Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David William Vonsteuben 21014, MDPodiatry1518206945
Ronald L. Sherman 21287, MDPodiatry1780773226
Florence Marcus 21234, MDPodiatry1447386743
Stuart M. Goldman, Dpm, Pa 21208, MDPodiatry1174729701
Gregory James Cardinal 22301, MDPodiatry1356603922
Jay Seidel 33442, MDPodiatry1699063511
Ekaterina Sergeeva 92081, MDPodiatry1770902272
Podiatry Associates, P.a. 21014, MDPodiatry1316587058
Podiatry Associates, P.a. 21014, MDPodiatry1487879938
Jake Powers 34102, MDPodiatry1780035725
Nicole Kristen Cates 94115, MDPodiatry1386008779
Tiffany Kit Hoh 21239, MDPodiatry1154764207
Umez Podiatry, P.a. 21201, MDPodiatry1003940339
Sara Mahmood 18249, MDPodiatry1366978983
James Anthony Rano 21804, MDPodiatry1700856655
James A Rano Dpm Llc 21804, MDPodiatry1144570045
James A Rano Dpm Llc 21804, MDPodiatry1023355773
Alan Robert Deroy 20770, MDPodiatry1184680043
Aparna Duggirala 20770, MDPodiatry1720044688
Erika Marcie Schwartz 20006, MDPodiatry1356349575
Family Foot & Ankle Associates Of Maryland, Pa 20746, MDPodiatry1114198801
Adam Blake Lowy 20901, MDPodiatry1477795045
Foot And Ankle Wellness Center 20017, MDPodiatry1023580883
Ijeoma Nwuju 20017, MDPodiatry1902224959
Breck Laudenberger 21921, MDPodiatry1881694966
Elkton Foot And Ankle Center, Pa 21921, MDPodiatry1669730537
Christopher E Majewski 20874, MDPodiatry1013975226
Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry Llc 24901, MDPodiatry1477579738
Ali Deyhim 95540, MDPodiatry1851590012
Mark Robert Linzer 40202, MDPodiatry1083978282
Dmv Foot And Ankle Center 20715, MDPodiatry1558852988
Shaina Lynn Nelson 11355, MDPodiatry1063948826
Michael David Berger 21076, MDPodiatry1720460678
Kyle Samuel Scholnick 22030, MDPodiatry1417247834
Laura Ashley Michetti 20754, MDPodiatry1376073171
Barbara Anita Clorey 21075, MDPodiatry1073607669
Queen Mbanuzue 20716, MDPodiatry1972769339
Michael Jay Frank 20746, MDPodiatry1548266802
Victor R Aybar 21102, MDPodiatry1669516183
Victor R. Aybar,dpm,pa 21102, MDPodiatry1972795367
Chesapeake Foot And Ankle Center, P.a. 21122, MDPodiatry1750305306
Ira J Gottlieb 21122, MDPodiatry1265430524
Christa M. Gredlein 21136, MDPodiatry1609884956
Lani Nagorski 20877, MDPodiatry1699030429
David Engorn 89121, MDPodiatry1942645270
Michael Robert Smith 21214, MDPodiatry1699942656
Adam Spector 20902, MDPodiatry1033266010
Danielle Venegonia Crawford 32244, MDPodiatry1760779573
Emmanuella Maria Eastman 20902, MDPodiatry1053769596
Mazin Sadik 19013, MDPodiatry1366930570
Brian Tuminski 21702, MDPodiatry1821483223
Frederick Foot And Ankle Specialists 21702, MDPodiatry1205906302
Jacqueline Chen 21702, MDPodiatry1144602244
Sherene James Bond 20785, MDPodiatry1396146593
Bronze Foot And Ankle Center 20785, MDPodiatry1336660109
Debra R. Boender, Dpm, Phd, Llc 21817, MDPodiatry1831192095
Debra R. Boender 21817, MDPodiatry1851394027
Franklin Randall Polun 20854, MDPodiatry1881697886
Mark Neal Levy 20854, MDPodiatry1154324010
Brad A Toll 21114, MDPodiatry1699778357
Polun American Surgery Center, Pc 20854, MDPodiatry1780687442
David J Freedman 20906, MDPodiatry1548263650
Patricia Miller Schultz 20910, MDPodiatry1679576284
Orthopaedic Associates Of Central Md, Pa 21227, MDPodiatry1497757637
Denise Varquez-hoffman 21401, MDPodiatry1386646578
