Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael A Figura 63129, MOPodiatry1740283498
Edward Samuel Stein 63376, MOPodiatry1871596783
Maria Mcfarland 63044, MOPodiatry1588667497
Douglas Alan Krauss 63123, MOPodiatry1144223959
Martin J Rischall 63376, MOPodiatry1376546283
Kevin A Nettesheim 63128, MOPodiatry1366445314
Edward A Cline 63401, MOPodiatry1306849971
Amod P Paranjpe 63376, MOPodiatry1629070792
Sophie I Liu 63304, MOPodiatry1013911395
Arthur M Weisman 64057, MOPodiatry1326042219
James T Hamilton 64804, MOPodiatry1205830296
Jeffrey David Baller 63901, MOPodiatry1710981519
Phillip Anthony Lipira 64506, MOPodiatry1316941172
Larry William Piper 64506, MOPodiatry1801890678
Ryan P Frank 64057, MOPodiatry1528062130
Sheldon Fleishman 64015, MOPodiatry1245234640
C. Edward Caldwell 65037, MOPodiatry1750387098
Raymond M Rizzi 66214, MOPodiatry1255337580
Shari Lewis Kaminsky 63031, MOPodiatry1871599811
Frederick L Matthews 63138, MOPodiatry1144226036
David A Weik 62254, MOPodiatry1629076021
David J Dragoo 65201, MOPodiatry1093713471
Raymond Abdo 63109, MOPodiatry1629076674
Ronald James Loucks 63028, MOPodiatry1316946940
Lisa A Debernardi 63109, MOPodiatry1043219215
Michael W Lowhorn 63131, MOPodiatry1396745220
Thomas Craig Boldry 64068, MOPodiatry1437159217
Julie Jeanette Jones 64068, MOPodiatry1801896600
Paul Owen Gorby 64068, MOPodiatry1629078407
Thomas Nathan Sexton 64119, MOPodiatry1841290624
Sheldon L. Grossman 64131, MOPodiatry1821098427
Tracy Maria Reed 63136, MOPodiatry1871593178
Amy Katherine Balettie 63119, MOPodiatry1538169701
Robert A Shemwell 64116, MOPodiatry1487654810
Keith A Turlington 63126, MOPodiatry1396746327
Anthony M Lombardo 63044, MOPodiatry1346241155
Keith Alan Beauchamp 63552, MOPodiatry1437150117
Henry Lane Bradford 63112, MOPodiatry1568464436
Colette S. Weber 63122, MOPodiatry1306848007
Linda L Porter 63368, MOPodiatry1629070487
Phann D Vu 63368, MOPodiatry1336141191
John Derrick Harness 63114, MOPodiatry1649272493
Jeffrey Robert Aschenbrenner 63105, MOPodiatry1528060191
John Orville Roller 65672, MOPodiatry1285636753
Terry L Gamache 63301, MOPodiatry1487656138
Stephen Thomas Sehy 63132, MOPodiatry1326040981
Richard Glenn Brandel 63105, MOPodiatry1154323657
Lindsay D Barth 63122, MOPodiatry1437142635
Christopher Sloan 63640, MOPodiatry1578556775
Samuel T Wood 63031, MOPodiatry1760475974
Daniel Douglas Kiddy 63366, MOPodiatry1144214529
Steven John Grouse 63664, MOPodiatry1245224153
R Randal Aaranson 63131, MOPodiatry1407840184
Kathleen K. Appleman 63703, MOPodiatry1609862895
Jeffrey P. Appleman 63703, MOPodiatry1245226216
Jerry Michael Liddell 63031, MOPodiatry1700872611
Geoffrey C Bricker 65803, MOPodiatry1710974316
Mark Lewis Rolnick 63146, MOPodiatry1154319838
Daniel Adamovsky 63303, MOPodiatry1174511521
Hugh Raymond Protzel 63801, MOPodiatry1134117328
Zachary Newland 63033, MOPodiatry1619965530
Terrence George Klamet 65101, MOPodiatry1659361442
Wayne A Sarno 63755, MOPodiatry1134110836
Anthony S Sikoutris 65301, MOPodiatry1538141486
Neil S Snyder 63011, MOPodiatry1306828199
St Louis Medical Clinic, P.c. 63131, MOPodiatry1174505127
Meredith B Stuart 63011, MOPodiatry1043292840
Jacqueline Barbara Chen 60062, MOPodiatry1245212836
William Gerlach 63109, MOPodiatry1760464267
