Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sheldon Marne 28791, NCPodiatry1386647188
Paul P Zimmerman 28607, NCPodiatry1588667687
Rachel Rader 28625, NCPodiatry1073516175
Thurmond Eric Siceloff 27012, NCPodiatry1164425013
Boone Podiatry Pa 28607, NCPodiatry1326042979
Terry Ann Donovan 27012, NCPodiatry1295739019
Phillip Evans Ward 28358, NCPodiatry1396749198
Philip Alden Lewis 28301, NCPodiatry1942206255
Jeanette R Johnson 28374, NCPodiatry1255337804
Walter Joy Falardeau 27030, NCPodiatry1447256052
Richard J. Miller 28210, NCPodiatry1194723809
Robert Lloyd Van Brederode 28777, NCPodiatry1871590554
Kevin S. Molan 28210, NCPodiatry1457358137
Richard Christian King 27909, NCPodiatry1124025846
Thomas Eugene Curd 28562, NCPodiatry1033117585
Carmel Foot Specialists, Pa 28210, NCPodiatry1093713455
Kent A Vanbelois 28304, NCPodiatry1578561734
Kurt Petterson 28677, NCPodiatry1801894860
Charles Jefferson Mauney 28150, NCPodiatry1700884558
Austin Paul Matthews 28358, NCPodiatry1396002218
Barbara J. Kaiser 28210, NCPodiatry1437157963
Foothills Podiatry Pa 28150, NCPodiatry1689673360
John Michael Diehl 28025, NCPodiatry1831198290
Robert Francis Garfield 28803, NCPodiatry1538168547
Frank A Lescosky 27834, NCPodiatry1053311290
John R Marino 29466, NCPodiatry1346240579
David B Tucker 27288, NCPodiatry1003818097
Michael Rufus Joyce 27288, NCPodiatry1730181736
Gregory Girard Young 28401, NCPodiatry1689676009
Christopher J Gauland 27834, NCPodiatry1427040153
Pamlico Podiatry Associates Pa 27889, NCPodiatry1104818418
Abram Timothy Seavers 27889, NCPodiatry1154314391
Laura A Lloyd 27889, NCPodiatry1750374997
Christopher Colin Young 28401, NCPodiatry1639161946
Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates P A 28054, NCPodiatry1932194487
David Russell Kirlin 28054, NCPodiatry1265427710
Wilbur Ryan Meredith 28054, NCPodiatry1871588376
M & L Podiatry Pa 28105, NCPodiatry1679568919
Greenville Foot & Ankle Center Pllc 27858, NCPodiatry1437144896
Alfonso Haro 27376, NCPodiatry1013902865
Kevin Lee Killian 28105, NCPodiatry1225023930
Kurt A Massey 28117, NCPodiatry1417943986
Foot & Ankle Associates Pllc 28078, NCPodiatry1538155015
Robert T Delbene 28785, NCPodiatry1023004447
William D Banks 28785, NCPodiatry1417943887
Robert A Liberatore 28054, NCPodiatry1629064969
Kristine Marie Strauss 28273, NCPodiatry1164418406
G. Adam Shapiro 28078, NCPodiatry1215923503
John Richard Iredale 27704, NCPodiatry1477549160
Richard J Hauser 27518, NCPodiatry1558358333
Robert J Lenfestey 27518, NCPodiatry1760479547
Kenneth E Bloom 28117, NCPodiatry1811983372
Kenneth Y Rosenthal 27834, NCPodiatry1790773406
John Michael Shimko 28216, NCPodiatry1194718619
Blue Ridge Podiatry Associates 24151, NCPodiatry1952390221
William David Respess 27858, NCPodiatry1063401164
Zachary James Nellas 28207, NCPodiatry1912989849
Scott Lee Basinger 28277, NCPodiatry1154303568
James Michael Hopkins 27615, NCPodiatry1386627479
Mark Miceli 28262, NCPodiatry1881678118
Ronald A Maskarinec 28150, NCPodiatry1396729281
Paul I Reiss 28205, NCPodiatry1093799835
Carolina Foot Specialists Pllc 27511, NCPodiatry1932184546
Carolina Foot Specialists Pllc 27615, NCPodiatry1942285432
Robert Lee Sprinkle 27360, NCPodiatry1720064017
Stephen A Kinard 27886, NCPodiatry1063498301
Todd A Williams 28602, NCPodiatry1487631206
Robert Francis Kukla 28602, NCPodiatry1871570697
Rodney Fitzhugh 27610, NCPodiatry1962488759
