumberland Foot And Ankle Centers 40475, KYPodiatry1013417419
Primehealth Of Kentucky Llc 40223, KYPodiatry1922551308
Family Podiatry Center Pllc 40241, KYPodiatry1265935977
Orthocincy 41018, KYPodiatry1255848065
Feltz Vision Center Ms Llc 39110, KYPodiatry1932682515
Giaimo Mobile Pod Md Llc 21202, KYPodiatry1467928358
Dr Jeffrey Brooks Pc 63141, KYPodiatry1972069359
Galpern&hobbs Llc 40223, KYPodiatry1265723399
Baptist Health Medical Group Inc 40517, KYPodiatry1518360296
Crittenden County Hospital 42064, KYPodiatry1801069588
Bluegrass Regional Foot And Ankle Associates P S C 40741, KYPodiatry1730180571
Sports Medicine Surgical Specialists Pllc 40202, KYPodiatry1821651852
Bellefonte Physician Services, Inc. 41101, KYPodiatry1891009767
St Claire Medical Center Inc 40351, KYPodiatry1053465666
Orthocincy 47025, KYPodiatry1639644560
Owensboro Health Medical Group Inc 42345, KYPodiatry1891158119
Bluegrass Orthopaedics Psc 40509, KYPodiatry1447622394
Gateway Foot And Ankle Center, Plc 42240, KYPodiatry1386291441
Clark Regional Physician Practices, Llc 40391, KYPodiatry1114282605


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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