Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Edgard Nau 10034, NYPodiatry1801899828
Richard Anthony Belli 11377, NYPodiatry1073516092
Corinne R Kauderer 11228, NYPodiatry1033112248
Alan Silverstein 11570, NYPodiatry1740283951
Cary Miles Golub 11561, NYPodiatry1356344550
Richard C Berkowitz 12065, NYPodiatry1346243441
Barry Alan Fields 10520, NYPodiatry1508869363
Anthony Orlando 11374, NYPodiatry1831192582
Howard M Wolhandler 13224, NYPodiatry1902809759
Bruce Steven Pinker 12701, NYPodiatry1457354128
Paul Barry Bernstein 11758, NYPodiatry1932102688
Edward Anthony Buro 11725, NYPodiatry1578566402
Lawrence S Carlton 11234, NYPodiatry1215930771
Elliot L Bass 11229, NYPodiatry1528061082
Paul Lazar 10021, NYPodiatry1396748083
Dennis Hershey 11234, NYPodiatry1497758973
Michael Charles Edelstein 10458, NYPodiatry1376546853
Jonathan Abraham Kirell 11746, NYPodiatry1841293388
Susheel Bathla 10306, NYPodiatry1871596387
William Joseph Weissinger 11743, NYPodiatry1750384285
Myles Grossman 11566, NYPodiatry1417950866
Marc L Bendeth 11557, NYPodiatry1700889136
Steve Menna 10016, NYPodiatry1164425427
Daniel B Firshein 10014, NYPodiatry1043213309
Lester Neil Dennis 11222, NYPodiatry1669474995
Marc S Jaffe 11797, NYPodiatry1770586133
Jeffrey Lester Adler 10036, NYPodiatry1013910470
Barry Jay Rosen 11364, NYPodiatry1871596262
Todd Adam Levenstien 11757, NYPodiatry1649273103
James Paul Lentini 13815, NYPodiatry1801899430
Frank D Russo 11796, NYPodiatry1538161716
Bruce Roy Greenbaum 11235, NYPodiatry1598767600
Joel C Keilson 11557, NYPodiatry1952303141
Ronald A Washington 11787, NYPodiatry1366444317
Robert J Gottlieb 11771, NYPodiatry1922002716
John Tsouris 11755, NYPodiatry1225032097
Andrew Stephen Wilantewicz 12590, NYPodiatry1457355224
John E. Turano 14625, NYPodiatry1023012770
Martin G Miller 11520, NYPodiatry1194729780
Jeffrey Robert Horowitz 10970, NYPodiatry1457355000
Audra Rochelle Siegel 12603, NYPodiatry1538163290
Michael J Paulmeno 10920, NYPodiatry1568467991
Alan J. Tabb 14830, NYPodiatry1255336608
Ronald Replogle 11704, NYPodiatry1578568705
Alan M Meyerberg 10312, NYPodiatry1386649515
David Jonathan Sands 11021, NYPodiatry1548265788
Sergey Losyev 11214, NYPodiatry1205831450
Ocean Parkway Medical, P.c. 11230, NYPodiatry1801891064
Myron Charles Boxer 11598, NYPodiatry1326043290
Emilio A Goez 11520, NYPodiatry1093710865
Stuart Plotkin 11776, NYPodiatry1518962380
Mark Gventer 11235, NYPodiatry1821093840
Robert Keith Kalmar 11743, NYPodiatry1225033160
Gregg Greenblatt 10018, NYPodiatry1518962679
Stacey A Sarmiento 14606, NYPodiatry1912902909
Michael Alan Pliskin 11021, NYPodiatry1801891577
Jacqueline Murphy 11530, NYPodiatry1184629826
Marilyn S Boyuka 13850, NYPodiatry1447286638
James R. De Meo 10583, NYPodiatry1992709455
Bonnie Vader 11212, NYPodiatry1285639294
Joseph E Hatef 14830, NYPodiatry1730184185
Jeffrey M Stark 11572, NYPodiatry1114922994
David P Heller 11203, NYPodiatry1790780575
Ira Melvin Tartack 11235, NYPodiatry1669477311
Lewis G. Giglia 14450, NYPodiatry1780689323
Gary J Fischman 10952, NYPodiatry1376548966