Seth A Weaver 28602, NCPodiatry1215914031
James Dennis Cusack 28144, NCPodiatry1740267699
Lawanda F Bailey-rayner 27540, NCPodiatry1750360129
Thomas John Bobrowski 28562, NCPodiatry1346229671
Robert F Haber 28601, NCPodiatry1497735211
Clarence M Stewart 27610, NCPodiatry1669458915
J Barry Johnson 27103, NCPodiatry1396717005
James Frederick Kirk 28025, NCPodiatry1689647596
Robert Christopher Olson 28054, NCPodiatry1235102971
Jason Edward Nolan 27518, NCPodiatry1780650812
Glenn Dunlap 28374, NCPodiatry1346217031
Robert M Przynosch 28786, NCPodiatry1568439073
Maribeth Hill 27511, NCPodiatry1982671426
Kevin Gregory Bachman 28401, NCPodiatry1497722672
Jeffrey Bruce Pupp 28401, NCPodiatry1497723324
The Foot Surgery Center Of North Carolina 27409, NCPodiatry1447228689
Douglas Charles Smith 27609, NCPodiatry1669440798
Patrick Dougherty 27609, NCPodiatry1386616415
Virginia R Albano 28546, NCPodiatry1437121431
Melvin Scofield Livengood 28144, NCPodiatry1235199191
Mountain Podiatry Pa 28791, NCPodiatry1760443097
Milton Waldo Richardson 27502, NCPodiatry1467413419
Richard S. Weinbaum 27262, NCPodiatry1427019033
Christine R Wright 27262, NCPodiatry1770544306
Michael Steven Kerzner 27710, NCPodiatry1609838010
Michael Wilson 27103, NCPodiatry1649232943
Gregory Richard Costanzo 28803, NCPodiatry1477516813
Thomas Scott Rehm 28803, NCPodiatry1447213921
Lloyd Kelsey Armstrong 27713, NCPodiatry1154384980
Frank J. Bercik 27587, NCPodiatry1053375410
Piedmont Podiatry Associates, Pllc 27320, NCPodiatry1225093933
Piedmont Podiatry Associates, Pllc 27288, NCPodiatry1972568582
Scott Eric Whitman 28075, NCPodiatry1912962986
Robert Mcconekey 28401, NCPodiatry1710943212
Jeffrey James Glaser 28207, NCPodiatry1780640359
Chaitalee Vithal Kardani 28211, NCPodiatry1023075470
Piedmont Foot Clinic, Pa 27518, NCPodiatry1194783233
William J O'neill 28677, NCPodiatry1588622385
Thomas J Hagan, Dpm 28562, NCPodiatry1386602258
John Henry Grogan 28601, NCPodiatry1326006727
David Figowy 28546, NCPodiatry1952359721
Forsyth Medical Group, Llc 27360, NCPodiatry1053369504
Michael Chambers Porter 28546, NCPodiatry1033168349
Central Carolina Podiatry Pa 27704, NCPodiatry1669421608
Coastal Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates Pa 28401, NCPodiatry1205885159
Colin Lee Moffett 28001, NCPodiatry1568411007
Sandra R Sheehan 28304, NCPodiatry1780634535
Daniel E Laut 28304, NCPodiatry1225088081
Mark T Eaton 28304, NCPodiatry1124079256
David Mark Stauffer 27103, NCPodiatry1447201587
Bryan C Satterwhite 28470, NCPodiatry1346291325
Matthew Thompson 28358, NCPodiatry1942251855
Terrill F Brown 28304, NCPodiatry1063463982
Jonathan Carl O'quinn 27834, NCPodiatry1811948607
Cape Fear Podiatry Associates, Pa 28304, NCPodiatry1316999527
Paul R. Glaser 28403, NCPodiatry1376595801
Kermit B. Wells 28806, NCPodiatry1497708135
Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, Pllc 27587, NCPodiatry1598718116
Associates In Podiatry, P.a. 28546, NCPodiatry1659324507
William J Oneill 27012, NCPodiatry1881643419
Ronald V Futerman 28105, NCPodiatry1528011376
Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 28602, NCPodiatry1336197292
Christopher R Fuesy 28105, NCPodiatry1861445603
Jon Scott Stancil 27858, NCPodiatry1740241355
Novant Medical Group, Inc. 28144, NCPodiatry1851345375
Steven Joseph Tilles 27262, NCPodiatry1003860990
Philip Varca 27705, NCPodiatry1073568317
