Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Advanced Podiatry Services, Llc 17112, PAPodiatry1962405167
Richard Rettig 19141, PAPodiatry1255334439
Duane Dumm 15714, PAPodiatry1609879816
George L Yarnell 19050, PAPodiatry1891798898
Albert R Nalli 15003, PAPodiatry1386647568
Joseph L. Porto 19026, PAPodiatry1104829944
Ira Douglas Meyers 19006, PAPodiatry1235132200
Jay C Moritz 16507, PAPodiatry1891798435
Harvey Alan Bernstein 19149, PAPodiatry1558364877
Douglas J Farrell 19033, PAPodiatry1881696102
John A Pron 19135, PAPodiatry1063414373
Peter Michael Kaminski 18651, PAPodiatry1184626426
Gary A Cortese 17901, PAPodiatry1497759336
Advantage Foot Care Associates, P.c. 15931, PAPodiatry1396749115
William S Lynde 18940, PAPodiatry1104828219
Northwest Physicians Associates Pc 16335, PAPodiatry1144224973
Timothy M Kump 18848, PAPodiatry1841294485
West Lawn Podiatry Associates P.c. 19609, PAPodiatry1487658852
Debra Ann Schocher 19152, PAPodiatry1699770800
Glenn Barry Truskin 19152, PAPodiatry1184629396
Terry Wills 16602, PAPodiatry1306841333
David A Bernstein 19087, PAPodiatry1821093899
Richard Francis Speziale 19145, PAPodiatry1801891817
Philip E Bernstein 19087, PAPodiatry1083619993
Arthur Aronson 16146, PAPodiatry1790780526
Mark E Burton 19007, PAPodiatry1487659223
Lenore Jolene Moyer 16602, PAPodiatry1780689737
Gary A Raymond 16602, PAPodiatry1942204367
Alan C Sally 15417, PAPodiatry1275538365
Michael Avato 19152, PAPodiatry1053316851
Michael David Walinsky 19143, PAPodiatry1235134974
Anthony C Anzalone 19090, PAPodiatry1063417640
Kimberly A Wilkie 19090, PAPodiatry1578568168
Todd A Cindric 15601, PAPodiatry1295730869
Lanny C Pelliccia 18704, PAPodiatry1114922648
Paul Angotti 19090, PAPodiatry1528064862
Richard G Stuempfle 17745, PAPodiatry1669478913
Melissa Jane Knox 15931, PAPodiatry1821094913
Mark S Ross 19067, PAPodiatry1285630152
John Balko And Associates Inc 16148, PAPodiatry1932105996
Leon C Sidorek 18657, PAPodiatry1336145085
Elliot Diamond 19106, PAPodiatry1831195445
David A Edmonds 18067, PAPodiatry1659378297
Cherry Tree Foot And Ankle Specialists, Pc 17331, PAPodiatry1821095480
Jennifer J Gross-edwards 18018, PAPodiatry1699772236
David Peter Bartos 19610, PAPodiatry1043217698
Nimish N Chokshi 18045, PAPodiatry1326045956
James Nicholas Pace 19610, PAPodiatry1134126709
Senior Healthservices Inc 16148, PAPodiatry1043216005
Paul Edward Sullivan 19107, PAPodiatry1417953647
Allan Jaffe 18940, PAPodiatry1326044553
Kathleen Panepinto 18840, PAPodiatry1720083280
Teresa M Propato 18976, PAPodiatry1306841051
Eric Miles Egelman 19010, PAPodiatry1114923067
Lori L Wilson 15401, PAPodiatry1679578249
Fayette Podiatry Associates Inc 15417, PAPodiatry1316942998
Carl J Mattia 19067, PAPodiatry1073519633
Thomas K Morris 15401, PAPodiatry1477559953
John M Mcfadden 18067, PAPodiatry1790782142
Glenn M Hartman 17331, PAPodiatry1457358988
John Ernest Fawcett 19026, PAPodiatry1225035637
Khristian D Snyder 17331, PAPodiatry1922005099
Eric Steven Lustig 19143, PAPodiatry1063419117
James Joseph Rent 15236, PAPodiatry1861490567
Royce W Wilhelm 15005, PAPodiatry1124025895
David Gregory Sanderson 15857, PAPodiatry1942207642
Jay E. Melman 18104, PAPodiatry1992702880