Stuart Kitton 10031, NYPodiatry1598760100
Michael Ignatius Hanzly 14210, NYPodiatry1871598326
Frank Thomas Rinaldi 11214, NYPodiatry1275539413
Jeffrey Guy Wolfson 10011, NYPodiatry1912903147
Jordan Michael Ciner 10128, NYPodiatry1154327476
Steven J. Ginsberg 11428, NYPodiatry1386640431
David Burstein 11576, NYPodiatry1619973484
Drew Ames Richman 12550, NYPodiatry1124024732
Kathleen Panepinto 18840, NYPodiatry1720083280
Lisamarie Guidice 11694, NYPodiatry1053317024
Ross C Vankleunen 10566, NYPodiatry1790745131
Wayne Brian Bloom 10598, NYPodiatry1225035835
Ralph Benzakein 11229, NYPodiatry1609873041
Berdj H Stepanian 10603, NYPodiatry1851398374
Bob S Biller 11561, NYPodiatry1225035769
Barbara Ellen Mittler 10965, NYPodiatry1699772145
Todd Rotwein 11550, NYPodiatry1033116413
Paul Frederic Busman 12180, NYPodiatry1407853724
Thomas M Pieklo 14843, NYPodiatry1104823426
Bruce J Mclaughlin 11795, NYPodiatry1336146596
Michael John Curry 14052, NYPodiatry1326045469
Steven E Fessel 10954, NYPodiatry1063419174
Joseph A Manzi 12054, NYPodiatry1417954462
Steven Bruce Epstein 11557, NYPodiatry1134126188
Jay S Abeles 11714, NYPodiatry1164429122
Gregory John Bergamo 10940, NYPodiatry1164420881
Daniel Grapel 11375, NYPodiatry1265439905
Thomas K Barlis 11102, NYPodiatry1376540021
Howard N. Kessler 11570, NYPodiatry1962409664
Leon Ber 14221, NYPodiatry1639176332
Rory S Cohen 11201, NYPodiatry1750389458
Edwin William Wolf 10024, NYPodiatry1598762437
Spencer F. Dubov 11725, NYPodiatry1477550226
Jonathan Paul Sumber 12401, NYPodiatry1184621906
Deanna E. Duran 11209, NYPodiatry1003814740
Theodore John Randolph 11776, NYPodiatry1831197318
Bernard F. Martin 11379, NYPodiatry1790783363
Wendy S Siegel 11787, NYPodiatry1184622763
Mark Mitchell Stempler 10306, NYPodiatry1255339776
Michael Paul Carioscia 10598, NYPodiatry1306844717
Donna S Kirell 11414, NYPodiatry1730187147
Eric G Walter 10466, NYPodiatry1063410470
Suzi Campanaro 13088, NYPodiatry1407854813
Marlyn V Milicia 11766, NYPodiatry1821096249
Howard David Dinowitz 11229, NYPodiatry1932107364
Mark Schilansky 12414, NYPodiatry1710985189
Allen Shuman 10472, NYPodiatry1225036676
Gary Steven Evans 10119, NYPodiatry1992703342
Neil R Siegel 10901, NYPodiatry1447258892
David Bruce Fuchs 11554, NYPodiatry1548268899
Karen Marie Aglietti 11385, NYPodiatry1376541672
Nachum Pelcovitz 11559, NYPodiatry1619975943
Samuel Nathan Goldring 10128, NYPodiatry1124026315
David N Nussbaum 12414, NYPodiatry1821096017
Joseph Paul Gabryszewski 12538, NYPodiatry1649278862
William Tomback 10589, NYPodiatry1417955642
Arden Smith 11042, NYPodiatry1508864752
Anthony Joseph Sanzone 13760, NYPodiatry1821096884
Bruce Albert Zappia 11702, NYPodiatry1093713927
Matthew J. Tavroff 11435, NYPodiatry1750389755
Gerald Vincent Ciccarello 11793, NYPodiatry1720086796
Karin Sigrid Johansson 10017, NYPodiatry1376541391
Alan Michael Stern 11001, NYPodiatry1720086754
Charles Morelli 10543, NYPodiatry1992703847
Lori A Lundberg 12834, NYPodiatry1811995384
Glenn D Weinfeld 10598, NYPodiatry1700884178
Yelena Dreyzina 10475, NYPodiatry1134127632
