Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Nebraska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Nebraska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Foot And Ankle Center Of Nebraska, P.c. 68134, NEPodiatry1730149246
Donald Eugene Buddecke 68123, NEPodiatry1699763938
Nebraska Lower Extremity Surgery Group, Llc 68123, NEPodiatry1427348838
Andrea Drieling 67502, NEPodiatry1558882316
Twila J Fickel 69337, NEPodiatry1851394092
Philip B Sextro 68802, NEPodiatry1851394738
Teresa K Burnap 68505, NEPodiatry1821091638
John J. Tennity 68505, NEPodiatry1194728915
Philip A. Maynard 68901, NEPodiatry1619970381
Kevin J Larsen 68803, NEPodiatry1568465300
Jonathan Michael Little 68005, NEPodiatry1528063930
Louis Michael Sempek 68046, NEPodiatry1932103389
Scott C Nelson 68130, NEPodiatry1366448649
Thomas Jennings Larson 68124, NEPodiatry1336149483
Capital Foot & Ankle, P.c. 68505, NEPodiatry1730181751
Gregory Allen Burns 68845, NEPodiatry1760476733
Robert J Hilkemann 68114, NEPodiatry1316934946
Craig E Riley Dpm Pc 68601, NEPodiatry1437148525
Glenn Patrick York 68104, NEPodiatry1669455184
Bellevue Foot Center, P.c. 68005, NEPodiatry1609855568
James E Lewandowski 68801, NEPodiatry1245210822
Michael Drews 68154, NEPodiatry1275504482
Steven John Bennett 68847, NEPodiatry1487620548
Patrick Daniel Moore 68845, NEPodiatry1558321505
John M Weremy 68113, NEPodiatry1255302212
Kent R Dinucci 68127, NEPodiatry1952363533
Jeffrey Mark Pollens 68116, NEPodiatry1710943279
Samuel James Determan 68135, NEPodiatry1548219462
Jon R Goldsmith 68122, NEPodiatry1548225816
Precision Foot & Ankle Center Pc 68114, NEPodiatry1114971173
Tiffani L. Anderson 69145, NEPodiatry1477596294
Michelle Lynn Hinze 68123, NEPodiatry1053354944
David E Cornell 68108, NEPodiatry1932142254
Michael P Cullen 68118, NEPodiatry1851329114
Foot & Ankle Clinic Of Central Nebraska Pc 68803, NEPodiatry1134162910
Wayne V Videtich 68502, NEPodiatry1013934074
Robert A Colligan 68702, NEPodiatry1639198948
Scot W Bandel 68803, NEPodiatry1497774137
Midwest Ob/gyn Clinic, Pc 68701, NEPodiatry1538189857
Chad Arron Summy 68123, NEPodiatry1679595854
Michael Ray Powers 68123, NEPodiatry1467474643
Clinton Philip Schafer 69101, NEPodiatry1942218961
Richard James Raska 69101, NEPodiatry1386652303
Richard Marcus Evans 68510, NEPodiatry1093726150
Dale Meier Fountain 68505, NEPodiatry1427069442
Katherine Joan Berger 68510, NEPodiatry1760493829
Eric C Palmquist 68116, NEPodiatry1740399765
Brock Randall Angelos 68510, NEPodiatry1508978693
Fred M James 68505, NEPodiatry1922108646
Omaha Foot Care Center Inc 68152, NEPodiatry1487749230
Charles Milo Halverson 68025, NEPodiatry1821188558
Elizabeth Marie Klawitter 68164, NEPodiatry1043390578
Eric Eugene Sluiter 68114, NEPodiatry1417038365
Nanci Lea Clark 68114, NEPodiatry1831270636
Robert C Hinze 69001, NEPodiatry1134206121
Frank John Rizzo 68505, NEPodiatry1750483012
Omaha Foot And Ankle Specialists Pc 68118, NEPodiatry1730289125
Matthew R. Hahne 68505, NEPodiatry1013087402
Torrey Brett Rassfeld 68502, NEPodiatry1710076906
Great Plains Foot And Ankle Specialists Pc 69101, NEPodiatry1831283951
Steven Dale Meinhold 68144, NEPodiatry1467532986
Fred Miller James 68505, NEPodiatry1558401414
Advanced Foot & Ankle Pc 68108, NEPodiatry1134270416
Charles Richard Lueck 68152, NEPodiatry1831313618
Affiliated Foot Clinics L.l.c. 68025, NEPodiatry1245455146
Powers Foot & Ankle Pc 68123, NEPodiatry1548481187
Ankle & Foot Clinic Pc 68127, NEPodiatry1982826111
Larson Foot Clinic, P.c. 68124, NEPodiatry1053522888
Sterling Foot And Ankle Ctr P.c. 69162, NEPodiatry1730384603
Scott C Nelson Dpm 68130, NEPodiatry1043417710
Blayne H Mccaffrey 68701, NEPodiatry1881887263
Norfolk Podiatry Pc 68701, NEPodiatry1902090988
Richard M. Evans, D.p.m., P.c. 68510, NEPodiatry1023203874
