Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Southside Foot Clinic Of Shreveport, Inc. A Professional Corporation 71118, LAPodiatry1033111240
Daniel Yoojyim Vang 70433, LAPodiatry1336144005
Jerry Elbert Toups 71105, LAPodiatry1922004381
Bryan Wayne Randolph 71105, LAPodiatry1649276007
Otto Christian Hall 70808, LAPodiatry1679579759
George A Sobiesk 70508, LAPodiatry1659378453
Vernon L Garber 70601, LAPodiatry1043218449
Dale Carlton Fazio 71105, LAPodiatry1194723577
Justin B. Green 70560, LAPodiatry1124027644
Marc Steven Glovinsky 70006, LAPodiatry1255330551
Eunice V. Hodges 70128, LAPodiatry1437159787
Jayson G Cortez 71446, LAPodiatry1710988233
Alan Jay Engle 70115, LAPodiatry1568463750
Jim B Harvey 71446, LAPodiatry1801898531
Cyril Malvin Scully 70002, LAPodiatry1629060389
Cassell Hudson 71106, LAPodiatry1982698023
The Foot Clinic Of West Louisiana 71446, LAPodiatry1861487290
Jonathan B Purdy 70563, LAPodiatry1215922497
Amy B Schunemeyer 70563, LAPodiatry1285629451
Waybrun J Hebert 70360, LAPodiatry1336133008
Zachary Dylan Lamkin 70006, LAPodiatry1538643697
Michael L Lombardo 71303, LAPodiatry1124016233
Clif S Richardson 70810, LAPodiatry1447241112
John Christopher Allen 70403, LAPodiatry1659362317
Linh Ngoc Nguyen 70056, LAPodiatry1215926480
Stephen Eugene Ertz 71118, LAPodiatry1356321681
Dione Nolan 71270, LAPodiatry1104897446
D Vang Dpm Apmc 70433, LAPodiatry1902877566
Denise Lea Elliott 70072, LAPodiatry1730152760
Maria Markiewicz 70001, LAPodiatry1144293853
Yacara Tabb 70070, LAPodiatry1942275367
Paul Thomas Sunderhaus 71303, LAPodiatry1669449260
R. B. Drummond 71106, LAPodiatry1437126786
Gregory W Bryan 71106, LAPodiatry1528035888
Christopher B Formanek 70816, LAPodiatry1639146749
Robert B Kirton, Dpm Inc 71270, LAPodiatry1184692436
James Edgar Laskey 70364, LAPodiatry1295704377
David G Gardner 71201, LAPodiatry1811965916
Steven Joseph Zichichi 70006, LAPodiatry1174592968
Brian Edward Cain 70072, LAPodiatry1356314397
Denardo Dolphin Dunham 70126, LAPodiatry1609836055
Jeffrey S Lux 71201, LAPodiatry1518929587
Pointe Coupee Better Access Community Healthcare 70760, LAPodiatry1073576823
William C Coleman 70121, LAPodiatry1114985512
Scott Mitchell Beairsto 70506, LAPodiatry1821056128
Sue A Hake 70461, LAPodiatry1699723577
Nolia M Mcgee 70526, LAPodiatry1215986112
Lon M. Baronne 70570, LAPodiatry1417906306
George R Smith 70570, LAPodiatry1134178585
Angelo Paul Morreale 71106, LAPodiatry1447214143
Angelo P Morreale, Dpm, A Prof Corp 71457, LAPodiatry1477517175
Daniel Hake 70471, LAPodiatry1730137498
Nicklya M. Harris-ray 70458, LAPodiatry1609829472
Bendel Carrol Hoover 70056, LAPodiatry1134173180
Steven J Watson 70458, LAPodiatry1437104155
Chantal Buisson Lorio 70121, LAPodiatry1922053693
Rory Paul Panepinto 70001, LAPodiatry1427003284
David Ywjpheej Vang 70433, LAPodiatry1083660302
Dr Mark F Ellis Dpma Professional Medical Corporation 70506, LAPodiatry1811934268
Foot Specialist Of Acadiana 70563, LAPodiatry1710925052
Mark Ellis 70506, LAPodiatry1215975891
Christopher T Leggio 70115, LAPodiatry1669411278
George Edward Ray 70125, LAPodiatry1013959030
Mary Theresa Sheriff 70122, LAPodiatry1518900885
Robert Lagman 70433, LAPodiatry1790720514
Cary Trent Donohue 70118, LAPodiatry1639114218
Kenneth Quick 70471, LAPodiatry1235174434
Anthony Decuir 70808, LAPodiatry1265460471
Darek L Guichard 70068, LAPodiatry1821026659
