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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary W Count 02066, MAPodiatry1326043332
Michael Mitry 02492, MAPodiatry1700193406
Laura Ashley Bohman 45255, MAPodiatry1982043295
Alison Marie Migonis 05602, MAPodiatry1558774117
Samuel M Hall 04856, MAPodiatry1568881498
Michael Anders Lundborg 98512, MAPodiatry1487037867
Marc Scott Spiegel 02302, MAPodiatry1104180595
Navicular Llc 02703, MAPodiatry1467982413
Jonathan G Sabourin 02842, MAPodiatry1306809603
Coastal Foot & Ankle Inc 02842, MAPodiatry1275052755
Thomas D Baer 15025, MAPodiatry1467453654
Shenouda Corp 02492, MAPodiatry1386036275
Satwinder K Gosal 01702, MAPodiatry1003170762
Christopher David Karter 02492, MAPodiatry1861875031
Daniel Paul Swineford 02038, MAPodiatry1922193762
Valley Podiatry Associates Pc 01095, MAPodiatry1861721300
Jennifer Buchanan 02139, MAPodiatry1114214616
Elena Sophia Manning 02767, MAPodiatry1356796544
South Shore Medical Center, Inc 02061, MAPodiatry1033778824
Pro Sports Orthopedics Inc 02135, MAPodiatry1518971811
Hayley Edythe Iosue 44143, MAPodiatry1184076978
Kelly Noonan 01845, MAPodiatry1922459973
Paula F. Angelini 01773, MAPodiatry1326068396
Bryon Mckenna 43085, MAPodiatry1396108759
Erik Henriksen 02360, MAPodiatry1477905446
Foot Health Center Of Merrimack Valley stew Pc 01845, MAPodiatry1902421332
Foot Health Center Of Merrimack Valley Pc 01845, MAPodiatry1992851950
Robert Kelemen 02453, MAPodiatry1801869342
Norwood Podiatry Associates Pc 02062, MAPodiatry1821089079
Lorraine Cheryl Loretz 01605, MAPodiatry1649202441
Emily Curley 02054, MAPodiatry1558711937
Central Massachusetts Podiatry, Pc 01605, MAPodiatry1316538374
New Hampshire Foot And Ankle Specialists Pllc 03053, MAPodiatry1518430156
Orthopaedic Associates Of Allentown 18104, MAPodiatry1801888987
Williamstown Medical Associates Pc 01267, MAPodiatry1154319200
Western Massachusetts Podiatry Associates, P.c. 01028, MAPodiatry1801884721
Scituate Podiatry Group Inc 02124, MAPodiatry1497731657
Methuen Podiatry Associates Llp 01844, MAPodiatry1275519365
Foot Specialists Associates Inc 01119, MAPodiatry1124005699
Framingham Podiatry Inc 01702, MAPodiatry1689658015
Scituate Podiatry Group Inc 02066, MAPodiatry1629052535
Affiliates In Foot Care, Pc 02180, MAPodiatry1962475392
Sports Medicine Associates P.c. 02467, MAPodiatry1063487577
North Bridge Podiatry Group, P.c. 01742, MAPodiatry1609831023
William C Edgerton 01930, MAPodiatry1174571939
Gregory Mcnamara 01852, MAPodiatry1144271081
Cd Practice Associates Inc 01060, MAPodiatry1295787919
Beverly Podiatry Inc. 01915, MAPodiatry1073978987
Wakefield Place Podiatry 01880, MAPodiatry1467406520
Kristyn Pistone 01830, MAPodiatry1285688341
Northeast Orthopedic Associates, Pc 02026, MAPodiatry1902850357
Boston Common Podiatry Inc 02116, MAPodiatry1982651733
Edward W. Carver, D.p.m. 01830, MAPodiatry1780621177
Mark Tuler Dpm 02453, MAPodiatry1972546224
Northern Podiatry Associates 02130, MAPodiatry1962439240
Dan Seligman 02155, MAPodiatry1265477939
Valley Podiatry Associates Pc 01075, MAPodiatry1417998899
Brigham And Womens Physicians Organization Inc 02115, MAPodiatry1861410300
New England Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Group, Llc 02140, MAPodiatry1447279617
D&k Liebow Llc 05301, MAPodiatry1184645723
Paul A. Cournoyer D.p.m., P.c. 01608, MAPodiatry1598779860
Foot Care Specialists, P.c. 02169, MAPodiatry1942215645
East Providence Footcare,inc. 02914, MAPodiatry1811905169
Affiliated Foot Care, Pc 02360, MAPodiatry1275541476
Berkshire Podiatry, Pc 01201, MAPodiatry1437265592
Erickson Health Medical Group Of Massachusetts Pc 01960, MAPodiatry1164442919
Erickson Health Medical Group Of Massachusetts Pc 02043, MAPodiatry1295755056
Affiliated Podiatrists Pc 01520, MAPodiatry1538276910
