Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Castle 97526, ORPodiatry1205839057
Marilyn J Waller-niewold 98861, ORPodiatry1568465177
Kash K. Siepert 97471, ORPodiatry1689677031
John Thomas Callahan 97302, ORPodiatry1861496804
Monika Froehlich 97527, ORPodiatry1003811894
Richard Peffley 97302, ORPodiatry1386641231
Ruben Pollak 97383, ORPodiatry1306844022
Christine Meis 97526, ORPodiatry1346240272
Mark Simchuk 97526, ORPodiatry1518967447
Stacey J Clarke 97850, ORPodiatry1437157260
Slocum Orthopedics, Pc 97401, ORPodiatry1881694867
Lisa Ann Cornelius 97330, ORPodiatry1174525992
Jerry J Yoon 97206, ORPodiatry1871585802
Jon Todd Fitzgerald 97034, ORPodiatry1134111776
Larry Dean Jensen 97224, ORPodiatry1851383269
Manny Moy 97222, ORPodiatry1639162795
Wayne A Vetter 97206, ORPodiatry1467445387
Sherry L. Williams 97459, ORPodiatry1982698080
Stephen M. Hayes 97223, ORPodiatry1548254329
Melisa A Monson 97404, ORPodiatry1407842313
Michael Patrick Mccullough 97601, ORPodiatry1982692661
Hai Tuan Tran 97761, ORPodiatry1982690954
Paul Clint Jones 97086, ORPodiatry1174519359
Robert Allan Sampson 97213, ORPodiatry1730160516
Derek J Mccammon 97030, ORPodiatry1760463889
Drew Pearson 97401, ORPodiatry1164410148
Frank Robert Cobarrubia 97702, ORPodiatry1477537710
Lyndon G Johansen 97233, ORPodiatry1306820402
Patrick J Evoy 97701, ORPodiatry1619951456
Todd Allen Muhly 97401, ORPodiatry1194700526
Lisa Marie Lipe 97132, ORPodiatry1124003595
Andrew Chester Schink 97402, ORPodiatry1770561631
Alan Francis Rothstein 97224, ORPodiatry1831177971
Willamette Valley Foot & Ankle Center Pc 97128, ORPodiatry1639158611
Sterling Foot & Ankle Ctr Pc 80751, ORPodiatry1235119983
Todd Galle 97223, ORPodiatry1629048533
Walter S Murphy 97415, ORPodiatry1447238506
Richard W. Peffley, Dpm, A 97302, ORPodiatry1346213832
John Dimaggio 97411, ORPodiatry1497720973
Earl Dean Mcnabb 97303, ORPodiatry1487614509
Robert A Sampson Dpm Llc 97213, ORPodiatry1396702791
Mark L Yeske 97801, ORPodiatry1366400517
Lacey J Loveland 97401, ORPodiatry1427006592
Rushton Podiatry Pc 97814, ORPodiatry1669421780
Ross Albert Leonard 97601, ORPodiatry1245280379
John S Murphy 97330, ORPodiatry1437109303
Michael James Rushton 97814, ORPodiatry1659322998
David C Greenberg 97220, ORPodiatry1760434674
Lester F Tengsico 97206, ORPodiatry1538124904
Viengkeo T Noimany 97034, ORPodiatry1164487609
Clifford Donald Mah 97229, ORPodiatry1962454934
Mid columbia Medical Center 97031, ORPodiatry1154869659
Susan G. Rathbun 97266, ORPodiatry1861457921
Terrol Duane Marshall 97801, ORPodiatry1861442998
Daniel F Byrd 97801, ORPodiatry1295783017
Gresham Podiatry Center, Llc 97030, ORPodiatry1891742318
Dana Alumbaugh 97031, ORPodiatry1619919891
Thomas R Palmer 97213, ORPodiatry1982647467
David Matthew Wellikoff 97128, ORPodiatry1306881172
Gerald Dudley Peterson 97068, ORPodiatry1316983513
Grants Pass Clinic Llp 97527, ORPodiatry1760418032
Holdermann, Inc 97504, ORPodiatry1922032960
William Vernon Wheeler 97301, ORPodiatry1356369896
Heather Aileen Holdermann 97504, ORPodiatry1013935360
James Shawn Holdermann 97504, ORPodiatry1902824253
Justin Alan Tidwell 97227, ORPodiatry1710908892
Candace Lynn Gregory 97007, ORPodiatry1902813066
Brian Guy Orahood 97006, ORPodiatry1811904972
Yama Ahmad Dehqanzada 97223, ORPodiatry1154338275
Bettricia A Otto 97239, ORPodiatry1629086491