Courtney S Palmer 21401, MDPodiatry1205830122
David Julius Levine 20850, MDPodiatry1134123029
Kenneth James Benjamin 21702, MDPodiatry1932104007
Christopher Paul Farnworth 20832, MDPodiatry1932104759
James Robert Christina 20852, MDPodiatry1346245016
Edward S Orman 21128, MDPodiatry1083619845
Neil R. Ohora 20832, MDPodiatry1669477253
Janice Postal 20910, MDPodiatry1164427704
Karen Fabach Sanicola 21740, MDPodiatry1891790416
Max Weisfeld 21214, MDPodiatry1912902412
Richard Jay Silverstein 21078, MDPodiatry1639174147
Richard J Noble 21234, MDPodiatry1306842778
Mikel D Daniels 21117, MDPodiatry1730185091
David Cohen 21234, MDPodiatry1659377877
Montgomery Foot And Ankle Associates 20902, MDPodiatry1003812124
Richard Steven Cohen 20770, MDPodiatry1376549345
Ronald L. Silverman 21237, MDPodiatry1851397608
Marc Evan Goldberg 20832, MDPodiatry1447256714
Dr. Fred Gelin Pa 21222, MDPodiatry1386641652
Cathy A Cimaglia 21550, MDPodiatry1255339511
Ross Samuel Cohen 21122, MDPodiatry1548268485
Eric B Masternick 20190, MDPodiatry1396743688
Enzo J Leone 21122, MDPodiatry1801894241
Howard L. Schultheiss 21014, MDPodiatry1689673758
Claymon A Stevenson 21225, MDPodiatry1811996739
Jay Marc Mickenberg 21122, MDPodiatry1336149962
Kenneth L. Hatch 21401, MDPodiatry1801896113
Ruth Latanya Gilliam-phillips 21061, MDPodiatry1245230275
Tanya R Sellers-hannibal 21117, MDPodiatry1972503829
Salisbury Foot & Ankle Center 21804, MDPodiatry1013918630
Kelly L. Geoghan 21093, MDPodiatry1932100153
Alan M Rothfeld 20782, MDPodiatry1023010949
Jon M Sherman D.p.m Pc 20878, MDPodiatry1457353195
Samuel D Beitler 21061, MDPodiatry1467454843
Steven Neal Wiener 21157, MDPodiatry1225020266
Burton Joel Katzen 20748, MDPodiatry1407849607
Drs Stroh & Butler Pa 21704, MDPodiatry1083607873
John W Stroh 21701, MDPodiatry1306839113
Joseph Blaise Girlando 21207, MDPodiatry1316930035
Scott M Henry 21704, MDPodiatry1255324539
James Stephen Adleberg 21236, MDPodiatry1184625238
Dr Julian N Sober Pa 21061, MDPodiatry1063406395
Julian Neal Sober 21061, MDPodiatry1245224575
Wayne K Knoll 21401, MDPodiatry1134114390
Ira Michael Deming 20852, MDPodiatry1821083916
Irving Gary Sherman 21108, MDPodiatry1447245329
Sheldon Frank Weissmeyer 20904, MDPodiatry1316933468
Craig Haueisen 21804, MDPodiatry1598751265
James Joseph Klocek 21804, MDPodiatry1013904788
Leonard Wisotsky 20745, MDPodiatry1265429468
John R. Klaus 21921, MDPodiatry1922096775
Neil M Scheffler 21227, MDPodiatry1295723880
Joseph Steven Werner 21204, MDPodiatry1033107560
Fariba Azizinamini 20850, MDPodiatry1275528879
Ian Howard Beiser 20036, MDPodiatry1225025737
Jerome Alan Slavitt 21030, MDPodiatry1518955004
Dick Y Okino 21701, MDPodiatry1124016506
Michael Lawrence Michetti 20877, MDPodiatry1245220789
Paul Joseph Meissner 21030, MDPodiatry1417947953
Larry Michael Bernhard 21012, MDPodiatry1922080290
Steven B Caplan 21117, MDPodiatry1235112665
Rhonda Nelson 20769, MDPodiatry1083603427
Francisco Fernando Pizarro 21117, MDPodiatry1457333841
John Patrick Lydon 21842, MDPodiatry1952391575
Lorna C Wolfe 21702, MDPodiatry1801871322
Michael Wayne Tongue 20778, MDPodiatry1366427692
Lewis Klotzman 21212, MDPodiatry1003891375
Timothy Donald Swartz 20895, MDPodiatry1003891870
Eugene O Hudyma 21061, MDPodiatry1144205808
David Allen Lieb 21703, MDPodiatry1164408746