Auburn Podiatry Llp 01501, MAPodiatry1104933209
George J Ducach Dpm Pc 02169, MAPodiatry1992816698
Meadows Podiatry Pc 01028, MAPodiatry1790882751
Foot Center Of Northampton, Pc 01060, MAPodiatry1376644872
Foot Health Inc 02720, MAPodiatry1710078712
Richard A Armstrong 02540, MAPodiatry1336222835
Richard W. Cullen, Dpm, P.c. 02492, MAPodiatry1073695888
Podiatric Healthcare, P.c. 01970, MAPodiatry1407933732
Martin C Harris Dpm Pc 02762, MAPodiatry1679651517
Boston Podiatry Services Pc 02370, MAPodiatry1649358193
Upham's Corner Health Committee, Inc. 02125, MAPodiatry1780780486
Podiatry Healthcare P.c. 01923, MAPodiatry1669551958
Family Foot Care Center Pc 01473, MAPodiatry1083780258
Metro West Podiatry Services Pc 01702, MAPodiatry1831251693
Foot & Ankle Associates 02152, MAPodiatry1790841385
Central Massachusetts Foot Specialists Inc. 01609, MAPodiatry1528125663
Affiliates In Podiatry Pc 02472, MAPodiatry1053460543
Newton Family Foot Care, Llp 02465, MAPodiatry1285785360
Michael J King Dpm 02721, MAPodiatry1003967894
N. Robert Nunberg 02128, MAPodiatry1215073242
Milford Podiatry Associates, Pc 01757, MAPodiatry1548307564
Sandra M Weakland Dpm,pc 01742, MAPodiatry1386781177
Jbg, Pc 02476, MAPodiatry1528109816
Cambridge Podiatry Network Pc 02155, MAPodiatry1134260169
Charles F. Ross, Dpm, Pc 01201, MAPodiatry1609918283
New England Podiatry Associates, P.c. 02467, MAPodiatry1972648467
Joseph M. Laconte, D.p.m.,inc. 01604, MAPodiatry1689709578
Greater Boston Podiatry Associates, Pc 02061, MAPodiatry1871629162
Sanphy Podiatry Group, Inc. 01902, MAPodiatry1164551875
Dr. Dorothy A. Mccarthy,p.c. 02136, MAPodiatry1215067020
Scott H. Kaye Dpm Pc 02445, MAPodiatry1427188317
Northeast Foot & Ankle Specialists, P.c. 01876, MAPodiatry1447376017
Atrius Health, Inc. 02472, MAPodiatry1043366537
New England Podiatry Needham, Pc 02462, MAPodiatry1669515706
Sturbridge Foot Care, Pc 01566, MAPodiatry1740403955
Sports Podiatry Resource Inc 02446, MAPodiatry1467677468
J W Podiatry Pc 02301, MAPodiatry1629294020
North Shore Podiarty Associates, Inc. 01960, MAPodiatry1285856435
Doctors Foot Care Group 02169, MAPodiatry1447462601
Tri town Podiatry, P.c. 02446, MAPodiatry1578776084
Ronald G Lavenda Dpm Associates Pc 01510, MAPodiatry1003022781
Daly Foot Care, Pc 02148, MAPodiatry1174730329
Kelly D Burek Dpm Pc 01085, MAPodiatry1801004312
Robert S. Stipek, D.p.m. 01803, MAPodiatry1386852580
Jewett Podiatry Center 01923, MAPodiatry1760693261
Moira L Mcdermott Lower Cape Podiatry 02631, MAPodiatry1013119544
Alan G. Krantz, D.p.m., P.c. 02301, MAPodiatry1346443868
New England Podiatry Associates, P.c. 02451, MAPodiatry1003010273
Mitchell M Gertz 02149, MAPodiatry1932309150
Dr Malcolm I Price 01420, MAPodiatry1285825364
Armstrong Podiatry Associates, P.c. 01420, MAPodiatry1982895025
Peabody Podiatry Llc 01960, MAPodiatry1457543639
Lee B. Kaufman Dpm.,p.c. 02780, MAPodiatry1588856785
Brian J Zinsmeister 02420, MAPodiatry1124213202
Children's Sports Medicine Foundation 02115, MAPodiatry1861680720
Williamstown Medical Associates 01267, MAPodiatry1649468299
Ronald G Lavenda Dpm Associates Pc 02379, MAPodiatry1407035116
Associated Foot Specialists,pc 01749, MAPodiatry1770763864
North Atlantic Podiatry, P.c. 02155, MAPodiatry1437339868
Frank S. Mole, Dpm 01095, MAPodiatry1922280080
E.kelly Mclaughlin, D.p.m. 02703, MAPodiatry1710169487
Norman A. Wortzman Dpm 02171, MAPodiatry1740463157
Cecilia G. Moore Dpm Llc 02650, MAPodiatry1962685396
C.eugene Hill Jr D.p.m.,p.c. 02601, MAPodiatry1841473048
Richard S. Donela 01247, MAPodiatry1518141035
Susan Dorry Podiatric Medicine And Surgery 02571, MAPodiatry1528242971
Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical Associates Podiatry Division 02301, MAPodiatry1962686329
Bryant A Tarr Dpm 01776, MAPodiatry1205010428