John Andrew Koschak 18704, PAPodiatry1477550325
Robert Andrew Diamond 18018, PAPodiatry1588661284
Stephen Anthony Brigido 18017, PAPodiatry1407853336
Bruce Irwin Ackerman 19145, PAPodiatry1316945983
Lori Anne Barnett 18017, PAPodiatry1366440943
Kenneth Russell Lefkowitz 18901, PAPodiatry1073511580
John Michael Ziegler 16335, PAPodiatry1366440869
Larry G Wells 16407, PAPodiatry1912905324
Alan Sclafani 17601, PAPodiatry1255339651
Raymond Eugene Mccarroll 18017, PAPodiatry1578561932
Meinardo Delrosario Santos 18360, PAPodiatry1386642569
Jill C Epstein 18018, PAPodiatry1326046608
Kurt Kriztofer Kovalovich 17963, PAPodiatry1316945496
Harold D Schoenhaus 19146, PAPodiatry1245238351
Edward Anthony Schwartz 18017, PAPodiatry1366440406
Sharon L. Grissinger 17552, PAPodiatry1598763559
David H Warner 18064, PAPodiatry1033117916
James Peter Barrett 19609, PAPodiatry1437157336
Michaele A Crawford 16001, PAPodiatry1134127798
Maryann P Hartzell 18067, PAPodiatry1265439814
Lawrence D Kassan 19145, PAPodiatry1932107810
Robert B Weber 19426, PAPodiatry1093713588
Marc Morris 18407, PAPodiatry1316945256
Joseph D Rondeau 19023, PAPodiatry1962401752
Edward Philip Epstein 16701, PAPodiatry1124027974
Stephen A Monaco 19083, PAPodiatry1932108701
Robby J Wiemer 19083, PAPodiatry1275532079
Lynne J Haubelt 15227, PAPodiatry1780683029
David J Mance 15227, PAPodiatry1750380093
Scott G Solbach 15227, PAPodiatry1558360891
Tom M. Kane 15237, PAPodiatry1992704977
Helen L Gentile 19320, PAPodiatry1194724112
Eric Allen Wolfe 18055, PAPodiatry1316946346
Joseph P Campbell 18951, PAPodiatry1346249208
Thomas R Albright 17837, PAPodiatry1780684688
Ankle And Foot Care Inc 16201, PAPodiatry1457351132
Andrew Grant Puckett 18103, PAPodiatry1174523856
Dean L. Sorrento 18104, PAPodiatry1487654166
Ankle And Foot Associates 15825, PAPodiatry1790785392
Morgan Timothy Holmes 16428, PAPodiatry1144220732
Jay Howard Kaufman 18104, PAPodiatry1962402495
Steven F Boc 19107, PAPodiatry1750381299
Bryan L Neff 16915, PAPodiatry1770583221
Thomas James Miller 16214, PAPodiatry1194725622
John Thomas Wagner 15223, PAPodiatry1821098351
Harry Brian Burke 15061, PAPodiatry1992705164
Ronald M. Renzi 19001, PAPodiatry1316947625
Dr. Harry B. Burke And Associates, Pc 15061, PAPodiatry1477553774
Paul C Lafata 19609, PAPodiatry1790785947
Paul L Goehring 15010, PAPodiatry1760482848
Thomas Keith Albert 19611, PAPodiatry1831199934
Renae Lynn Daniels-simmons 15061, PAPodiatry1346240496
Carl Richard Ginsberg 19046, PAPodiatry1003816190
Cherrie Fabry Cindric 15601, PAPodiatry1679573661
Alexandra Kay Grulke 19380, PAPodiatry1750381745
Nv Podiatry 15232, PAPodiatry1407857451
Frank J Vetti 19018, PAPodiatry1437150489
Mallory Lynn Eisenman 19103, PAPodiatry1487655445
Richard Chwastiak 18252, PAPodiatry1083615918
Martin Stephen Hersh 19090, PAPodiatry1144221052
Thomas Clinton Pfennigwerth 16346, PAPodiatry1235130071
Gary M Gordon 19038, PAPodiatry1689675449
Lisa Michaels 19380, PAPodiatry1003816646
Knl Medical, Inc 16226, PAPodiatry1174075022
John M Sekel 17201, PAPodiatry1366441537
Jeffrey M Keating 19508, PAPodiatry1326047853
Chs Professional Practice, Inc 18017, PAPodiatry1710987417
Rick L Scanlan 15226, PAPodiatry1245231745
Patrick R Burns 15122, PAPodiatry1255332417