David S Chung 97078, ORPodiatry1376552778
James C Mcdannald 97401, ORPodiatry1790795250
Lawrence F Helton 97504, ORPodiatry1508877275
Bryan Wilhelm 97702, ORPodiatry1427060565
Tajyant Nat Chotechuang 97702, ORPodiatry1396757431
Laura Schweger Savage 97701, ORPodiatry1316959455
Jared Keith Remmers 97227, ORPodiatry1932112463
Eric David Evans 97225, ORPodiatry1700899051
Michael Jackson Matthews 97306, ORPodiatry1295849206
Rex D Smith 97402, ORPodiatry1649384298
Jason Ray Surratt 97223, ORPodiatry1649386541
Westside Podiatry Clinic Llc 97223, ORPodiatry1427164516
Leslie O Franson 97230, ORPodiatry1659391233
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital 97367, ORPodiatry1699130757
Northwest Footcare, Llc 97702, ORPodiatry1275545311
Joshua P Mitnick 97266, ORPodiatry1811006596
Gina M Bullock 97232, ORPodiatry1255440020
Anthony Joseph Domenigoni 98684, ORPodiatry1124137187
Stephen Fekete 97070, ORPodiatry1356452247
Kim Gary Gauntt 97132, ORPodiatry1902908171
Jay Carl Goldstein 97210, ORPodiatry1831291319
Christopher S. Seuferling Dpm Pc 97206, ORPodiatry1427150028
Hamid Reza Arabshahi 97302, ORPodiatry1699879056
Thomas T Mesdag 97361, ORPodiatry1811091044
John Lewis Hembree 97227, ORPodiatry1992801310
Advanced Foot Clinic, Pc 97302, ORPodiatry1164528212
Advanced Foot Clinic, Pc 97062, ORPodiatry1063518132
Lynn William Rawcliffe 97520, ORPodiatry1255439725
Kenneth K.s. Mah 97005, ORPodiatry1619075868
Daniel John Granville 97015, ORPodiatry1174623714
John Earl Hahn 97223, ORPodiatry1548351141
James Michael Konieczny 97015, ORPodiatry1770674673
Joseph David Neary 97015, ORPodiatry1639260318
Mark Owen Ellis 97103, ORPodiatry1437240124
Mark Thomas Hastings 97035, ORPodiatry1073609640
Longview Foot & Ankle Clinic 98632, ORPodiatry1316032451
Fadi Elias Malak 97470, ORPodiatry1730275355
Steven Edward Laxson 97225, ORPodiatry1336236124
Ray A Mcclanahan 97209, ORPodiatry1124116231
James E Lisle 97302, ORPodiatry1740379387
Daniel J Campbell 97302, ORPodiatry1427131135
Philip Francis Mckinney 97405, ORPodiatry1619047206
Richard Steven Krahnke 97227, ORPodiatry1851400493
Elliot Michael 97123, ORPodiatry1679682439
Gary Chiotti 97123, ORPodiatry1639288426
John M Barnes 97213, ORPodiatry1942392113
Almira Ko 97229, ORPodiatry1598867186
Laura A. Schweger Dpm, Pc 97701, ORPodiatry1497831960
Matthew Mason Bookwalter 97205, ORPodiatry1285705038
Troy Wayne Simmons 97213, ORPodiatry1396817201
Northwest Foot & Ankle 97209, ORPodiatry1952477820
Donald J Carlson 97838, ORPodiatry1114087632
Nancy Ray 97103, ORPodiatry1942365234
William A Bennett 97459, ORPodiatry1407906654
Daniel Scott Domrose 97330, ORPodiatry1417001041
Blue Mountain Foot Specialists Inc 97801, ORPodiatry1922152024
Darrin Lee Dallegge 97401, ORPodiatry1740335728
Christopher Scott Seuferling 97206, ORPodiatry1366596348
Rogue Valley Foot Clinic P.c. 97504, ORPodiatry1437204930
Patrick Theodore Code 97504, ORPodiatry1902951486
Broadway Foot & Ankle Clinic, Pc 97232, ORPodiatry1457498438
Hillsboro Foot & Ankle Clinic, Pc 97123, ORPodiatry1790822401
Tri City Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons Ltd 97411, ORPodiatry1821129792
Frank Cobarrubia Dpmpc 97701, ORPodiatry1992838866
Brandi Sue Myers 97202, ORPodiatry1689700486
Jacqueline Maria Kordich 97361, ORPodiatry1992871495
John Scott Belknap 97031, ORPodiatry1578683405