Qui Tan Le 70808, LAPodiatry1144258161
Joseph Paul Dileo 70403, LAPodiatry1396774824
Robert A. Arango 70601, LAPodiatry1447289426
Leon T Watkins 70001, LAPodiatry1548290133
Access Health Louisiana 70065, LAPodiatry1417999327
Anthony Perry 70001, LAPodiatry1710933064
Imperial Health, Llp 70601, LAPodiatry1053352401
Billy Ray Martin 71360, LAPodiatry1477584670
John Rembert Carradine 70006, LAPodiatry1841224565
William Hood Sanner 70809, LAPodiatry1184658312
Tomas Jared Reeves 71291, LAPodiatry1861418972
Todd H Allain 70115, LAPodiatry1083633358
Robert Jarrett Kadish 70001, LAPodiatry1639190366
Jonathan James Gisclair 70345, LAPodiatry1922020775
Edward M Lang 70115, LAPodiatry1699798769
Hieu Vuong 70816, LAPodiatry1003820788
Warren Johnson 70122, LAPodiatry1750390142
Michael R Kaye Llc 70433, LAPodiatry1770592453
Richard Taylor Havens 71118, LAPodiatry1285643908
Alaye Eldred Whyte 71103, LAPodiatry1134138290
Alex Junius Davis 70806, LAPodiatry1760595557
Sheila D. Washington 71101, LAPodiatry1235243767
Ben A Vierra 70506, LAPodiatry1700992187
Darren Michael Vigee 70458, LAPodiatry1639195639
Gerard G Guerin 75232, LAPodiatry1629098660
Silfredo Silvestrini 00926, LAPodiatry1831208586
Laurence E Welker 71104, LAPodiatry1427160951
Sandra Denise Mundine 70809, LAPodiatry1679684286
Melvin Maurice Trotter 70806, LAPodiatry1568565679
Northlake Foot And Ankle Inc. 70471, LAPodiatry1205939303
Marvin Marcus Trotter 70806, LAPodiatry1649374992
Mary T. Sheriff, Dpm 70122, LAPodiatry1679678189
John R. Carradine, D.p.m., L.l.c. 70006, LAPodiatry1780775890
Foot Specialists Of Shreveport Apmc 71105, LAPodiatry1710079306
Center For Orthopaedics 70605, LAPodiatry1194819607
Robert Moore Butler 71306, LAPodiatry1215022686
Richard Gerard Palecki 70760, LAPodiatry1639268196
Daniel Thomas Ferreras 71360, LAPodiatry1952481566
Minden Foot Clinic, Inc 71055, LAPodiatry1942384227
Elizabeth Le 70726, LAPodiatry1154407369
Center For Orthopaedics 70663, LAPodiatry1043397672
Dr. Steve J. Watson &dr. William H. Dabdoub, Apmc 70458, LAPodiatry1962589200
Precision Foot Care Center, Llc 70072, LAPodiatry1114004611
Allen's Podiatry Clinic 70403, LAPodiatry1093894651
Brian Edward Schmidt 70002, LAPodiatry1508945700
Access Health Louisiana 70065, LAPodiatry1992800718
Imperial Health Llp 70663, LAPodiatry1639256266
Garden District Podiatry Llc 70115, LAPodiatry1497829428
Keith J Luper 70461, LAPodiatry1952461204
Loyd William Witherspoon 37421, LAPodiatry1568526051
Joseph Anthony Delucca 70002, LAPodiatry1558425033
Lake Area Foot Care Center, Inc. 70601, LAPodiatry1659420883
Harry Gross 71360, LAPodiatry1275685786
Michelle E. G. Donaldson-bailey 70117, LAPodiatry1265570063
Footsteps, Llc 70816, LAPodiatry1700926409
The Foot Clinic Of West Louisiana 70634, LAPodiatry1104957695
Premier Foot Specialists, Llc 70126, LAPodiatry1912055336
Angelo P Morreale, Dpm, A Prof Corp 71106, LAPodiatry1306984117
Anthony I Blanchard 70517, LAPodiatry1629104344
Imperial Health Llp 70605, LAPodiatry1083749162
Stefan P Lorincz 71055, LAPodiatry1346383643
Foot And Ankle Center Llc 70072, LAPodiatry1225158397
Baton Rouge Foot Care , Pc 70810, LAPodiatry1467675124
Bayou Foot Care, Llc 70461, LAPodiatry1750500468
Robert Victor Cadogan 70461, LAPodiatry1962623215
Patrick B. Hall 70808, LAPodiatry1235343070
Paul W Jones 70748, LAPodiatry1588873780
Lafayette Podiatry Center, Llc 70506, LAPodiatry1205032448