Ankle & Foot Associates 02152, MAPodiatry1902080880
Belmont Medical Associates, Inc. 02138, MAPodiatry1063697712
Craig S. Tenzer, M.d., D.p.m., P.c. 02129, MAPodiatry1336325612
Pratt Orthopaedics Associates Inc. 02111, MAPodiatry1245417971
Dr. Mark Rose Dpm 01760, MAPodiatry1588832554
Philip F. Lukoff Dpm Pc 01760, MAPodiatry1871761452
Judson L. Siegel, Dpm 01752, MAPodiatry1609045905
Raymond S. Murano Dpm Pc 02155, MAPodiatry1730358664
Michael J. Crowe, 3rd 02719, MAPodiatry1407026834
David C Whitney Sr Dpm Pc 02540, MAPodiatry1033389267
President & Fellows Of Harvard College 02138, MAPodiatry1457521437
Joseph Hartigan Dpm & Associates 02445, MAPodiatry1033380969
Theodore Harvey Atkinson 02478, MAPodiatry1821264607
Paula A. Fontaine Dpm 01473, MAPodiatry1992971345
Dr. Millard T. Hennessee, P.c. 02127, MAPodiatry1366601106
Comprehensive Foot Care 01040, MAPodiatry1922260710
Steven I Berman, Dpm 02128, MAPodiatry1427213016
Needham Podiatry P.c. 02494, MAPodiatry1114113503
Benjamin C Dickert 01107, MAPodiatry1831388552
Family Foot Care Group Inc 01907, MAPodiatry1093913691
Bp Partners, Llc 01915, MAPodiatry1952835225
Beverly Podiatry 01915, MAPodiatry1417134859
Andover Podiatry Pc 01810, MAPodiatry1902015142
Valley Podiatry Associates Pc 01075, MAPodiatry1114101110
Mass Assoc In Podiatry 01742, MAPodiatry1255581187
Scheffel Foot Center, Pc 01604, MAPodiatry1205086980
Saints Medical Center, Inc. 01852, MAPodiatry1982859773
Richard E Genovese 01440, MAPodiatry1477792034
Assabet Family Podiatry, Inc 01752, MAPodiatry1033351770
Orthopaedic Associates Of Allentown 18104, MAPodiatry1750525374
Merrimack Valley Foot Specialists ,inc 01830, MAPodiatry1659502920
Pistone Podiatric Foot Center Pc 01830, MAPodiatry1326378241
North Shore Foot & Ankle, Llc 01960, MAPodiatry1700104296
Harry L. Shoemaker, Dpm 02780, MAPodiatry1093020075
Boston University General Surgical Associates, Inc. qmc 02169, MAPodiatry1396041356
Associated Foot And Ankle Surgeons Of New England, Llc 02138, MAPodiatry1467759977
Methuen Podiatry Associates, Llc 01844, MAPodiatry1508155797
Dr. Essam Khedr, Dpm, Llc 01331, MAPodiatry1376834515
Westborough Podiatry Pllc 01581, MAPodiatry1720370661
John A. Macleod Dpm Llc 02720, MAPodiatry1780979732
Lawrence E. Mcginness, D.p.m., Pc 01915, MAPodiatry1407136112
Mt Auburn Professional Services 02138, MAPodiatry1184907859
Harvey Fritz Dpm Pc 01902, MAPodiatry1003190935
Sports Medicine North Orthopaedic Surgery,inc 01960, MAPodiatry1033481494
Orthopedics New England, Inc 02462, MAPodiatry1427371194
Mobile Medical Group Ma Pc 02347, MAPodiatry1801112099
Valley Podiatry Associates, Pc 01104, MAPodiatry1952630493
James J Diresta Dpm Pllc 01950, MAPodiatry1366707069
Foot And Ankle Center Of Massachusetts,pc 01887, MAPodiatry1992052435
Matthew P. Butler, D.p.m. Llc 02130, MAPodiatry1366795023
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of Danvers, Llc 01923, MAPodiatry1588909279
Foot Health Center Of Merrimack Valley Lowell Pc 01845, MAPodiatry1093055956
Foot Health Center Of Merrimack Valley win Pc 01845, MAPodiatry1184964041
Advanced Podiatric Associates, Inc. 02659, MAPodiatry1477894954
Legacy Foot And Ankle Specialists 02138, MAPodiatry1477984185
Painful Foot Clinic Llc 01852, MAPodiatry1528499217
American Mobile Services 01845, MAPodiatry1073938619
Dr. Steven M. Belanger, Llc 02720, MAPodiatry1780098145
Aco Signature Services 02744, MAPodiatry1073928552
Acton Foot And Ankle Llc 01720, MAPodiatry1033526728
Dr Diresta And Associates Pllc 01950, MAPodiatry1831507284
John Clarity, D.p.m. 01854, MAPodiatry1013316298
Burlington Podiatry Associates 01803, MAPodiatry1275933293
Unquity Podiatry 02169, MAPodiatry1033513122


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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