Michael D Weiss 63110, MOPodiatry1659354058
Rebecca Ann Fischer 63125, MOPodiatry1275516684
Douglass S Weidner 65079, MOPodiatry1780669952
Donald Piekarski 63124, MOPodiatry1477539633
Julia A Partin 63025, MOPodiatry1245218106
Kara M Kozlowski 63025, MOPodiatry1609854579
Metro Foot Specialists Llc 63025, MOPodiatry1336127208
James Thomas Main 63701, MOPodiatry1194703017
Kelley D. Foltz 63801, MOPodiatry1851379234
Douglas S. Foltz 63801, MOPodiatry1760460141
Hannibal Clinic Operations, L.l.c. 63456, MOPodiatry1477532182
Michelle N Friedersdorf 63401, MOPodiatry1255310942
Scott C Friedersdorf 63401, MOPodiatry1508845298
Erica L Torgrude 63126, MOPodiatry1366422115
Vincent Louis Travisano 63119, MOPodiatry1932189115
Seth M Anderson 63141, MOPodiatry1770553109
Reed Luikaart 63090, MOPodiatry1891765343
John J Holtzman 63141, MOPodiatry1851361133
Joel D Foster 64086, MOPodiatry1487625364
Russell Scott Grimes 64506, MOPodiatry1588635361
John J Riley 64112, MOPodiatry1932170610
Rwl, Llc 63385, MOPodiatry1104897727
St Louis Foot And Ankle Llc 63109, MOPodiatry1437120060
S Thomas Sehy D P M L L C 63132, MOPodiatry1821060278
Jody Peter Mcaleer 65109, MOPodiatry1801868294
Center For Advanced Foot & Ankle Surgery Inc 63141, MOPodiatry1174595409
William G Gerlach Dpm, Pc 63109, MOPodiatry1386616316
Clint L Vanlandingham 63901, MOPodiatry1508838566
Jonathon William Strong 65101, MOPodiatry1578536363
John Riley Iv, D.p.m., P.c. 64112, MOPodiatry1548234586
Terry Alan Sanders 65201, MOPodiatry1285609198
Brian K Haith 64131, MOPodiatry1598731002
Robert Michael Daugherty 63701, MOPodiatry1427025311
Kenneth Bradshaw 64735, MOPodiatry1134197924
Randall Kunze 64836, MOPodiatry1881662583
James R. Kuhn 64015, MOPodiatry1790746030
Robert A Bondi 64086, MOPodiatry1518928464
Heidi C Hagen 64015, MOPodiatry1538120282
Marianne J Misiewicz 65201, MOPodiatry1932161049
Sharon R Anderson 65401, MOPodiatry1417919432
Robert Scott Foster 65201, MOPodiatry1700848348
Mid missouri Foot And Ankle Center 65401, MOPodiatry1982667366
Clint Vandinlandingham 63901, MOPodiatry1144283524
Frederick Joseph Peet 63090, MOPodiatry1457314106
Gerald W. Cohen 63109, MOPodiatry1548225923
Zackwrie S Parr 63901, MOPodiatry1528023934
Gregory Kranzusch 63125, MOPodiatry1255396180
David L Amarnek 63125, MOPodiatry1386609204
Foot & Ankle Center, Llc 63125, MOPodiatry1366408205
Chris Robert Guerrieri 64119, MOPodiatry1396701108
Vincent Sollecito 63109, MOPodiatry1649236357
Brian Martin 63122, MOPodiatry1336105873
Steven R Frank 63040, MOPodiatry1437115979
Advanced Health Care Management Services, Llc 63901, MOPodiatry1306802632
James J Good 64119, MOPodiatry1639135825
Matthew B Richins 64804, MOPodiatry1003874181
Vincent Sollecito,iii 63109, MOPodiatry1477511251
Jeffrey Lewis Harsch 64086, MOPodiatry1124076468
Betty Louise Baldridge 63376, MOPodiatry1215985940
Thomas R Brant 65212, MOPodiatry1619926490
Shannon Alan Engel 64506, MOPodiatry1649220302
Lincoln Randall Nowlin 64093, MOPodiatry1861444903
Michael A Specter 63124, MOPodiatry1629021175
State Of Missouri 65251, MOPodiatry1164477873
Oscar Etuk 63112, MOPodiatry1578518841
Vincent J Staschiak 63124, MOPodiatry1275589038
Jefferson City Medical Group, P.c. 65109, MOPodiatry1871549345