Carmel Foot Specialists, Pa 28204, NCPodiatry1982650735
Sprinkle Foot & Ankle Center Pa 27103, NCPodiatry1316993033
Foot And Ankle Center Of Nc, Pa 28374, NCPodiatry1083661136
Joseph Gifford Weaver 27292, NCPodiatry1912954587
Matthew Gray Troxler 27215, NCPodiatry1053368704
Jason P Glover 28139, NCPodiatry1629015813
Bradley Jon Wadington 28791, NCPodiatry1649217712
Raleigh Foot Center,pa 27609, NCPodiatry1619915501
Edwin Britt Martin 28403, NCPodiatry1134168214
Robert Lb Sprinkle 27157, NCPodiatry1689613432
Robert M Hatcher 27609, NCPodiatry1104867704
Kendall Leon Blackwell 27893, NCPodiatry1366483638
Bruce Manning Chapman 28401, NCPodiatry1952343063
Dekarlos M Dial 27262, NCPodiatry1588606552
Terry Claycomb 27893, NCPodiatry1710929674
James Kevin Hardison 28211, NCPodiatry1689616567
William Aaron Broyles 28754, NCPodiatry1801839964
Steven K Bowen 28304, NCPodiatry1508800988
Foot Care Specialist , Pllc 27540, NCPodiatry1669417465
Jerry Wayne Harris 27407, NCPodiatry1013953876
Michael Joseph Ryan 28262, NCPodiatry1972549186
Benjamin Ivan Mckinney 27288, NCPodiatry1245266089
James F. Kirk Dpm,pa 28025, NCPodiatry1477589513
Joint Replacement Specialists, P.c. 28601, NCPodiatry1548296015
William Charles Healey 28310, NCPodiatry1487681607
Michael L Tomey 27513, NCPodiatry1417985763
William Jesse Johncock 28601, NCPodiatry1346278629
John Allen Hoover 28557, NCPodiatry1659309417
Richard A Lind 28204, NCPodiatry1699703363
Edgewater Medical Associates Pllc 27546, NCPodiatry1205865979
Charlotte Foot Clinic 28208, NCPodiatry1871524595
Scott Adam Hyman 28791, NCPodiatry1952332280
George John Demetri 28304, NCPodiatry1407891955
James Grover Crawford 27401, NCPodiatry1881633188
Luke David Cicchinelli 19107, NCPodiatry1578506101
Alyssa Carroll 27609, NCPodiatry1265852156
Kirk E Woelffer 27609, NCPodiatry1275580862
Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 28037, NCPodiatry1235162728
Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 28638, NCPodiatry1265467351
John Vito Lopiccolo 28557, NCPodiatry1679599963
Jane Elizabeth Andersen 27514, NCPodiatry1013935519
Todd W Cline 27215, NCPodiatry1386662435
Jerry Lee Gross 28043, NCPodiatry1134149628
Carteret Foot & Ankle Specialist, Pc 28557, NCPodiatry1003836453
Gary Schattschneider 28655, NCPodiatry1598787806
Robert Brian O Malley 28401, NCPodiatry1528080389
Richard R. Recko 28403, NCPodiatry1356365761
Denise M Richardson 27892, NCPodiatry1194739680
Marc A Sabo 27892, NCPodiatry1730193228
Stacy Fowler 27302, NCPodiatry1275549479
Harvey G. Tilles 27203, NCPodiatry1528076981
Rhonda S Cohen 27704, NCPodiatry1346259967
Neil Stephen Oconnor 28645, NCPodiatry1922019959
Piedmont Foot And Ankle Associates Pc 27103, NCPodiatry1942314802
Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates Pa 28803, NCPodiatry1932213717
Jennifer R Szypczak 28803, NCPodiatry1952416315
Family Foot & Ankle Center, P.a. 27609, NCPodiatry1487769857
Catawba Podiatry Pa 28601, NCPodiatry1255447264
Jennifer H Purvis 27804, NCPodiatry1568484749
Horizon Surgical Specialists Pa 28645, NCPodiatry1225142011
James Thomas Mothershed 27103, NCPodiatry1821104852
Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 28681, NCPodiatry1356376446
Carolina Foot & Ankle Associates, Pllc 28655, NCPodiatry1447285531
Patrick J. Ricotta 28358, NCPodiatry1477579761


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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