Stanley Edward Dauber 10021, NYPodiatry1588662845
Steven B Axt 11772, NYPodiatry1497753693
Greg E Cohen 11201, NYPodiatry1275531147
Robert J. Leon 11355, NYPodiatry1902804826
Stuart B. Leon 11435, NYPodiatry1528066446
Jose L. Deleon 10033, NYPodiatry1508865320
Eric J Rothstein 11740, NYPodiatry1770581563
Bruce D Abel 10704, NYPodiatry1144228974
Tracey G Toback 12401, NYPodiatry1346249133
Rosalind B Abel 10704, NYPodiatry1912905746
Edward Fryman 11783, NYPodiatry1659370245
Christopher D Ross 12564, NYPodiatry1407855950
Mark J Aronson 11365, NYPodiatry1851390157
Steven Yale Norman 11004, NYPodiatry1215936521
Ted Cohen 12203, NYPodiatry1154320471
Samuel F Ruggiero 14031, NYPodiatry1376542704
Jeffrey A Parker 12771, NYPodiatry1982603346
Joseph Sebastian Lobianco 11754, NYPodiatry1245239615
Maryann Z Trivlis 11229, NYPodiatry1063411288
Juan Carlos Barragan 10472, NYPodiatry1962401190
George M Devito 11731, NYPodiatry1710986849
Jeffrey Silberstein 11219, NYPodiatry1427057553
Sanford Clay Proner 10708, NYPodiatry1255330395
Wayne Marc Feldman 11362, NYPodiatry1821097809
Jeffrey J. Cusack 11731, NYPodiatry1336148220
Daniel W Merk 14075, NYPodiatry1588663488
Helene Carole Cagan 10128, NYPodiatry1992705875
Jay M Purvin 11554, NYPodiatry1053310920
Peter Wolstein 10462, NYPodiatry1699775346
Simon Young 10025, NYPodiatry1083614895
Robert J Landy 11795, NYPodiatry1093715633
Ho Yim 11355, NYPodiatry1306846951
Edward F Mclaughlin 11795, NYPodiatry1235139759
Theodore Joseph Feldberg 10306, NYPodiatry1760482293
Mario E Montoni 10704, NYPodiatry1730189200
Melinda Reiner 13210, NYPodiatry1992705008
Ernest Levi 10016, NYPodiatry1801896055
John Alfred Tallia 10983, NYPodiatry1649270646
Douglas E Campbell 11219, NYPodiatry1366442360
Jason Robert Behar 11705, NYPodiatry1861492878
Warren L Kent 11776, NYPodiatry1437150406
John Peter Burghardt 11727, NYPodiatry1003817024
Thomas M Delauro 10312, NYPodiatry1154322030
Richard Panvini 11746, NYPodiatry1013918846
Lewis J. Sims 12601, NYPodiatry1134128960
Anthony Chionis 11414, NYPodiatry1376544239
Mitchell J Breidbart 11357, NYPodiatry1871591610
Daniel Kormylo 11778, NYPodiatry1699776674
Jonat Lok 11355, NYPodiatry1902806110
Kathleen Jo O'connell 12953, NYPodiatry1669473435
Elliott Rosensweet 11803, NYPodiatry1003817719
Daniel Davies 11730, NYPodiatry1598766206
Louis R. Macdonald 11955, NYPodiatry1982605572
Thomas Davies 11730, NYPodiatry1457352072
Daniel E Stern 11727, NYPodiatry1639170889
Daniel James Sullivan 10462, NYPodiatry1699776849
James R. Hanna Dpm Pc 14094, NYPodiatry1104827609
Marc Foucher 11755, NYPodiatry1952302325
Luis Montalvo 11228, NYPodiatry1164423653
Frank Paul Desio 11720, NYPodiatry1093716524
Richard Armand Lacerte 11219, NYPodiatry1295736619
Kenneth Eugene Coombs 11787, NYPodiatry1992706287
Mark P Hobaica 13501, NYPodiatry1609877166
John Joseph Kolberg 11590, NYPodiatry1578564894
Charles F Hobaica 13501, NYPodiatry1144221334
Dana B Siegel 11706, NYPodiatry1821099904
Lewis Wolstein 10475, NYPodiatry1811999899


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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