Dr John D Mozena Dpm Pc 97266, ORPodiatry1114048667
Rae Louise Lantsberger 97205, ORPodiatry1215153556
Ambulatory Foot Center Pc 97526, ORPodiatry1063630291
Marshal Terrance Kennedy 97080, ORPodiatry1639398845
David M Wellikoff D.p.m. 97128, ORPodiatry1942413257
Daniel L Nusser 97232, ORPodiatry1245443100
Brian M. Bowen 97213, ORPodiatry1093921975
Thomas R. Palmer Dpm Llc 97213, ORPodiatry1316153018
Thuy-trang Lam 97015, ORPodiatry1649481888
Cascade Foot Clinic 97701, ORPodiatry1790987428
Sterling Foot And Ankle Ctr P.c. 69162, ORPodiatry1730384603
Yama A Dehqanzada Dpm Pc 97140, ORPodiatry1215122833
Dean Mcnabb Dpm Llc 97303, ORPodiatry1568650026
Darrell D Prins 97367, ORPodiatry1932397353
Clackamas Foot & Ankle Clinic 97015, ORPodiatry1467631069
Patricia Eileen Cain 97045, ORPodiatry1518146984
John D Mozena 97266, ORPodiatry1861673980
Nw Foot Clinic Pc 97078, ORPodiatry1568644144
Brian G Orahood 97071, ORPodiatry1710160668
Cordell Becker Smith 97471, ORPodiatry1437333945
Oregon Coast Podiatry, Llc 97459, ORPodiatry1558545632
Dr. Lacey J Loveland Dpm Pc 97401, ORPodiatry1114104197
Brooke Robert Beckmann 97301, ORPodiatry1952589996
Dean Mcnabb Dpm Llc 97128, ORPodiatry1063690527
Lyndon G Johansen Dpm Pc 97233, ORPodiatry1093993453
Ruben Pollak, Dpm, Pc 97383, ORPodiatry1417126434
Brandi S. Myers Dpm, Llc 97202, ORPodiatry1679743876
Darrell D. Prins 97365, ORPodiatry1225208127
Joseph Michael Mozena 97212, ORPodiatry1538339395
Lisa A. Cornelius Dpm Pc 97330, ORPodiatry1669643383
James E. Lisle 97302, ORPodiatry1073785648
John T. Callahan, Dpm 97302, ORPodiatry1114199361
David Arndt 97015, ORPodiatry1962677955
Jeremy Dahlenburg 97701, ORPodiatry1982870721
Debra Kaye Lynch 97303, ORPodiatry1982870382
Hillsboro Foot & Ankle Clinic Pc 97123, ORPodiatry1629231089
Trent Corpron 97015, ORPodiatry1871760603
Amanda K Westfall 97702, ORPodiatry1063630929
Oregon Foot And Ankle Specialists, Llc 97006, ORPodiatry1912103367
Jeffrey Robert Russo 97128, ORPodiatry1598962060
Cascade Foot And Ankle Specialists, Llc 97229, ORPodiatry1275791857
Justin Theo Johnson 97520, ORPodiatry1336328624
Mt. Hood Podiatry 97031, ORPodiatry1366623134
Grayden Woodruff King 97030, ORPodiatry1851587364
Ankle And Foot Clinic Of Oregon 97206, ORPodiatry1851557607
Gilbert Alan Hice 97525, ORPodiatry1306093265
Rivershore Foot And Ankle Clinic Inc. 97103, ORPodiatry1932358652
Chehalem Valley Foot Clinic, Pc 97132, ORPodiatry1871745570
Dean T Nakadate Dpm Pc 97701, ORPodiatry1972740108
Lester Tengsico Llc 97216, ORPodiatry1992942064
K G Gauntt Dpm Pc 97132, ORPodiatry1275770349
Andrew P Black 97914, ORPodiatry1548408669
Daniel Anders Arrhenius 97302, ORPodiatry1205065893
Rivershore Foot & Ankle Clinic, Inc 97103, ORPodiatry1972734945
John S Belknap Dpm Inc 97031, ORPodiatry1710213301
Santiam Foot Clinic, Pc 97302, ORPodiatry1528395043
Oregon Foot & Ankle Surgical Specialist, Llc 97520, ORPodiatry1356665103
William David Goforth 97504, ORPodiatry1366768699
Michael John Mccourt 97402, ORPodiatry1982924593
Nanjin Jasmine Park 97219, ORPodiatry1265743090
Andrew Bryant Shinabarger 97227, ORPodiatry1972814358
Portland Foot And Ankle, Llc 97223, ORPodiatry1225349566
Melisa A. Monson Dpm Pc 97404, ORPodiatry1922314830


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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