Katherine J. Berger, D.p.m. 68901, NEPodiatry1164619409
James E Lewandowski Dpm 68801, NEPodiatry1588852909
Steven D Meinhold, Pc 68105, NEPodiatry1447418991
Wayne V Videtich Dpm Pc 68502, NEPodiatry1922268234
Louis M Sempek Pc 68046, NEPodiatry1487833976
Patrick Daniel Moore 68845, NEPodiatry1396998134
Powers Foot And Ankle, Pc 68127, NEPodiatry1558509067
Benson Podiatry Associates Pc 68104, NEPodiatry1508006263
Howard D Pachman 68118, NEPodiatry1689801094
Midwest Foot & Ankle, P.c. 68114, NEPodiatry1497083422
Summy Foot And Ankle, Pc 68123, NEPodiatry1598094807
Foot Care Center, Pc 68025, NEPodiatry1063741114
Kearney Foot Clinic Pc 68845, NEPodiatry1255661633
Brandon L Borer 68601, NEPodiatry1275818056
Alicia M Ericksen 69210, NEPodiatry1013152396
Bradley Benton Copple 68106, NEPodiatry1962648410
Foot And Ankle Clinic, Pc 68008, NEPodiatry1922304682
Nathan Thomas Penney 68164, NEPodiatry1831330323
Jeffrey C Wienke 68505, NEPodiatry1629207261
Joshua Morton Vest 68505, NEPodiatry1235461294
Corey S. Blackburn 68803, NEPodiatry1528350485
Russell Carlston 68949, NEPodiatry1710369095
Midplains Podiatry 68164, NEPodiatry1770739773
Jonathan B Wilson 68803, NEPodiatry1205197878
Foot And Ankle Doctors Pc 68701, NEPodiatry1215284468
High Plains Podiatry, Pc 69001, NEPodiatry1669716130
Craig E. Riley, D.p.m., P.c. 68467, NEPodiatry1598199283
Elite Foot And Ankle Specialists 68007, NEPodiatry1407286974
Norfolk Podiatry Center,llc 68701, NEPodiatry1992197669
Momentum Foot And Ankle Wellness Center, Pc 68116, NEPodiatry1558766238
Joshua H Wray 69101, NEPodiatry1134554074
Swfac Plc 68410, NEPodiatry1083084792
Ronald L. Korbelik 68025, NEPodiatry1558301382
James T. Vukonich 68025, NEPodiatry1477596443
Reanen E. Michael 68106, NEPodiatry1801228952
Derek Miller 68505, NEPodiatry1538457619
Zackary Bryan Gangwer 68701, NEPodiatry1962768325
Matthew Williamson 68505, NEPodiatry1487069100
Ryan Supon 68104, NEPodiatry1467830083
Lincoln Foot Clinic 68505, NEPodiatry1679953392
Michael Ryan Zimmerman 68763, NEPodiatry1699118224
Dustin Christensen 69101, NEPodiatry1609215755
Alegent Creighton Clinic 68130, NEPodiatry1588012397
Alegent Creighton Clinic 68046, NEPodiatry1285082917
Advanced Foot & Ankle Llc 68108, NEPodiatry1437607298
Jason Raymond Bailey 68701, NEPodiatry1629366232
John P Lazoritz 68114, NEPodiatry1124446166
David Rettedal 57049, NEPodiatry1285074997
Prairie Foot & Ankle Pc 68803, NEPodiatry1528587813
Rassfeld Foot And Ankle Pc 68502, NEPodiatry1346713559
Jordan Luke Sikes 68134, NEPodiatry1104155191
Patrick John Nelson 68134, NEPodiatry1902193618
Robert Maurice Greenhagen 68134, NEPodiatry1649433848
Foot And Ankle Center Of Iowa Llc 50023, NEPodiatry1659866432
Nicholas G. Olari 68134, NEPodiatry1093789554
Sylvia J Trotter 68510, NEPodiatry1215955158
Trotter Enterprises Inc 68510, NEPodiatry1730325390
Jonathan Duane Rouse 68134, NEPodiatry1003250556
Mark L Willats 69361, NEPodiatry1174539555
Western Plains Foot Center, P.c. 69361, NEPodiatry1750503082
Associated Podiatrists Pc 68154, NEPodiatry1306996152
Fountain Foot Clinic Pc 68505, NEPodiatry1578765087
Shannon M. Lensing 68114, NEPodiatry1487981320
Nebraska Lower Extremity Surgery Group, Llc 68114, NEPodiatry1114343449
Nebraska Lower Extremity Surgery Group, Llc 68135, NEPodiatry1104242437
Brown County Hospital 69210, NEPodiatry1417027210
Lexington Regional Health Center 68850, NEPodiatry1316016165
David Eugene Waters 68901, NEPodiatry1386932564
Platte River Foot And Ankle Surgeons Llc 68901, NEPodiatry1477151603
Eric So 68510, NEPodiatry1679969364
Kara L Krejci Reed 68506, NEPodiatry1912211657
Giaimo Podiatry Of Nebraska Llc 68508, NEPodiatry1811340417
North Platte Surgery Center Llc 69101, NEPodiatry1154316339


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