Ronald Allen Footer 20877, MDPodiatry1134106859
Michael Sherman 21208, MDPodiatry1174500847
Steven Selby Blanken 20902, MDPodiatry1194704023
Allan Louis Mann 21701, MDPodiatry1023097862
Podiatry Associates Of Hagerstown 21742, MDPodiatry1154300671
Paul Raymond Giegerich 20010, MDPodiatry1750361689
James Paul Girolami 20010, MDPodiatry1609856970
Dr Alan W Hopson, P.a. 21801, MDPodiatry1346210556
Alan Wayne Hopson 21801, MDPodiatry1356311542
Hariett Brenda Levinson Greenberg 18974, MDPodiatry1003886177
Ademuyiwa Adekola Adetunji 20774, MDPodiatry1487638854
Manish Singh Pabla 20901, MDPodiatry1134108749
Gene S Mirkin 20895, MDPodiatry1053381095
Seth A Rubenstein 20190, MDPodiatry1689657389
David Gannon 21811, MDPodiatry1376521492
Mark Mitchell Goldberg 21620, MDPodiatry1649240003
Timothy James Monahan 21620, MDPodiatry1225008691
Noel W Barnett 21244, MDPodiatry1487625299
Steven Henry Mcilwain 20889, MDPodiatry1033181946
Stephen M Ross 20002, MDPodiatry1619940871
Michael R Droulette 20036, MDPodiatry1396718680
David B Samuels 21228, MDPodiatry1861465569
Paul M Taylor 20910, MDPodiatry1457325094
Kristina Kalor Williams 20782, MDPodiatry1942276548
The Podiatry Center Chartered 20814, MDPodiatry1447226709
Michael H Herbst 20895, MDPodiatry1902872245
Michael Anthony Doughty 21221, MDPodiatry1588630750
Ross E Taubman 21029, MDPodiatry1114993078
Marc Neil Lipton 21227, MDPodiatry1255308581
Zachary Lee Chattler 21093, MDPodiatry1174582860
Stuart David Scherr 21157, MDPodiatry1497714752
Steven Nicholas Lopiano 07444, MDPodiatry1497715734
Joseph Osler Brice 21122, MDPodiatry1235100116
Paul B Ross 20814, MDPodiatry1801862149
Donna Ann Gievers-zuniga 20832, MDPodiatry1659349611
Peter James Cuesta 21811, MDPodiatry1649242496
Jose A. Deborja 21601, MDPodiatry1669446282
Vesta D Mcdowell 20715, MDPodiatry1639145147
Robert J Baglio 22911, MDPodiatry1962478891
David Mark Grace 21703, MDPodiatry1457320814
Howard Osterman 20910, MDPodiatry1275505471
Dang H. Vu 21136, MDPodiatry1083674659
John Butler 21157, MDPodiatry1447211610
Tatyana Abramova 21208, MDPodiatry1225099278
Brian Guy Dowling 21502, MDPodiatry1316908221
Tracy Wertheimer Bramble 21061, MDPodiatry1760443501
William Dietrich Jones 21613, MDPodiatry1922069509
Scott W. Nutter, Dpm, Pa 20707, MDPodiatry1376506345
James Atkin 21902, MDPodiatry1457315509
Columbia Foot And Ankle Associates, Pa 21029, MDPodiatry1033173877
Lee Youngworth 21209, MDPodiatry1447215835
Raymond Paul Merkin 20852, MDPodiatry1861457137
Shashank Chandra Srivastava 20850, MDPodiatry1366408221
Barbara Jean Hirsch 20850, MDPodiatry1598723355
Jordan Richard Stewart 21093, MDPodiatry1689624033
Larry Stephan Hotchkiss 20735, MDPodiatry1619920261
Herman Zarate 20912, MDPodiatry1861445884
Riverside Medical Associates Pa 20737, MDPodiatry1730132648
Professional Management Services, Llc 21208, MDPodiatry1699731810
Family Foot & Ankle Associates Of Maryland, P.a. 20832, MDPodiatry1558326298
Lisa L Miller 21211, MDPodiatry1669422689
Stuart M Goldman 21208, MDPodiatry1316996044
William A Gormley 21075, MDPodiatry1649220880
Brian Kashan 21215, MDPodiatry1669427472
University Of Maryland Orthopaedic Associates, Pa 21207, MDPodiatry1740235274


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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