Comprehensive Foot Care For All Ages, Inc. 63131, MOPodiatry1396791711
Christian Jon Wunderlich 63122, MOPodiatry1528015070
Mark Alan Green 64114, MOPodiatry1073550604
William James Duke 65109, MOPodiatry1629016902
Captain Doc Llc 64118, MOPodiatry1689612483
St Joseph Foot Clinic Llc 64506, MOPodiatry1568400216
Robert M Moore 63112, MOPodiatry1659311819
Brian G Broadhead 63031, MOPodiatry1275573081
Bic Stafford 63043, MOPodiatry1700826534
Family Foot And Ankle Care 63043, MOPodiatry1053351882
John M. Dailey 63090, MOPodiatry1477594935
Thomas John Kirisits 63127, MOPodiatry1053352005
Larry Randolph Narup 63144, MOPodiatry1083656391
A. Douglas Spitalny 66739, MOPodiatry1568405330
Kori H Taylor 64118, MOPodiatry1356384929
Karl B Collins 63031, MOPodiatry1376587535
Kurt W Kaufman 63031, MOPodiatry1689618944
Mercy Podiatry Llc 63090, MOPodiatry1699710400
David Stephen Carron 65109, MOPodiatry1174569883
Akilis Mike Theoharidis 64118, MOPodiatry1912933474
Stafford Foundation 63043, MOPodiatry1548296999
Sedalia Foot Clinic Pc 65301, MOPodiatry1174559579
Valarie L Ikerd 64804, MOPodiatry1689600918
Michael Neil Fine 64116, MOPodiatry1033147277
Alvin Ray Smith 64128, MOPodiatry1336177534
Valentenia Daugherty 64055, MOPodiatry1144258062
Rose M Sundet 65804, MOPodiatry1588693568
Ankle And Foot Centers Of Missouri P.c. 64118, MOPodiatry1790714491
Joseph D Brown 65301, MOPodiatry1922038777
Jeffrey L Haste 64804, MOPodiatry1750312328
Hill Robinson & Robinson Dpm 64057, MOPodiatry1073544029
Rick Dean Grayson 64037, MOPodiatry1831121961
James Michael Hill 64057, MOPodiatry1730111873
Stephen C Robinson 64133, MOPodiatry1558393694
Deborah A.k Holte 63501, MOPodiatry1487687935
Stanley Edgar Davies 65251, MOPodiatry1568487809
Medical & Surgical Specialists Of Rolla, Inc. 65401, MOPodiatry1376560383
Dennis L. Life 65201, MOPodiatry1205853082
D & H Podiatry Services, Llc 64804, MOPodiatry1972520336
Jacob W Lamb 63122, MOPodiatry1699794206
Lung Kang Tan 64506, MOPodiatry1205862778
Harness Podiatry Health & Wellness 63301, MOPodiatry1861906703
Jonathon Lee Fallis 65270, MOPodiatry1659391084
Heartland Podiatry, P.c. 64057, MOPodiatry1699795807
Jonathon Fallis Dpm Llc 65270, MOPodiatry1154341592
Robert Pearson 65401, MOPodiatry1316960008
Dennis M Timko 63025, MOPodiatry1013931815
Warren Ralph Trampe 63368, MOPodiatry1649294752
Ferguson Medical Group 63801, MOPodiatry1699799049
Harry John Visser 63141, MOPodiatry1285648576
Mark P Comess 63028, MOPodiatry1336154574
Carmina Quiroga 63141, MOPodiatry1467466763
Foot Healers Holdings St. Louis, Llc 63017, MOPodiatry1053326892
Constantine Kyramarios 63017, MOPodiatry1033124888
Jeffrey Scott Brooks 63141, MOPodiatry1962418277
Robert Kelso Duddy 63141, MOPodiatry1386650414
Richard Felix Wittock 63026, MOPodiatry1215943105
Family Foot Healthcare Llc 64429, MOPodiatry1104832872
Nancy Kay Gasparovic 64429, MOPodiatry1336156090
Foot & Ankle Center, Llc 62208, MOPodiatry1790795904
Ssm Medical Group Inc. 63044, MOPodiatry1477564581
Roller Enterprises Llc 65672, MOPodiatry1710998851
Ssm Depaul Medical Group, Inc. 63033, MOPodiatry1952312951
Foot & Ankle Center, Llc 62040, MOPodiatry1427069665


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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