For Feet Sake,llc 70128, LAPodiatry1689860538
A Complete Foot Center Llc 70605, LAPodiatry1770770414
Darek L Guichard 70068, LAPodiatry1760670277
Dr Jonathan J Gisclair Apmc Dba Lafourche Podiatry Clinic 70345, LAPodiatry1386832822
Louisiana Medical Foot Center Associates Inc 70056, LAPodiatry1568651966
Rosemarie Jack Caillier,dpm 70816, LAPodiatry1174703789
Dr. Laurence E Welker, Apmc 71104, LAPodiatry1083892830
Marc S. Glovinsky, Dpm, Llc 70006, LAPodiatry1720256837
O C Hall Dpm Ltd 70810, LAPodiatry1891963674
Elizabeth Le 70726, LAPodiatry1730359852
Elizabeth Le 70062, LAPodiatry1861662835
Family Foot Clinic, Pmc 70364, LAPodiatry1487824256
Garber Foot & Ankle Clinic 70601, LAPodiatry1588835557
Elizabeth S. Hawkins Dpm 70808, LAPodiatry1194982256
Trucly Chung Vu 70806, LAPodiatry1609034859
David V. Maraist 70570, LAPodiatry1609034800
Capitol Home Foot Services 70458, LAPodiatry1285894691
Edward Lang 70115, LAPodiatry1063672327
John Kalieb Pourciau, Dpm, Llc 70535, LAPodiatry1609037225
Dr. Dale Fazio Foot Clinic 71105, LAPodiatry1265692859
Coastal Foot Clinic Inc 70760, LAPodiatry1487829842
Charles Anthony Caplis 70001, LAPodiatry1841483666
Lisa Oubre 70538, LAPodiatry1972793669
John Kalieb Pourciau 70605, LAPodiatry1053589580
Maria Noel Saucier 71303, LAPodiatry1396864310
Robert B Kirton 71270, LAPodiatry1083893267
Andrea J Leonards 70380, LAPodiatry1740448125
Diabetic Foot Institute, Llc 70808, LAPodiatry1215184585
Lagman Foot & Ankle, Llc 70433, LAPodiatry1700036191
Erin Mathews 70006, LAPodiatry1851545933
Ultimate Foot Care Llc 70117, LAPodiatry1669619797
Maxime Gerald Joseph Savard 70065, LAPodiatry1255570495
Gardner Podiatry, Inc. 71201, LAPodiatry1124268321
Jeffery Ryan Grizzaffi 70506, LAPodiatry1508000381
Dayna Lynnette Bolton 70121, LAPodiatry1427284868
Foot Pain Clinic, Llc 70816, LAPodiatry1134357619
Catherine Michelle Hudson 70072, LAPodiatry1912136540
David Presley Allen 70427, LAPodiatry1811126170
Phu N Vo 70062, LAPodiatry1205067394
Crescent City Surgery, Llc 70126, LAPodiatry1235464546
Denise L Johnson 70006, LAPodiatry1407184930
Elizabeth Le,dpm,llc 70726, LAPodiatry1982933867
Family Foot And Ankle Clinic 71105, LAPodiatry1336471838
Foot Health Center Llc 70001, LAPodiatry1992020614
Dorothy Elaine Fulmer 70001, LAPodiatry1346568268
Christopher T Leggio Dpm 70115, LAPodiatry1851611057
Foot And Ankle Institute 70808, LAPodiatry1104133818
Foot & Ankle Specialty Clinic Inc. 71103, LAPodiatry1326355280
John Lode 70403, LAPodiatry1780992297
Giang T Nguyen 70121, LAPodiatry1366751109
Capital City Medical Group, L.l.c. 70816, LAPodiatry1144522855
Mallory Michelle Przybylski 70605, LAPodiatry1437449915
Excelth, Incorporated 70131, LAPodiatry1003101346
South Louisiana Foot & Ankle, Llc 70380, LAPodiatry1952697088
Amy Blackwell Schunemeyer 70563, LAPodiatry1871880682
Coastal Foot Clinic, A P.c. 70760, LAPodiatry1316225568
Advanced Foot And Ankle Center Llc 70006, LAPodiatry1760766489
Jonathan B Purdy Dpm Apmc 70563, LAPodiatry1528342045
Joseph A. Delucca, Dpm, Llc 70002, LAPodiatry1154607117
The Foot Clinic Of West Louisiana 71446, LAPodiatry1326324773
Frederick Jacques Hall 71101, LAPodiatry1154693968
Gentry Haughton Llc 71106, LAPodiatry1245503119
Panepinto Podiatry, Llc 70001, LAPodiatry1720352727


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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