Josephine T Depalma 19128, PAPodiatry1710988258
Sussex Foot And Ankle Specialists 18337, PAPodiatry1023019452
Kim Marie Di Giacomo 18929, PAPodiatry1649271933
Luther Walter Bond 18072, PAPodiatry1902807217
David Ray Vilsack 15232, PAPodiatry1124029681
John Samuel Turrisi 19602, PAPodiatry1487655718
Thomas W Clark 17042, PAPodiatry1447251822
John Joseph Falconio 19111, PAPodiatry1457353526
Podiatric Medical And Surgical Associates, Pc 19145, PAPodiatry1295737161
Jeffrey Alan Marks 17055, PAPodiatry1467454033
Kenneth W Schatz 18964, PAPodiatry1447252846
Orthopaedic Associates Of Allentown 18104, PAPodiatry1801888987
Ankle And Foot Medical Centers Of The Delaware Valley Pc 19104, PAPodiatry1124010152
Frederick J Tomassi 16509, PAPodiatry1063404937
Lehigh Valley Podiatry Associates. Pc 18104, PAPodiatry1770575771
Kenneth J Martin 19151, PAPodiatry1285626804
Steven B Chen 19010, PAPodiatry1205828597
North Central Penn Podiatry Pc 16901, PAPodiatry1366435653
Paul N Lafata 19609, PAPodiatry1831182104
Anthony Charles Sottile 17512, PAPodiatry1053304360
J Jason Zalonis 17036, PAPodiatry1104819929
Frank Macri 19131, PAPodiatry1093708828
Steven D Epstein 17042, PAPodiatry1902899768
Peter S Holtz 17043, PAPodiatry1205829983
Edward Eusebio Villanueva 19026, PAPodiatry1346233053
Kenneth D Dunlap 17404, PAPodiatry1740281260
Peter C Smith 17601, PAPodiatry1821080409
Adam Jay Teichman 18104, PAPodiatry1043203656
Harvey F Fishel 15690, PAPodiatry1932192358
Barbara A Davis 18331, PAPodiatry1659364073
John Mangano 19462, PAPodiatry1891789129
David Ray Cioffi 17601, PAPodiatry1932193844
Apple Hill Podiatry Associates, P.c. 17403, PAPodiatry1003800624
Lisa Jayne Watters 15068, PAPodiatry1619962149
Gregory Jay Saperstein 15068, PAPodiatry1326033853
Albright Footcare Center 17837, PAPodiatry1861487381
Raymond Joseph Uscinski 16701, PAPodiatry1881689214
Yvonne Bailey 19144, PAPodiatry1255326617
Jeffrey S Gerland 19072, PAPodiatry1558356790
Michael Stephen Drohosky 19460, PAPodiatry1871588905
James B Mcguire 19107, PAPodiatry1942295829
Larry M Newman 19107, PAPodiatry1023003902
Marinilda Rodriguez 18104, PAPodiatry1710972716
Kieran Thomas Mahan 19117, PAPodiatry1326033325
Harvey Lemont 19107, PAPodiatry1205821212
Howard James Palamarchuk 19117, PAPodiatry1225023237
Tracey Christine Vlahovic 19182, PAPodiatry1528053535
Ziad George Labbad 19117, PAPodiatry1467447466
Jason Roy Miller 19355, PAPodiatry1225023138
David Lee Troutman 17821, PAPodiatry1487649299
Susan J Rosso 17050, PAPodiatry1598750325
John D Gilfert 17050, PAPodiatry1275528945
Douglas A Tozzoli 18104, PAPodiatry1346235017
Arthur E Helfand 19072, PAPodiatry1841285533
William Joseph Martin 19107, PAPodiatry1942296470
Darren Basil Barbacci 17055, PAPodiatry1770578387
Victor Cohen 17011, PAPodiatry1760478333
Jane Pontious 19107, PAPodiatry1326034943
Timothy Edward Perschke 16001, PAPodiatry1588650063
Jinsup Song 19107, PAPodiatry1295721777
David C Rosenthal 19034, PAPodiatry1710973219
Kendrick A Whitney 19107, PAPodiatry1447246996
Gary R Bauer 19107, PAPodiatry1447246913
Family Foot Care Associates 16001, PAPodiatry1346236825


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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